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Halo 3 To Have 'Mute the Jerk' Button

Zonk posted more than 7 years ago | from the new-age-in-online-gaming dept.

First Person Shooters (Games) 260

Eurogamer is reporting on comments from the Bungie website. A feature for the upcoming Halo 3, that they've just announced, will be most welcomed by aging FPS players tired of hearing high-pitched squeals through their headsets. When playing an online match, players will be able to hit a button and then choose one of the gamertags playing the game. The result: a total mute on that player for the remainder of the game. They don't mention it on the site, but one would hope the Xbox Live servers are taking metrics on this activity, to be used in calculating the player's reputation. The more you mouth off, the worse you look to future players. Anyone have some other feature they think might make online gaming better?

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Just one more step (3, Insightful)

Shadow Wrought (586631) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985526)

Towards Bungie's domination. I wonder if trashtalkers will eventually leave after they know they're not being heard.

Re:Just one more step (5, Insightful)

Hittite Creosote (535397) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985654)

Not sure people will leave if they know they're not being heard. People still post as Anonymous Coward on Slashdot, don't they?

Re:Just one more step (5, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#17985828)

Who the f*** do you think you are ass wipe.

Re:Just one more step (1)

GweeDo (127172) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986072)

But an AC can still be heard here, if you mutt them, they are completely gone :)

Re:Just one more step (0, Offtopic)

trevor_hellman (572628) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986430)

Wow, I only need to save -$2.91 to get my Wii! So if I buy myself lunch everyday, then I'll have enough? Is that correct?

Re:Just one more step (5, Funny)

fo0bar (261207) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986676)

But an AC can still be heard here, if you mutt them, they are completely gone :)

Sounds like a philosophical question to me... "If a 12-year-old n00b plays halo and everyone has him muted, does he still complain about lag?"

Will problem players know? (5, Insightful)

Valdrax (32670) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985918)

I think it's a great idea, especially if the muted player gets a notification of the muting and if the status shows up on any lists of players on the server.

It would be a good deterrent if they knew that multiple players considered them not worth talking to. Even better if it sends them into an incoherent rage that results in more and more people muting them, if you ask me. Nothing quite like a wave of unpopularity to send an immature kid off sulking.

Re:Will problem players know? (1)

Hrodvitnir (101283) | more than 7 years ago | (#17987216)

To take it one step further, they could implement a threshold feature. Anyone with a significantly low reputation would automatically be muted.

Of course, to be a productive rehabilitation tool, rep points would have to be temporary.

Re:Just one more step (5, Insightful)

theStorminMormon (883615) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986486)

I don't know about obnoxious players leaving, but this seriously might make me start playing online again. The only thing worse than being fragged by a 12-year old who has nothing to do but get good at playing Halo is to have to listen to their pre-pubescent trash talk. That was the chief reason I quit playing Halo 2. You can stick me with a plasma, gut me with the sword, blast me with the shotgun, or hit me face-first with a rocket, but please just shut up with the trash talk!


Re:Just one more step (1)

Brian Gordon (987471) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986690)

Counter-Strike has had muting for ages, you can "start playing online" again right now. With no monthly fees, and you don't have to host your own games. --~~~~

Re:Just one more step (0, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#17987172)

This feature is at least 5 years old. You could ignore players voice chats and setup different channels in FREE ONLINE PLAY on PS2 since the original SOCOM.

The problem with the people that love halo is that they've never played the competition, so features like this are innovation instead of imitation.

Vote kick/ban (5, Insightful)

BlueCollarCamel (884092) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985542)

Vote kick/ban are always handy.

Is this really new? (1, Interesting)

hal2814 (725639) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985554)

I'm not a very active online gamer so please believe me when I tell you this question is genuine. Is this really a new feature? There's always the mute button on the TV/computer but I would think the ability to shut off voice contact with other players was already taken care of. Do other on-line games that allow voice contact offer this off button feature of is Halo breaking mainstream ground here? I don't know in practice how big a deal it is. I'm just surprised it's taken this long.

Re:Is this really new? (2, Informative)

Itchyeyes (908311) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985606)

You can always mute other players voices, but it usually means muting all other players. If there are games out there that allow you to mute specific players, they are few and far between.

