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IDG and Gen Con To Merge Events?

Zonk posted more than 7 years ago | from the two-gamey-nerd-tastes dept.

Role Playing (Games) 21

Gamespot reports that convention companies IDG and Gen Con LLC are talking about an event merge. IDG has already gotten the nod from the ESA for their 'GamePro Expo', and expects to attract no less than 25,000 gamers in October of next year. If Gen Con joins the fray, that will add table-top roleplaying, board games, and the like into the mix for some sort of nerdapalooza. From the article: "If the two events co-locate at the LACC, the current plan is to see Gen Con base its exhibits in the convention center's West Hall, with the IDG game event placing its exhibitors in both South Hall and the lower-level Kentia Hall. One impediment to the two groups linking up could be due to the current success IDG is having selling its upcoming game event into the industry. If it can sell out the LACC's nearly 550,000 square feet of expo space on its own, there may be no need nor reason to bring Gen Con into the mix." If this goes through, there would be no need for the Gen Con Indy event, which would only be held a few months before. I knew E3's demise was no good.

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Outstanding (1, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#17072496)

I've always wanted to dress up as a moogle and a dwarf at the same time. Now if I could only add in my bat'letH I'll be all set!

Indy? (1)

thesupermikey (220055) | more than 7 years ago | (#17072544)

Isnt Gen-Con have a 10 year hitch in Indy?
or will this take the place of the winter event?

Re:Indy? (1)

kria (126207) | more than 7 years ago | (#17072664)

They would have to be, IMHO, pretty stupid to move GenCon. GenCon SoCal has been so-so out there compared with GenCon Indy, here in the heart of tabletop gamer land (as far as I can tell).

Why do I say the midwest is heavier on gamers? Because GenCon SoCal doesn't do as well as GenCon Indy, and because Winter Fantasy (WotC's RPGA Convention) isn't doing as well as it was in Indiana. It's now on the east coast.

At any rate, I'd hate to miss out on GenCon, but I'm not interested in flying to California for it. :/

Re:Indy? (1)

deinol (210478) | more than 7 years ago | (#17073198)

GenCon SoCal has been so-so out there compared with GenCon Indy, here in the heart of tabletop gamer land (as far as I can tell).

Being a resident of Cali, I don't think our location has anything to do with a lackluster GenCon SoCal. ComicCon is down here and attracts giant crowds of similar interest groups.

Having been to GenCon SoCal several times, here is why I think it isn't as good:

It's a lot newer. GenCon Indy has been going on for several years. It's basically the E3 of board games. So it just has more of everything. SoCal just feels like an after thought. All the really serious tournaments are at Indy. It will take a long time (or a lot more effort) to make SoCal as big as Indy. I've never had a chance to go to Indy so I don't know how it is different, but at SoCal you have to pay to play in every random board game. That isn't real conducive to casual players. Particularly for a new convention, it feels like they should make some types of games just free. I don't want to spend $3 to play a game of Carcasone with some random strangers. There should be a lot more pickup games to let people try out new games. If I know game X is very good, I or one of my friends have a copy and we have no problem getting some people together to play a game. When I go to a game convention, I want to be able to try some new games and see what I like. I already paid $50+ to get in, don't nickle and dime me for every little board game. Tournaments go ahead and charge for, and I happily pay to do True Dungeon. But have some free range gaming to attract more crowds in the first place. Exhibiters won't spend a lot of money at a convention until the crowds get big, so do a bunch to encourage more casual convention goers to draw the crows. You can't just slap the GenCon name on something and expect it to be big.

Ok, that wasn't as concise as I'd like, but you get the idea.

Re:Indy? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#17085234)

From what I understand, they actually expected SoCal to be as big as Indy just because they slapped the name on it. It worked in Europe 10-15 years before that (not sure about the exact time-frame) because, frankly, it's harder to GET to Europe and, at the time, there was no large gaming convention you didn't have to come to the states to see.

They just didn't look at the conditions that made the European expansion a success and are now desperate to fill out their contract with the Anaheim Convention Center any way they can.

Re:Indy? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#17077050)

The Midwest IS heavier on gamers simply because there isn't much else to do here. I'd be very upset to see GenCon Indy go, given that I just moved to Indy a couple of years ago.

Re:Indy? (1)

ParodyMan (891236) | more than 7 years ago | (#17072834)

The article only talks about So Cal.

Er, what's this about Indy? (1)

bssteph (967858) | more than 7 years ago | (#17072950)

Reading the /. part of the teaser, I was all worried. But the actual article doesn't mention bupkis about Gen Con Indy. In fact, it specifically mentions So Cal:

"Gen Con So Cal, a video game, fantasy, and science-fiction-oriented event completed its 2006 run at the Anaheim Convention Center earlier this month. If a deal were inked, Gen Con would join forces with the upcoming IDG show, a morphed version of E3 that will now cater to general consumers. The IDG event expects to attract no less than 25,000 attendees next October, according to its organizers.

If the two events colocate at the LACC..."

