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New "Terminator" Trilogy Planned

kdawson posted more than 7 years ago | from the but-Arnold-has-a-day-job dept.

Movies 303

Ant writes "Dark Horizons reports after much talk and posturing over the future of "The Terminator" franchise/series in recent years, something surprising has happened: The Halcyon Company has acquired the franchise rights to the popular movie series and intends to make a new trilogy that would anchor their movie company..."

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Great (5, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19066039)

Another dead horse to beat.

Re:Great (2, Interesting)

Doc Lazarus (1081525) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066389)

Agreed. The Hollywood trend is to secure money by rehashing proven hits of the past. This company could do something unique with the Terminator movies. But then again, they could also do something completely unique and possibly create a new franchise as well.

Re:Great (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19066653)

Don't give their script-writers ideas.

Who needs Arnold? (1, Funny)

morgan_greywolf (835522) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066061)

Start with the story of John Connor and his wife, of course, set in the future.

Re:Who needs Arnold? (1, Informative)

operagost (62405) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066203)

RTFM. That's the proposed plot.

Re:Who needs Arnold? (4, Informative)

Sqweegee (968985) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066225)


"Neither creator James Cameron or original star Arnold Schwarzenegger will be involved in the project, which picks up with John Connor in his 30s leading what's left of the human race against the machines."

Re:Who needs Arnold? (5, Insightful)

Intron (870560) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066415)

"Neither creator James Cameron or original star Arnold Schwarzenegger will be involved in the project"

I can predict the future on this one without time travel.

Re:Who needs Arnold? (1)

Trent Hawkins (1093109) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066287)

Staring Hugh Laurie as John Connor?

Re:Who needs Arnold? (1)

Steendor (917855) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066401)

"Who's going to take us seriously if we don't have a laser pointer?"

Re:Who needs Arnold? (5, Interesting)

eli pabst (948845) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066331)

I agree. As much as I enjoyed the original Terminator movies, the background plot of John Connor always seemed more interesting to me and I always felt a bit disappointed that it wasn't developed further. The part in T1 when Michael Biehn's character (Reese) falls asleep under the bridge and has a flashback dream was an incredibly cool sequence.

In soviet beowulf clusters of old people in korea (1, Funny)

conner_bw (120497) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066063)

I'll be back.

Premonition. (5, Funny)

reality-bytes (119275) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066073)

I just had this awful premonition of a new model of Terminator...

...It can't be bargained with, can't be reasoned with, and it absolutely will not stop. Ever. Until you are dead...

"Meesa be back!"

Re:Premonition. (5, Funny)

morgan_greywolf (835522) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066139)

I know I'd go back in time prevent that movie from ever being made!

Re:Premonition. (5, Funny)

clickclickdrone (964164) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066167)

"Meesa be back!"
I always thought I was too old to be spooked by such a simple thing as the written word but you sir have guaranteed I'll be having nightmares tonight. {shudder}

Re:Premonition. (3, Funny)

operagost (62405) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066245)

John Connor shot first!

Re:Premonition. (2, Funny)

Opportunist (166417) | more than 7 years ago | (#19067073)

If it was made in the USA, it could become president.

Worth going back in time to prevent: (3, Funny)

ettlz (639203) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066077)

Terminator: The Animated Series.

Re:Worth going back in time to prevent: (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19066161)


Terminator: The Live Action Movie, based on the Animated Series, not the original movie.

Re:Worth going back in time to prevent: (5, Funny)

ettlz (639203) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066205)

Oh, fuck it: Terminator: The Musical.

Re:Worth going back in time to prevent: (1)

frdmfghtr (603968) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066569)

Terminator - The holiday special

I can hardly wait!

Re:Worth going back in time to prevent: (1)

neildiamond (610251) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066605)

Actually Mad TV did a skit on that. Very funny. :)

Re:Worth going back in time to prevent: (1)

Rob the Bold (788862) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066823)

Tonight, on a very special Terminator.

Re:Worth going back in time to prevent: (1, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19067021)

Bombs Contain Chemicals and Moving Parts has the potential to be one of the most poignant songs of our time.

