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Hemos is Homeless

CmdrTaco posted about 15 years ago | from the no-I'm-not-making-this-up dept. 216

So just as proof that life doens't stop when you go to a conference, Hemos got email this morning from nate informing him that his house burned down [?] last night. Now some rooms are missing and there is extensive smoke and water damage. Now the geek compound is 25% smaller. On the plus side, both Nate and hemos are safe and insured. Update: 10/16 11:05 by H : And to make matters worse, Chris DiBona threw my cell phone in a bucket of water. On accident. But it's pretty ironic.

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Safety (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1608899)

Glad to know everyone is OK..If there is a way we can help please let us know..I sympathize my house burned to the ground 4 years ago..I can still see it...i was able to watch it go :(

Re:Oxford explains it (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1608900)

Good to see an atheist carrying on the formerly theist tradition of obnoxious street corner preaching in inappropriate places.

Re:Oxford explains it (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1608907)

Yes, and I'm all for it! Actually, I think we need more of this sort of thing to raise the cyncism of the sheeple, so that humanity can throw off the self-imposed shackles of religion.

Religion's one big group delusion that is only around because it makes people feel better by giving them false hope. [] []

Hemos (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1608911)

Hemos if you need a cell phone or any other equimpment i would be willing to donate a page and or a cell phone that i have not used in a few a years that would be at your disposal. As well if worse comes to worse i could even probably scrounge up a decent computer for you to use. I know the hardship that a person goes through when their home burns down. I have had two friends that went through the same thing in their lives and it pretty much ruined them. But if would learn that in times of need it never hurts to ask for help ! Justin C.

Re:cell phone (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1608912)

Cell phones are an evil invention and a bucket of water is a good place for them.

Poor CmdrTaco (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1608913)

Best wishes go out to CmdrTaco for his loss of his cell phone. I know what he's going through: shock, anger, worry, acceptance. Even if he has a warranty on his phone, it's never easy letting go of any tool used for communication.

As for Hemos's situation, he'll get over it.

Re:There is no God... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1608914)

We'll see, won't we?

Rebuilding (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1608915)

Are you going to rebuild that section of the house? If so I'd suggest planning it carefully (like one would plan a good network) and lay out new cabling and X10 capable devices etc. As well as maybe do some cool stuff with your home design and future computer placement. As well as halon or sprinkler system (ok halon's a bit much but very cool) if its all lost you can start from scratch and while losing your stuff sucks sometimes starting from scratch is a great oppurtunity. good luck

Re:Muah hah hah hah (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1608916)

Wow! this AC is deep.


The geek compound? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1608917)

Sounds like an ATF incident to me. Better investigate. You know how bad they are about starting fires in compounds. I bet they wanted to know why you never left your room. :) Seriously though, if you aren't insured, I don't mind pitching in a couple of bucks. Heck, if everyone pitched in...

SOMEBODY has to get the first post (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1608920)

It's a very simple matter of logistics.

BTW, you're doing much better about putting subjects on your messages lately.

Re:Oxford explains it (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1608921)

Actually, Darwin had nothing to say about "learn[ing] to adapt and avoid such catastrophes". The Darwinian view would be that naturally-stupid people are more likely to die in natural disasters, and won't pass along their stupidity genes, so future generations are going to be smarter. By the way, sorry about the fire. (Which reminds me: I still haven't got insurance for my new apartment.)

There is no God... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1608924)

Uhhhh.... there is no such concept as God. I am an atheist and don't trust belief systems of yours. We all live and die. It's about survival of the fittest.

Condolences & ... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1608928)

Sorry dude, but look on the brite side, there's that much less to worry about having to clean :)

Re:Oxford explains it (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1608929)


God created us all in 7 days, a mere 5 000
years ago! And the earth is flat!
Sex will make you go blind!
Trust priests, they're better than you!
You don't need reason, just mindless
unquestioning faith!

N.B. Sarcasm (well duh...)

