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Apple Delays Leopard to October

Zonk posted about 7 years ago | from the sad-panda-err-leopard dept.

OS X 545

SuperMog2002 writes "Apple Insider has the sad news that Mac OS X Leopard has been delayed until October. Apparantly software engineers and QA had to be reassigned to the iPhone in order to get it out on time, costing Leopard its release at WWDC. For now the original press release from Apple can be found on the 'Hot News' part of their site, though Apple did not provide a permanent link to the story. 'While Leopard's features will be complete by June, the Cupertino-based company said it cannot deliver the quality release expected by its customers within that time. Apple now plans to show its developers a near final version of Leopard at the conference, give them a beta copy to take home so they can do their final testing, and ship the software in October.'"

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Anonymous Coward 1 minute ago

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October? (5, Funny)

WrongSizeGlass (838941) | about 7 years ago | (#18710493)

I guess I'll be dressing up as a Leopard for Halloween this year. I sure hop Flanders it's handing out toothbrushes again.

warning: The above content may test positive for sarcasm and/or could be a failed attempt at humor and as such should be taken with a pound of salt.

Re:October? (2, Insightful)

Anonymous Coward | about 7 years ago | (#18710537)

Yep. Two and a half years after Tiger was released. Anyone remember when Apple was putting out a major release every year?

Personally, I wouldn't give up one millisecond of developer time from Leopard to iPhone, but that's because I preferred Apple when it was a computer company, not a "consumer electronic lifestyle" company.

Windows fan reaction (5, Funny)

Overly Critical Guy (663429) | about 7 years ago | (#18711001)

Windows fans everywhere, admiring the pretty Macs in the window: "If only our biggest complaint was having to wait two and a half years instead of just two years for a new OS release."

Damn (5, Funny)

inKubus (199753) | about 7 years ago | (#18710503)

I was just bragging to the office MS pundit that Leopard would be out soon. Then I get Vista'd (tm) by APPLE.

Vista'd- to be up a creek without a paddle

Re:Damn (2, Insightful)

OrangeTide (124937) | about 7 years ago | (#18710827)

If you're up a creek you should be able to drift down a creek. but if you're down a creek you'd have to paddle to go up stream.

Shouldn't it be more like:
going upstream without a paddle?

I often wondered if these sayings are correct, if they were corrupted somehow or if just the definitions of things changed over time.

Re:Damn (1)

AvitarX (172628) | about 7 years ago | (#18711179)

I think the idea is that you are going down (shit) creek without any control if you don't have a paddle.

If I was on shit creek with no paddle I would certainly prefer to be at the bottom of it and not the top.

Re:Damn (0, Flamebait)

KrazeeEyezKilla (955150) | about 7 years ago | (#18710921)

Less than 6 months after I finally "make the switch" to a Mac I have encountered a destroyed hard drive on a nearly new Mac Book Pro as well as a destroyed ipod. looks like I waited a little too long to switch since apple now only cares about disposable hardware

Not delayed, same time as always (4, Funny)

Rosyna (80334) | about 7 years ago | (#18710519)

Saying it was delayed it slightly inaccurate [unsanity.org] since Apple has been saying Spring '07.

Re:Not delayed, same time as always (2, Funny)

SuperMog2002 (702837) | about 7 years ago | (#18710549)

October's in spring?

Re:Not delayed, same time as always (5, Funny)

sokoban (142301) | about 7 years ago | (#18710585)

Seasons are opposite in the southern hemisphere.

Re:Not delayed, same time as always (1)

WrongSizeGlass (838941) | about 7 years ago | (#18710743)

If we're dealing with opposites then maybe Apple will not be releasing Leopard in October. ;-)

warning: The above content may test positive for sarcasm and/or could be a failed attempt at humor and as such should be taken with a pound of salt.

Re:Not delayed, same time as always (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 7 years ago | (#18710817)

You must be one of our friends to the south of the equator...

What's that huge sigh of relief ... (1)

timholman (71886) | about 7 years ago | (#18710539)

...that I hear coming from the direction of Redmond?

Looks like Vista will have a few more months to get its act together.

Re:What's that huge sigh of relief ... (5, Funny)

bky1701 (979071) | about 7 years ago | (#18710935)

What's that huge sigh of relief that I hear coming from the direction of Redmond?

Bill Gates had beans today. Nothing for you to see here, move along.

It is nice to see... (0, Troll)

zoftie (195518) | about 7 years ago | (#18710553)

Apple making effort and does show that they are frank that they cannot deliver half baked product, on release day. So they push it back, they don't release some half baked product even though it isn't really the flagship of the company. There many people who like os x but windows is still everywhere. Still I think people don't mind wating for quality product.