Re:Is this really new? (1)

Amouth (879122) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985676)

i play Space Cowboy online [] .. and they have a reject list in the game - add someone an you will never hear them speak or any of their chatting.. it is quite usefull for the people that just don't leave you alone

Re:Is this really new? (1)

Banzai042 (948220) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985690)

As far as I know this is relatively new on consoles, but it's been in place for a while in games like Counterstrike and Battlefield. Still, it'll be nice not to have the 12-year old trash talker getting in the way of actually using voice chat for teamwork.

Re:Is this really new? (3, Informative)

RedNovember (887384) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985736)

With Halo 2, you have to go through a couple of menus to mute specific players. This ought to make it easier.

Re:Is this really new? (1)

jfinke (68409) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986622)

I can block everything coming from individuals in UT2004. I usually don't unless it gets really bad because I have to stop what I am doing and then block.

Re:Is this really new? (5, Insightful)

4105 (819650) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985640)

You can mute a player on x-box live today, but it is a tedious process. You have to break from gameplay to mute a individual. You really don't want to turn down the TV, it is nice to hear team mates.

Re:Is this really new? (0, Redundant)

Bret540 (794463) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985658)

Counterstrike has had this feature from as far back as when voice chat was implemented in the game - on a per player bases too.

Re:Is this really new? (1)

QuantumRiff (120817) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985782)

There is an option in CounterStrike: Source, and other Source mods that use use the HL2 engine. Of course, I have never, ever had it work. Not sure why. I would love for them to fix it, cause I can vote to kick\ban anoying users, but sometimes its a guy playing that thinks he is the leader, and is constantly talking into his mic telling us what to do, so we can't hear important things like where the enemy is...

Re:Is this really new? (1)

AltGrendel (175092) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985688)

You have to keep in mind that they are talking about a team play scenario. You're idea would mute everyone including your team and you could potentially loose out on important intel. This idea is supposed to reduce the noise side of the signal/noise ratio during the game.

Re:Is this really new? (5, Informative)

Freewill (538580) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985878)

Halo 2 always had the ability to mute a *specific* player while in gameplay... it's just that it took about 3-4 clicks and a scroll or two. It was a little cumbersome, esp. in the middle of gameplay. It goes more to the fact of how annoying some people are online that if it can be shaved down to just 2 clicks and 1 scroll, we're in great shape.

I'm pretty sure that beyond it being a quicker-access, the rest of it is the same: meaning when the person is muted, he is muted forever and ever in your personal account preferences. And only in gameplay... post and pre game, everyone can be heard. They may have changed that, but if so they haven't spelled it out.

Re:Is this really new? (-1, Troll)

crabpeople (720852) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986164)

These arent online games as much as CONSOLE online games. Vent and TS servers obviously have this feature. It is pretty elementary, as you state. I am also surprised in such a popular game as halo (including a sequel), this has not been done. One can only blame the ignorance of console players here for not requesting it. It's not surprising though, as anyone who is content to mouselook with a joystick is probably already comfortable with their UI being handicapped.

Oh thank God! (5, Funny)

Born2bwire (977760) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985566)

It's like manna from heaven!

Bout time (4, Interesting)

Itchyeyes (908311) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985568)

A feature like this is long overdue for dealing with the assholes who seemingly dominate Xbox Live.

Re:Bout time (5, Funny)

HTH NE1 (675604) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985692)

Too bad it doesn't address the problem where they're in the same room as you. I'd apply the ball-gag, but too often it's the host of the LAN party that's the problem.

Re:Bout time (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#17986706)

I'd apply the ball-gag, but

Allow me to suggest applying a ball-gag on St. Valentine's Day this year, she's sure to love it!

Re:Bout time (1)

Nerdfest (867930) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985856)

The XBox live idiot factor varies greatly with the game being played. Halo2 has a very high one, while GRAW is relatively low. Part of the reason for this is likely that GRAW is a 360 game, and Halo2 is not ...

Re:Bout time (5, Interesting)

Cancer_Cures (1000619) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986692)

I look forward to this feature in the new Halo. I used to play with a friend with a black reference in his name. People can say that online, color is indifferent, but it would really pain me when we would play together, and people would insult him racially over the headsets. People keep their mouths closed in person, but online people can criticize based on race in near-complete anonymity (sp). Halo showed me there are a lot of assholes out there, who love to attack race if they get the chance. Hell, they'll attack anything, but I'd always imagine race to be one topic gamers would leave untouched. People can say 'fuck you fag' after the kill, but it's different when you hear the barages of 'fuck you nigger' jarring from your television set. The best solution, I guess, it to get a new handle. Next solution is to block out the intolerable with this feature.

