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CmdrTaco posted about 8 years ago | from the now-thats-what-i'm-talking-about dept.


True ChAoS writes "Using the latest in microwave energy transmission technology, the Wireless Extension Cords (WECs) 'beam' power right where you need it. Broadcasting in the 7.2GHz range, the WECs will not interfere with wireless networks, phones, or Bluetooth components. Be sure to heed all the warnings in the instruction manual; the microwaves used are relatively safe, but you don't want to cook your computer (or coworkers) by mistake." ThinkGeek is also owned by OSTG.

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Anonymous Coward 1 minute ago

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Nigger (0, Flamebait)

TheSpoogeAwards (589343) | about 8 years ago | (#15039441)

I don't get it is this a troll article or something?

Re:Nigger (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#15039603)

Indeed, my good chum. Best we go elsewhere, as the editors apparently think today is April 1st.

If you think today is April 1st, chances are I don't much care for you as a person.

Now, had it actually been April 1st, I would have been more touched by the slightly creative april fools pranks. Well, Not that touched. This is weak. Where's the panicking fanbase? A shame, really.

Re:Nigger (1)

MikeFM (12491) | about 8 years ago | (#15039736)

I was a bit annoyed because I wanted to buy those wireless extension cords. Damn them!

1Up Mushroom (1)

StingRay02 (640085) | about 8 years ago | (#15039756)

Never mind the wireless extension cords, I wanted the 1Up Mushroom. I nearly tried ordering one, but it was actually the wireless extension cords that gave the joke away.

Re:Nigger (0, Flamebait)

BinLadenMyHero (688544) | about 8 years ago | (#15039793)

1. The thinkgeek stuff is april fools of the thinkgeek part.
2. The OMG!!! LOL!!!! stuff is, along with the pink color, part of the april fools joke from the last "article".

OMG!!! (3, Insightful)

iced_773 (857608) | about 8 years ago | (#15039448)


Don't use so many caps. It's like YELLING.

Nice to see the lameness filter is still normal.

Re:OMG!!! (1)

chrisatoremus (956200) | about 8 years ago | (#15039503)

a whole day of bad jokes...oh dear...

you have me worried that flowers will sprout out of my compy.

Re:OMG!!! (1)

G)-(ostly (960826) | about 8 years ago | (#15039670)

iF THE lAMENEss FILteR Is STill aroUNd, hOW do You EXPLain THe facT ThaT thEY'rE sTILl pOStIng apRIl fOOlS STOries?

Re:OMG!!! (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#15039832)


*LOVE* the PINK!!

This also just in.. (5, Funny)

jamesjw (213986) | about 8 years ago | (#15039449)

Flying toasters sighted migrating south for the winter..

Yeah, right... (3, Informative)

Kelson (129150) | about 8 years ago | (#15039633)

Migrating south... for winter... in April?

Everyone knows toasters migrate north in April!

What do they teach in these schools?

Re:This also just in.. (1, Funny)

glass_window (207262) | about 8 years ago | (#15039640)

This just in: It's not even April Fools Day yet.

Seriously, they couldn't wait a few hours? Now I get to go to bed with nightmares of pink slashdot pages.

Old technology (4, Informative)

Rojo^ (78973) | about 8 years ago | (#15039450)

Bubs' Concession Stand has sold wireless extension cords [homestarrunner.com] for a long time.

Re:Old technology (4, Insightful)

mesach (191869) | about 8 years ago | (#15039514)

Nikola Tesla tested this out even longer ago. I believe he has prior art.

Re:Old technology (2, Insightful)

smokeslikeapoet (598750) | about 8 years ago | (#15039594)

Mod this up! Informative. Tesla actually invented radio and thought himself a failure because his intent was to broadcast power. This idea is nearly 100 years old.mi

Re:Old technology (1)

Rojo^ (78973) | about 8 years ago | (#15039568)

I forgot to mention that Bubs' plugging his Wireless Extension Cords is an easter egg, appearing when you click the right side of Strongbad's screen_savior at the end.

Hmmm. (1, Redundant)

Chrispy1000000 the 2 (624021) | about 8 years ago | (#15039451)

I think this might be an april fools joke.

Re:Hmmm. (1, Interesting)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#15039476)

I was about to say the same thing, but I saw this on think geek's site a few days ago, before april fools.

April Fools (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#15039452)

April Fools

OMGz LOL (5, Funny)

bmecoli (963615) | about 8 years ago | (#15039453)

Now I can tranfer all of my My Little Pony MPGs from even further away! OMGOMGOMG i'M SO0OOO EXCITED XDXDXDXD 3

This is good! (1)

mikerm19 (809641) | about 8 years ago | (#15039470)

Finally, you know how long I've always wanted a wireless house? I mean, now I can have my padded walls without those pesky wall sockets getting in the way.

Re:This is good! (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#15039559)

Yeah, well, at least my friend's 3 year old won't be able to pee on the wall sockets any more.

