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Puppy Times By The Drinky Puppy Club

Zonk posted more than 9 years ago | from the surreality-at-its-finest dept.

Portables (Games) 25

For those of you that just can't wait until Nintendogs comes out, check out the Puppy Times Newspaper by the Drinky Puppy Club. The blog covers "The Nintendogs experience as recorded by the Drinky Puppy Club, a group of videogame fans almost as lovable as the puppies they blog about." Suggested by simoniker, so blame him.

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Transration: (3, Interesting)

TripMaster Monkey (862126) | more than 9 years ago | (#12319160)

From the Web Page, translated to 'English' (props to the babelfish):

In every package, puppy of personality rich 5 dog kinds.
Dog kind is various of course sex coat color character (the mischievous spoilt child et. al.).
Also the room where the puppy lives with the respective package differs.

Do you live some puppy?

* The first time, when it keeps advancing communication and play, the puppy of the other package appears with every package.

Do I what? (1)

Strell (877448) | more than 9 years ago | (#12319230)

"Do you live some puppy?"

Shine get!

Please clairify... (4, Funny)

EnronHaliburton2004 (815366) | more than 9 years ago | (#12319233)

I RTFM, and I need some clarification.

Should I laugh or cry?

ouch. (1)

thhamm (764787) | more than 9 years ago | (#12319243)

Drinky Puppy Club.

drinky? how can i join?
owh, my liver.

April Fools Day is long gone.... (0, Flamebait)

Wyrmw00d (571980) | more than 9 years ago | (#12319319)

Simoniker is retarded for suggesting crap like this and Zonk is void of all intelligence for finding it a good idea to post this as news. Fuck Slashdot.

Can't argue with that. (1)

Jellybob (597204) | more than 9 years ago | (#12319453)

Wow... is it just me or does the entire item look like gibberish?

Oh dear god... (4, Funny)

Z0mb1eman (629653) | more than 9 years ago | (#12319666)

Typical (?) entry:

After a hard day at work, nothing beats the warm welcome of a puppy running to the door when you get home. Well, almost nothing. Drinky and I had some fun last night, and I'm starting to learn what he likes. I expect I'll be able to teach him some new tricks soon. He also caught the frisbee for the first time last night... I was so happy.

But last night there was pain as well as pleasure. For some reason, I decided to enter Drinky into a Dog competition. It was quite a crazy move, considering we're still getting acquainted and all. The first stage of the contest, I had to make Drinky sit, and he could manage that without any problem. But the second part, I was asked to make him lie down. Poor Drinky hasn't learnt that properly yet. And things just went downhill from there. "Shake hands" was met with a blank stare, the judges thought Drinky was sick, and the crowd almost booed us off the stage. We walked away with 0.03 points and 3rd place in a 3 dog contest. Drinky was not pleased.

To patch things up between us, I gave him a shower with some soothing shampoo. After rinsing him down, his coat was lovely and shiny. Then I gave him some of his favourite dog biscuits and some fresh water. I let him play with the tennis ball and then we both called it a night.
...I'm speechless. Really, I am. Trying to think of something witty or insightful to say, but the above really does speak for itself...

Re:Oh dear god... (5, Funny)

Nasarius (593729) | more than 9 years ago | (#12320154)

I think "What the fuck?" aptly summarizes the response of any sane person to this. What else is there to say about a group of people who have nothing better to do than blog about their virtual dogs?

Oh wait, I'm posting to Slashdot. Hm.

I wonder... (3, Funny)

OldManAndTheC++ (723450) | more than 9 years ago | (#12319679)

Do herding Nintendogs dream of electric sheep?

omg that paw omg cute (5, Funny)

teebo (43281) | more than 9 years ago | (#12319871)

I have no idea how you managed to get this posted, but now I have no choice but to buy this wonderful machine that these nintendogs live inside. My hat is off to you good sir.

Lemme Get This Straight (3, Funny)

Stolethis (873779) | more than 9 years ago | (#12320184)

There is an entire website devoted to people typing mindless drivel about their high-tech tomagachis? I'd say something all snarky and sarcastic but I think I just had an anurism.

Explanation (5, Informative)

M3wThr33 (310489) | more than 8 years ago | (#12320553)

Since no one else seemed to explain it yet, I'll try.

