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Mad Dog Goes Underground

Hemos posted about 15 years ago | from the underground-tokyo dept.

Linux 68

Thanks to John Mark Walker for sending over a great spoof video performed by Jon "mad dog" Hall -and given the recent "myth debunking by Microsoft, the linux4u project seems timely. The project is intended to educate the corporate setting about the benefits of Linux. Grab the Mad Dog videos (high bandwidth) here and (low bandwith) here and see what I mean about mad dog going underground. RealPlayer is required.

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Thank you (1)

jojo80 (99781) | about 15 years ago | (#1630939)

Thank you for that link :o) The video is just awesome.... and what that guy's saying is, well, true hehe Anyone have links to more such like stuff? *g*

Cool... (1)

spinkham (56603) | about 15 years ago | (#1630940)

Glad I caught it now...
How long will it be before a site with a 300kb video stream is slashdotted? Not long I bet ;-)
Is really amusing though.. Wish I could figgure out how to save it with the free realplayer alpha...

What bullshit ! (0)

gupg (58086) | about 15 years ago | (#1630941)

That is the most lame article I have read on /.

Its amazing how /. is becoming so big that they are not able to control the quality of articles posted anymore.

There have been so many articles that have been posted on some topic which was discussed just the day before.

CmdrTaco, are you listening ? And most importantly are you doing something about it !

Re:Cool... (1)

Chandon Seldon (43083) | about 15 years ago | (#1630942)

Unfortunately, the whole point of real player is to *prevent* you from saving it. I wish there was a MPEG or such avalible.

This is nice to know... (1)

ShadoWolf (32966) | about 15 years ago | (#1630943)

From the timeline of e-seminars...

Oct. 27th
Linux in Mission Critical Applications - Brookhaven National Labs

It's nice to know they aren't using NT...

.ram? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1630944)

WTF type of file is that? Does anyone have a player for it? I'm on a Sparc 2 running Linux, so I'd (obviously) prefer source.

Been there, done that (3)

cowboy junkie (35926) | about 15 years ago | (#1630945)

Wow - this has to be the least insightful piece I've ever seen on posted on /. It's nothing that hasn't been said 10,000,000 times here before. It's just wrapped up in an unfunny, high-bandwidth package. I love Linux, but this is just silly...

Re:What bullshit ! (1)

antizeus (47491) | about 15 years ago | (#1630946)

I must have missed yesterday's article about Mad Dog going Underground.

Re:Cool... (3)

Wolfier (94144) | about 15 years ago | (#1630947)

There is a program I know that can download files using the pnm protocol. It requires Windows, though.
(I'm sure that some Linux program for this exist, just too lazy to look for them now because I'm at work ;p)

Get it at
ht tp:// es/info.html?fcode=000T36&b= []
Download the .ram file and open it with a text editor to reveal the pnm location.

Great stuff (2)

anticypher (48312) | about 15 years ago | (#1630948)

But the server is already starting to get slashdotted.

Check out the fragments of code flying around in the background. Kernel source? Crypto code?

Now, if only Hemos would fix the post to read correctly. The video is of Jon 'Maddog' Hall, for those who haven't seen him speak (bouncing and handwaving included)

the AC

Re:.ram? (1)

m3000 (46427) | about 15 years ago | (#1630949)

It's a real player file, you know, the program that plays Real Audio and Real Video. I'm not sure if it runs on Sparc, but you can check it at [] .

Umm this is interesting? (3)

JB (8504) | about 15 years ago | (#1630950)

Was this video supposed to be funny? It was just some old guy with a beard telling us how Linux is stable and easy to administer. Duh. This is non-news.

On the other hand, check out the latest Cringley column which talks about the bogus Israeli claim of the 12 ms 512 bit RSA crack. Also talks about how Jane's used /. input to re-write their article. And he says that that was a BAD idea. There's something to talk about.


Why do they require us to register? (3)

Ungrounded Lightning (62228) | about 15 years ago | (#1630951)

One thing that bugs me about the seminar: It requires you to register to watch it.