"Oh if I could only/
Be a Bomb/
How happy I would be!"

To be fair (4, Funny)

clickclickdrone (964164) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066087)

He did say 'I'll be back'.

Re:To be fair (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19066895)

He did say 'I'll be back'.

No he didn't, you misunderstood him. He was assuring us that he was going to star in a movie about an 18th century composer. What he said, and he said it clearly, was "I'll be Bach."

OMG is the George Lucas Effect! (5, Funny)

Soiden (1029534) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066107)

Terminator IV: A new John Connor Terminator V: The Robots Strike Back Terminator VI: The Return of the Terminator

Re:OMG is the George Lucas Effect! (4, Interesting)

Dr. Eggman (932300) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066835)

I know this is a joke, but still I'd bet a George Lucas style Terminator would turn out pretty awesome. The francise is coming off of a low note, ie T3, and with nothing but the future war setting left, it would look pretty sweet. All the battle sequences from episode II and III were rather spectacular in my opinion, and a future war Terminator movie done in the same style might be the kind of new direction the francise needs. It's not like there needs to be much character story, everyone's pretty much setup in their relations to the main players, and its not as if a political side story would appear in the middle an extinction war. So, that means, no romance plot, no starchy politics, and a freaking pre-destined on-the-rails plotline (thanks a lot T3.) So what's left to make the movie? SFX, explosions, creative war machines, more explosions, fancy CGI/models, and zetaflops worth of more explosions! A George Lucas style Terminator 4 would rock!

Re:OMG is the George Lucas Effect! (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19066941)

Slashdot III: The Search for <br>
Slashdot IV: The Voyage to HTML Formatted.

*sigh* (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19066125)

Can you say "Diluting the franchise name"? Because that's all this is going to do. Make a movie & then get another idea or get out of the way. If your idea is so large that it has to be split into three movies (Star Wars, Godfather, ect.) then so be it. But stop tacking sh*t onto stories that don't need it.

Six terminator movies? Sounds like someone's trying to milk that story for all it's worth.

Enough (4, Insightful)

escay (923320) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066135)

Enough with the trilogies already. why can't we have a single good movie and just let that be?

Re:Enough (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19066195)

Because people paid to watch it last time, therefore they'll pay to see it again. And again. And again.

Re:Enough (4, Insightful)

solios (53048) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066255)

Because trilogies make more money, duh.

Hollywood only cares about quality product to the extent that they need the occasional quality product in order to keep the cash pouring in.

Re:Enough (2, Insightful)

hoggoth (414195) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066465)

> Hollywood only cares about quality product to the extent that they need the occasional quality product in order to keep the cash pouring in.

Even further, Hollywood is compelled to continue making sequels until they are so bad they stop making money. It is the only way to insure they have extracted all the money possible from a franchise.

Re:Enough (1)

solios (53048) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066743)

Even further, Hollywood is compelled to continue making sequels until they are so bad they stop making money. It is the only way to insure they have extracted all the money possible from a franchise.

Police Academy is probably the best example of that.

Though I consider the second and third Matrix movies and the Star Wars prequel trilogy to be pretty good examples as well. :P

Re:Enough (1)

dylan_- (1661) | more than 7 years ago | (#19067057)

Even further, Hollywood is compelled to continue making sequels until they are so bad they stop making money.
Hah! So true! It's like a variation of the Peter Principle. Write up a wikipedia entry on it, edit the Peter Principle page to link to it, and you've just invented the Hoggoth Principle. Congrats! :)

Re:Enough (4, Funny)

$RANDOMLUSER (804576) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066289)

Enough with the trilogies already. why can't we have a single good movie and just let that be?
Why? What was wrong with Highlander II and Highlander III? Errr, OK, bad example. Matrix II and Matrix III?? Hmmm. Alien3 and Alien Resurection??? OK, I give up.

Re:Enough (1)

Heir Of The Mess (939658) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066623)

And what about Ghost In The Shell 2:Innocence. That was a real WTF for me.

Re:Enough (4, Funny)

Zoxed (676559) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066711)

> Why? What was wrong with Highlander II and Highlander III? Errr, OK, bad example. Matrix II and Matrix III?? Hmmm. Alien3 and Alien Resurection??? OK, I give up.