Gloassary: Squeaker (5, Funny)

nsanders (208050) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985570)

Re:Gloassary: Squeaker (1)

PingSpike (947548) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986468)

So true. I really like how he points out that they usually swear far past the point of absurdity to make up for it, because it always seems like they want to talk a ton of trash as well.

Totally useful. (3, Funny)

Surlyboi (96917) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985628)

Too bad it didn't come out in time for Halo 2. I spent the better part of two matches listening to some ass yelling "eat a dick" every time he scored a kill. And "Fuck you, fag" everytime he got killed. Although, the upside of that scenario was that his own teammates actually turned on him, he was so annoying.

Re:Totally useful. (1)

Thuktun (221615) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985882)

Also fun are the players that call anyone who kills them a "noob". The irony of that comment is always lost on them.

Why mute him??? (1)

advocate_one (662832) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985632)

just boot him... and block him from re-entering for 30 minutes... he might just get the hint...

Re:Why mute him??? (3, Informative)

Saige (53303) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985762)

Because, assuming Halo 3 does things the same way as Halo 2, it doesn't work like the same old PC FPS server. They threw all that decade-old stale stuff out the window.

When you play a game of Halo 2, you get your friends together in a group, if you desire, then you set it up to search for a game in a specific playlist - such as a 4 player Team Slayer (deathmatch) game. The system matches up your group against a group of other people, and then you play on a playlist-selected map with playlist-selected rules, such as a standard 50-kill deathmatch. After the game is over, you see results, then you go back and do it again. It makes sure you play against a variety of people and different game types. It uses the results to also give you a ranking, and matches you up against other people based on that ranking - you play people of your skill level.

It's about 100 times better than the standard PC server setup.

Re:Why mute him??? (2, Insightful)

14CharUsername (972311) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985994)

You can't ban annoying assholes, the system makes half the coices for you and its 100 times better? You have an interesting definition of "better".

Re:Why mute him??? (1)

jZnat (793348) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986174)

Well, in Halo 2, you can't have an admin who bans people he doesn't like or can't beat. No admin abuse, basically. Although, that does come at a price: to get an asshat banned, it takes more than a couple pissed off admins...

Re:Why mute him??? (1)

Lost Engineer (459920) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986224)

Ok I'll bite. Of course better is subjective, but not allowing people to get booted is essential if you're going to have ranked matches, at least in those matches. I don't recall with Halo 2 but with GoW you can boot ppl out of unranked matches.

Same thing about making choices. GoW and Tiger Woods '07 both allow you to pick whom you play with, just like on PC... for unranked matches. I guess we'll see how Halo 3 goes. I've heard Microsoft is putting its foot down and changing things.

Re:Why mute him??? (1)

Xzzy (111297) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986250)

For any kind of ranked game it's a massive improvement. Means you and your friends can always easily find a game to play. Want to do a team game but don't have a full team? Matchmaking solves that for you too.

H2 also supports private games, that only allow in the people you want, much like the standard server model.

It really is a most excellent system, giving the entire experience a much needed overhaul. You really have to try it out to "get" why it's such a good idea.

Re:Why mute him??? (1)

Thuktun (221615) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986128)

It's about 100 times better than the standard PC server setup.
...assuming you don't want to do something old-fashioned like kick and ban some annoyance or have a free-standing place you and your friends always come to.

Re:Why mute him??? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#17986356)

You've obviously never played on a server run by a real community, with admins that aren't jerks and friendly people.

If you only play people of your skill level how are you going to get better? Got to see people pulling off the advanced tactics to learn them.

This is the reason... (1, Insightful)

Enderandrew (866215) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985636)

...I don't have Live and don't care to have Live. I used to play Half Life and Counter Strike online quite a bit, and I loved having the headset at first. But I tired of it quickly. For the most part, I enjoy single player games, because then I know I'm the only asshole I have to contend with.

This is a step in the right direction.