Why is that? They don't seem to be asking for money - just names and email addresses. If I register, will I get spammed? Will I get billed later?

Banner ads are bad enough - more spam is a nightmare.

Type of video (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1630952)

What type of video is it? The original poster didn't say, and the file extention doesn't yeild an answer. It's not an MPEG file. So, how do you play it? Is there some sort of console or X-Windows program to do so? Come one posters, if you're going to post something in an obscure format, then please post a link to a converter.

Also, is there something wrong with When I request the file to save it, I get the below:

% telnet 80 Trying Connected to Escape character is '^]'. GET /valinux/maddog_spoof_300.ram pnm:// _spoof_300.rmConnection closed by foreign host.

What is that? It's not a redirect or the video. I don't have an entry for "pnm" in my /etc/services file. Because I couldn't d/l it, I couldn't run file on it to try and determine its type. Is their server broken?

Re:Cool... (1)

spinkham (56603) | about 15 years ago | (#1630953)

Doesn't the realplayer "plus" or whatever allow you to save streams? I thought that was one of it's main selling points... That's what they say on their site anyway...

Linux4u Seminars are Lame. (1)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1630954)

I was hoping this topic might come up on slashdot. I am subscribed to receive notice of the Linux4u seminars. I've watched them and can honestly say they are a waste of time. Most slashdotters will learn nothing new. I wouldn't even recommend to uninformed management. But watch them yourself and I think you'll agree with me.

Re:.ram? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1630955)

check it at

I downloaded every file I could find that had something to do with UNIX. The closest I found was:

rvplayer: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1, dynamically linked (uses shared libs), not stripped

That's a file to run on a x86 machine running Linux. That doesn't really help most of us. I could not find a player in source form that I could compile. WTF are these companies thinking?

Going back to look for specs...

Re:Cool... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1630956)

Ha ha ha. The PNM server cuts you off when it realizes your aren't using RealPlayer!

Re:Type of video (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1630957)

Well, Real Audio really is not that obscure, and it says in the last line "RealPLayer required". try reading. it really is a useful skill.

.pnm is a RealPlayer protocol (1)

M-2 (41459) | about 15 years ago | (#1630958)

It's the streaming protocol for RealPlayer stuff. I'm pretty sure that there's nothing that even pretends to be a RealPlayer for ANY form of *NIX.

And no plans for one, either.

Re:Why do they require us to register? (1)

cheese63 (74259) | about 15 years ago | (#1630959)

Ah, an email address only consists of 3 letters, an "@", and a dot. it's worth it to hear that guy laugh, i thought that was hilarious

good idea - talk to execs (1)

CormacJ (64984) | about 15 years ago | (#1630960)

Personally, I think is a good idea - getting videos out that corporate people understand. It's a good answer to the marketing that Microsoft do, and its similar to some of thier presentations.

The people that are being used are respected people in the industry and if yiu are looking for a way to convince your corporate ladder this sort of thing is a good way to go.

The advancement of Linux, especially in critical areas is something thats more needed. People have to be willing to get it publicised too. Without good publicity and good presentations its always going to be seen in the light of the Microsoft FUD.

Once Linux gets more publicity in areas that are critical it will start getting a wider industry approval, and especially if presentations and seminars like this are done more.

When I got Linux into my workplace, I won it on the cost argument, but thats not always going to work. Being able to reference seminars like this is always a good thing.

Re:.ram? (1)

m3000 (46427) | about 15 years ago | (#1630961)

I meant that you could see if they had a Real Player for a Sparc machine. I guess I should have made that clearer. They don't (as far as I know) release their source.

Streaming media (1)

double_h (21284) | about 15 years ago | (#1630962)

Unfortunately, the whole point of real player is to *prevent* you from saving it. I wish there was a MPEG or such avalible.

This is easy enough to get around. Streaming Realplayer files come in two pieces; the audio/video clip itself (.ra for pure audio, .rm for movies), and a stub file, which has a .ram extension. The .ram file is just a 1-line text file which points to the URL of the actual content. This is so the browser knows to start the streaming media player plugin, rather than having the download the whole X megabytes of content first.