Re:Ow. (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1608937)

actually, according to the post, it was a quarter... On the serious side, please tell us if we can do anything to help out. I know I need my daily injection of /. and like it a lot. If there is anything we can do, just tell us. ;)

Re:first post! (0)

Signal 11 (7608) | about 15 years ago | (#1608939)

YOU BASTARD! Can't you stop for just a minute with the #$@! first posts?! Somebody's house just burned down, and you're posting first posts?! You heartless bastard!


Ha ha (0)

Assistant Madman (45685) | about 15 years ago | (#1608940)

"Ha ha!"

"Um, I think he's really hurt."

"I said 'Ha ha'".

Re: (0)

rahuljain (98091) | about 15 years ago | (#1608941)


How Tom Petty dealt with his house burning down .. (1)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1608945)

Tom Petty's house burned down around 10 years ago -- taking his music collection, a lot of guitars, his studio, all sorts of tools of the trade. Yea he was insured, and yea he was rich, but it still really sucked.

So, his first gig after the fire, in LA, the lights go down, he comes out on the stage, the spotlight is on him, and he says:

They burned down my house. (holds up guitar) But they didn't get this. And then the band starts into an incredible set of deliverance.

In your case, your house is burned down, but is acccepting connections -- may it be your own deliverance.

This Mortal Coil (1)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1608946)

If this incident doesn't convice everybody of the dangers inherent in fru-fru scented candles and bath beads, I don't know what will.

Don't even get me started on the dangers that lie beneath the plush exterior of every stuffed animal. They are killing machines!

Seriously though, glad no one was hurt. Things can always be replaced...

It's MS's fault (1)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1608947)

Yes it has to be. Damn you Bill Gates!

Donations? (1)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1608949)

i feel really bad for him and all, but donations? isn't he pretty well off with /. and all? iw ould rather donate my money to a homeless shelter where people have no place to live, rather than someone who does have a house with a few burned up rooms...

Re:Zounds. (1)

Hemos (2) | about 15 years ago | (#1608951)

They will be up later on.

Re:The most important question (1)

Hemos (2) | about 15 years ago | (#1608952)

Nope - all of the computers are in the office *whew*.

I have heard some bad things about Red Cross (1)

Jonathan Hamilton (221) | about 15 years ago | (#1608953)

I don't know what experinces you have had with the
red cross but everything I've heard about them
(except for their TV Commercials), says that
their a money grubbing instution that takes advantage of Natural Disators.

First Off I have been told by many people in the
medical profession that when you donate blood
to the red cross they sell it and make quite a
large profit off of it.

Another thing which I have been told many time
is that when you are a Volunteer like my grandad was and they show you reciving drinks, food etc as a volunteer they charge you high prices for them. Of course they don't show that on T.V.

It isn't like the red cross needs to rasie that much money. Everything the recive are donation and they don't pay volunteers for their time. I will be the first to admit that the money they make
probably dosen't go into the pockets of the heads of the companys but would some one please explain to me where it does go then?

I don't really know if the other stuff I have heard about them is true so I won't bothering posting it. But I beleive that those two things
among themselves are bad enough.

Re:You apparently.. (1)

MassacrE (763) | about 15 years ago | (#1608956)

Yes, there are some people who have no real humanity. IT is best to learn to determine the 'worthwhile' people and hang around them. Luckily (at least in this part of the country) there are a lot more worthwhile people than heartless bozos.

Re:Note: I am Insured. So is Nate. (1)

V. (1057) | about 15 years ago | (#1608959)

I had something similar happen about two years ago. Good to hear that no one was hurt.

Some advice: a lot of hotels will let you stay
for a week or two at a reduced rate. I lived
in a hotel for about two weeks while we cleaned up
the mess. It's still no fun, but at least you
don't have to crash on someone's couch until the
place is liveable again. And insurance will
usually cover at least part of the hotel costs.