Re:It is nice to see... (1)

coren2000 (788204) | about 7 years ago | (#18710663)

Ya, commitment to quality is good.... however I want a new comp when I go back to school, and school starts in September:(

Re:It is nice to see... (1)

zoftie (195518) | about 7 years ago | (#18710767)

you can always warez it off the friends, or talk to guy at the store in september, to throw in free upgrade with laptop purchase, they are pretty expensive.

Re:It is nice to see... (1)

Petra_von_Kant (825352) | about 7 years ago | (#18711115)

Hi, I'm unsure of how this delay will stop you from buying the new computer. As far as I know, Apple will still be shipping computers in September. Or are things different up there in the northern hemisphere? I realise we are up to 16hrs in front of you (daylight savings dependant), but I suspect that wouldn't be a deal breaker.

"You've got a chart filling a whole wall with interlocking pathways
and reactions to shock and the researcher says "If I can just control
this one molecule/enzyme/compound I'll stop the whole negative
physiologic cascade of post haemorrhagic shock." Yeah, right."

Re:It is nice to see... (1)

coren2000 (788204) | about 7 years ago | (#18711239)

Well I could... but I feel silly paying $300 for an OS I know will be out of date in a month.

Re:It is nice to see... (4, Interesting)

rilister (316428) | about 7 years ago | (#18711005)

hmmm. remember OSX 10.0? Quoth Wiki:

"The initial version was slow, not feature complete, and had very few applications available at the time of its launch, mostly from independent developers. Many critics suggested that while the OS was not ready for mainstream adoption, they recognized the importance of its initial launch as a base on which to improve."
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSX [wikipedia.org]

I also seem to remember a total absence of a DVD player...

phuck (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 7 years ago | (#18710555)

Aaaaaarrrrggghhhh! I was really looking forward to it.

Re:phuck (5, Funny)

Paradise Pete (33184) | about 7 years ago | (#18710861)

Aaaaaarrrrggghhhh! I was really looking forward to it.

Why so glum? Now you can look forward to it even longer.

Welcome To The New Apple (-1, Flamebait)

Anonymous Coward | about 7 years ago | (#18710561)

1. Piss off IBM so much they dump Apple as a customer and force Apple to run to PASemi, AMD, and then finally Intel

2. Take 'Computers' out of the company name

3. Start slowing OS development, but accelerate development and resources on the iPod/digital media side of the company

4. Delay a major OS release for the sake of a digital media device, the iPhone

One might think that Apple doesn't really see a big future in the overpriced botique x86 computer with pretty cases that run a niche OS market...

Uhhh, right, compared to the new microsoft... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 7 years ago | (#18710625)

or may i say even linux?

I think apple OS development comes along quicker than either. Or at least it seems like it to me, and I am a linux/pc user. From what i heard of Vista, microsoft just reinvented the apple like interface, and dropped any other feature that would even bare mentioning reguarding a new "operating system". (such as their new filesystem).

All the QA folks! (0, Insightful)

Anonymous Coward | about 7 years ago | (#18710565)

This means that the iPhone won't suck!

Phew! I was worried after all the hype.

Mod Me down, but I have something to say: (3, Insightful)

JimXugle (921609) | about 7 years ago | (#18710567)

Screw the iPhone... I'd rather have updated Macs and a shiny new OS.

Less pieces of shit, more big cats!

Re:Mod Me down, but I have something to say: (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 7 years ago | (#18710793)

admit it, you're just tired of feeling ripped off

Re:Mod Me down, but I have something to say: (-1, Troll)

QuantumG (50515) | about 7 years ago | (#18710815)

Less pieces of shit, more big cats!

The operating system named after pussies that runs on computers used prodominately by men who love cock.

Re:Mod Me down, but I have something to say: (3, Funny)

winkydink (650484) | about 7 years ago | (#18710893)

The operating system named after pussies that runs on computers used prodominately by men who love cock.

Well, I have to admit, my cock has grown on me over time.

Re:Mod Me down, but I have something to say: (1, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | about 7 years ago | (#18711165)

Well, I have to admit, my cock has grown on me over time.

It used to be smaller than that?

Re:Mod Me down, but I have something to say: (4, Informative)

serviscope_minor (664417) | about 7 years ago | (#18711249)

Quoting the above post:

> > The operating system named after pussies that runs on computers used prodominately by men who love cock.
> Well, I have to admit, my cock has grown on me over time.

Seriously, who the hell modded that informative?!

Re:Mod Me down, but I have something to say: (2, Interesting)

Overly Critical Guy (663429) | about 7 years ago | (#18710895)

That was my initial reaction, but then I remembered that awesome keynote and was reminded of how damn useful the iPhone would be to me. Let's face it, the iPhone will be the hot device of 2007 along with the Wii, and it will sell millions more than Leopard will.