XBL is perfect for a close-knit group of friends (2, Interesting)

necro2607 (771790) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986326)

The thing is, when you get on there with a group of friends you really enjoy playing the game with, trust me, it's the most fun multiplayer experience you could have online. It's about as close as you can get to actually having a bigass split-screen LAN with all your buddies [] , without actually being in the same room with them. Considering the group of people I play Halo 2 online with live all over North America (and UK), we've only been able to get together once a year or so (usually for E3), but playing online on Xbox Live is the next-closest alternative.

Honestly the yearly fee for an Xbox Live "Gold" account is 100% worth it simply for the purpose of being able to play Halo 2 and other XBL games online with these friends of mine.

When you're on a team with the most kickass teammates, it doesn't matter how rude/disrespectful/immature the opponent players are - not only can they be muted easily, it just doesn't matter because we can all just laugh and keep having a lot of fun knowing we had a great time (usually winning, too) while the other guys are just wasting their time screwing around.

Re:XBL is perfect for a close-knit group of friend (1)

Enderandrew (866215) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986504)

I hate to quibble, but I have played an 8-player system link game of Halo with buddies, and it wasn't earth shattering. I'm one of the few that finds Halo grossly overrated.

Maybe I'd get into Madden, or NCAA online, or maybe GRAW. But people keep telling me that Halo online is the Holy Grail of gaming experiences. I'm guessing that they haven't played a whole lot of PC FPS games online before.

Re:XBL is perfect for a close-knit group of friend (1)

Crazy Man on Fire (153457) | more than 7 years ago | (#17987242)

Agreed. I've had many times the fun playing Quake I, II, and III than I've ever had playing Halo. I just don't get why people like it so much.

Not far enough (1)

CrazyJim1 (809850) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985672)

Why only mute for the rest of the game when you could mute them forever on the account. I wouldn't mind muting people if I got a nice long list of people who I never have to hear from again.

Re:Not far enough (1)

Nerdfest (867930) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985808)

I think this feature already exists for Halo2, but it's not easily available in-game. Check to be sure, but I'm fairly certain it already exists.

Re:Not far enough (1)

necro2607 (771790) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986376)

Yes, the feature to mute a player in Halo 2 *does* exist, and it *is* easily available in-game. Press start while in a game. Press Y to get the player list. Choose one of the players. Press A , scroll to "mute" and... mute the player! Hey, I do it all the time... ;)

What's next? (0, Troll)

MilkmanDan (30978) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985682)

Now if they'd just put in a rewind / "I want the last 10 minutes of my life back" button for those all-too-frequent situations where all of the other players are whiny, adolescent idiots...

Re:What's next? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#17986116)

Now if they'd just put in a rewind / "I want the last 10 minutes of my life back" button for those all-too-frequent situations where all of the other players are whiny, adolescent idiots...

That would be the power button.

Natural progression (1)

DarthChris (960471) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985684)

Steam-based games such as Counter-Strike have the option of muting in-game voice. Doing it on a player-by-player basis seems a natural progression of this. In fact from the first moment I heard someone yell down a microphone mid-game I have wanted this kind of feature.

huh? (1)

minus_273 (174041) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985700)

as a ps2 and gamecube owner, WTF does "aging FPS players tired of hearing high-pitched squeals through their headsets" mean?

are we talking about not wanting girls on xbox live?

Re:huh? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#17985960)

Its more or less 5 year old foul mouthed brats, than girls.

Re:huh? (2, Insightful)

teh_chrizzle (963897) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986798)

i talked the the one girl on live a few weeks ago... turns out she's actually a dude.

As far as Halo multiplayer goes... (3, Insightful)

space tyrant xenu (996203) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985720)

...the single most useful step Bungie can take to make multiplayer more fun, more fair, and less frustrating would be to simply host the matches on Xbox Live rather than the users themselves hosting the matches. This would eliminate a lot of the cheating that goes on, like standby-ing, lagging people out of matches, as well as balancing the competition--probably anyone who plays a significant amount in matchmaking in Halo 2 knows about the edge that goes to whoever is serving the match on their system. Just having MS handle the match serving would make a tremendous difference.