Why not put that digital camera to work? (1)

heroine (1220) | about 15 years ago | (#1608960)

Every geek compound must have a digital camera because it's cool. Surely with the flat panel displays and gadgetry in the geek compound you've got a digital cam. Why not use it to show us the damage?

Re:Hay silo? (1)

Jeff DeMaagd (2015) | about 15 years ago | (#1608965)

Hay (alfalfa and grass) and mulched grains are put into the 'cigar tube' silos.

More typically stored in bunkers of a sort- three tall walls filled with a mound covered with a plastic type tarp, a loader drives in, scoops what it needs and goes to feed the critters (animals).

Of course, this is possible region specific, to Michigan.

Also, grain dust explosions is due to the fact that flamable materials are made into tiny particles, increasing the burn surface area.

Moist hay can heat up and spontaneously combust if it isn't ventilated, due to decomposition. Two different phenomena.

Zounds. (1)

ploeg (3058) | about 15 years ago | (#1608967)

Do you have pictures available so we Nosey Parkers can see how bad it is?

Good luck. Hope that the insurance adjustor gods are kind to you.

Re:Ow. (1)

Otter (3800) | about 15 years ago | (#1608971)

People, please leave the residents of the geek compound alone for awhile. half their house just burned down! And don't complain if in the next few days submissions get processed alittle slower.

Gee, I don't know about that. It looks like they posted to Everything while waiting for the fire trucks to arrive.

Really Bad (1)

suitcase (4089) | about 15 years ago | (#1608972)

This is a really bad thing. I think its completely retarded how half of the posts on any serious topic here on Slashdot, even VERY serious ones like this, try to be witty and clever. Quit trying to get those Funny points and quit posting for the hell of it.

Re:Note: I am Insured. So is Nate. (1)

madprof (4723) | about 15 years ago | (#1608974)

It's just one of those things. Everyone takes less care than they should at some stage. Hope you didn't lose too many personal items.

My condolences, Hemos (1)

squarooticus (5092) | about 15 years ago | (#1608975)

That sucks. At least no one was hurt. Now, let's hope you had replacement insurance instead of normal insurance, because then you'll get almost nothing for your trinkets (e.g., CD's). Yet another advantage to using MP3's: just back up your collection in someone else's house. =)
Kyle R. Rose, MIT LCS

Heh (1)

Darchmare (5387) | about 15 years ago | (#1608977)

Looked around, I somehow managed to find Hemos' web page. on the 'write' stuff at the bottom. Nifty.

Hemos - don't let it get you down. If you need donations, I'm sure we can /. your bank account...

- Darchmare
- Axis Mutatis,

Yeah... (1)

Darchmare (5387) | about 15 years ago | (#1608980)

...But sometimes it's easy to get worked up - these people are soiling the rest of our gene pool.

I can definately see where fire might be of use in some cases, though. ;>

- Darchmare
- Axis Mutatis,

Re:The most important question (1)

Thrakkerzog (7580) | about 15 years ago | (#1608982)

You know, I think most people know who you are by now. You can change your sig now. ;-)

Ye Olde Lighting (1)

mattc (12417) | about 15 years ago | (#1608989)

A candle? Do you code by candlelight? What century is this again? :)

Re:That'll teach you to trust Dibona with your stu (1)

Mark Gordon (14545) | about 15 years ago | (#1608993)

It's not that hard. There were several people at work who have "accidentally" flushed their pagers down the toilet. I can't imagine how that could happen. ;-)

Hmmm... (1)

telematx (17553) | about 15 years ago | (#1608996)

As a 5th-year architecture student , I hereby offer my design services free of charge. Of course, you'd need to pay my way from VA to MI, and I can't actually get licensed for another 3 1/2 years, but that's beside the point. ;)

Seriously though, I'm sorry to hear about your house. Good luck getting things sorted out.

Re:Got insurance? (1)

Tadghe (18215) | about 15 years ago | (#1608997)

Man I hope you truly have insurance, but at least everyone's ok.

