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Perl Institute dissolved

Hemos posted more than 15 years ago | from the bye-bye-american-fly dept.

News 25

david landgren writes " The Perl Institute has decided to call it a day. The main reason, according to Larry Wall, is that the Institute was "top-down", but Perl's culture is much more "bottom-up". The Institute's most valuable assets, the domains and have been offered to the Perl Mongers. By the way, have you checked out whether there's a Perl Monger chapter in your part of the world? "

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CPAN!! (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1913382)

Surely the CPAN archive will continue to exist.

For me, modules are like rationalizations...

I can't get through a single day without using
at least a couple :)

Say it isn't so!

CPAN Scripts (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1913383)

Off-topic, I'd appreciate some feedback on any particular collections of...

Actually, CPAN has this, although it isn't very populated yet. (Probably because most people don't know about it) []

Perl sucks! (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1913384)

Last I checked missiles were programmed in Ada (in the UK, at least) so Perl probably wouldn't be that far off :-)

Perl? Ha, Ha, Try Python! (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#1913385)


Yes, indeed you must (1)

Indomitus (578) | more than 15 years ago | (#1913386)

I love Perl. I can program in other languages but I can safely say the only one I will go out of my way to promote is Perl. One of my favorite Larry Wall quotes is "I don't want people to say 'I can program in Perl,' I want them to say 'I'm a Perl programmer.' Exactly how I feel and I'm sure many others also.

Perl sucks! (1)

shrike (1090) | more than 15 years ago | (#1913387)

Some people say perl sucks. They point to some piece of perlcode crawling along at 3 miles/hour. 'Look, perl sucks!'.

Then, when they take a look at the programmers next project (written either in C of Java), they find out it also crawls along at about 3 miles/hour. 'Gee, how can that be?'

The best recipe for a fast program is a smart algorithm. If you give the job to a mediocre programmer, nothing's going to save your project (except maybe buying that $30K quad-Xeon machine).

There are occasions perl isn't a good choice though. For instance, the software operating a sidewinder missle probably should be written in some other language. Apart from that, just about anything can be written in perl ;)


assets (1)

sql*kitten (1359) | more than 15 years ago | (#1913388)

just out of curiousity, i know domain names go for $$$ these days, but were and really it's most valuable assets (in dollars)? does anyone have any figures?

Poll: My coding style is: (2)

root (1428) | more than 15 years ago | (#1913389)

[ ] Top-Down (Break up big taks into bite sized chunks)
[ ] Bottom Up (You can't build until you have a good set of tools)
[ ] Just dive in and code
[ ] Wait for orders from management
[ ] Cut, paste, tweak; cut, paste, tweak; bash, bash, hack; debug, debug, debug.

Question: (1)

Matts (1628) | more than 15 years ago | (#1913390)

Not really. They weren't really being as productive as they could have been, whereas the Perl Mongers have been extremely successful.

I just hope they keep the news page going - it was the only thing I ever got out of TPI.

perl -e 'print scalar reverse q(\)-: ,hacker Perl another Just)'

Yes, you really must. (1)

Eric E. Coe (2252) | more than 15 years ago | (#1913391)

I find Perl to be the most fun to program in, of all the languages I know: C, C++, Basic, Asm, Forth, AWK, Bourne Shell, Java ... too bad I can't use it for everything.

Read More About It (1)

pudge (3605) | more than 15 years ago | (#1913392)

This was first made public on the Perl News [] (specifically, t=Votes+to+Dissolve [] ), which is on but is not run by The Perl Institute directly (I run it :).

Anyway, Perl News will continue to have the latest and greatest about the goings on with TPI and Perl Mongers and and and the professor and Mary Ann.

Re:assets (1)

pudge (3605) | more than 15 years ago | (#1913393)

Actual assets are about $3000, a fax machine, and the domain names, I believe.

Poll: My coding style is: (0)

redwraith (12532) | more than 15 years ago | (#1913395)

Hope this answer isn't too lame, but in the context of perl, I'd have to say I've hit every one except maybe wait for management.

Most people (I suspect) start using perl by hammering out a couple of scripts to get things done. Most people continue to use perl this way throughout. When you want to do bigger tasks, you start breaking it up into functions (top-down), and when you find yourself doing the same things again and again, you start designing modules (bottom-up, right?).

A strictly top-down approach would never work though. Perl needs to stay quick and dirty, even at the cost of maintainability and scalability, IMHO.

Off-topic, I'd appreciate some feedback on any particular collections of quick and dirty perl hacks, or just code in general. All I ever seem to find at CPAN is modules, and I'd like a place to just browse other people's code once and again. Suggestions?

ack! what about DNS for and others? (2)

chris.dag (22141) | more than 15 years ago | (#1913396)

The bioperl project depends on the
DNS server for our box

(we do have just in case)

I sent an email to the boston-pm gurus but if
anyone out there can assure me that DNS for the domains will be transitioned smoothly
I would _greatly_ appreciate it.

On the upside it is great to see the perl user groups ( taking off.


CPAN!! (1)

dave_cross (23994) | more than 15 years ago | (#1913397) is only one of the dozens of sites where CPAN can be found. You can get a get a list of them from

Having said that, I'm sure that the Mongers will take good care of the domain :-)


must learn (1)

dave_cross (23994) | more than 15 years ago | (#1913398)

You must learn to spell 'Perl' one of these days!

CPAN!! (1)

Plank (27142) | more than 15 years ago | (#1913399)

Yeah dave you tell them :) I think this a good move, if only to allow them a break from a job that can be handled by the mongers well enough. Dont worry, its not as if they've announced the end of Perl as we know it. Duncan

must learn (1)

redemption (33688) | more than 15 years ago | (#1913400)

I must learn pearl one of these day

late April Fool's joke? (1)

CrudPuppy (33870) | more than 15 years ago | (#1913401)

please tell me its not so!!

Old news (1)

Trojan (37530) | more than 15 years ago | (#1913402)

This is dated March 1, and I remember reading this on Slashdot before.

Re:Perl sucks! (1)

SlashDread (38969) | more than 15 years ago | (#1913403)

Considering the amount of swing offs in Kosovo, maybe the missle thingies were re-programmed with MFC C++ ?

- If you see a MS bashing chance, take it.

Re:Perl sucks! (1)

Paddi D (41642) | more than 15 years ago | (#1913404)

...and by the way: Perl is just right for those 'I don't wanna spend the whole day coding this damn "use it once" tools' jobs.

late April Fool's joke? (1)

Abigail (70184) | more than 15 years ago | (#1913405)

Crudpuppy asks: "Please tell me it isn't so".

It is. It isn't new news either. If it was an April fools joke, it would be an *early* one. This news dates from early march.

Hopefully, slashdot will usually publish recent news, not something that's old and forgotten....

--- Abigail World Map (3)

god (219136) | more than 15 years ago | (#1913406)

Oh, and a quick way to find out about Perl Monger Chapters in your neck of the woods is the fairly-up-to-date and quite-underpublicised Perl Monger World Map [] .
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