Steve Jobs will be demoing a "feature complete" Leapard at WWDC, so we'll know what we're getting and finally get to see the "top secret features." Already, the new dev build that was released today has abolished all brushed metal--every app looks like iTunes 7, even Mail. I don't mind a few months of polish to get everything right. Lord knows Vista could have used it.

And before the Windows trolls come out of the woodwork to defend the flop that is Vista, a four month delay is a major difference from a four year delay. And Apple is actually releasing successful products in the meantime. :) The iPhone is going to dominate this summer, so may as well give Leopard the fall.

Re:Mod Me down, but I have something to say: (3, Insightful)

anaesthetica (596507) | about 7 years ago | (#18711141)

You'd rather have a new OS. But Apple Inc? They're making money hand-over-foot with their "pieces of shit" iPods. A huge amount of revenue. If they can add another huge stream of revenue with their iPhones they'll have expanded their market reach once again. A new OS isn't an expanding market, it doesn't bring in millions of new Apple users. Sure, it's a revenue shot in the arm, as people upgrade and buy new computers. But it's not a real expansion of Apple's business. iPhone = real growth. I'm willing to wait for Leopard to be ready.

Sounds a lot like Vista (1)

orlinius (181137) | about 7 years ago | (#18710607)

I hate that Apple announces the same kind of delays Microsoft had with Vista.

I hope the iPhone is really worth it.

Maybe next time they can hire/train more developers; Apple sure can afford them financially.

Re:Sounds a lot like Vista (5, Interesting)

largesnike (762544) | about 7 years ago | (#18710837)

The thing I've found about development is that you can't just throw more at a product. This is Microsoft's problem. They have hundreds and hundreds of developers. Every 5 developers needs a team leader, every couple of team leaders need analysts and project managers, project managers need to have meetings to discuss release schedules, then there's compatability concerns and merging issues. The whole thing becomes an incredibly hard-to-steer buraucracy, where five or six dedicated developers would have sufficed.

Companies can only really focus on a few products, regardless of size, you just can't be everything to everybody, because the friction of beuracracy will just slow to standstill.

I think Apple are right to stagger development like this, it shows patience, understanding and maturity.

Re:Sounds a lot like Vista (4, Insightful)

rizzo320 (911761) | about 7 years ago | (#18711161)

I hate that Apple announces the same kind of delays Microsoft had with Vista.

Same kind??? Your math is a little off. 4 months (Leopard) does not equal 3 years (Vista). :-)

Leopard Delay - no big deal for most users (4, Insightful)

wnknisely (51017) | about 7 years ago | (#18710609)

Leopard's delay isn't that big a deal for most of Apple's regular users. Tiger works well enough. There isn't all that much in Leopard that I'm really looking forward to having.

I can wait comfortably for another quarter if it means that Leopard will be released as a better operating system than was Tiger when it was released initially.

The bigger concern would seem to me to be the developers who've pegged their next release on feature that are Leopard only. They're going to lose out on four months worth of income. Hopefully the new features in Leopard, especially the under-the-hood suff makes developing so much easier that it's going to be worth it for them.

In the meantime, I'll download a nightly of webkit (safari is the only real annoyance I have on my Mac) and get on with my work.

Re:Leopard Delay - no big deal for most users (5, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | about 7 years ago | (#18710701)

Reminds me of when my boss starts yelling at me for missing a deadline and I let them know it's no big deal because what I was working on really sucked...

Debian is known for their quick release schedule (0, Troll)

Propaganda13 (312548) | about 7 years ago | (#18710945)

Apple OSX - 1999 and still on point releases
MS Windows - 2001 for XP, now on Vista
Debian - 2002 for 3.0, now on 4.0

Re:Leopard Delay - no big deal for most users (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 7 years ago | (#18711169)

There aren't many major features missing in Tiger, but there are a lot of little things that Apple should just release as OS updates but saves to put in the new release. Things like A2DP and Java 1.6 (release, not beta) would be great to see before October.

Bugs me (4, Interesting)

pavon (30274) | about 7 years ago | (#18711245)

Tiger works well enough. There isn't all that much in Leopard that I'm really looking forward to having.
See I'm the opposite. I passed on Tiger because it all seemed fairly ho-hum to me. I didn't really care about Spotlight, Dashboard or Automator, and while the new developer API's looked cool, I realized that between school and work I wouldn't have much time to play with them.