Well, IMHO, Star Wars IV was the best in that series :-)

Re:Enough (1)

clydemaxwell (935315) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066763)

I guess I'm the only person on the planet to have enjoyed what Alien3 brought to the mythos.

Re:Enough (1)

Fangs78 (1028038) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066903)

No...we're 2. Alien3 was a different type of movie than the others. People expected bloodfest like in the 2nd. It didn't happen, and it was great!

Re:Enough (1)

clickclickdrone (964164) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066905)

I guess I'm the only person on the planet to have enjoyed what Alien3 brought to the mythos.
No, me too but then I also really liked Star Trek The Motion Picture so what do I know?

Re:Enough (1)

Hoi Polloi (522990) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066961)

You hear that? That is the sound of a dead horse being flogged.

Re:Enough (1)

Volatar (1099775) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066359)

I so agree with you, companies put out all these sequels because they make money, but they ruin so many good things with endless sequels. It happens in more then one genre too, Movies for one (Spiderman 4 anybody?), Games (ie: Mario Party 8), the Music industry. Books are the one thing I have not seen the phenomenon in however. The reason may be that there is already so much variety, and that the major book readers don't purchase such worthless media.

Re:Enough (4, Insightful)

radarsat1 (786772) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066669)

Books are the one thing I have not seen the phenomenon in however. The reason may be that there is already so much variety, and that the major book readers don't purchase such worthless media.

Hm.. I'm sorry, maybe it's because I just rolled out of bed and I'm a bit tired, but I can't tell if you're trying to be sarcastic or not... *books* don't have trilogies??? When was the last time you went to a book store my friend?

Re:Enough (1)

Miseph (979059) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066965)

Ever heard of The Wheel of Time? How about Redwall? Dragonlance? All started out awesome, then around the fourth (+- 1) book you start to realize that the series is never going to end, the characters will never finish their quest, and you've spent 40 hours of you life reading books that have steadily declined in quality, and you're never going to be able to get that time back.

Tom Clancy's good for that too.

Re:Enough (1)

cowscows (103644) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066693)

Planning far enough ahead of time can be a wise decision for a movie studio. A good example is the Lord of the Rings trilogy. They had a just plain practical reason, they were telling a huge story, and it's hard to get audiences to sit in a seat for 6+ hours straight. But the way it worked, since they knew it would be three films, they shot all three movies basically in one big chunk. A big benefit for the studio this way was that the actors, many of whom saw a big jump in their celebrity status after the first film was released, couldn't demand a bigger salary for the sequels. That was especially important in a story like LotR, where there were so many significant characters, and as such so many actors that would've had to be negotiated with.

I don't know how the story of this new terminator series might go, but if they can find some actors that they like, and sign them up for a series of movies right off the bat, then it leaves the studio in a much better position than having to negotiate later if the first movie is a success.

Re:Enough (1)

Hoi Polloi (522990) | more than 7 years ago | (#19067039)

Of course the LOTR people had a hugely popular book to work from so they had some confidence that budgeting 3 movies worth of cash wasn't a complete gamble. You can't say the same for this Terminator proposal. All you have to go on is 1 good movie, one ok movie with good special effects, and one blah movie and no book leading the way.

Trilogies (4, Funny)

jacobw (975909) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066775)

The advantage of a well-done trilogy is that the first film sets up certain expectations regarding characters and plot. The second film then plays with those expectations in a surprising and suspenseful way. And when the third film wraps everything up, you feel a satisfaction that can only come from having lived with the characters in your imagination for several years.

Trilogies II: Trilogier (4, Funny)

jacobw (975909) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066809)

...or at least, that's what I used to think. Then I found out that A TRILOGY KILLED MY FATHER--and it's COMING AFTER ME NEXT!!!!!

Trilogies III: Trilectric Boogoloo (4, Funny)

jacobw (975909) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066859)

Well, that was close. The trilogy that killed my father almost killed me, but fortunately, I was saved by a bunch of fuzzy, cute merchandising opportunities that had absolutely nothing to do with the tone or content of my first two posts. Whew!