In most cases, you can just download the .ram file to find out the URL of the actual content, and then get your browser (or better yet, something like wget) to pull down the .ra or .rm file for your archives. Of course, this doesn't work with "live" streaming content (like a concert simulcast) but for any pre-recorded clip it should work just fine.

Re:.pnm is a RealPlayer protocol (1)

_Stryker (15742) | about 15 years ago | (#1630963)

Well, since Real [] has native players for several Unix flavors there is no need for something that pretends to be one.

Right hand doesn't know what the Left is doing (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1630964)

This recent bout of FUD took me by surprise after all the WinTux [] rumors I've been hearing around the quad.

Re: Troll (1)

tamyrlin (51) | about 15 years ago | (#1630965)

*feeding the troll*

Funny (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1630966)

What causes this delusional attitude that someone who's referring to himself as 'Mad Dog' would be qualified to educate the corporate world about the benefits(?) of Linux and actually be taken seriously?

Re:Cool... (1)

Wolfier (94144) | about 15 years ago | (#1630967)

No it doesn't. I used the software and downloaded the high-bandwidth version, it is almost exactly 3 Mb in size.

I guess I'll take it home and watch it there...(no speaker at work, duh)

Re:Umm this is interesting? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1630968)

How can you call one of the pillars of the Linux community "some old guy with a beard"? I thought it was kind of funny. :-) Way to go, MadDog!

-Steve Bergman

Re:Streaming media (1)

m3000 (46427) | about 15 years ago | (#1630969)

I must be doing something wrong then. I downloaded the .ram file, which gave me the real .rm file: pnm:// _spoof_300.rm

But when I use wget to get it, it tries to think it's from an FTP server.

wget pnm:// _spoof_300.rm
--17:57:53-- ftp://pnm:21/ nux/maddog_spoof_300.rm
=> `maddog_spoof_300.rm'
Connecting to pnm:21...
pnm: Host not found

How do I get past that?

Re:Umm this is interesting? (1)

DeathBunny (24311) | about 15 years ago | (#1630970)

Old guy with a beard??? How long have you been using Linux? 3 weeks?

Geesh! Next thing you know we'll have people on here how don't know who Alan Cox is!!

Re:Right hand doesn't know what the Left is doing (1)

m3000 (46427) | about 15 years ago | (#1630971)

And this [] is what a screenshot will look like : )

Re:Funny (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1630972)

Maybe if you were even slightly involved with the Linux community you would have a clue. He has been one of the most public spokemen for Linux. Recently giving Keynotes at various Linux conferences. Thanks for coming out.

Re:Linux4u Seminars are Lame. (1)

Mawbid (3993) | about 15 years ago | (#1630973)

It's clear these aren't made for us, but for "them". Still, I think "they" will have as hard a time as I'm having staying awake over them.

Who the old guy with the beard is.... (2)

DeathBunny (24311) | about 15 years ago | (#1630974)

For those newbies who don't know who John "Maddog" Hall is....

He's the Executive Director of Linux International, and a well known Linux advocate and developer. (to give you an idea how well known, a Google search for "John Maddog Hall" turned up 1030 entries. Not many of us can claim to be that well known). According to the website, he is also one of the creaters of the phrase "opensource".

Here's his bio from the Linux International web site...

Jon "maddog" Hall

Address: 80 Amherst St., Amherst N.H. 03031-3032, U.S.A.
Employer: VA Linux Systems

Description: Jon has been in the computer industry for over a quarter century, 17 years of that with UNIX. He has been a software engineer, systems administrator, product manager, marketing manager and professional educator. Before accepting a job at VA Linux Systems working full time for Linux International, Jon was employed by Compaq Computer Corporation in the Digital UNIX Marketing group and Bell Laboratories. Before that he was Department Head of Computer Science at Hartford State Technical College, where his students lovingly (he hopes) gave him the nickname maddog. Maddog as he perfers to be called, has an MS in Computer Science from RPI (1977) and a BS in Commerce and Engineering from Drexel University (1973).