Maybe someone has an extra PC you could curl up with :).


sorry things didn't exactly turn out Hemos (1)

Mina (21443) | about 15 years ago | (#1609000)

if you need anything, let me know.. or any of the /. crowd for that matter.

my thoughts are with you,


Ninja suits. (1)

wbraunoh (22509) | about 15 years ago | (#1609001)

But remember, Hemos:

Only a ninja can kill another ninja.

That sucks, but... (1)

Dr. Sp0ng (24354) | about 15 years ago | (#1609002)

That really sucks, Hemos... but the same thing happened to my girlfriend 2 summers ago, and while it was really tough on her family (especially since she has an autistic brother), once the insurance money came in they got everything back and more... now their house is much nicer than it was before, and everything in it is brand new... including the 2 home theatre systems with Dolby 5.1 surround :-)

The only problem with it was that they had to live in a trailer that the insurance company put up in their front yard for 6 months.

"Software is like sex- the best is for free"

Ironic (1)

Dr. Sp0ng (24354) | about 15 years ago | (#1609003)

Damn, this is ironic. Look at this post from Hemos last night:

gampid writes "The BBC has a story about the Casino-21 project which is running a SETI@home type program for climate prediction. " I'm a booster of, but this looks pretty cool as well. I dunno global warming just gives me the creeps anyway and I'd like to know if my house will be underwater.

Sorry 'bout that, I just thought it was ironic that he would post that last night.

"Software is like sex- the best is for free"

Re:Hackers are prone to their houses burning down (1)

mihalis (28146) | about 15 years ago | (#1609006)

Not to mention some of you losers overloading the
poor elderly power circuits in your apartment building with four computers, five monitors, an air-conditioner, scanner, hub, modem, powered speakers, toaster oven all from one wall outlet near the phone socket ... oh no, wait, that's me, sorry.


Hay silo? (1)

zuvembi (30889) | about 15 years ago | (#1609009)

I thought it was dust that caused explosions et. all? Or is that just grain silos? Hmm.....

Of course Hay silo sounds kinda silly, Maybe hay barn? Or grain silo?

Re:holy housfires batman! (1)

niteq (37029) | about 15 years ago | (#1609017)

are there any pics of mae-east? i'd just love to put one up on my dorm room next to the TWO crashed seagate harddrives(brand recognition folks!!!) and my other amusing stuff :)

Clean up? (1)

niteq (37029) | about 15 years ago | (#1609018)

Hey, if you would like some help with cleaning up i'm stuck over at gvsu with absolutely NOTHING to do. Drop me a line if you want.

bad luck dude :o( (1)

eey0re (38009) | about 15 years ago | (#1609020)

Does nate smoke grass :)
Does he have any pets?

My old flat saw the wrath of a wild candle, I had to make the choice the pet or the laptop.

The chinchilla lived (he is sleeping right now, hes sooo cute) and I (*thankfully*) dried-out a wet IBM HDD which also lived its saved life, in a replaced laptop :)
The old XPi-CD survied from a slight rear melting and still lives to this day!

(who knows what the insides of a crispy DELL CPi looks like)

Ditto (1)

PollyJean (54795) | about 15 years ago | (#1609026)

I do hope you have insurance. If not, do you need money to replace your things (basic stuff like clothes, etc.)? If so, post an address for donations. I'm sure most of us would send $5 to a help Hemos fund, and $5 per /.er would add up fast. It's really easy to have a loss like this. Just as I was typing this, I noticed a cigarette burn in my rug that could have easily been the start of a fire. There but by the grace of God, I guess. Take care.

This sounds like "Fight Club"!! (1)

Enoch Root (57473) | about 15 years ago | (#1609028)

Hemos, check out Fight Club... The timing is spooky.

(Quick explanation: the kicker of the movie takes place when the main character's apartment blows up and he ends up homeless. But there's more spookiness, which I won't spoil here.)

"There is no surer way to ruin a good discussion than to contaminate it with the facts."