What I really want (2, Interesting)

clickclickdrone (964164) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066141)

Isn't more Terminator but another Alien movie based on the book that should have been Alien 3 i.e. Alien Earth Hive. That would seriously kick ass.

Re:What I really want (1)

Hal_Porter (817932) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066243)

Possibly. But they should put Predators and Predaliens and Batman and Batmanterminatorpredalien in just to make sure.

Re:What I really want (1)

McFortner (881162) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066251)

Isn't more Terminator but another Alien movie based on the book that should have been Alien 3 i.e. Alien Earth Hive. That would seriously kick ass.

Just as long as we don't see Terminater vs. Aliens.... *shudder*

Re:What I really want (1)

clickclickdrone (964164) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066343)

Just as long as we don't see Terminater vs. Aliens.... *shudder*
Oh I don't know, Weyland Yutani is one mega corp who put their baby against Terminator from er.. the other lot. You could even blame it all on terrorists for extra points.

Re:What I really want (1)

Maximum Prophet (716608) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066779)

"In space, no one can hear you scream"

"On earth, everyone can..."

I actually saw that trailer in a movie theater before they replaced the directory and rewrote Alien 3. It was just the big egg on a black screen with the light and smoke coming out of the crack while the voiceover said the taglines. To bad they didn't make *that* movie.

Lame (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19066153)

Terminator 3 was such a so awful, I would rather watch the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And I did last night.

That would anchor their company... (4, Insightful)

solios (53048) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066193)

.... in POO.

After repeated viewings, I'm of the opinion that Cameron's what makes the franchise. We didn't need a third movie (what the hell was up with that, anyway?) - much like we didn't need a Highlander 2 (or 3, etc).

If they're good, that's one thing - but Terminator without Cameron is like, say... The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen without Allen Moore. Or Watchmen if it were written by Rob Liefeld.

The only upcoming "sequel" sci-fi I'm looking forward to is Babylon 5 : The Lost Tales. It's more B5, and most importantly, it's still under the control of Straczynski.

I trust in creators, not franchises.

Re:That would anchor their company... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19067033)

Watchmen if it were written by Rob Liefeld

I am horrified you could even bring yourself to even type that. You do realise it is possible Liefeld just read your post and you have just given him an idea.

Will it involve Arnold? (1, Funny)

Rob T Firefly (844560) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066201)

Not for nothing, but the man is nearly 60 years old. Can you really plan any more trilogies around the guy's portrayal of an immortal android who never gets old or tired at this point?

Maybe if the last installment is a crossover with Indiana Jones, where they fight over Jello in a nursing home..

Re:Will it involve Arnold? (4, Funny)

clickclickdrone (964164) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066281)

Which bit of "Neither creator James Cameron or original star Arnold Schwarzenegger will be involved in the project" are you struggling with?

It's a fair cop.. (3, Funny)

Rob T Firefly (844560) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066387)

It might be the "original," but that "or" is also deceptively complex.

Re:It's a fair cop.. (1)

clickclickdrone (964164) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066843)

Yup, fair point.

Re:Will it involve Arnold? (1)

slashbob22 (918040) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066537)

Which bit of "Neither creator James Cameron or original star Arnold Schwarzenegger will be involved in the project" are you struggling with?
I'm having problems with the "or"; what kind of or is it? As it sure looks like a "nor" to me.

If it wasn't a typo, does that mean one of the two will still be invovled? If not, I think we need to get "Or" invovled. WE WAN'T OR! Talented and creative OR!

Re:Will it involve Arnold? (2, Funny)

AdamThor (995520) | more than 7 years ago | (#19067061)


I'm struggling with your use of the apostrophe here. What does 'wa not' mean?

loser movie makers can only copycat (1)

peter303 (12292) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066217)

Too few original ideas these days. Stil there are plenty of brain-dead 15-years to buy the product as we saw last week for lame three-quel comic book product.