Re:Funny (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1630975)

Perhaps it is because he *is* qualified to educate the corporate world about the benefits of Linux? If you have ever heard him speak (this video was intended as a joke and doesn't really count) you will know what I mean. -Steve Bergman (Who doesn't really want a /. account...)

who! (1)

Paul Jakma (2677) | about 15 years ago | (#1630976)

he was the guy who arranged for Digital to ship one of their hot new Alpha systems to Linus. And this was when Alpha was still really new (eg 93 or something). Linus did the basic port to it in something like 2 weeks. The first ever port of linux.

He's been pushing linux inside DEC/Compaq ever since. Mad Dog had the kind of standing to push linux at the boardroom level. So Compaq's pro-linux attitude is due to him in no small way.

He also been a great Ambassador for linux, and has been an active member of Linux International for a very long time.

One of linux's more low-profile, but most influential proponents.

Re:Streaming media (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1630977)

PNM is a special proprietary protocol of Real Networks. Wget does not support it.

I don't understand why people use Quicktime or Real... Just make an MPEG, and everyone can view it regardless of OS...

Re:Been there, done that? (1)

vermiculture (14963) | about 15 years ago | (#1630978)

If you don't get it, you haven't been there, done that. To know mad dog is to love mad dog. And you're right. It is silly. So is Linux in it's own ways.

Re:Umm this is interesting? (1)

vermiculture (14963) | about 15 years ago | (#1630979)

Ummm....Alan who?

All these acronyms, so little time.

Is this Really needed? (1)

Coutal (98822) | about 15 years ago | (#1630980)

seems like linux4u definately has a good intention. it also has well-known figures in opensource community and IT world.
but is it really wise to put it on the net as video?
there's quite a bit of material on this subject, readily available for viewing on the net.
i personally think a good collection of several such resources would have a similar effect,
instead of wasting lots of bandwidth (money?) on videos.
it's also interesting to note that several of those giving speeches in the subject have written these documents.
have a look at these few urls, which probably encapsulate what the videos do, at a fragment of the data - tech cases, explanation of opensource and businessperson/customer cases
and so on... this is the internet! the data is out there! why send it out on bandwidth-consuming video?

sidenote: bandwidth is a very precious resource where i live (outside the states), so that's a touchy subject...

ln -s /dev/urandom .signature

(OT) Re:Umm this is interesting? (1)

Wah (30840) | about 15 years ago | (#1630981)

hmmm, funny or decide.

(Non)-Streaming video (2)

wowbagger (69688) | about 15 years ago | (#1630982)

What I hate about this stuff is that there is no option to just freaking download the damn video!

Look, I live in the country. I have about as much chance of getting broadband access this millenium (i.e. before 2001 because that is the millenium dammit) as Bill Gates using Linux for his house. (less, actually). All I want to do is start a download at the paultry 28.8 kbps I get, and walk away. I'll watch the video when it is finished, whenever that is.

Some things they stream to keep you from saving a copy, but something by maddog? Where's the "open source" in that? There ought to be an FTP site with the actual .RA file, so that we can just download it.

This is one of the many areas that Geeks In Space gets right: I can just download the file, and listen when I get it!

Names and Faces... (2)

Wah (30840) | about 15 years ago | (#1630983)

How many other names have you been here done that with that you can put a face to? Or hear 'em talk and move and advocate? I've got high bandwidth. Include movies with EVERY story. Let's make /. even more freakin' amazing. Get yourself a G4, digival video camera, and start making content. Signal not noise. Maybe in a year or two you can be a milly-on-air like our Taco friend, whatever, just quit bitching.