Re:As far as Halo multiplayer goes... (1)

Zero_DgZ (1047348) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986488)

So when Halo 2/3 is no longer the Hot New Thing and MS can decide to "discontinue support" for multiplayer hosting, therefore forcing you to buy the next Halo on the next system...?

Bad enough that there is no true peer-to-peer connectivity for current game consoles, Xbox/360 included, so that the manufacturers can just pull the multiplayer plug whenever they want you to upgrade. Don't give them any ideas for excuses to do it early.

I already have this capability... (2, Informative)

scuba_steve_1 (849912) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985722)

...with Ventrilo (

My gaming group does not use the built-in chat functions for any of the games that we host. Instead, we use Ventrilo. This approach allows us much finer grained control over chat functions, including the ability to establish multiple channels, G- and R-rated channels, and password-protected channels. Our RCONs also have the ability to ban someone from the voice chat channels without banning them from the game (AND the ban applies to all supported games).

Non-admin players also enjoy a much richer array of configuration options, including fine-grained control over input and output audio settings...and, yes, the ability to mute a player. One can also download the "voice overlay" shareware program so that they can monitor who is speaking without leaving the game. I'm sure that Teamspeak (another popular PC-based chat client) has similar functions.

I suppose the in-game chat option is the path of least resistance and requires the least setup for a new player, but taking the time to adopt and configure one of the external programs is usually worth the effort. Of course, this advice applies to PC-based gaming only (as opposed to consoles).

Got to give Bungie credit for the effort though.

Re:I already have this capability... (1)

scuba_steve_1 (849912) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985962)

Well...I should have Googled first. Looks like Halo 3 may be exclusively for a I apologize for offering advice that does not apply to the specific game being discussed That said, the discussion above may still be useful for cavemen like me who still prefer PC-based gaming. Feel free to mute me now.

what fun is that (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#17985752)

oh come on, screaming 12 year olds are annoying but what fun is a FPS online when you have to be polite. "Oh dear, you sniped me. Jolly good shot." Hmmm....nah ah, I don't see myself doing that. People shouldn't take it personally when when I say "What's up now, bitch!" and if they mute me for it, they're too sensitive.

Re:what fun is that (2, Informative)

Valdrax (32670) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986182)

Actually, I'm one of those people that prefers competitive games to be more appreciative of the other person's skill than taunting over their lack thereof. You'd be exactly the kind of person that I'd enjoy the ability to mute. Life's too short to play with people that irritate you.

Don't like that? Deal with it.

Weak (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#17985778)

Quake 3 had this 7 years ago, albeit for text only. You could boot the jerk too! Welcome to 1999 Bungie.

I dunno (1)

gEvil (beta) (945888) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985788)

I dunno about this. I always had more fun playing "Jerk the Mute."

I don't know what this is... (3, Funny)

varmint jerky (810306) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985794)

but I wish my life could have one.

Re:I don't know what this is... (3, Funny)

Whyte Panther (868438) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986922)

I was going to correct you to say wife instead of life, but then I realized that this is Slashdot.

Other needed buttons (4, Interesting)

CastrTroy (595695) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985800)

We used to joke that there should be a skip-the-shit button on most of the games. There's a lot of games where they make you sit through videos or storyline that doesn't really have anything to do with the game. A lot of time they are just trying to push a story into a game that doesn't really need a story, or the story is so bad, that nobody wants to listen.

Re:Other needed buttons (1)

aardwolf64 (160070) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986178)

Zelda: Twighlight Princess does this. Hit the minus button on the Wii remote once, and the option to skip appears at the top of the screen. Hit it again, and it skips everything. This only works when they aren't using the cutscene to load the next scene from the disc...

Re:Other needed buttons (1)

CelticWhisper (601755) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986342)

On a related note, can we also have one for the 10,000,000 corporate logos that appear before every game now? Has anyone else noticed that while in the old (Genesis/SNES/Playstation 1) days pressing Select or Start would easily skip them, they're becoming less and less "Startable?"

Seriously, I do not CARE that a game was "Produced by or under license" from so-and-so corporation. I don't CARE that it includes "MPEG Sofdec" technology. Game booting used to be a 5-second affair, tops. "Nintendo" screen, title screen, press A/Start, and start playing. Now we're lucky if we get to some kind of selectable option inside 30 seconds. Of course, once that's finally done and over with, we have the problem you mentioned. Boring, drawn-out, badly-voiced snore-fests of "storyline" that are so frequently cliche-ridden and forced in that half the time I can't take the game seriously anymore.