Awesome! (5, Funny)

Hamster Lover (558288) | about 8 years ago | (#15039473)

Now I can power my Rainbow Brite (tm) oven from across the room without a cord! I can't wait until the court order expires and I can tell all the girls at the elementary school!

Re:Awesome! (1)

danfromsb (965115) | about 8 years ago | (#15039618)

Get with it man, it's not the 80's anymore! I'm gonna power my life sized my little pony. You can come over if you are cool enough.

Power Rating (1)

iamlucky13 (795185) | about 8 years ago | (#15039671)

Maybe I missed it, but did anyone see a power rating (at least estimated for a particular distance)? I somehow doubt it will power a Rainbow Bright.

OMG! (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#15039477)

ThinkGeek is also owned by OSTG.

To think I first saw this on digg earlier today... Pink hurts!!!111oneoneoneeleveneleven(10/9)

Re:OMG! (5, Funny)

Spy der Mann (805235) | about 8 years ago | (#15039616)

Pink hurts!!!111oneoneoneeleveneleven(10/9)

No kidding!!!11onemillionfourtyeightthousandfivehundr edseventyfiveinbinary

-1 Talk to the mod, the user ain't listening (2, Funny)

Dante Shamest (813622) | about 8 years ago | (#15039486)

I'm modding the article using the new mod options [slashdot.org] .

I mean, there's nothing in it about ponies!!! In fact it sounds more like news for nerds. =(

Re:-1 Talk to the mod, the user ain't listening (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#15039643)

+1 You GO, Girl!

Just curious (1)

mattmacf (901678) | about 8 years ago | (#15039492)

Any chance this [slashdot.org] will be compatible?

Re:Just curious (1)

tech_guru5182 (577981) | about 8 years ago | (#15039844)

Amazingly, yes. This device regenerates the entire signal comming over the power line, so it will work with all forms of BPL, Homeplug, even the phone phone jack extensions that plug into any power outlet.

Seeking LTR (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#15039496)

I've got one window open here and one window open in a chat.

The conversation there is scintillating by comparison.

It's freaking me out, man.

That's hot! (2, Funny)

neo (4625) | about 8 years ago | (#15039497)

I wonder if I get like fifty of these and point them all at the guy next door that stole my toolbox if I could get ... um... his wife.

To disable the CSS pink abortion (1, Informative)

linzeal (197905) | about 8 years ago | (#15039516)

Disable slashdot_fool.css. If I told you how to do that you wouldn't need google or be a geek, so blah!

Re:To disable the CSS pink abortion (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#15039775)

I dunno, I'm sorta starting to like it.

Sucks (4, Insightful)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#15039520)

I remember back in the day when April Fools news stories were discreet and you had to spend a couple of seconds/minutes looking at them to see whether they were fake or not.

Bring back the old days!

Not to say April Fools day sucks, because everyone thinks they're a comedian.

Re:Sucks (1)

Akaihiryuu (786040) | about 8 years ago | (#15039686)

Well, if you want to get technical, it is possible to use microwaves to beam power between two antennas. However, the things they show on that link are not the right shape to do it, nor would they be able to handle the amount of power they're talking about transferring. It would require a fairly high power microwave transmitter, and you'd have to align the two dishes together very precisely. It would also be very inefficient, the transmitter would use a lot more power than you could ever hope to recover at the other end. Also, it would likely be very dangerous to stand in between the dishes, you'd likely receive severe burns. I can actually see this technology being used in orbit...satellites with lots of solar panels "beaming" power to a ground station (in this case the ineffeciency wouldn't matter so much, because the energy you're capturing is "free" from the sun), but the amount of power this would provide would be negligeable compared to what we already generate. You would need an absolutely huge number of satellites and ground stations to make any appreciable amount of power, and the ground area this takes up could be used far more efficiently for other things. Okay, that's enough of a rant there...I agree, when they do stuff like this on Slashdot, they make it WAY too obvious that it's an April Fools joke.

I'm always saddened by April Fools (1)

GuitarNeophyte (636993) | about 8 years ago | (#15039732)

It actually makes me a little bit sad for the first few posts of April 1st. I tend to be one of those idealistic people that just really want to believe people (until they give me reason not to), and so I hear about all these cool techs and stuff and then, I figure out that they're all not real. *sigh* I used to try that on a friend of mine though -- tell them a bunch of potentially-real-sounding things that turned out not to be true, and then tell them a true-but-not-real-sounding thing, and they'd just sit there, trying to decide whether it was true or not.

Man, when y'all told me (I think it was last year) about those playable two-headed Ogres for WOW, I thought it was so cool... then I figured it out... *sigh*

That whole laughs last==thinks slowest thing and all.

Missing the point (4, Insightful)

AC-x (735297) | about 8 years ago | (#15039532)

Is it just me, or has slashdot completely missed the point? Didn't April fools used to be about SUBTLEY making up BELIEVEABLE stories to try and trick people?

This pink color scheme isn't even funny and adding "aprilfools" to the articles is just defeating the point.