Re:Why do they require us to register? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1630984)

Probably because one of the biggest difficuties in Linux advocacy is counting the number of people interested. As for spam, as much as people whine and complain about it, it's easier to ignore and delete than junk snail mail is. All of this complaining is an open invitation for Governments to regulate the internet in the interest of the public good. Besides, occasionally I *do* get something other than "lose weight quick" and "pyramid (I was skeptical but this really works!) schemes". Well, not very often, but sometimes. ;-) -Steve Bergman (Spam me. I don't care...:)

Re:Funny (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1630985)

Probably the same thing as what drives a gun nut who dresses like Obi-Wan Kenobi to declare himself emissary to the suits...

Re:Names and Faces... (1)

cowboy junkie (35926) | about 15 years ago | (#1630986)

Hey, if someone gets a video of Linus picking his nose and puts it online, should that be front-page news on Slashdot? I've got high bandwidth, too, but it doesn't make this video any more interesting.

And as for your comment about signal to noise, that's exactly my point. This story was nothing but noise.

Gee, what version of Linux was the video made on? (0)

heroine (1220) | about 15 years ago | (#1630987)

Well let's see. Did they use emacs to composite the text? Did Apache capture the video? Did they scale down, sharpen, and white balance the images using The Gimp? One frame at a time or did they edit 130 layers one layer at a time? The only problem is that unless they were visited by an alien race, they had to use NT to produce the very footage which criticizes it.

Re:Been there, done that (1)

cheese63 (74259) | about 15 years ago | (#1630988)

actually, i thought it was pretty funny. if you don't have something good to say about it, at least be a little more sarcastic and angry...

Video on Linux (1)

rngadam (304) | about 15 years ago | (#1630989)

Correct me if I wrong, but Linux doesn't have video editing software, does it?

Re:Names and Faces... (2)

Wah (30840) | about 15 years ago | (#1630990)

Sorry, but I liked seeing some of the folks I usually only hear about. It's more of the community side than hard news. I think there's room for both. Keeps things interesting and relates to the people, not just the products.

Re:Gee, what version of Linux was the video made o (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1630991)

This is a very true point, though they could have used an SGI or Mac to do the job. Still, Linux doesn't have this kind of software yet.

*Cackle* (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1630992)

This amuses me greatly, that such a 'big man' of the Linux community would go and make a video that I can't even find a player for on Linux.


Re:*Cackle* (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1630993)

Wooohooo...found one! Now I just need to install drivers for this sound card.....oh....wait a minute, I need to know C or something and need something called source code?


Pissing funny! (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1630994)


Re:Gee, what version of Linux was the video made o (1)

tomita (36970) | about 15 years ago | (#1630995)

RealNetworks sells a copy of their RealProducer for linux. This allows you to create audio/video
content in the RealMedia format on linux. index.html

There are free and pay versions available with different levels of functionality. Both support live capture and broadcast to server modes.

Re:.pnm is a RealPlayer protocol (1)

Mr. Piccolo (18045) | about 15 years ago | (#1630996)

Guess what?

There's RealPlayer 5, but not RealPlayer G2.

So we're still screwed.

Re:.pnm is a RealPlayer protocol (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1630997)

Real has native players for several Unix flavors

That's the key point: "has native." They idiots haven't figured-out that unless they release source, we won't be able to compile the player, to use it on our systems. Instead, they waste time making a bunch of different binary distributions. With reasonable configure program, we could all use it. I guess it's time to work on some notes for a paper to feed to ESR on how companies that depend on wide distribution of their clients (like Real Audio, M$ Internet Explorer, and Netscape Navigator are given away so that they can sell more servers) can benefit from wider availability of clients. A well worded arguement could be presented to their stock holders that Real's marriage to Microsoft is hurting the company by limiting the use of their key products. A bonus would be that they would have our assistance in making their player more portable. That's something they probably can't afford to do, because they haven't done it yet. From a discussion with my stock broker, he believes Real will be a non-player soon, because they are a M$ target. The only way I can see Real flourishing is if they gain the loyalty of the technical people who would go to the trouble to install their software on the computers in a company or decide what sort of streaming media server to use when Microsoft will probably make their own "default" standard that is automatically supported. Remember, Real is depending on us to approve and/or install their software. Also, I'm sure someone would make a GTK and a KDE port.

