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World of Warcraft News

Zonk posted more than 9 years ago | from the i'd-like-some-more-*hic*-dwarven-ale! dept.

PC Games (Games) 59

A week's worth of WoW news to share. Last weekend saw the first anti-Ebaying lawsuit as Blizzard makes good on it's claim. This week they've released a patch for the game, adding in new content and unleashing the Holidays on Azeroth. Blizzard has also put up an intriguing preview of PvP Battlegrounds. From that article: "Lower-level players who wanted to contribute in other ways to the battle could also do so by undertaking PvP-related quests, such as capturing wolves or rams to provide mounts for cavalry charges, claiming a nearby mine and ferrying resources back to the main base to upgrade allied troops, or capturing enemy graveyards to lengthen the run back to the frontlines for revived adversaries."

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frist p0st (1)

ircbuddy (732046) | more than 9 years ago | (#11169415)


Battlegrounds looking good but... (1)

b0r0din (304712) | more than 9 years ago | (#11169436)

Hard to say how endgame will play out, especially with varying populations between the Horde and Alliance. Currently I play Horde on the Argent Dawn roleplay server, and from the info there there are 3 times as many Alliance members as Horde members. Here's to hoping there's some way server population evens out.

Re:Battlegrounds looking good but... (1)

Xentor (600436) | more than 9 years ago | (#11169633)

Don't worry... On Argent Dawn, along with the other RP servers, I think my allies (I'm a Night Elf on AD) are generally more interested in questing, while the Horde players tend to be more PvP oriented.

Of course, if you even set foot in Darkshore with your flag on, we'll hunt you down and kill you :)

Re:Battlegrounds looking good but... (1)

b0r0din (304712) | more than 9 years ago | (#11170031)

Well first off, I'm mid-40s, so Darkshore frankly is pretty wussy for me. But I've been there and last time my guild visited it was something like Guild: 40, Alliance: 6. Seriously.

Either way, good luck catching me once I go wolf or mount up.

See you in Battlegrounds.

Great Game (5, Insightful)

Manan Shah (808049) | more than 9 years ago | (#11169438)

True to its nature, Blizzard has created a game that improves on almost every aspect of the genre instead of trying to be too original. The largest drawback to their game is the lack of meaningful PvP, which many seasoned veterans are drawn too. However, there is some speculation that they will go the DAOC route (with keeps, PvP points, realm wide benefits) that will add some meaning to PvP. Even in beta, it was more polished than most games were after two-three years in the market. Even with a spectacular launch where over 250,000 units were sold in just the first day, and had a record 100,000 playing on the afternoon of the launch, they seem to be commited to improving and growing the game, and that is very good to see. It is not everyone's cup of tea, but game companies can definatly take some lessons from someone like Blizzard. Their reputation is well earned, and they continue to live upto it.

Re:Great Game (2, Informative)

dr00g911 (531736) | more than 9 years ago | (#11169855)

I've been playing since open beta and launch day, and I have to agree a billion percent with most of your points.

The level of polish in the game, the questing system, the crafting system, the sheer amount of content, the auction houses, almost zero downtime between fights -- it puts all the other games that I've played on the market to shame.

After downloading the latest patch, I was giggling like a kid for hours seeing all the new holiday themed content. I got into snowball fights with alliance members in Ratchet instead of ganking them (Skullcrusher). I ran around hunting for the Greench, and I sat on Great Father Winter's lap. Contrast this to live 'events' in EQ -- you get a spam that a dragon is flying over the zone you're in, and an epic mob is spawned -- vs in WoW: decorations up in every city, new quests, new crafting items -- an absurd amount of effort for temporary content.

Reading the Blizz forums, you'll get a pretty unbalanced picture -- the min/maxers the 'nerf $class!' and '!nerf $class!' people are very vocal and you'd get the impression that the game is falling apart at the seams. It's not. As many, many other have said before: this game was more 'done' during beta that most MMOs are three years after launch. The overwhelming majority of the players are incredibly happy -- and this is the first decent MMO that my Mac-owning friends can play along with me. Suffice it to say there's a lot of WoW boxes under the tree this year. Blizzard has always has a warm, gushy spot in the hearts of Mac gamers because we're treated as equals -- almost always at launch day (Diablo 2 being the notable exception).

One thing I've noticed about the perceived population imbalances: they seem (to me, based on characters I've rolled and servers I've played on) imbalanced based on the name of the servers. Shadow Moon is way imbalanced on the Alliance side, Skullcrusher and Arthas are way imbalanced on the Horde side.

I wonder if the effect of making the new battlegrounds an instance will help alleviate the population problems... ie first 400 players on each side make it into this instance, next 400 into a new instance.