On the otherhand Leopard has had me excited. I have been wanting virtual desktops on OS X since it came out, the the third party implementations have all be lacking, so I am very excited about Spaces. I am also quite interested in Time Machine as I have never seen a backup system easy enough for my parents to use, and have never seen any backup system that makes it as slick and easy to find the correct revision of a backed up documents.

In addition, several of the apps I use are getting outdated as the developers no longer support Panther (including some Apple ones). And to top it all off, I'd like to get a new machine and was naturally waiting for Leopard to come out so I don't have to pay another $150 dollars in 6 months. So the delay is somewhat of a big deal to me. That said I would much rather have stable software than an early release date. That goes for anyone, not just Apple.

Perhaps its worth the wait (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 7 years ago | (#18710617)

IMHO I'd rather wait for a software release to meet an organizations quality standards versus a sales or stockholders driven timeline. With this experience of having developers exposed to both the Lepoard and iPhone OS, hopefully future customers may experience well tested interfaces or communication between the two products later in October.

New Finder... (2, Informative)

goodcow (654816) | about 7 years ago | (#18710619)

They'd better use this delay to implement a new Finder given how absolutely terrible the current one is.

Re:New Finder... (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | about 7 years ago | (#18710671)

start talking, buckwheat...

Re:New Finder... (1, Informative)

Anonymous Coward | about 7 years ago | (#18710845)

You need to read the info on Leopard. The finder is a complete rework and should be one of the bigger improvements. Thet've even implemented across network support, Just depressing it got pushed back. I was waiting for it to install XP on my Mac but now I may have to go Bootcamp. Upgrades aren't as scary in the Mac world. Late last night my main PC got trashed when I did a video driver upgrade. It's taken me all day to get it partially functional and I still don't have the network running. That's from a bloody video driver. Makes me love the Mac all the more. You don't have to say a prayer and drink a fifth of whiskey everytime you do an upgrade.

Re:New Finder... (1)

kramulous (977841) | about 7 years ago | (#18710953)

Sorry, I'm new to mac .... what is so crummy about the Finder in Tiger? I've had some difficulties using it, but always penned it as user error. What was good about previous implementations?

Re:New Finder... (5, Informative)

Blakey Rat (99501) | about 7 years ago | (#18711153)

Sorry, I'm new to mac .... what is so crummy about the Finder in Tiger? I've had some difficulties using it, but always penned it as user error. What was good about previous implementations?

It has terrible usability design, with two "modes" (a Windows-esque 'browser' mode, and a Mac Classic 'spatial' mode), neither of which work correctly. The Spotlight UI, in particular, is almost criminally complex and quirky... a Linux/Windows user might not notice it, but to a Mac Classic user it's like fingernails on a chalkboard. People used to Classic are driven spare by the Command-N keyboard shortcut that used to create a new folder, but now creates a new window-- even in Spatial mode (which makes no sense.)

If you have make the horrible error of trying to open a network drive when the network it's on is no longer available (you know, like the huge number of people who use wifi on their laptops), Finder will freeze for minutes at a time. Finder will also freeze for several minutes if you have the audacity to drag-and-drop files to the desktop from some applications. DotMac will also freeze Finder for several minutes if it attempts to sync itself while on an un-reliable network. There's no multi-threading whatsoever.

Opening a window with a large number of images will frequently crash Finder as it creates thumbnails. And no, it's not a corrupt image file, because if I do the same view in Windows, Windows will create the thumbnails in seconds with no errors. When Finder's image previews do work, generating them is super-slow.

It's still missing features that were in Mac Classic, like tabbed folders. (Although to be fair, they have added Labels back in and Pop-Open drag&drop.) Text clippings are nearly useless, as you can no longer drag them directly into a word processor/edit field (like in OS 9), nor can you select and Copy text from them. Oh, and Finder will silently delete the contents of old Mac Classic text clippings, so I hope you didn't have a bunch of important passwords in one or anything... oops!

If you create a new file on the CLI, it still won't show up right away in Finder. You frequently have to 'prod' Finder into showing it, by closing and re-opening the window, or creating a new folder and then deleting it.

It's just bad. Given, a bad Macintosh file browser is still as good as the average Linux or Windows file browser, but that's not much of an excuse, especially for us old-school Mac users. I'd be happy if they fixed some of the more blatant bugs and added tabbed folders, even if it's not a total re-write.

Re:New Finder... (1)

soricine (576909) | about 7 years ago | (#18711247)

I realise it's become something of a trope to complain about it, but the Finder is not terrible.

Most complaints about the Finder centre on network performance (hangs on network disconnections, for example), or on a perception of flawed spatiality. The former is a localised, admittedly serious, problem. The latter is mostly a philosophical difference.