More Unproven Rhetoric (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1630998)

I'm amazed at how people throw this rhetoric around about Linux being more stable than NT. Yet, no one can define stable, and no one has done any serious metrics of this claim. It is simply unfounded fluff to make Linux geeks feel good. I personally run both a Linux box and an NT box. Both run as web servers, and the NT box is also a file server, print server, and database server. Yet, I'm constantly having to reboot my Linux box because apache keeps crashing under the load that the crappy Linux ethernet code can't handle. I'm just going to switch to FreeBSD and give up on Linux. Later geeks.

Re:More Unproven Rhetoric (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1630999)

Oh your lying, come on.

Re:Who the old guy with the beard is.... (1)

Bogey (38323) | about 15 years ago | (#1631000)

Yeah, but it still wasn't funny.

we have clues, they dont (1)

discore (80674) | about 15 years ago | (#1631001)

well ive seen a lot of people flaming this post but i think it is great.
youve got to remember that most execs dont know ISA from PCI. so a simple yet informative method to get them to realize the value of linux and open source is great. sure no one that has been using linux for a few months is going to learn anything new. but i bet some admins who have used NT all their carreer and want a change are finding it very useful
the linux4u [] project is a good idea and probably a little bit of what linux needs to get execs to understand the value.

although thats just my two cents

Re:More Unproven Rhetoric (1)

yorkie (30130) | about 15 years ago | (#1631002)

Oh look, a flock of pigs has just flown by!

Re:.pnm is a RealPlayer protocol (1)

m3000 (46427) | about 15 years ago | (#1631003)

What are you using? Linux? If so, then they have a RealPlayer 2 for it. If you are using Red Hat or Mandrake, you have to d/l the beta of Real Player, Real Alpha, because the regular Real Player refuses to work on those distributions. I found that out the hard way. And if you aren't suing Linux, RealPlayer 5 should do just as well.

Re:(Non)-Streaming video (1)

evilandi (2800) | about 15 years ago | (#1631004)

Look, I live in the country. I have about as much chance of getting broadband access this millenium (i.e. before 2001 because that is the millenium dammit) as Bill Gates using Linux for his house. (less, actually).

Yay, what he said!

Us net.yokels and net.rednecks demand bandwidth NOW! I mean, what's the fucking point of wiring up towns for cable TV, teleshopping, multi-user chatlines and home offices when the video shop, supermarket, pub and place of work are on their doorstep? These amenities are often not available to rural users where not only remote location, but sheer lack of numbers, make even subsidised facilities uneconomic. And yet it is us folk out in the middle of nowhere who would benefit most!

If I had a quid for every time a British Telecom operator has said "Well, if you're not happy with line quality, get ISDN or ASDL", and I've said "YOUR COMPANY WON'T GIVE ME ISDN OR ASDL YOU MORON, I LIVE OUT IN THE STICKS [] , IF IT WASN'T FOR GOVERNMENT REGULATION YOU GUYS WOULDN'T EVEN GIVE ME A 'PHONE LINE!!!" I would be a very rich man.

ps. 2001 is not the millenium, it's the bi-millenium, and anyway the calendar is at least 6 years out- according to our current calendar, King Herod died in 5BC, at least six years before he ordered the killing of the newborn. Now THAT's what I call a fucking miracle. Christians, eh? Can we say "necromancy", children?

score -1000 offtopic, flamebait, etc... :-)


Re:.pnm is a RealPlayer protocol (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1631005)

Eeeh... I click on "Free download" and get this
"RealPlayer Plus G2 is just $29.99 with a 30-day money back guarantee.", and there is only a Macintosh and Windoze version avaliable there...

MPEG anyone?

Why such a video? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1631006)

Believe me, as one of the speakers in the video series, the video was *not* targetted at educated /. readers and posters!

It was a marketing vehicle targeted at execs and senior managers. The VA/Red Hat/Linuxcare folks apparently felt it was worth funding. They'll be able to tell by looking at the registration info they collect, I suppose. It was a pretty low-key effort, AFAICT.

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