The most important question (1)

anonymous loser (58627) | about 15 years ago | (#1609029)

Hemos, did you lose any computer equipment or gadgets? If so, my condolences.

If not, look on the bright side: it could have been your COMPUTER man!

Thank God we didn't loose him too... (1)

ScottBrady (60469) | about 15 years ago | (#1609031)

My thoughts will be with you, Hemos, as you recover from this very sad event. Godspeed in putting this terrible event behind you and moving on with your life. Once again, I wish you the best of luck.

Scott Brady

Sorry Hemos (1)

CormacJ (64984) | about 15 years ago | (#1609033)

Sorry to hear about the house and the phone Hemos. I hope you can get things sorted out pretty quick.

You didn't insult any strange voodoo women lately?

Re:Ahhh ... (1)

cdlu (65838) | about 15 years ago | (#1609034)

Which reminds me - many a hay silo has been known to spontaneously combust due to the high temperatures of rotting with nothing to check their increase. Now that's vegetable danger. :)

I eat vegetarians.

Re:Ow. (1)

cdlu (65838) | about 15 years ago | (#1609035)

Ok I won't complain. :)

I'll just note that the five topic icons at the top are for articles 7,8,9,10 and 11. :)

Re:Note: I am Insured. So is Nate. (1)

cdlu (65838) | about 15 years ago | (#1609036)

Sorry dude. That's a loss I never want to have to face (part of house). But don't you have a regulation sprinkler system? :)

Re:Hackers are prone to their houses burning down (1)

cdlu (65838) | about 15 years ago | (#1609037)

You've obviously never heard of a forest fire :P

Wellllll (1)

TheGeek (65841) | about 15 years ago | (#1609038)

I'm sorry that Hemos burned down his place, that sucks.

But you gotta be not-too-smart to throw matches in the garbage before they cool properly. I learned that one pretty early.

TheGeek []

That's very sad (1)

Nitrozac (67775) | about 15 years ago | (#1609040)

Sorry about the fire, Hemos. This is very sad news, and thankfully no one was hurt. Wish I could help.


Don't keep us in suspense ! (1)

UnknownSoldier (67820) | about 15 years ago | (#1609041)

Well, what's the punch line ??!!

q (1)

Squirtle (73289) | about 15 years ago | (#1609042)

What did the priest say when he saw the church was on fire?

Damn, damn, and double-damn! (1)

IdJit (78604) | about 15 years ago | (#1609043)

Sorry to hear about the house, Hemos. Glad you guys are okay, though. I'll gladly donate a partition of my Linux box if you guys need anything mirrored or served.


That really sucks. (1)

Target Practice (79470) | about 15 years ago | (#1609044)

I've never had it happen to me before, but one of the kids in our band did. He would just go to sleep where his room used to be, looking up at the stars...
Good luck with this one. If you need any help, I can't give much, mebbey an old 486dx processor is all :)


the roof...the roof..the roof is on fire (1)

Money__ (87045) | about 15 years ago | (#1609050)


If there's anything we can do to help, please don't hesitate to ask. I'm just glad nobody got hurt.

donate your bell bottoms (1)

Money__ (87045) | about 15 years ago | (#1609051)

Here's an idea from everything [] about the homeless. Think about it... ok so it doesn't make sense but if you got some really big ass bell-bottoms you could fit a few bums under them and shelter them from the elements for a little while. Well that's what I get for trying to help my fellow man.

So /.ers...who has an old pair of bell bottoms to donate? :)

Moderators! (1)

Bryan_Crowl (87192) | about 15 years ago | (#1609052)

haha this is just a thought, wouldnt it had been funny if the moderators decided to get to this story because they simply didnt believe you !

Fair enough it was an accident, i think we all accept it but we all want to know this ! are you going to buy him a new phone ?