Plot for Terminator 4 (5, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19066219)

All hope for humankind is almost lost. John Connor is on the ropes, he and his band of rebels have almost been completely eliminated by the latest rev of the Terminator line, the T666. However, like a bolt from the heavens, the real saviour of the human race emerges. It is non other than Darl McBride. It turns out that SkyNet has at least 1024 instances of SCO owned IP in it's source code. Darl is able to tie SkyNet up in litigation for years, allowing Connor to regroup ....

TV series (1)

firpecmox (943183) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066249)

hopefully they wont make a series like they did with Blade. I dont know what yall think but it was terrible.

T4 (2, Funny)

niceone (992278) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066269)

T4: The return of the return of the machines.
T5: The return of the return of the return of the machines.
T6: The return of the return of the return of the return of the machines.

I could work in Hollywood.

Re:T4 (1)

YourMoneyOrYourDuck (1033800) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066431)

Eventually it gets to the point where John Connor sends Michael Beihn back in time so he can save the day and appear in Aliens

Re:T4 (1)

Himring (646324) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066769)

"You know what this means Marty?!? We must go BACK to the terminator...."

Re:T4 (5, Funny)

Sponge Bath (413667) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066831)

T7: Stack overflow.

Problem (4, Funny)

Bob54321 (911744) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066321)

Anchors drag things down, or at least keep them where they are. I think they need a better analogy. Perhaps something to do with cars...

Re:Problem (1)

PlatyPaul (690601) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066973)

Well, given the circumstances...

a 3-car pileup on the expressway wouldn't be inappropriate.

It must be said... (3, Funny)

Grashnak (1003791) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066333)

I'll be back, and back, and back.

uh oh (1)

icepick72 (834363) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066347)

Terminator without Arnold is like bread without butter.
The latest Terminator trilogy might anchor their movie company but the ship can still sink and come to rest beside the anchor.
I got this great idea which might help revive the trilogy: why not set the last trilogy in time before the first set of movies and ....

Re:uh oh (1)

sunami88 (1074925) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066459)

Terminator without Arnold is like bread without butter.

Oh yeah, who needs butter? My father runs a jam factory you insensitive clod!

I thought... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19066367)

... the Halcyon days were over.

I must not make another Terminator movie. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19066393)

Repeat after me:

I must not make another Terminator movie. I cannot make another Terminator movie. I should not make another Terminator movie. I must not be allowed to make another Terminator movie. It must be forbidden to make another Terminator movie. I shall never make another Terminator movie. I refuse to make another Terminator movie. I loathe another Terminator movie. There's never been a third Terminator movie. I must not make another Terminator movie....

You know what would kick ass? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19066399)

Terminator vs Predator

Re:You know what would kick ass? (1)

WormholeFiend (674934) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066583)

Terminator vs Predator

And then the Aliens show up.

And in the sequel, humans start mutating and get superpowers!

Re:You know what would kick ass? (1)

CdrGlork (1096607) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066901)

Terminator vs Predator vs Alien vs Freddy vs Jason vs Ash from Evil Dead!

Ash wins.

Wow. (1)

u-bend (1095729) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066413)

I don't know, did this strike anyone else as:
"Well, we can't squeeze anything else out of this baggy wrinkled udder, sure you guys can have it." [tosses fetid movie corpse at eager lackeys.]

I hope they make it a love story chick flick (3, Interesting)

gelfling (6534) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066469)

With vaguely homoerotic overtones, like Spiderman. Because Hollywood hasn't turned everything into shit just yet.

But to be fair, T-3 was pretty close to that. All that they need to do is fill the cast with whatever interchangeable hunks and chicks are in whatever is hot on the WB at that time.

Oh yeah and did I mention that Sarah Conners has to be black?

arnold?!!? (1)

apodyopsis (1048476) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066507)

who's interested in that geriatric?!!?

a more pertinent question is...(call me a shallow geek if you wish)

...will the fit babe terminator from T3 be in it?

Spoilers (4, Funny)

p4rri11iz3r (1084543) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066519)

Terminator IV: A New Hope (more of a "hacker movie" like Swordfish) As human resistance slowly fails, it falls upon hackers to discover a decription code for the robots programming which happens to be: 09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0 Rebels win the day. Terminator V: Sony sues back (a lawyer movie) The robots sue the rebels of IP infringment. A climactic point is reached when John Connor is on the stand. The defense displays pictures of various robots (1 at a time) and asks the question, "Are these the motherf*ckers?" to which John angrily screams "YES!" Terminator VI: Return of the Sequels ...