At any rate, I'm having an absurd amount of fun with the PvE aspects of the game right now -- concentrating on getting my stable of characters to high levels, and not really worrying about hardcore PvP just yet. Yeah, I'll go raid Stormwind or Orgrimmar from time to time, but all in good fun (made it to the king once in Stormwind before getting smacked down) ;-)

There's no doubt in my mind that the PvP system (when introduced) is going to rock my world.

Re:Great Game (1)

arkanes (521690) | more than 9 years ago | (#11169976)

Agree 100%, although I've just started playing and haven't been able to enjoy anything more than the holiday wreaths in the Undercity (on a side note, the Undercity is pretty damn jolly for a ruined, plague infested sewer populated by rotting corpses).

I'd like to mention the technical smoothness of the game, too, which is a hallmark of Blizzards. WoW, like other Blizzard games and unlike all to many others, doesn't fuss if you alt-tab away from it. It runs fine in windowed mode, with excellent performance. The UI is generally superior to most games, with stuff responding as you expect (cut & paste in text fields!). No crashes (at least for me), not anything I can say about any other MMORPG I've played.

Re:Great Game (1)

dr00g911 (531736) | more than 9 years ago | (#11170122)

Jump on the blimp to Orgrimmar from right outside Undercity.

In front of the auction house in Org is where the majority of Horde holiday quests are starting.


Re:Great Game (1)

arkanes (521690) | more than 9 years ago | (#11170230)

Last time I rode the blimp I accidently fell off in the middle of the ocean :(. They need seatbelts on those things.

Re:Great Game (1)

dr00g911 (531736) | more than 9 years ago | (#11170269)

Only happened to me once, back in OB.

I normally just stand on the prow of the zeppelin, Titanic-style, have a seat, and pan around looking at the (incredible) view.

Side note: a couple months into playing the game, I'm still slackjawed every time I ride a wyvern/griffin/hippogriff/bat or the Zeppelin. Freaking gorgeous.

Re:Great Game (1)

agrounds (227704) | more than 9 years ago | (#11171455)

I'm going to have to agree on the name of the server determining the balance. This is especially true on the PvP servers. I play Alliance on Burning Legion about 90% of the time. There seem to be a lot more Horde than Alliance playing there. Also, I occasionally get a chance to play alongside my best friend as Horde on Laughing Skull, and that seems to be more Horde than Alliance as well. I'd like to see hard numbers for this though.

Why would success not lead to improvements (1)

AHumbleOpinion (546848) | more than 9 years ago | (#11169925)

Even with a spectacular launch where over 250,000 units were sold in just the first day, and had a record 100,000 playing on the afternoon of the launch, they seem to be commited to improving and growing the game, and that is very good to see

I'm confused, why would a spectacularly successful launch not lead to improvements and growth? I mean in general. With Blizzard specifically it should be even less surprising given that they have a history of supporting games for many years after release and that is without a monthly fee. Starcraft, a six year old game, was patched this year.

Re:Great Game (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 9 years ago | (#11170586)

Personally, I don't attribute WoW's success to it's gameplay (though it is the best current mmo), I personally think it's the intro clips & story building clips blizzard puts into every game, (Starcraft, Diablo 1 & 2, Warcraft, WoW, ect) they really help set the pace & mood of the game.

That being said, the gameplay is top-notch, not much better than you can do. But I'm just dissapointed there's never any new ideas, it's always just "what an mmo should be" or "what an rts should be", as opposed to "it's the next generation of gaming".

Re:Great Game (1)

dbullock (32532) | more than 9 years ago | (#11171966)

WOW did it right.

Man I wish they would release a demo... (1)

Pacifix (465793) | more than 9 years ago | (#11169574)

... like 10 free days or so. Money's very tight, I've been burned before, and I tend to be oddly picky about what games I allow to become my masters. Something that you have to pay for upfront and then to continue using (versus say UT or the likes where online is free) needs to have a very good way to prove it's worth its customers' money. Star Wars Jump to Lightspeed just offered something like that but you have to sign up for a $15 subscription to FilePlanet, a site that offends me by its very money-grubbing existence.

Re:Man I wish they would release a demo... (1)

nukem1999 (142700) | more than 9 years ago | (#11169608)

If you know somebody with a Collector's Edition box, they got a 10-day trial pass that's supposed to be given to a friend. You can get someone online to get you the code, but finding the software might be a little difficult. You can just patch up the open beta client, but I don't know if anyone has that available for download anymore.

Re:Man I wish they would release a demo... (0)

Kris_J (10111) | more than 9 years ago | (#11172605)

As mentioned, there is a "guest pass" system, currently only used by the Collector's Edition. If you search Google for "World of Warcraft" beta installer you should be able to find the 2.6Gig installation package.