What's worse, though, is the fact that the damn logos can't be skipped. At least the story scenes can be skipped by some combination or another of buttons (usually), but if you absolutely HAVE to credit every last programmer, manager, consulting firm, decoding library, function call, line of source code, variable, and the letter J that went into your game, do us one bit of common decency and make the logos skippable. Please? It's getting as bad as UOPed ads on DVDs.

Re:Other needed buttons (1)

CastrTroy (595695) | more than 7 years ago | (#17987132)

I now recall we used to want this for sports games. After hitting your 700th homerun, watching the homerun sequence becomes pretty boring, it would be nice if you could just skip it and get on with the game.

Re:Other needed buttons (1)

JebusIsLord (566856) | more than 7 years ago | (#17987176)

I remember thinking the different logos were cool when I got my PSX back in '96... but yeah they're a little tiring now.

I think at least some of the unskippable ones though are actually just to mask the loading happening in the background.

yes (5, Funny)

lordmoose (696738) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985806)

It's much better than "Jerk the Mute"

Halo Franchise Has Become A Joke (-1)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#17985812)

The game looks like a fucking Xbox game.

There are no dedicated servers like Sony has for games like Resistance(which handles 40 players with no lag ever or frame rate drops).

The game can only handle 16 players max.

The feedback from the people testing the game are not good in regards to the gameplay/weapon changes.

Microsoft is under increasing pressure to drop the 50 dollar a year charge for online play. With such a shockingly weak effort with their own first party online title I don't see how they can continue to justify charging people. If Microsoft wants 50 dollars a year they sure as hell better have a better setup than Sony has with Resistance.

40 player lagfree dedicated servers matches - at the very least!

Re:Halo Franchise Has Become A Joke (1)

EGSonikku (519478) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986238)

1) I assume you refer to the leaked *ALPHA* shots, so it's irrelevant.

2) Relevant how? Dedicated or not, i've never had a problem playing any 360 title on Xbox Live.

3) Have you played Halo / Halo 2? With 8 players a decent average lifespan is 2 minutes. 8 players is plenty chaotic enough, and if the game is designed around those numbers and it's fun who cares? It's an FPS, not an RTS, I don't need or want 100 people running around. 16 players on Halo 3 should be more than fine.

4) What feedback? Cite please.

5) You get what you pay for. The only people I hear complaining about the cost of Xbox Live are the people who don't have it. Those that do are quite happy.

Sony's online service is, to be blunt, shiat. Each games does its own thing, there is no integration to speak of, and there are no standards. Yes, it IS free. So is PSP and (most) PS2 online games. So is Wii and DS. The problem is they all suck badly online beyond the bare minimum basics.

I also own all of the systems i've just trash talked, including the PS3. Do you?

Re:Halo Franchise Has Become A Joke (1)

caeried (674478) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986574)

This is not news. Resistance Fall of Man for the PS3 already has this feature, and I'm SURE that there is prior art to that on different systems.

Implementation details. (1)

tfinniga (555989) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985842)

I think the value of this feature will be in how it's implemented. For example, when you hit the button, sort the players by the number of bans that they have gotten in the current round, and then by who has been the loudest over the last minute, or something like that.

Mute? (1)

gridsleep (230884) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985852)

In military radio lingo, it would be "squelch the jerk."

There's always some jackass... (4, Insightful)

mazarin5 (309432) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985894)

They don't mention it on the site, but one would hope the Xbox Live servers are taking metrics on this activity, to be used in calculating the player's reputation. The more you mouth off, the worse you look to future players.

Sounds all well and good, until some jackass decides to start muting everybody else just for the fun of bringing their points down.

Ya know... (1)

Lithdren (605362) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985926)

The fact that developers dont consider allowing such a thing from the beginning, shock me. I suspect these people dont play games like this with the general populus.

I remember when voice was introduced to CS. It took forever to be able to mute specific players in a match. Why, i'll never understand. When I first HEARD they were going to offer it, I remember thinking "oh god..please let there be a mute option."