Great (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19066599)

Another sequel trilogy, in a attempt to resurrect a hit brand from previous decades...

I've got a bad feeling about this....

tsUbgirl (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19066601)

survival prospects the 'community' on here, please do polite to bring cuurent core were are just way over on to get involved in reciprocating bad

Anchor their company? (0, Redundant)

PetoskeyGuy (648788) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066649)

As in drag it to the bottom of the sea and prevent it from moving forward?

Dark Horse Terminator Comics were good (2, Informative)

gtmaneki (992991) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066703)

It would be good if they mined the old Terminator comics put out by Dark Horse. They were set in the future, following the rag-tag human resistance as they tried to survive and fight back, dealing with the creeping paranoia that some of their number are secretly Terminators out to destroy them from within. I'd appreciate bringing the series back to its creepier roots.

Re:Dark Horse Terminator Comics were good (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19066991)

That just isn't going to happen while the money men are involved, they have an uncanny ability to convert anything with artistic merit or value into a steaming pile of faeces.

You need to be a little more realistic, think of the Robocop series. For me Terminator jumped the shark in Judgment Day - terrible film.

Re:Dark Horse Terminator Comics were good (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19067015)

That was a good idea when it was called Battlestar Galactica.

Ugh! (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19066707)

Yep, that about sums my feelings up.

Where is the new SciFi? (4, Insightful)

bhima (46039) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066767)

Fuck, this is dreary. Even if it isn't that good can we have some new Sci-Fi?

Something that isn't a "franchise". Some that is not Star Wars? Or Star Trek

Or whatever it is Hollywood has already made dozens of movies of?

Fuck ANY thing without a number at the end!

Lame (1)

Chris whatever (980992) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066913)

they should of sticked to the comic strip where it takes off in the future and the last attack on skynet and not start another bullshit movie where you knw the end because DUUUHH they need to make it to the time machine.

For this work i would start exactly when they sent connor through the time machine and realize that the future has not changed and then go from there.

They should let Peter Jackson make every scfi-fi and fantsay movies for the next decade, make it a law, at least we'll get good casting and good storyline

I'd pay to see... (1)

BenSchuarmer (922752) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066915)

Terminator vs. Jar Jar.

What a stupid idea (2, Interesting)

jollyreaper (513215) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066923)

Personally, I love the first two. They're impressive, action-packed, and scary. I never even bothered to see the third one because it looked like it was going to suck right out of the gate. Turns out I was right.

The problem with T3 and any future project is that they're doing it for the bucks, not because there's any story worth telling. When it's about the money, the entire project will be permeated with a workman-like attitude. "Hey, don't complain, you're getting paid." "It doesn't have to get good, it just has to be finished." "Why invest any of myself in this? Nobody cares anyway."

So anything the studios put out will suck, suck, suck. But there's a theoretical question, is there anything left to explore in the Terminator universe? To that I would have to say yes: the machine war. They already did time travel in the first two movies. Doing it again in the third was a stupid and hackneyed idea. So, what stories are there to tell in the future? This guy has some ideas. []

His birth of skynet story here is suitably terrifying and well-written. You could just imagine what something like this would look like on film. []

Any future Terminator storyline should discard T3, start with a new numbering scheme, and go with all new characters. The Machine War. The rise of the human resistence. The eventual defeat of Skynet. Not even a hint of time travel until the end of the third movie where John Connor leads the assault on the Skynet time portal. Use some CGI to make a new actor's face look like Kyle Reese from the first film. They enter the portal room. The instruments say that something has already gone back. Kyle strips down and goes through the portal. Connor orders the device reset for another transfer. "Wait, we're still here, aren't we? Didn't Kyle save you?" "Yeah, but Skynet sent two back. Prep the T800 we captured." Why only send one each time? Why not send more soldiers? They have the facility, they could send back an army. "Because only four were ever sent back in time, one human, three terminators. It worked out well enough for us then, I see no reason to risk changing things now."