Or you could wait for the load to calm down enough for Blizzard to start doing magazine cover DVD 10-day demos. You know it's going to happen.

Holiday Summary (1)

pezpunk (205653) | more than 9 years ago | (#11169605)

they've really gone all-out. every major city is decked out in colorful lights, there are vendors selling snowballs and cookies and candy canes, there's even an orc dressed up as "Greatfather Winter" (Santa), and 3 new holiday-related quests. one them requires you to kill a big yeti named "Mr. Greench", and the reward is a random holiday related prize, such as the ability to turn yourself into a snowman at any time, or the ability to build a showball-making contraption.

they've even got a whole backstory of lore about Greatfather Winter, what it means, where it came from, and how it ties into each race in the warcraft universe.

Re:Holiday Summary (1)

nukem1999 (142700) | more than 9 years ago | (#11169635)

Note: From the quest, I got a recipe for Elixir of Frost Power from santa (I've got alchemy as my profession, so it worked out for me, but I don't know if it actually checks your profession or if it's somewhat random), and then maybe an hour later I got the snowman disguise in the mail.

New Patch is Excellent (3, Informative)

glowimperial (705397) | more than 9 years ago | (#11169616)

A lot of us veteran MMO players place a lot of value on the effectiveness of the first patch, post launch. Blizzard appears to be doing its job well. Many areas of the world were slighly modified (addtional mailboxes, npc with repair capabilities, etc...) to make irritations that don't add to gameplay go away. They seem to be struggling with implementing a satisfying fishing system, but are rightfully concerned with keeping fishing from being a botting paradse. Although there is nothing spectacularily ambitious with the first patch, it shows a commitment to quality playing and a dedication to attentive management rarely seen in online games.

Blizzard seems to be aggressively tackling the PvP system, and players, including PvP endgame folks seem hungry for the content that they are promising, but patient for its delivery. If Blizzard is able to add excellent PvP content quickly, and without bugs or hitches, they will pull off a major coup.

One of the critical issues of several other MMOs is that they are often released with critical issues at launch and have to spend the first 6-12 months addressing those issues, or
inserting launnch content post launch. WoW's launch was so smooth, that they seem able to really dive straight into the management and improvement role that a developer should be in, as opposed to a crisis management mode, as often is the case with ambitious MMOs, post-launch.

Re:New Patch is Excellent (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 9 years ago | (#11169720)

Oops... Except for the fact that most (if not all) of us could not log in at all last night for several hours.

Re:New Patch is Excellent (2, Insightful)

1001011010110101 (305349) | more than 9 years ago | (#11169731)

I dont want to get into the Whiner vs. Fanboys war that the WoW forums became, but the game is far from smooth. They are having weekly crashes of at least a couple of hours (last night was like 6 or 8 hours), almost no feedback to the comunity (except for some "servers are down, we are working, no ETA"), some classes have bugs since beta(like vanish in rogues, blink on mages) and a long etc. Sure, the game is still fun, but its far from perfect, and specially not well administered. Each routine projected downtime usually doubles or triples the estimated downtime, there's a lot of unplaned downtime, server crashes, login server crashes (everything goes down), etc.

Re:New Patch is Excellent (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 9 years ago | (#11169877)

You mean you were actually able to download the patch? After uploading some 40MB of the patch and downloading some 1MB (the patch is like 40MB total), I finally gave up on ever getting the stupid patch. I wound up downloading it off someone's mirrored copy.

Apparently they use the world's most messed up BitTorrent client. I'm on a 300/30 Mbit cable connection, yet for some pointless reason I was uploading far, far more than I was downloading - like 20KB/s up vs 1KB/s down. (And if you do the math, that means I was evidently downloading twice as much as I needed. So I guess other people could have found themselves wasting upload too.)

Hey, Blizzard - you're a freaking company. Here's an amazing idea: use a freaking web server and download the patches that way. Your downloader obviously doesn't work.

Not to mention that I'm really glad I'm not playing from school right now, since BitTorrent is banned there. If I got caught trying to download something from BitTorrent, my connection would probably be suspended.

As for WoW's launch being smooth, obviously your character wasn't put on one of the four servers that went offline for two days with no compensation the day after the launch. Yeah, that's smooth. Smooth as sandpaper.

Re:New Patch is Excellent (1)

AHumbleOpinion (546848) | more than 9 years ago | (#11170034)

Hey, Blizzard - you're a freaking company. Here's an amazing idea: use a freaking web server and download the patches that way. Your downloader obviously doesn't work.