April fools used to be about clever wit, not just being as stupid as possible.

At least think geek have the vaguely right idea, tho have perhaps got a bit overexcited and again missed the subtlety part.

Re:Missing the point (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#15039572)

old people pine away about the old days

Tesla did it! (3, Informative)

cyber_rigger (527103) | about 8 years ago | (#15039547)

Nothing new to see here folks.

Move along.

Re:Tesla did it! (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#15039753)

Tesla did it like 100 years ago. So why couldn't get a consumer level wireless extension cord from kmart (wal-mart for the yanks) till now??? WHY WHY OH WHY

oh dear (God|Linus), run and hide everyone! (1)

bigmaddog (184845) | about 8 years ago | (#15039551)

Sweet Fancy Moses, it's not quite April Fools yet and the internet's going shit-retarded already. Soon Oracle will buy MySQL, Microsoft will aquire Ubuntu, and Theo de Raadt will be seen playing footsies with Steve Jobs at a gay bar in San Francisco. Or something. Why-o-why does the entire internet have to turn into The Onion with such unmitigated predictability each and every year? Waaaaaah.

Re:oh dear (God|Linus), run and hide everyone! (1)

David_W (35680) | about 8 years ago | (#15039770)

Why-o-why does the entire internet have to turn into The Onion with such unmitigated predictability each and every year?

Uh, because it's the internet, duh. ;)

Are we sure it's meant as an April Fools story? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#15039565)

Bogus product or not, it's less silly than some of the psuedoscience that regularly makes the cut here.

Joy (1)

Lord_Dweomer (648696) | about 8 years ago | (#15039584)

And now after a great start to the big 04/01 with the color scheme and the Hemos bday dupe story the dumb joke stories begin. Come on, you guys, you're more clever than that....don't let this be a dupe of last year's lame April Fools stories.

tags (4, Interesting)

Turn-X Alphonse (789240) | about 8 years ago | (#15039585)

Could we fix the tags please. I love the April fools stories, but the tags sort of ruin it. I know they are made so we can search but why not use an anagram instead? Something like "Parol's foil", maybe even do a story on how awesome Parol's latest foil is for tin foil hats.

Tomorrow you can switch all the tags for April fools, but today we should make them so blindly obvious we don't need them pointing out to us.

Hopefully the editors will read this and sort it out.

In other news... (2, Informative)

rdoger6424 (879843) | about 8 years ago | (#15039632)

Netcraft is dying- BSD Confirms It!

Study: In Korea, Only The Very Old Use Hanja

Ballmer to Develop! Develop! Develop! Develop! Develop! Develop! Develop! Develop! a new ad campaign

Script Kiddies considered respectable hackers

Putin: In Soviet Russia, April fool YOU!

Slashdot April Fools has lost its appeal. (0, Redundant)

ninja_assault_kitten (883141) | about 8 years ago | (#15039657)

It was much more fun when you had to think twice about whether or not a posting was an April Fools prank. For the last few years it's been just idiotic.

At least they could have faked some action shots.. (2, Interesting)

pennystinker (548132) | about 8 years ago | (#15039667)

Could you imagine the action shots that could be faked for this thing?

- Pointing the "transmitter" and "receiver" through a fish tank.
- "Cooking" co-workers through cubicle walls
- Powering my microwave with microwaves!
- Seeing how many metal surfaces you could bounce the microwaves off of and still power your Xbox.
- Turning on fluorescent lights in your neighbor's house.

Tag (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#15039672)

Please tag as "sterilization".

Cool! (2, Funny)

Perseid (660451) | about 8 years ago | (#15039748)

If I get a girl and put her in between two of these things I can make that superherpmutantgirl I've aways wanted. Now all I need is the girl.


Very Cool... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#15039774)

... can we call this technology Wi-Fry?

Disclaimer needed (1)

Toxicgonzo (904975) | about 8 years ago | (#15039785)

They could have also added a warning to warn users about tripping over the extension cords. I almost died falling down the basement stairs.

BIG PINK /. IS GHEY!!!!! U PHUQRS!!!! (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#15039798)

cowboy neil likes pink.

PtP or PtMP? (1)

nathana (2525) | about 8 years ago | (#15039799)

So, one question that the ThinkGeek site does not address is whether or not these units are Point-to-Point only, or if I can have multiple power satellite units talking to the main power access point, all being fed power at the same time?

Point-to-Point, or Point-to-Multipoint?

-- Nathan

P.S. -- Just play along, everybody. Okay?

OMG!!!! IT KILLED THE KITTEN!!!! (0, Troll)

Tsu Dho Nimh (663417) | about 8 years ago | (#15039842)

It's like I tried the wireless cords for my blow dryer so I cuold like read ./ (you geeks are like SOOOOOOOOOOO HOT) and my kitten was like playing with the cord when I turned it on and it like EXPLODED THE KITTEN.

IM me, I'm like so bummed about this. My mom's making me clean up the mess and like it wasn't even my fault.

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