This feature is already there for every Xbox 360 (5, Informative)

RobotSimp (931017) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985930)

This is really nothing new, the function already exists in every 360 console. It just looks like Halo 3 will just be making it easier to access. If the game allows you to hilight the player and bring up their profile, there will be a mute option on the list. Choose that, and you are done with all of the annoyances. If you cannot pull up the player gamer profile from the game itsself: simply hit the "X" button on the center of the controller, bring up the recent players list, find the a-hole player and select their profile,then choose mute This has come in handy many nights with some of the trash talkers in Gears of War

Re:This feature is already there for every Xbox 36 (1)

Stalin (13415) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986030)

Thank you!

If I had any mod points I would mod your post up as informative. I just got a 360 a couple of weeks ago. I was playing Dead or Alive 4 with a friend Saturday night. We had two open slots for public players. One of the guys that joined was driving me batty and I was wishing I could mute him. I didn't know it was possible to do so. I think you have just saved my sanity in future games.

It'd be nice... (4, Funny)

Rix (54095) | more than 7 years ago | (#17985948)

If you could just automatically mute anyone not old enough to drink.

Re:It'd be nice... (1)

karnal (22275) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986456)

Bad part is is that the older they get, they still trash talk.

I am part of a clan in ut2k4 and it impresses me how much people spout shit about others in teamspeak and on the console. I guess some people like being "competitive" like that. Personally, I have no need for it.

Re:It'd be nice... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#17986484)

...or those who ARE drinking...

Re:It'd be nice... (1)

Hrodvitnir (101283) | more than 7 years ago | (#17987146)

Thats easy. You can get the same effect by just not using headphones.

While this may seem good... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#17986002)

If it ever does have an effect on your stats, theres a 100 percent guarantee it will be misused. Get enough people on the server who are working together, and go to town ruining people's stats.

oh (1)

blindbat (189141) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986166)

Just like counterstrike

Nothing new (1)

kefoo (254567) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986220)

Day of Defeat: Source allows muting individual players. The original DoD did as well, but it didn't work, so this is nothing new.

I'd like to see automatic punishment for problem players become standard. There are plugins for some games to slay people who shoot teammates in spawn, kick habitual team killers, mirror damage, and so on, but it's up to each server admin to install them and most don't do so. I'd especially love to be able to shoot teammates who block my line of fire while insulting me and screaming at me to give them the sniper class without it being counted as a team kill, but I doubt that's very practical.

All that being said, vigilant admins are usually enough to keep a server relatively free of griefers. A policy of banning problem players reported by trusted regulars seems to do the trick.

Re:Nothing new (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#17986900)

Autopunish can be abused too. In BF2 people jump in front of your vehicle, or go over your mines so you get punished. And, TK just turns to TW (wound) - you need a human admin or votekick. Oh yeah, and in CS - step in front to get yourself TKed, wait until almost the end of the round, then use the 'slay' punishment on a good player.

Re:Nothing new (1)

labnet (457441) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986982)

Can one access this mute from the player side? (I know of the server side mute)

Blame griefers, not age (5, Insightful)

Jtheletter (686279) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986294)

"A feature for the upcoming Halo 3, that they've just announced, will be most welcomed by aging FPS players tired of hearing high-pitched squeals through their headsets."

OK, so there may be some correlation between older players wanting more strategy-oriented comms, and younger players getting out of hand verbally, but it is by no means a "hey you kids, get off my lawn" issue! Please, at any age if there's someone on your team just swearing constantly, belittling other players, screaming, singing, or my personal un-favorite - putting the mic next to their stereo - it is distracting and annoying to others. You don't have to be old to hate idiots yelling into their mics, and you don't have to be young to act like a trash-talking jerk.

Then there are the folks who say they do it "cuz you other people take this game way too seriously man!". Except that there's plenty of us who don't take the game to seriously, it's just that when we signed on to play that was what we expected would occur, not some crapfest of screaming idiots who can't be bothered to actually play the game. If we're talking it too seriously by wanting to enjoy a couple matches then these griefers are taking the game way too UN-seriously by thinking that any behavior at all is acceptible by virtue of just showing up.