Dude, get a clue, they have an http download for folks who really have problems, are blocked at school, etc. I'm not posting the link because I don't want to slashdot it but go to their support. The rest of you reading along, most of you don't have problem with the bittorrent code, you are just impatient. It starts out slow and takes a while to ramp up, it ends up being faster than http so just relax a little and be patient. Of course I expect this advice to ignored and you Mr AC are screwed because these folks are now going to overload the http download, Good luck.

Re:New Patch is Excellent (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 9 years ago | (#11170471)

As much as I love having the game launch their downloader automatically and without warning for me when I try and log in, were I at school, I would wind up with a suspended connection until I could explain why I was using a forbidden service. (Yes, playing MMORPGs is allowed on the network, BitTorrent and any P2P app will get your connection cut and a nastygram.)

Not to mention that there really is something screwed up with their downloader. It's the same downloader that was used for the Open Beta. Anyone here remember that? For the open beta, I wound up using one of the torrents someone provided on Slashdot to actually download the game at a reasonable speed. Went from 10MB/s down, 30MB/s up to 300MB/s down, 20MB/s up (since I capped it). Something's wrong with their downloader. (Again, on the cable, because BitTorrent is forbidden on campus.)

Plus I looked through the support pages - no mention anywhere of a direct patch download link. I wound up using someone's mirror that they provided after many, many other people couldn't get the patch. So it's not just me, there's a large group of people unable to use the downloader.

Re:New Patch is Excellent (1)

glowimperial (705397) | more than 9 years ago | (#11170544)

I had the patch in less than 20 minutes, and I am behind two very serious firewalls. I don't like the patcher, either. It is the worlds most messed up BitTorrent client, IMHO. But it hasn't caused me any problems.

They do have direct downloads, and Fileplanet has them as well. So no worries for folks at school.

No, I wasn't on those servers, and you are correct that that was definitely a bump in the road. I was in SWG on launch day, and no one, on any server could play, at all. So I consider this a relatively smooth launch for a MMO. Especially given the tremendous influx of players and the popularity of the game.I

Re:New Patch is Excellent (1)

decairn (669433) | more than 9 years ago | (#11170219)

The gameplay is good. But the patching and quality assurance sucks.

Major patch 1 week before Xmas was not a good move. They have a lot to learn about patch timing.

BitTorrent downloader sucks by popular consensus. Either you're uploading faster than downloading, or not connecting at all. It downloads full patches every time, it should be incremental to save a 10 minute install once you've got the whole patch. The HTTP alternative couldn't connect either. People are resorting to hosting it themselves. With 2 PCs behind a firewall I have to use different connection types for each system to patch; it's very intrusive. Everquest beleive it or not got it right, would like something along the lines of its patcher.

The client scripting support tools (lua) if installed made class training inaccessible. Needed to do some forum searching to find a solution.

My system now reboots spontaneously with WoW. Forums pointing the finger at latest NVidia drivers and recommending a rollback of those instead of a fix to WoW. Didn't get reboots before this patch.

WoW client crash error #132 and #131 have hit me too with this patch.

Login servers down 8 hours last night.

Low FPS for many users now (15 FPS). Still being looked at. Some people sayinng to turn off hardware cursor to solve it.

Have they solved the hacks? No? Oh well. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 9 years ago | (#11169670)

Oh, good, more news on Blizzard pretending to solve the massive hack problems in its game when in reality all they have done is make a public appearance nothing more. They are not preventing hacks. Hundreds of hacks and exploits reported in beta 98% of which were still working just fine in release for those who knew about them. This is nothing more then Blizzard pointing there finger and saying "Now don't do that, play fair with the other children". That is a mockery of most serious players intellect nothing less.

It's good to know that Blizzard is trying to invent some form of endgame to their game, but they should have done that when they went into development. They were either nieve or did not care. I don't understand how everyone so willingly passes the buck for Blizzard when this company has been around for years longer then most game companies and has a large enough player base to know better. The primary problem however is not the fact that there is no end game, it is that WoW's style of gameplay simply does not support it. Stylistically WoW is not designed correctly to keep players for extended periods of time, without creating new characters over and over.

Blizzard is not a new game company, they have been around, they know the scene and they knew well ahead of time what their strengths and weaknesses were. I could have probablly lived with the somewhat simplistic gameplay if the security on the game simply had not been so bad. Why am I hammering Blizzard on that point so hard when they are new to MMORPGs? Simple, security for Blizzard has been an ongoing problem since Day 1 with every single one of their games. And from the appearance of WoW it was again nothing more then an afterthought. I am sorry you don't force players to pay a premium price per month for a game that the security that is suppossed to protect those paying players interests is half-assed at best. Blizzard knew their security was bad, they knew it in Phase 2 Beta when it got hacked and free servers started popping up. Name another MMORPG that had free servers and a boatload of hacks in phase 2 beta... You can't.