For informed arguments about the problems of the Finder, see:

http://arstechnica.com/articles/paedia/finder.ars [arstechnica.com]

http://daringfireball.net/2003/04/siracusa_on_the_ finder [daringfireball.net]

The real reason for the delay - I totally swear! (2, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | about 7 years ago | (#18710649)

iPhone delays are just an excuse; the REAL reason is that Apple needs a bit more time to finish implementing their new super-secret killer OS features...

... Palladium ! ... UEFI support ! ... Monad ! ...and finally, WinFS !

Once these features are in place, Vista will pale before Apple's new code-named-Leopard OS, secret-code-named-Longhorn OS! Mwuahahaaaa!

Better late than buggy (4, Insightful)

Anonymous Coward | about 7 years ago | (#18710651)

Anyone following news of recent developer builds of Leopard could have predicted that it wasn't near being ready. No sign of the announced "top secret" features, and mile-long bug lists. Good that they're willing to take the PR hit (oops! they jabbed Microsoft about delaying Vista, didn't they?) instead of release a pile of crap in June.

Interesting that they had to pull engineers off OS X to the iPhone. Most likely, they needed to get the iPhone done in time to meet contractual requirements with Cingular, and there wasn't enough time to hire new staff and train them. It can take months to get even the brightest new hires up to speed and productive, so this is understandable. Especially when training new hires means some of your existing staff is dedicated to that instead of real work. So, in keeping with the dropping of "Computer" from their name, Apple just put the computer stuff on the backburner and took the quick route of using existing, knowledgeable engineers.

Too bad they didn't do better long range forecasting for staffing needs a year or two ago...

Wonder what this'll do to Mac sales, as many people were waiting for a Leopard release before buying? Will people still wait 6 more months, or will they buy now? Will they go PC to spite Apple for the delay?

Re:Better late than buggy (1)

larry bagina (561269) | about 7 years ago | (#18711041)

Keep in mind: Apple pre-announced the iPhone since they were filing FCC documentation, which would have let the cat out of the bag (sort of). Now that everybody + dog knows about the iPhone (and has seen the buzz and excitement over it), you can bet other companies are working on something similar. If they don't release it on time and bug-free, it will be a punchline, much like Newton.

Re:Better late than buggy (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 7 years ago | (#18711307)

I'll wait. Part of my Mac-purchasing plans have included:
(a) Waiting for Dual-core chips. (check)
(b) Waiting for 64-bit Duos. (check)
(c) Waiting for new OSX revision. (pending)

The extra bonus is that there will likely be another hardware refresh in there somewhere, so I'll be even better off waiting just a little while longer.

Delay and sales (1, Interesting)

Anonymous Coward | about 7 years ago | (#18710655)

A lot of people are going to say that this is going to cost apple sales, and I think if we'd been left in this uncertain situation it might have. But I know personally this has _removed_ a barrier to getting a new Mac. I just didn't want to get shafted when leopard came down the pipe two weeks after we bought this mac. Since that's gone, I'll be ordering one soon.

No surprise, really... (3, Insightful)

Y-Crate (540566) | about 7 years ago | (#18710665)

This was pretty obvious from as early as Mid-March. We knew there would be "secret features" coming, and none of them have thus far appeared in any of the betas.

Apple isn't retarded, and it is highly unlikely that they would have dumped them in the laps of developers a matter of weeks prior to the final release. That being said, I will go into nerd rage spasms if they don't fix Finder this time around and spend their efforts doing some stupid .Mac integration or comparable bullshit feature that ignores the rotting elephant in the room.

Re:No surprise, really... (5, Insightful)

Blakey Rat (99501) | about 7 years ago | (#18710885)

They've gone, what, 5 releases without fixing (much) in Finder; what makes you think they'll fix it this time around? Wasn't it 10.3 where Apple claimed they were re-writing Finder from scratch, and we ended up with almost the exact same mess of poor usability and terrible bugs we were using before? Hell, I'd be happy if it just didn't utterly freeze for minutes at a time when your network got disconnected-- it's like the Finder programmers never heard of wifi!

It's sad when the one application that is hard-coded to run on every boot for every user is the worst application Apple makes.

Re:No surprise, really... (1)

donutello (88309) | about 7 years ago | (#18711103)

I don't think it's new features as much as quality. Apple has been going months between Leopard seeds and the quality of the seeds has been dismal. Judging by the number of issues I saw in the last seed, I'm not at all surprised that they are slipping the release.

Considering the secret features aren't in yet... (2, Interesting)

artifex2004 (766107) | about 7 years ago | (#18710667)

I don't see how anyone thought past December or January that it would be ready for June.
Assuming there really are big new secret features, like Jobs promised, anyway, they would require extensive testing including all kinds of real world testing in developers' systems, new SDKs, etc. Guess what we've seen so far?