You apparently.. (1)

Kitsune Sushi (87987) | about 15 years ago | (#1609053)

..have too much faith in humanity (with regards to both compassion and intelligence). Don't get so worked up about it. Not quite worth it. Most sane people likely won't give a damn about such emotionless whelps, anyway..

cell phone (1)

rahuljain (98091) | about 15 years ago | (#1609058)

Doesn't anyone have anything to say about the poor cell phone? Wireless data? The poor thing..

Re:Zounds. (1)

rahuljain (98091) | about 15 years ago | (#1609059)

yea of when it was actually going on..j/k..

Re:It's MS's fault (1)

rahuljain (98091) | about 15 years ago | (#1609060)

Why would it be bill gates fault? Bill gates would not risk his 50 million dollar investment going down the drain because all the users of slashdot went over there on a random tuesday night at 3 in the morn to design a computer run fire deploying system...randomly of course. j/k

Re:Hemos Now Seeking... (1)

rahuljain (98091) | about 15 years ago | (#1609061)

Someone mentioned that pictures of the house be added - why not add the choices of the females?

Re:Ye-ouch! (1)

Schnedt (99690) | about 15 years ago | (#1609062)

I have five boxen plugged into one outlet, but monitors? Why would I need monitors on my basement server farm? (all 3 BSDs and Slackware represented in the pile-o-boxes)

And the extension cord they're hooked through is 8 gage.

Re:Note: I am Insured. So is Nate. (1)

ninaf (102639) | about 15 years ago | (#1609065)

Sorry about your loss. Nothing like the smell of burning computers to make a person start to cry. Just remember.. It's ok to cry! Crying picks up chicks anyway... Nina

Re:Wow, sorry.... (2)

Hemos (2) | about 15 years ago | (#1609067)

Thanks - I've got my parents close by, so I might crash there. Until I wanna by on my own.

Re:Donations? (2)

Hemos (2) | about 15 years ago | (#1609068)

Thanks - I'll take good words, but you are right - I've got stuff under control. Now, if it's irreplacable data - I'll ask.

Damn. (2)

drwiii (434) | about 15 years ago | (#1609070)

Heard about it from Pater last night on Slashnet.. That's gotta suck. Didn't Hemos' house burn down once before? I think I remember reading about in in Taco Hell [] a few months back..

Found it odd last night that Hemos' most recent post ended with "I'd like to know if my house will be underwater."

Well, anyway, best of luck to Hemos in rebuilding.


Wow, sorry.... (2)

V. (1057) | about 15 years ago | (#1609071)

I had something similar happen about two years ago.
Good to hear that no one was hurt.

Some advice: a lot of hotels will let you stay
for a week or two at a reduced rate. I lived
in a hotel for about two weeks while we cleaned up
the mess. It's still no fun, but at least you
don't have to crash on someone's couch until the
place is liveable again.

Got insurance? (2)

dilger (1646) | about 15 years ago | (#1609072)

Whenever we go out of town I'm always glad to see my house is still there when we get back... old house, old wiring, you know.

Hemos, I hope you're insured and backed up. Let us slashdotters know if there's anything we can do to help you out.


Lack of a house might be a Good Thing (2)

dattaway (3088) | about 15 years ago | (#1609075)

Its nice having a home webcam to check on whenever out of town to know at least if the important connection is still up...

So, if his house is toast, he oughta travel the world in style and put on these conventions. The ALS once again had excellent accomodations... marble floors, grand pianos, limo service, free tshirts, and did I mention free stuff?

The people here at the ALS always do an outstanding job setting us up. Here's my thanks!

Oh, just a house... (2)

SurfsUp (11523) | about 15 years ago | (#1609078)

Homeless... I thought his shell account got cancelled...

/me shivers at the thought

holy housfires batman! (2)

earlytime (15364) | about 15 years ago | (#1609080)

it's not often that you hear about somebody's house burning down. Sorry hemos, nate. If you're looking for a place, there's a real nice apartment building here in VA next to mae-east. I figure you can put on your ninja clothes, and run some fibre in the dark of night. At least gigabit inernet will make you feel better.