The reason I am so angry at Blizzard is they knew before they ever released a public beta, they knew as soon as they released public betas, they knew for months all through beta that their security was compromised fully and yet they stood by and did NOTHING. Why do WoW players accept this halfass indifferent attitude about something that effects them profoundly and directly? I completely fail to understand why. Blind "fanboi's"? I would like to think there arent that many... I know there are always a few but nearly an entire player base? Surely not. If EQ ~ EQ2 ever had this kind of security flaws and they knew about it and took the stance Blizzard has, there would be flipping riots. Yet everyone simply brushes it off and says, Blizzard is new... it's OK.

Re:Have they solved the hacks? No? Oh well. (1)

code-e255 (670104) | more than 9 years ago | (#11176018)

What are you talking about??

There's only been two hacks: the speed hack, and the fishing hack. Speed hackers are tracable and they got banned. Fishing hackers (guys using macro programs to do their fishing) are also quite easily detectable.

You're "hammering" Blizzard without any evidence what-so-fuckin-ever! You're saying their security sucks. I've been playing the game for months and besides the two hacks mentioned above, I haven't seen or even heard of and significant (or even not so significant) security flaws. "compromised fully" - lol, that's just making it evident that you're a troll. If it was comprised fully, why weren't they hacked by some Sony employee like you (you must be one, why else would somebody make up so much bollocks about WoW)?

Blizzard isn't just *trying* to invent an end-game. There is an end-game (Onyxra hasn't been slain yet, has she?). And battlefields (which will really be the main thing to do in WoW) are scheduled to go live in two weeks.

Now, Mr. anon-troll, go back and play EQ2 - the obvious victor (not!) in the WoW vs. EQ2 competition. Are the EQ2 servers up again, by the way? Heard they were down for a couple of days...

Re:Have they solved the hacks? No? Oh well. (1)

theghost (156240) | more than 9 years ago | (#11191629)

This post is complete BS. Total troll. Think about it: how could anyone run a "free server" for an mmorpg unless they had the source code? There has been no source code theft. There are no free servers.

Even if there were, what would it matter? You can't port a character or items from one server to another, so what would be the point of running a free server? You'd have a vast, empty world for you and your 31337 friends to play in with nothing but NPCs for interaction. Wow. Fun.

The only hacks that have existed in the game are the typical speedhacks and bots and Blizzard has dealty with those very quickly and very aggressively.

Blizzard's WoW: Fun +10, Communication -5 (4, Insightful)

jafuser (112236) | more than 9 years ago | (#11170341)

WoW is a great, and addictive game. It has tied together a lot of great ideas that have developed over the years into a casual fantasy game that likes to make as much fun of itself as it provides fun to the player.

I think at the core, a lot of the annoyances of other MMORPGs have been removed or significantly reduced, while at the same time not making it too easy.

The holiday additions are nice, but I expect they will be short lived considering the effort they required to be implemented. I just hope they didn't spend too much effort on content that will probably only be fitting for a week or so, while so many other problems need addressing.

- Some basic powers (ie Arcane Missiles) have unpredictable bugs which can get you easily killed when they simply don't do anything. There are several others which don't do what the description says (Blink should free you from rooting).

- The Auction House and Mail systems have frequent lockups, even at slow times, such as early in the morning. They are often unpredictable too -- for example, you could conduct a series of actions which take only a second or two each, and then suddenly one takes a minute or two, during which everything queues up and happens at once.

- Blizzard's first response to a bot problem (with fishing) has resulted in a wild overreaction which not only took the fun out of playing the profession properly, but now it even *encourages* botting, since that's the only way you could get any use out of it anymore.

- Maintenance windows are inconsistent. Some mornings there's maintenance, some there aren't. And when there's not, it seems like everything is running very slowly.

- Yesterday's major downtime had *VERY* little feedback as to what was going on and when it was expected to be resolved. The nearly complete lack of communication on a downtime that significant is something which needs to be reviewed.

- In fact, there doesn't seem to be much PR presence on the forums, or anywhere for most issues. I don't get the feeling there is anyone listening to our concerns. I get the feeling there is a huge tall stone wall between the players and Blizzard, and occasionally they toss down a message written in blue ink, which has very little value content-wise to assure us of specific resolutions that are being made to the most pressing problems.

Don't get me wrong though. These are minor issues which I have faith will be ironed out with time, and there is still tones of fun to be had. It is still a *very* new game which has a long road ahead of it.

Obviously being this new, I expect there to be some problems. However, coming from a technical background, it can be frustrating when many of these problems seem very simple in nature to fix; and the poor communication makes it all the worse when there's noone to "absorb" our frustrations.