While they don't continue to specifically say So Cal in the remainder of the article, context seems to be that all references to "Gen Con" are Gen Con So Cal, since they state, "Sources say Gen Con still has a tentative agreement with the City of Los Angeles to hold its 2007 event at the LACC in early November" while there is certainly still going to be a Gen Con Indy.

Thanks for the heart attack. I'm taking a level of ranger, with /. editors as my favored enemy.

I miss Milwaukee (1)

Suzumushi (907838) | more than 7 years ago | (#17072970)

I miss playing midi-maze at Gen Con back when it was in Milwaukee...

I too, would not go to California.

Re:I miss Milwaukee (1)

retrorogue (1024713) | more than 7 years ago | (#17074306)

Actually, the original GenCon Midi-Maze display is still around here in Milwaukee. I own it now (rescued it from the group who is still around but no longer Atari orientated), and we actually had it up and running [] at the 2003 Midwest Gaming Classic [] (picture GenCon for console, arcade, and computer gamers). I'll probably see about bringing it back this year if I have the room/space (I co-run the museum area).

Re:I miss Milwaukee (1)

Suzumushi (907838) | more than 7 years ago | (#17074492)

Well hot damn! Thanks for rescuing it, I had wondered if it was still in use. I hope you can get it up and running for the Midwest Gaming Classic. I'll make the trip to Wisconsin for that alone!

Scions of Wisconsin (2, Insightful)

PMuse (320639) | more than 7 years ago | (#17073064)

If this goes through, there would be no need for the Indy event, which would only be held a few months before.

Q: Why did GenCon and WotC spread their events geographically?
A: To reach different audiences.

How in the name of all that is hyped and marketed would the merger of one LA event with another LA event affect the "need for" events in other parts of the country?

Will it smell any better? (5, Funny)

LordNimon (85072) | more than 7 years ago | (#17073134)

Somehow I doubt it. Maybe GenCon should consider merging with with the Texas Soapmakers Association Annual Convention [] instead. Lake Conroe is nice in July.

E3 was completely overbooked (1)

Erick Lionheart (745320) | more than 7 years ago | (#17073246)

From experience as a member of the game industry, E3 was getting just about impossible to get a booth at.

Even on the attendee side, it was supposed to be a game industry members event only, and they kept having to increase requirements to demonstrate said membership in order to keep hordes (yes, fine, the alliance too!) of consumers from trying to get in.

Considering these factors, I really don't see the event needing to add RPG and boardgames to fill up the space, as much as I also enjoy those...

Plug: Want a new WoW key without leaving the computer? [] !

Move it back to Wisconsin already! (1)

alexwcovington (855979) | more than 7 years ago | (#17073430)

Put the Gen back in Gen Con. Bring it back to Lake Geneva, where it belongs!

Re:Move it back to Wisconsin already! (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#17077800)

Indianapolis is close enough. Besides, no place in Wisconsin can accomodate the numbers that Gen Con (Indy) draws. That's why they moved it.

This could actually be a bad thing (2, Insightful)

CTD (615278) | more than 7 years ago | (#17076314)

While there is definite synergy between the E3 and Gen Con audience (I play tabletop and video games and I'm not alone), mixing the two events together at the same time could be counter productive. On the one hand I'd want to walk the video game side of the event and see everything in every booth. On the other hand this means I'd have less time to sit down and game. It would cause people to really weigh their priorities as to what they want over the course of those days, and one side would eventually loose out as the other trends better with traffic, etc. End result could be that one half, or the other is just there as an afterthought -- which won't sit well with the hardcore fans (of either).

PAX anyone? (1)

Carch (695851) | more than 7 years ago | (#17077308)

Can't believe nobody's mentioned it... []

AusCon's? (1)

cheese-cube (910830) | more than 7 years ago | (#17078770)

Verging on being off-topic here but does anyone know of any conventions similar to the ones mentioned in the article that are based in Australia (More specifically Western Australia)? In fact are there any conventions in Australia all together? The closest thing I can think of in WA are the huge LAN party events such as Red Flag LAN.

Re:AusCon's? (1)

Macgrrl (762836) | more than 7 years ago | (#17087306)

There are decinfately RPG/tabletop gaming cons in Australia (not sure which part of the mix you were interested in).

From memory, SwanCon runs out of Perth. Melbourne has Arcanacon, Conquest, Unicon, Dwarfcon and Fauxcon. There's a version of GenCon running in Brisbane next year, and I've forgotten the names of all the Sydney cons; included are MacquarieCon, Sydcon and Necronomicon. There's also a couple in Canberra; CanCon and Phenomenon . One annual con in Adelaide that I've heard of.

More information can be found at: aming_conventions []

It's not entirely accurate, as The Big Con was a real con that ran for some uyears in Brisbane.

Re:AusCon's? (1)

Macgrrl (762836) | more than 7 years ago | (#17087322)

I so can't spell today.

Quite a few of these conventions also have Wargaiming events and Collectable Card Game (CCG) events if that's your thing.

We have looked at CRPGs at conventions, but the cost/risk doesn't fit the rest of the events we are running. Australia gaming conventions are typically low cost events - the Arcanacon GEt Wrecked option is usually aroud $60 for 4 days of roleplaying events.

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