Don't worry.... (2)

Zaph (36677) | about 15 years ago | (#1609081)

After the IPO, Hemos can afford a huge mansion.... perhaps like the one Bill Gates has. Just make sure the bathroom is Y2K compliant [] .

Seriously.... I hope everything turns out ok for you, Hemos.

Re:Donations? (2)

PollyJean (54795) | about 15 years ago | (#1609083)

The only reason why I suggested donations is because regardless of one's financial staus, (unless one is in a significantly higher tax bracket) it can be incredibly difficult to start over after losing most if not all of your stuff. I do donate money to shelters, Habitat for Humanity, etc. I even worked at a shelter when I was in college. That's not the point. There's enough money to donate to both strangers and to friends. And though I don't know Hemos, the nice thing about communities like /., at least in theory, is that there can be friendships developed. If he didn't have insurance, he'd be screwed, and even with insurance, it'll take awhile for an assessor to come by & for the insurance company to issue a check. Alot of people who end up in homeless shelters do so because of things like having a house burn down & not having insurance. A lot of people don't get any help because people assume they don't need any, and that's not cool.

Re: (2)

Money__ (87045) | about 15 years ago | (#1609085)


If there's anything we can do to help, all you have to do is ask.

Re:Donations? (3)

Hemos (2) | about 15 years ago | (#1609087)

Red Cross is also amazing - I highly recommend Habit as well. Please - everyone take the time to check your fire safety, and make sure you know how to get it. Buy a fire-proof safe. And contribute to causes around you - tithing is a good idea, regardless of religion/creed.

Actually it was a champagne bucket. (3)

chrisd (1457) | about 15 years ago | (#1609088)

Thought I'd just clear that up. I feel really bad about it. We were messing around with it (it was new, tragically), and there was this random champagne cooler in the corner of the restaurant. (the restaurant had just opened, so I expected it to be empty). So I felt totally bad about it when I heard the telltale "ploop" noise. I felt really bad. Still do. So public apology and such.

Past that the whole house thing -sucks- those pictures are heartbreaking.

Grant Chair, Linux Int.

You forgot some (3)

jd (1658) | about 15 years ago | (#1609089)

6) Install automatic halogen systems. NOTE: Requires Genetically Enhanced Lungs.

7) Port a Quake II client to a mobile robot platform, and network it to your PC.

8) Put 1 Kg high explosives in each room. Fires are put out by explosions. Deprives them of fuel and oxygen.

9) Build the house underground. Underground fires are much rarer. :)

10) Buy up some SDI lasers, and target them at fire hazards. If any show thermic activity, vapourise.

Ahhh ... (3)

Morgaine (4316) | about 15 years ago | (#1609090)

Good point!

On the other hand, the last time I looked, there weren't any trees in the rubbish bin. :-)

Although this wasn't intended to be serious, I guess propensity to catch fire is related to aeration and low water content, neither of which hold in the compacted and very wet environment of discarded vegetable trimmings.

Hey, maybe the Eat Healthy lobby should use this in their advertising: eat healthy or your house will burn down! :-)

Hackers are prone to their houses burning down ... (3)

Morgaine (4316) | about 15 years ago | (#1609091)

... because most junk food comes in paper wrappers. :-)

The moral of the story is, change your diet to a healthy one. I never heard of vegetable waste catching fire.

[Morgaine pushes pizza box deftly out of sight.]

How it could have been prevented (3)

SheldonYoung (25077) | about 15 years ago | (#1609093)

Sorry to hear about the fire, boys. I'm really glad nobody was hurt.

On a lighter side there are several ways it could have been prevented (written in a manner to hopefully avoid hurting nates pride even more):

1) Cases of penguin mints. Can't start a fire while you're sleeping if you don't sleep.

2) Cases of Mountain Dew. Good for refreshment and dosing fires.

3) Eat only Peanut Butter M&Ms. Their wrappers are plastic and won't catch fire in the trash so easily.