Re:Blizzard's WoW: Fun +10, Communication -5 (1)

cephyn (461066) | more than 9 years ago | (#11170512)

Don't forget the fact that STA and INT gained at level do not do the same thing as STA and INT gained from items. This is contrary to all sense and any documentation, but so far Blizz maintains that it's "working as intended" -- while providing no information as to actually how it IS working. It is obvious though that STA and INT from leveling give no boost to HP or MP, whereas STA and INT from items do.

It's a pretty big issue that is being summarily ignored at this time.

Otherwise, great game, lots of fun.

Re:Blizzard's WoW: Fun +10, Communication -5 (1)

ImprovOmega (744717) | more than 9 years ago | (#11230737)

No, it's giving you the same bump as sta/int from items. Like when I hit 34 the other night: you have gained 35 health and 30 mana (close, not exact, don't kill me) along with 1 stamina and 1 int. Thing is, all I actually gained from a level perspective was 25hp and 15mana, bolstered by the extra 10 from the 1 sta pt and 15 from the one int point. It just aggregates the total gain into your hp/mana values.

I'm a loser baby (0, Offtopic)

GravityCocktail (811461) | more than 9 years ago | (#11170348)

Ok now that WOW is up and running, please move on to D3 and apply the same improvement philosophy. runewords won't tide me over forever.

Re:I'm a loser baby (1)

JorDan Clock (664877) | more than 9 years ago | (#11171028)

Diablo 3? How about Starcraft 2. The Koreans will be all over it in a heartbeat. Easy billion for Blizzard.

Re:I'm a loser baby (1)

GravityCocktail (811461) | more than 9 years ago | (#11171684)

true dat. nothing like hoarding weapons and resources to set up a perimeter that rivals that rivals the walls of hell. hmm..too bad the south can't relocate their command center thingey like the terrans can.

Re:I'm a loser baby (1)

code-e255 (670104) | more than 9 years ago | (#11176041)

The Diablo games were created by Blizzard North - not the Blizzard team which created the World of Warcraft (and all other Warcraft games, I presume).

There so wouldn't be a point of a Diablo III now (why in His name would you want to play a Diablo game instead of World of Warcraft?), so stop dreaming. ;)

The next StarCraft game will be StarCraft Ghost, which will be some console game (eww). That's being developed by some 3rd team - something with "Ape" in the title, I can't remember. I don't know what Blizzard North is working on (are they working on something?).

Question (1)

M.C. Hampster (541262) | more than 9 years ago | (#11170470)

Mod me off-topic if you like, but I'm too lazy to go find an answer to this.

I'm thinking about getting WoW, but I'm curious if I want to purchase two accounts (one for me and one for my wife) so we can play on seperate machines, do I need to purchase two full copies of the game? Or will one copy with two paid accounts be enough?

Re:Question (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 9 years ago | (#11170497)

You must buy two copies of the game.

Re:Question (1)

j0nb0y (107699) | more than 9 years ago | (#11170537)

You'll need two copies.

Re:Question (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 9 years ago | (#11170628)

This is what I've been curious about, do you need to buy the game to get an account!? Because $80 (AUD) for the game then $15/20 a month is way too much imo. I found out that you can just copy the game straight over (form comp to comp), and it works (I wanted to see what it was like @ a mates place, played with his bro's account), so I wonder if you can just buy a second account...

Re:Question (1)

Natlaw (626413) | more than 9 years ago | (#11170658)

Nope, you need to buy a second box for another CD-Key (not sold seperately).

Re:Question (1)

dr00g911 (531736) | more than 9 years ago | (#11170793)

You can install off the CDs onto multiple machines as you like, or just copy the game over (Mac-Mac or PC-PC) -- you can even download and install the old open beta client and it'll patch up to date once you manage to log in.

The CD key is used via the webpage where you create your account for the game. No key, no account... although you can use a friend's login and password on any install on any machine. The CD key isn't locked to the install.

Other than that, there's no way to get around buying a box to get a CD Key to get an account.

Re:Obligatory geek reference... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 9 years ago | (#11171540)


He has wife who not only lets him play but wants to play with him.

What's your wife's email? I'd like to take a shot.

Re:Question (0, Redundant)

Kris_J (10111) | more than 9 years ago | (#11172474)

Detailed answer:
  • You need to buy a retail pack to create a single account.
  • A single account can have multiple characters, but you can only have one log on at a time.
  • You can install the software on as many PCs as you want (I still use the open beta installer as the base).
So, if you and your wife don't want to play at the same time, one account will let you have separate characters, but those characters will never be able to be on at the same time. If a family has one hardcore player and one casual player, my suggestion is for the casual player to see if they can piggy-back on a friend's account. Two or more lots of WoW subscription in the one household is a little expensive.