Mac Loonies Are Just Precious! (-1, Flamebait)

Anonymous Coward | about 7 years ago | (#18710679)

Gotta love the comments from the dwindling Mac faithful crowd portraying this OS delay as part of some sort of 'epic battle between two OS giants'...

Redmond Exec 1: Hey, I heard Leopard got delayed to October
Redmond Exec 2: Leopard, what's that?
Redmond Exec 1: Apple's new version of OS X
Redmond Exec 2: You mean that iPod company also makes OSes?
Redmond Exec 1: Yeah, it's got really nice widgets but it doesn't run any of your apps or games
Redmond Exec 2: Huh, anyway, so I just cashed in another hundred thousand options and bought this place in the south of France...

I'm just gonna stand here (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 7 years ago | (#18710851)

And clap


Down to a tee

Re:Mac Loonies Are Just Precious! (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 7 years ago | (#18711335)

Ha Ha! You use Windows!!!

Clearly The End.... (0)

MidKnight (19766) | about 7 years ago | (#18710707)

I think I'll take this opportunity to predict the demise of Apple, Inc. In fact, I hear Michael Dell is going to buy the company and give the money directly to the shareholders, or something like that....

Seriously though: Apple has made no bones about the fact that it's focusing more and more on lifestyle computing at the expense of their traditional computing product lines. This has to be one of the more extreme examples of that fact: Apple would rather ship a phone than keep their operating system schedule.

Plus, I'd guess they're not feeling too much heat from the Vista release, so why rush it? The current OS (Tiger) is, in my opinion, still way out in front in terms of features and usability.

Hi, I'm a Mac (5, Funny)

davidwr (791652) | about 7 years ago | (#18710709)

Hi, I'm a Mac.
And I'm a PC.

<squeaky kid voice> I'm an iPhone play with me watch this oh I got a boo-boo make it better daddy let's play catch can I have some ice cream can I can I huh huh oh look a kite I wanna kite mommieee!

Steve Jobs: Damn I forgot how much attention new products need.

I wonder.... (2, Interesting)

BigCanOfTuna (541234) | about 7 years ago | (#18710721)

I wonder how much of an influencing factor in Apple's delay was due to the slow market uptake of Vista. Would Apple still have delayed the release if MS was seeing more sales in their new product? I'd like to think Apple is above that, but business is business.

Re:I wonder.... (2, Interesting)

BlowChunx (168122) | about 7 years ago | (#18710803)

It works both ways you know. If they thought it was good enough, they would push Leopard out trying to put a stake through the heart of the undead OS named Vista. Market share counts in pushing share price up. Software delays don't.

Marketing Ploy... and a good one! (3, Interesting)

jhfry (829244) | about 7 years ago | (#18710769)

I am willing to bet that the June developer release, with it's "top secret" new features will give users something to lust over for a few months while Steve Jobs talks it up in the media. Possibly giving users pause over buying their new Vista machine in favor of waiting for a new Mac.

Have you ever noticed how well this works for movies, and music for that matter? Release a movie/song to a small segment of the market (critics, private screenings, etc) in order to create some buzz... then talk about it for a few months... finally releasing it to the consumer and watch it sell like hotcakes on the day it's released. Then they will use the skewed release figures to further market it, saying it was the fastest selling OS of all time, or some bullshit like that, making everyone think that they need to have it since everyone else is getting it too.

You will constantly be thinking about how great it will be to finally get your grubby hands on this OS for months... salivating over reviews and screen shots on any number of review sites until finally you see a rack full of it at your local computer store. Where you will buy it up, take it home, and do nothing more than your doing today with your computer, but it will look prettier.

This all hinges on the idea that Leopard is truly the huge improvement that it's claimed to be... but even if it's not, Apple is a marketing machine and the average user will buy into the hype.

To summarize, Apple could release in June, and probably release a damn fine piece of software. But they want to make us wait, make us want it more, have it consume us... then we will actually think we are getting something so much better than we have today!

Re:Marketing Ploy... and a good one! (1)

shmlco (594907) | about 7 years ago | (#18711089)

Going the other way, the only thing that making people wait six months for an iPhone did was raise expectations to a nearly unsupportable level, and give competing phone makers six precious months to work on their software and interfaces.

And for a different take on preannouncing, go look up on what happened with some guy named Osborne [wikipedia.org].... ;)

OS X, way beyind the times (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 7 years ago | (#18710821)

After seeing when can be done with Linux with Xgl & compiz, and from what I've seen of doze vista, OS X is looking and feeling rather dated. Wow, Jobs adds a few minor applications and backup tools, plus multiple desktops. Big fscking deal!