Basically there's a forum at One of the mods there is Drinky Crow, a sarcastis anti-Nintendo fan if there ever was one. Smiles And Cries made a thread talking about Nintendogs and Drinky blasted it saying it's not a game and moved the thread to off-topic to be a dick. As such, Smiles And Cries got the idea to make a club about naming your dog Drinky. Hence the blog and the group was born.

Re:Explanation (1)

Locky (608008) | more than 8 years ago | (#12320684)

It should be noted that S&C purchased the game for the first batch of people willing to join the club.

Re:Explanation (2, Interesting)

recursiv (324497) | more than 8 years ago | (#12322062)

So this whole story is about some in-joke about a post on a forum at What in the god damned hell is going on? How can this appeal to more than 10 people?

Re:Explanation (1)

faceless (91137) | more than 8 years ago | (#12322168)

it appeals to more than 10 people because of the popularity of the Gaming-Age Forums! :p

Re:Explanation (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 9 years ago | (#12325785)

25 then, eh?

Re:Explanation (1)

MilenCent (219397) | more than 9 years ago | (#12332643)

Oh for the love of Pete!

You're probably right that it's a reference to Drinky Crow, but the source of that name is not some damn moderator one some semi-obscure game website.

Drinky Crow is a character from Tony Millionare's comib Maakies [] , which may still be semi-obscure, but it's a hell of a lot less obscure than Drinky Crow is the character on the left-hand side of the banner at the top of the page.

You wanna see an animated Drinky Crow? Go rent (or better yet, buy, because it's great) the documentary on They Might Be Giants, Gigantic. About midway through, there's a short, inexplicable cartoon segment. The character who comes out of a ship onto an island and introduces the segment on coffee? That's Drinky Crow.

Now that's out of the way....

Actually, I'm rather interested in Nintendogs. Virtual pets are one thing, but obsessively realistic virtual pets are something else entirely. And remember in Japan, many people don't have the opportunity to keep their own animal because they live in shoeboxes. Shoeboxes with draconian animal rules and extremely large damage deposits.

Re:Explanation (1)

M3wThr33 (310489) | more than 9 years ago | (#12342178)

What did you accomplish in telling us this? The origin of the name Drinky Crow doesn't matter. The origin of the blog name is what people are wondering about.

Re:Explanation (1)

MilenCent (219397) | more than 9 years ago | (#12344962)

* The person to whom I responded thought the reference in the title of that blog was to a user called "Drinky Crow" on a website.
* That user's name was a reference to Maakies, so likely the web site's title is a reference to that, and not to that user. That's what I was pointing out.

What did I accomplish? Very little. But then, so did the person I was replying to. None of this is very important, but importance has never been a requirement for posting on Slashdot.

Re:Explanation (1)

M3wThr33 (310489) | more than 9 years ago | (#12352154)

It's not really an issue of debate. I watched the thread occur. 0911&pag e=1&pp=50

Drinky Crow:

Smiles and Cries:
"I just found a reason to own this game

I'm naming my first puppy "DRINKY"

Now if only Nintendo would allow me to beat the shit out of it
Now that would be a great game"

do they do the big 'H'? (2, Funny)

ylsul (94641) | more than 8 years ago | (#12323045)

When do they start humping your stylus?

Sorry... (1)

BarneyRabble (866644) | more than 9 years ago | (#12326776)

I rsther have my Westhighland Terrier, who I adore a lot, greet me when I come home, shed fur, play with his rubber hamburger, get chased, and do what dogs do best. Be a companion, gives wet sloppy kisses on my nose, and chase squirrels and chipmunks as he should. People who do this stuff vitually on their DS really need a life, IMHO. Oh, thats right. I'm on /. also.

Re:Sorry... (1)

Zigg (64962) | more than 9 years ago | (#12334860)

Real dogs stink.

Real dogs leave real shit on the ground.

Real dogs slobber all over your face.

Advantage: Nintendogs.

Re:Sorry... (1)

iamatlas (597477) | more than 9 years ago | (#12335310)

Real dogs are... real dogs.

Advantage: Life.

But oh, how I want a copy of nintendogs.... :D

Famitsu gives it a perfect score?! (1)

MilenCent (219397) | more than 9 years ago | (#12356132)

It's true. []

The only other game I know of that got all-10s was Ocarina of Time.
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