WoW plays badly on iMac G5s, other macs (1)

frenchgates (531731) | more than 9 years ago | (#11170713)

iMac G5 owners, and probably owners of most other mac setups, should be aware that right now World of Warcraft has major graphics performance problems on that platform.

I have a Windows Pentium M _laptop_ with a mobile graphics card that just creams my brand new 20" 1.8ghz G5 iMac in WoW playability.

Apple + Blizzard + NVidia may be able to help this in future, but as of the latest MacOS & WoW patches the problem is still there.

Re:WoW plays badly on iMac G5s, other macs (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 9 years ago | (#11170785)

You really need to upgrade the 256mb base ram, and WoW will play fine on iMac G5.

Same is true with the iMac G4, G4 powerbooks, etc.

WoW runs fine on older macs, but >256MB ram is necissary.

Re:WoW plays badly on iMac G5s, other macs (1)

frenchgates (531731) | more than 9 years ago | (#11170852)

This is not true for me. I put a gig in my G5 and it doesn't help much.

Re:WoW plays badly on iMac G5s, other macs (1)

Squozen (301710) | more than 9 years ago | (#11173892)

The 5200 is a crap card, sadly.

Advice for improving performance on the iMac G5 can be found here [] .

No prob on my 15" PowerBook btw. That won't really help you, unfortunately; I just didn't want the casual reader to think that all Macs suck playing WoW.

Re:WoW plays badly on iMac G5s, other macs (1)

ferratus (244145) | more than 9 years ago | (#11170800)

I'm playing on a Dual G5 2x2.0 and the game does work very well. Of course, you might expect that from that costs so much!

I haven't had any trouble... but 10.3.7 brings along new graphic drivers and Blizzard has already said it would help quite a bit once they have time to implement the fixes in the game.

I haven't tried on my x86 laptop... I always figued it would't work all that great...I guess I'll try now. CoH wasn't so great on it.

Re:WoW plays badly on iMac G5s, other macs (1)

frenchgates (531731) | more than 9 years ago | (#11170880)

I'm using the new OS X patch and the new Blizzard patch. Still very choppy.

Re:WoW plays badly on iMac G5s, other macs (1)

dr00g911 (531736) | more than 9 years ago | (#11170901)

The most recent patch (the holiday one) plus the 10.3.7 updates have made my below-recommended-spec Powerbook G4 play the game nearly as well as my 'gaming' PC.

512mb of RAM is a bare minimum, but beyond that, here's the settings that have my PBG4 12"/ 867 (with crap gen-1 video hardware) running smoothly:

Rez: 1024x768 / 60hz
Use Ui Scale: on @ .64
Terrain distance: Low
Environment detail: Medium
Terrain texture: Low
Texture detail: Low
Gamma: middle
Enable all shader effects: On
Terrain highlights: off
Full screen glow: off
Death effect: on
Vertex animation shaders: off (you guys can probably use 'on' here -- if you have better video hardware -- if parts of your character are missing, turn this off)
Smooth shading: off
Trilinear: off
Vertical sync: off
Cinematic subs: on
Hardware cursor: on
Level of detail: on

With these settings, I'm even getting over 15FPS in front of the auction houses in Ironforge and Orgrimmar: the areas of the game that used to be down to 2-3FPS.

I have noticed that I'm actually getting *better* performance running at the powerbook's native 1024x768 rez than if I downsize to 800x600.

That said, try running at the native rez of the iMac, but then try a 1024x768 non-stretched rez and see if there's an improvement. Keep in mind that if you run at max resolution on the 20" screen, that's an absurd amount of pixels to be refreshing on each cycle. I know a fair amount of recent mid-to-high end PC video hardware that stutters like hell in WoW in trying to push my 20" cinema display, but does just fine if I run the game inset or reduce the resolution.

Best of luck.

Re:WoW plays badly on iMac G5s, other macs (0)

Kris_J (10111) | more than 9 years ago | (#11172656)

I've been testing WoW on some low-end PCs -- something the games sites appear reluctant to do (perhaps they get kickbacks from hardware manufacturers).

Fujitsu Laptop: 1.1GHz Pentium IIIm, 384MB of RAM, Intel 830m video, WinXP. Originally 6 FPS (7-9 after a driver update and general clean, haven't tested since the new patch.)

Spare parts PC: Celeron 733MHz o/c to 770, 128MB of RAM, GeForce3 ti200, Win98SE. Gets the first frame then connection is kicked.

Mini-ITX PC: 1GHz, 256MB of RAM, on-board S3 video (blech), XP Pro. 0.3 to <6 FPS. Hardware cursor problems.This is stuff that's below the minimum specs, and/or has "unsupported" video hardware. You can use this as a guide as to what it's not worth even trying on.

