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FreeDOS, Be, BSD write-up

Hemos posted more than 14 years ago | from the more-media-attention dept.

News 23

A. Coward writes "The St. Paul Pioneer Press ran a story this morning on other OSes. The article talks about Be, FreeDOS, and BSD. "

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Anonymous Coward 1 minute ago

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Re:I am a little suprised Linux wasn't in there (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 14 years ago | (#1889995)

Well, they did mention Linux at the beginning - it's a sign that Linux is becoming mainstream that it (Linux) is now being mentioned up there with Windows and the MacOS.

I think they over-emphasized the 'user-unfriendly' nature of Linux (as it was called in the article), but all-in-all, it was a very 'clued-in' article. It would be nice if zdnet and the like could do this well... [Note: the price for Caldera's DR-DOS is wrong: the CD is $29.95 (not $40 as listed - minor point); I've seen the 'official' verion in bookstores; and there is also a free/non-commercial/education-like licence available]

Re:I am a little suprised Linux wasn't in there (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 14 years ago | (#1889996)

What about NT (they only list 98) and OS/2?

Damn, BeOS really rocks.. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 14 years ago | (#1889997)

I tried BeOS today! It's fast, stable and good looking. Can't hardly wait for BeOS 4.5

Re:Damn, BeOS really rocks.. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 14 years ago | (#1889998)

Well I run BeOS R4.5 (Genki/6) and all I can say is:


It's a pity they missed NetBSD... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 14 years ago | (#1889999)

It's a pity that they missed mentioning NetBSD [netbsd.org] because (among other things), that's where OpenBSD came from...

Re:I am a little suprised Linux wasn't in there (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 14 years ago | (#1890000)

With supported hardware, Linux won't be any more complicated to deal with than Be. Plus, the set of hardware that constitutes 'supported hardware' is larger on Linux.

Post installation BeOS configuration isn't quite as easy as it is made out to be either. Even in R4, it manages to have the same sort of vexing holes that plague the Linux novice.

Although, there is no real reason for this. If there is Mylex BT-950 driver source floating about, BeOS doesn't have any real excuse to not support that particular card.

What Be delivers is 'one true Be'. One doesn't have to worry about someone digging up a funky older version of Caldera Be and perplexing everyone.

Re:BeOS (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 14 years ago | (#1890001)

BeOS doesn't make a really good server, even Be knows that. www.be.com is running FreeBSD, and linux and FreeBSD are comparable in power, so that is at least one area where BeOS isn't as powerful as linux. Also, you simply cannot run BeOS on a 386sx, while you can w/ linux and all the BSDs. BeOS isn't as flexible w/ customization. BeOS isn't open source. Linux runs on more platforms. There are plenty of areas where linux outdoes BeOS. BeOS is a great modern OS, but it isn't the be-all (no pun intended) and end-all OS: each OS has its function.

Re:BeOS (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 14 years ago | (#1890002)

Yes, BeOS is a great desktop system and blows everything away in multimedia apps, but I don't use it because it isn't Open Source. I'm not an open source developer or anything, I just like the idea of open source software. Now, if there was a motivated group of programmers than would be willing to make a "mediaOS" that was open source, I'd probably jump on the first beta release (alpha software scares me :-). Anyway, I like the way Be decided to kill backward compatibility and create a truly modern OS.

Duh! (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 14 years ago | (#1890003)

Read the title of the article.

The BeOS part (2)

Tsk (2863) | more than 14 years ago | (#1890004)

Of the Three BeOS news related site ( beforever [beforever.com], beoscentral [beoscentral.com] and benews [benews.com]) The one I prefer is the One run By Peter (first aforementionned one) because its the only with no ./ touch (its just plain simple, hand updated and when you send news and other announce to peter he usually responds personnaly.). The problem being with his site not being updated has frequently has the other ones. One last thing peter the guy being interviewed in the article is also a strong PowerPc supporter (which I also tend to be), eventhought Be Hasn't annonced officialy the death of PPC (I think Be should announce officially the death of PPC for the sake of the be community and because most PPC users are developers (which should mean partners), they should be officially informed os such decision.)