I have a mac pro, plenty of processing power, and the dumbest desktop available. The shit won't even let me resize a window from anywhere other than the bottom right corner, assuming I'm even allowed to resize the poxy things.

Steve Jobs, are you listening? Your OS is VERY FSCKING DATED. Stop jerking off to iWankProduct and catch up!

Slashdot's double standard, as always. (1, Insightful)

Anonymous Coward | about 7 years ago | (#18710833)

Microsoft delays Vista = Microsoft sucks!
Apple Delays anything = I'm glad they're taking the time to make it better.

Re:Slashdot's double standard, as always. (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 7 years ago | (#18711223)

Vista was delayed four years, and Microsoft pulled many of the major features they promised.

Apple is delaying Leopard by four months, in order to include the major features they promised.

See the difference?

This must be fake (2, Funny)

GerMac Addict (1087717) | about 7 years ago | (#18710867)

Re:This must be fake (2, Interesting)

slashwritr (1009921) | about 7 years ago | (#18710949)

is merely a hack of Apple's site.
You do realize what you're saying, don't you? That Apple's site got hacked? Wouldn't that be even more embarrassing than Leopard being delayed?

Re:This must be fake (1)

GerMac Addict (1087717) | about 7 years ago | (#18711097)

Not my business if it's embarassing for Apple. It just looks weird, and the text doesn't read like other Apple hotnews articles.

Apple lags behind Microsoft, AGAIN (5, Funny)

The Breeze (140484) | about 7 years ago | (#18710915)

Apple just can't seem to match Microsofts's superior delay history. Microsoft has already astounded the world by an amazing THREE YEAR delay in the original Vista release date and the actual delay; this impressive delay is one of the longest delays for a product that actually eventually made it out of the front door instead of dying...

And here's Apple, trying to out-do Microsoft, and the best then can do is delay Leopard for three lousy months - and technically speaking, it's not much of a delay since the original release date was "Spring 07".

I mean, come on, Apple. Surely you can break something in Leopard to force a longer delay. Microsoft wins, hands down. Apple still lags way behind MS on viruses, as well. With my Windows machine, unpatched, I have THOUSANDS of viruses that can infect my machine if I want to. Apple just doesn't give me that ability. Maybe they just don't care.

Apple's Shift (4, Insightful)

vertigoCiel (1070374) | about 7 years ago | (#18710927)

Apple really meant it when they removed "Computer" from their name. So far, they've released the AppleTV, the corresponding 802.11n base station, and are holding back OS X for the iPhone. The only computer update was the rather delayed 4 Core/Processor Mac Pro. Looks like Apple's focus is now firmly on multimedia and entertainment devices rather than computers

Re:Apple's Shift (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 7 years ago | (#18711255)

That would be DUAL quad core for 8 cores total...actually.

Not surprised... (1)

twistedcubic (577194) | about 7 years ago | (#18710939)

The new features are pretty cool, but it seems to me it needs many months of testing to get right, expecially time machine. Also, getting it all to work within processor and memory limits looks pretty hard.

distributed computing (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 7 years ago | (#18710985)

How about a distributed computing engine so I can use all my macs together wirelessly to render a Hollywood style movie about leapards with Final Cut Pro HD for display on my Apple TV. Then I'll sell my awesome movie on itunes and make Apple a bagillion dollars by telling all my friends about it - which will be easy with the newly improved mail.app(tm) and iphone(tm). Everyone will watch it on their ipod pico HD hooked up to their newly released 50" cinema displays.

But seriously... how about letting me share computing resources. would it kill you Apple?

They're delaying Leopard for the iPhone???? (1)

argent (18001) | about 7 years ago | (#18711025)

Either they're using that as an excuse, or they've been huffing the Reality Distortion Field through used crack pipes.

I mean... sheesh. That'd be like is Microsoft delayed Windows 2000 for Microsoft Bob.

I'm actually happy with this announcement. (4, Insightful)

rizzo320 (911761) | about 7 years ago | (#18711037)

As a person who works in higher ed, I hate the fact that lots of new things are announced around the WWDC during the summer. The demand is there from the customers (professors, students), but not enough testing time. I know the world doesn't revolve around higher-ed, but its still a pain.

With a release date of October, I'll have many months to test and play around with things before rolling it out. And since we only buy computers in the July/August timeframe, I won't be taken by surprise when they come with Leopard pre-installed. Heck, they'll be at 10.5.1 or 10.5.2 by Fall 2008.

I don't believe they will loose a lot of sales because of this announcement. A lot of students are getting Macs at the back-to-school time of year specifically because of Leopard- they are getting them because of the total package and the "it just works" mentality. That's not going to change despite the delay. And for those who were going to wait, they now have to make the choice continuing until the October release or biting the bullet and getting a new computer before then.