Re:WoW plays badly on iMac G5s, other macs (2, Informative)

BrookHarty (9119) | more than 9 years ago | (#11171046)

The G5's have the Nvidia 5200 base, The lapop has (guessing) ATI 9600 or 9700.

The G5's have enough power, just crippled with older video cards, G4's really have it tough. Put in an ATI 9800 or better, and the game should fly...

My G4 with ATI 9000 gets 20fps (low details), my PC with ATI 9700pro gets 60+fps with max details. But then, my gfx card cost over 300 bux when I bought it.

Pick up a high end gfx card for your mac, and enjoy. I'm rather miffed a ATI 9800 for g4 mac is so expensive.

Graphics card support on iMac's (1)

@madeus (24818) | more than 9 years ago | (#11175780)

The problem with the G5 iMac is the graphics card - the Nvidia 5200 was a very bad choice by Apple as it's a very poor card.

It's of note that both Nvidia and ATI cards have issues with shader support on Mac OS at the moment, due to driver problems. Apple have been petitioned by games developers about this and are aware of it.

My PowerBook (with a 1.5 Ghz G4 with 1 GB RAM and Radeon 9700 Mobility 128 MB) plays WoW admirably however, it's very playable with settings on all high/some on medium.

And I say that as someone with a reasonable gaming rig (P4 3.2 Ghz, 2 GB DDR400 RAM, Radeon 9800 Pro 256 MB, 10K RPM SATA HD).

WoW is actually one of the best performing games for Mac OS X (a platform which has been riddled with really awful ports that perform very poorly, especially since transition from Mac OS 9).

Sadly Apple made a very bad choice with the Nvidia 5200 and I feel it really hurts their brand reputation as a result.

Powerbook question (1)

JWhiton (215050) | more than 9 years ago | (#11177708)

I've got a Powerbook with the same specs as yours, and I was curious about how WoW displays. I remember that in Warcraft III, the interface was designed for a 4:3 screen ratio so both the interface and the in-game 3d models looked really squished and distorted when you displayed it on the Powerbook screen. Did they fix this for WoW, or does everything still look squished?

Re:Powerbook question (1)

@madeus (24818) | more than 9 years ago | (#11231242)

Ooops saw this but forgot to respond!

They have a number of resolutions available including IIRC a set of PowerBook native resolutions (I'm not 100% certain exactly what resolutions are avalible as don't have it hear to check). You have the option not to stretch the display at least.

Fortunately, I don't actually think stretched resolutions like 800x600 happen look that bad in WoW, but that's open to personal interpretation really.

One thing of note is that with both the Radeon AND Nvidia cards on Mac OS X is that there are driver problems that means shaders do not work properly. I don't really know the details, but specifically when enabled in any game (including the likes of Halo, Vendetta Online and others) there is a serious performance hit (I can only imagine that the Doom 3 beta must be more or less unplayable). So Blizzard have decided to remove shaders from the Mac version entirely (the options still appear in the UI, but they are grayed out). They have said they have petitioned Apple for a bug fix and are waiting for one to be released before they enable the options (because apparently it's unplayably slow).

This is by no means a show stopper, but it does mean that you don't get all neat effects like glistening snow (something I noticed with my dwarven character).

Oh and I whole hartedly recommend getting the ATI control panel/driver for Mac OS X rather than just using the default Mac OS X one. You get a control panel which you can use to set options for (a) Full Screen Anti Aliasing (which you can force at 0,2,4 or 8x on a per application basis) and (b) for texture compression (optimise for speed vrs quality).

(a) makes a lot of titles look much better assuming there is a bit of GPU power to spare, including WoW and (b) has really improved the speed of some titles form 'okay' to 'really smooth' which little visible drop in quality.

Not as many options as on the Windows Catalyst drivers but actually I prefer the Mac OS X version a lot to the ones on my AGP based 9800 Pro because I create settings on a per-application basis really simply (without 3rd party software).

Re:WoW plays badly on iMac G5s, other macs (1)

Wyatt Earp (1029) | more than 9 years ago | (#11188109)

I've got a 2x2.0 G5 with an ATI 9600XT and it runs good from what I've seen, no problems with choppiness unless I go to window mode.

But I've also got 2 gigs of RAM

A cease and desist letter isn't a lawsuit. (1)

PlasticSquid (645934) | more than 9 years ago | (#11175235)

A bit nit picky I know, but there isn't a lawsuit yet, just a cease and desist letter. Companys send out thousands of those for every real lawsuit they file. I am watching for the first real lawsuit on this. Fairly large real money is in this market and it is still completely unclear if it is legal or not. It will be a big deal when the first lawsuit sees its way thru to resolution in court.
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