4) Move from the Geek Compound into the Geek Fortress. An old missle silo would do - concrete doesn't really burn well.

5) Hemos. Oh wait, this isn't a poll.

Ye-ouch! (3)

Mr. Slippery (47854) | about 15 years ago | (#1609094)

Sorry to hear, glad no one was hurt.

Learning from other's mistakes is much less painful than learning fro other peoples, so /.ers might all take this as a reminder to check their basic fire safety - batteries in smoke detectors, extinguishers charged, outlets not overloaded by plugging six boxen and monitors into one outlet, and so on...reminds me that I've been wanting to set a fire safe to put backup tapes in. (Yeah, if I was doing really important stuff I'd have offsite backups, but like most of us I'm in good shape if I remember to have backups at all.)

Hemos Now Seeking... (4)

Anonymous Coward | about 15 years ago | (#1609096)

Cute and elligible female to shack up with.

Re:Note: I am Insured. So is Nate. (4)

ucblockhead (63650) | about 15 years ago | (#1609098)

That really sucks, and I'm sorry to hear it.

I know how you feel. About ten years ago, a roomate of mine and a friend (of his) were using a plastic bag as an ashtray. Burned out one room and destroyed most personal belongings on the top floor. The worst part: I was renting the condo from my mother.

Fortunately, while I lost every stitch of clothing except what I had been wearing, the computer and stereo, both downstairs, were unscathed. (I lost a record player, though, remember those?)

But in the end, it was probably good for me. It drive me to live alone for the first time in my life. It drove me to quite the job where they had troubles paying me on time Events like these can be learning experiences. They aren't necessarily all bad. (When it is just property that is lost.)

And now the real question. Is your insurance policy "Replacement value" or "Actual Cash Value"? That is one of the things I learned the hard way. For those who aren't in the middle of this, you want the former as it saves you huge headaches.

Note: I am Insured. So is Nate. (5)

Hemos (2) | about 15 years ago | (#1609099)

No one got hurt - and thank you for the kind words.

Open-source the rebuilding of your house (5)

dustpuppy (5260) | about 15 years ago | (#1609100)

Hey Hemos,

When you rebuild/redecorate your house, how about making it open-source. Sort of like the Kasporov vs. The World Chess match - but instead, The World redecorates Hemos' house!

Just think of the opportunities: Slashdot green walls in the computer room, DustPuppy themed vacuum cleaner cupboard ...

On a serious note, I hope nothing irreplacable like photos were lost.

Ow. (5)

Signal 11 (7608) | about 15 years ago | (#1609101)

Let me first appologize for all the stupid posts that are going to (and have been) be submitted. There's a good reason why stuff like this ought not to be submitted to slashdot - there's nothing to add to the conversation, and nothing useful will result from a half-million geeks knowing somebody's house burned down. I'm sure the inane e-mail you're going to receive will only add to the problem. :(

People, please leave the residents of the geek compound alone for awhile. half their house just burned down! And don't complain if in the next few days submissions get processed alittle slower.


Let's give him some space (5)

pjr (17799) | about 15 years ago | (#1609102)

Having experienced my house burning down, I find it suprising to read the remarkable calousness of some of these replies. I can say, confidently, that it altered the course of my life. In some ways, it was good, in others, simply tragic. By the age of 27 I'd built a library of some thousand books. Two thirds of them were lost, including a hand written journal covering about 5 years. My filing cabinet containing many, many documents that were, to me, priceless, gone. Keepsakes from my dead Grandfather. Furnature that I'd build by hand. Photo albums and personal drawings, all gone.
I suspect that most of the people replying here have not experienced a house fire, if they had, the tone of the responses would likely be very different.
Perhaps it wouldn't be too much to ask that people posting to this news take a minute to think over what their feelings would be if they lost their most cherished, most irreplacable keepsakes.
Take it from some one who's been there, fires build character, they steel you for the rest of your life.

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