Whence NetBSD? (1)

Mason (4711) | more than 14 years ago | (#1890005)

Bah... What's up with their not including
NetBSD [netbsd.org]? I know NetBSD has never focussed on marketing, but it seems a rather obvious hole in the article to just flat-out ignore it. In my estimation, right now the NetBSD project is healthier than it's been for a while.

Oh well. The author made himself look foolish to "those who know" more than anything else, I suppose.

Re:BeOS (1)

shacker (11455) | more than 14 years ago | (#1890006)

In what way does BeOS not have the power of Linux? Aside from not yet being multi-user, I can't think of any place where Linux has more power than BeOS. And "multimedia is right up there with Linux?" Come on... BeOS blows Linux completely out of the water where media is concerned.

Re:I am a little suprised Linux wasn't in there (1)

shacker (11455) | more than 14 years ago | (#1890007)

Sit a user down and have him or install and configure both Linux and BeOS (and give them all the documentation they could possibly want or need), then come back and tell me that "With supported hardware, Linux won't be any more complicated to deal with than Be." BeOS is infinitely easier to install and configure than Linux. KDE and Gnome are making strides, but they don't even come close to BeOS in this department. Don't even come close.

Re:BeOS (1)

shacker (11455) | more than 14 years ago | (#1890008)

That's very true -- BeOS isn't designed as a server OS, nor does it try to compete in that arena. Then again, the number of users who need a better alternative to Windows far outstrips the number of users who need to run a server. And BeOS makes a much better desktop/workstation replacement OS than does Linux.

Re:BeOS (1)

Spudnuts (21990) | more than 14 years ago | (#1890009)

I am perplexed by how you say that it has ``multimedia performance right up there with Linux.'' BeOS was designed from the ground up with multimedia performance in mind, whereas Linux uses the multimedia-unfriendly X11 interface for much of its multimedia presentation. I have been amazed many times over by the way that Be takes advantage of processors for doing multimedia streaming.

Re:hey! (1)

lomion (33716) | more than 14 years ago | (#1890010)

heh...wel lthe article at least can make pople curious and presents everything in a non threatening light. "We are your friend"

I am a little suprised Linux wasn't in there (2)

Rocket Boy (34136) | more than 14 years ago | (#1890011)

I guess they were going for the truly "non-mainstream" OS'es. The article is pretty good. They got a lot of their info right. I would have to say "Good Job!"


Positve Press about "other" OS's (2)

Dr. Banana (34988) | more than 14 years ago | (#1890012)

I am excited to start seeing other Operating Systems get a little bit of positive press. I for one am a big FreeBSD fan. It is nice to see that someone in the mass media can (for the most part) get their facts straight.

Dr. Banana

Re:Positve Press about "other" OS's (1)

cmc (44956) | more than 14 years ago | (#1890013)

a.) FreeBSD isn't meant to be a good desktop OS
b.) It is.

I'm not. (1)

cmc (44956) | more than 14 years ago | (#1890014)

and for two reasons. The first is obvious - read the name of the article. The second is because Linux gets way too much hype as it is.

Re:Positve Press about "other" OS's (1)

unyun (45048) | more than 14 years ago | (#1890015)

Too bad they were saying FreeBSD wasn't a good desktop machine and that it didn't have many programs (reference to someone having to start Windows to use Word or something like that).
Did they know FreeBSD has support for Linux binaries (Corel WP?)?


BeOS (1)

dvdbn (50422) | more than 14 years ago | (#1890016)

BeOS is a good little operating system. It's relatively small, fast, supports other file systems, and pretty stable. I've been using it for about 6 months now and I'm impressed. It doesn't have the power of Linux, but it's a lot easier to set up and use. For those of you out there that are looking for something different, give it a shot - it's a pretty slick little piece of code. By the way, I also run Linux and Windows. I'd rate the stability of BeOS between Linux and Windows and multimedia performance right up there with Linux. BeOS is pretty dazzling for the small operating system that it is.
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