I think this is a long overdue enhancement to the system, right now you can mute these jerks but it's a bit unwieldy and can take too long when you're actually trying to concentrate on play. I'd also like to see them add a feedback options for people who quit early - or at least internal tracking that affects game matching queues accordingly. While I understand that every now and again some of us have to quit mid-match, there are lots of people that abuse it by quitting when the other team scores once, or they don't like the map, or the gametype, or.... etc. If someone starts ranking up a statistically significant number of "left game early" feedbacks they should have an automatic wait penalty added to any game queue, and make it big and obvious so they know why they're being sanctioned in such a way. Just my $0.02 as a frustrated weekend gamer.

Better solution - play with friends (1)

LS1 Brains (1054672) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986462)

This is exactly why there's a site called ... Nothing better than a bunch of (potentially) liquored up gaming junkies with guns and headsets. Its so much more enjoyable to play with more mature gamers who are interested in the same thing. Sometimes that is objective-based, sometimes that is laugh-based. Either way you walk away from the experience with a smile on your face, instead of wanting to shoot the little retards for real. For anyone 25+ years old, its well worth the time to join up and add some good folks to your friends list.

Griefing tool? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#17986510)

If getting muted by another player will hurt your rep, how many griefers will start the game by automatically just muting everyone they are play against?

How will Bungie prevent people from being retaliated against by such players?

Already a feature. (0, Redundant)

Trojan35 (910785) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986536)

You can already mute any individual player on any Xbox Live game while still hearing/speaking with all others.

How about a 'Mute the Neighbor Button' (3, Interesting)

SomeoneGotMyNick (200685) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986580)

It's not Halo 3, but it's just as annoying.

My neighbor (I live in a duplex) can be heard loud and clear while playing Call of Duty. He must get fragged a lot because what comes through the wall is:

"You F****** jerk, f****** gay, f****** f***, f****** bastard, F***, I shot you f****** first, f****** d***" .....and I'm not exaggerating. My kids are now picking up on the language and we've addressed the issue with him many times. I have some recorded clips of him (picked up from the living room) on poor quality consumer equipment as evidence. Then there's the rumble and explosions coming from the surround sound equipment he bolted to the basement rafters. Rafters which happen to connect through to my basement rafters (i.e. living room floor). My recording equipment can't pick those sounds up all that well, but it's loud to humans and there's enough gunfire and explosions to give me Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and I've never been on the front line before. As soon as I get enough suitable recording, I'm calling the police over one last time before I file a civil complaint.

This isn't a kid or anything playing the game. It's the 45 year old head of household acting this way.

Some sort of dynamic mute (1)

sokoban (142301) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986614)

One thing that really gets me is when people even unintentionally "mic bomb" you. You know, feedback, having a microphone turned up too loud, all that stuff. I wish that the server could detect when a sound coming in was way too loud and just clip it automatically. Anything more than say +5 or +10 db muted at the server. That shit sucks and is usually painful.

Here are some ideas for Halo 2: (1)

DynamoJoe (879038) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986684)

Kick the high-rated players out of Rumble Training. Nothing quite like getting cut up by a 34 who is still "training". If they have to be there, handicap 'em somehow.

Highest-rank players should never have host. Best skills + no lag = waste of everyone else's time.

Remove the lunge from melee, or at least don't allow sword-whores that aren't connected with the ground to change direction and lunge another fifteen feet just because their reticule went red.

That said, adding a second to the sword-draw makes sense, too. Someone can be airborne, take a shot, switch to the sword, lunge, and get the kill before touching the ground again.

what? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#17986842)

I'm a PC FPS player, I always knew that console FPSs were a bit behind mute? and this is the most popular game for the xbox? thank god I didn't get it!

Tie ignores to game ejection (1)

GuyverDH (232921) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986916)

Once x number of people ignore you (percentage of total in game at time), you get ejected - and barred from re-entry while the percentage of those that ignored you remain in game.

Mute players? (1)

DogDude (805747) | more than 7 years ago | (#17986948)

Could somebody explain this? Do people physically speak to each other online, while playing games online? If so, why? (Every time I attempt an online game, I invariably end up running into hordes of pre-teens, so I don't play any online games).

Why is this such big news? (1)

linvir (970218) | more than 7 years ago | (#17987094)

This is all over the big news sites. Why? IRC has had /ignore and Usenet has had the kill file since the dawn of time. The ability to ignore stuff you don't like is hardly a big new addition to the internet.

At most this is a UI revision to a videogame sequel.

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