I'm sure many are cursing up a storm because of this, but at the same time, I bet a lot of support folks like myself are breathing a sigh of relief. Besides, we now know EXACTLY when it will be released (October), not just a general esitmate (like Spring 2007). That's ALOT coming from Apple.

Apple needs to stop pulling this crap (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 7 years ago | (#18711067)

Apple management really likes playing this game where they reassign engineers to get 'hot' products done. They did this when Aperture was late. Then they pulled people off Leopard to fix up Intel-transition bugs. By late 2006 Leopard development was barely getting started, and then they pulled people to work on iPhone. Is it any surprise Leopard is late? Not only Leopard is late, but also iLife, iWork, etc.

Needless to say, the engineers at Apple are getting pissed at being asked to work overtime and constantly being reassigned to different projects. And with Apple stock up 10x over the last few years, many of them can afford to leave. I know several who have left. If you don't believe me, start looking at resumes of people applying for Mac development positions...

Apple management really needs to get their priorities straight. They've lost many of their best engineers recently, and if they don't get things back on track, they're not going to be able to deliver anything at all.

Will this run on AMD? (3, Funny)

Alaria Phrozen (975601) | about 7 years ago | (#18711111)

So I see my OS choices in the next five years as: Windows Vista, Mac's OS X, or some Linux variant.

I don't really want to do another Windows. As long as the Mac has Blizzard's support with games like WoW, I may actually be able to abandon Windows. I've tried Debian, Red Hat, Fedora, and Ubuntu. Let's just say I'm an idiot and I'm good at breaking X without knowing how to fix it. I've got a stable, backed up Linux virtual machine that I'm very happy with, and I can use that to write papers in TeX and do assignments for my uni courses; but I don't really feel comfortable with performing any kind of minor or even cosmetic surgery on Linux. I'd really like to, but after breaking each distro with minor config changes...

Anyway! The actual question!

I read in other articles and on Wiki that Leopard will run on x86 Intel style CPUs, and that this particular version you're actually allowed to run on non-Apple specific hardware. I also read that it wouldn't be running on AMD. That doesn't make sense as I thought deep down the only difference was optimizations, and even AMD gets to have those if it's old enough. MMX, SSE1&2, etc.

Can someone please clarify this? Will I be able to run Leopard on my OEM self-built AMD 64 3000+ based machine?

Re:Will this run on AMD? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 7 years ago | (#18711195)

Simple answer no, because i'm running a 3800+ dual core and so all your processor are belong to us!

Re:Will this run on AMD? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 7 years ago | (#18711261)

I read in other articles and on Wiki that Leopard will run on x86 Intel style CPUs, and that this particular version you're actually allowed to run on non-Apple specific hardware. I also read that it wouldn't be running on AMD.

Wherever you read that was dead wrong. Apple has no intentions to ever let OS X run on non-Apple-branded hardware. That's where they make their money -- the software is just the largest incentive to buy their hardware. It's the same way with the iPod & iTunes.

The Apple reality distortion field strikes again (0, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 7 years ago | (#18711205)

Microsoft delays Vista: "Typical crappy Microsoft! They can't even release their OS on time! Ha ha!"
Apple delays OS X: "This is an excellent idea, it will ensure quality and I didn't want it now anyway. Apple is awesome!"

And apple zealots wonder why no one takes them seriously.

Apple's priorities are no longer the mac (sigh)... (2, Insightful)

ernest.cunningham (972490) | about 7 years ago | (#18711305)

Apple Inc was renamed in January from Apple Computer Inc to Apple Inc to signal Apple's migration from just a computer company to a digital lifestyle device company.

The prioritising of getting the iPhone out over getting Leopard to its loyal fan base is not only a slap in the face of Apple's computer users, but I think a mistake on their behalf.

Reason 1.
There are a heap of people out there holding off mac purchases until leopard is released. I know my old work (I just left 2 weeks ago) are holding off buying a new suit of macs until Leopard is released because they do not want to have to purchase leopard separately for every machine, then have to roll out etc. This would be disruptive. There is also a couple people at work who are holding off buying new machines for their personal use until leopard is released.

Reason 2.
iPhone will only be launched initially in the US. Leopard is released worldwide, and therefor a larger userbase to satisfy.

Remember, the press release says that the OS has been delayed to deploy the engineers on the iPhone project. So if they had not done so the iPhone would have been delayed, but Leopard would have been finished earlier. it is not about quality control on the OS for the delay. I just hope this is not a trend where the computer business lags/stagnates because of a focus on getting their lifestyle devices out the door.
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