Bah. The new Terminators are going to suck shit through a straw.

Suggested Titles (2, Funny)

Migraineman (632203) | more than 7 years ago | (#19066985)

Okay, so we've already got -
- The Terminator
- Terminator 2: Judgement Day
- Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Followed by -
- Terminator 4: Inescapable Truth
- Terminator 5: ?????
- Terminator 6: Profit!*

* The working title for "Terminator 6: Profit!" is "Please, oh please, watch this movie." I can't wait for some asshat to start with the whole "social contract" crap and how we, the good little consumers, have an obligation to go to the theaters and finance whatever garbage they're shoveling this week. Think of the children of the executive producer!

Halcyon? Don't they mean Haylon? (1)

monkeyboythom (796957) | more than 7 years ago | (#19067009)

I mean they must be sniffing some sort of gas to think that anything coming out will be blockbusters.

But then again it doesn't have to be fantastic or great or even mediocre to be a success. It just has to perform well enough to turn a profit. And that is good for them.

Hmmm...lemme have a sniff at that gas, too.

tell it from the point of view of sensenet (3, Interesting)

damontal (806788) | more than 7 years ago | (#19067047)

sensenet becoming self aware is what sets the whole shebang off in the first place right? that's always been the most interesting aspect of the story to me. why not tell the story from the point of view of the AI?

Why T3 Sucked (2, Informative)

jollyreaper (513215) | more than 7 years ago | (#19067063)

A public service announcement. []

A review of

T3: Rise of the Machines

or the alternate title


Déjà vu is a funny feeling you get when you think that you have done or seen something before. Well, when I bought the T3 DVD and watched it for the first time I had a real case of déjà vu. Even though this was the first time that I had ever seen T3:ROTM, I knew that I had seen this movie before. Now, where was it that I had seen T3:ROTM before?


(insert sound of me snapping my fingers)

That's right! it was the Summer of 1991 and the movie was called Terminator 2: Judgment Day way back then.

T3 is a lampoon of T2, and a very bad one at that. From cheesy acting to laughable holes in both logic and plot, T3 fails as anything other than maybe a demo for some well done FX eye candy. The bad news is that it is official, it is canon, and it effectively beheads and neuters the first two movies in one fell swoop at the same time. T3 should be a lesson to all other film-makers of how not to make a movie using a vastly popular franchise. Big money and big star power couldn't save this stinker...

Let's recap the plot to T3:ROTM. SKYNET's attempt to kill Sarah Connor in 1984 fails. SKYNET then sends back through time an advanced prototype terminator to kill John Connor when he's older. The Resistance manages to send back a reprogrammed Terminator to protect John Connor. A chase ensues with the prototype Terminator pursuing John Connor while the reprogrammed Terminator protects him. A climatic battle between the two Terminators in the end results in the destruction of the prototype as well as the noble, self sacrifice of the guardian Terminator.

Notice any similarities there between T2 and T3? Sure you did because T3 is just T2 with more eye candy and a lot weaker plot. T3 could easily be considered a rejected script for T2: Judgment Day. At any rate, the abortion that is T3 should never have seen the light of day. There are numerous loop holes in the logic of T3 and several things that just really stood out as dumb. Let's review those now.

(Dumb)- the advanced prototype Terminator arrives back in modern day LA and immediately grabs a flashy, high dollar sports car then proceeds to drive like a maniac thus attracting all manner of public as well as law enforcement attention. The Terminator then proceeds to drive around and terminate people without any real regard for stealth. Sure, LA is a big, crazy place, but the amount of bosomy blondes in really tight red dress suits driving around at 90mph in a convertible Lexus and randomly capping people at burger stands can't be more than a hand full at any given time. Also, as a police officer, I know that when the officer pulled over the Lexus, he would have called in the make, model, and tag. Other officers would have been en route to back up the officer who stopped the Lexus, especially if it failed to yield to blue lights or he had to chase it a short bit. Once they arrived, or the dead officer failed to call in within two minutes (dispatch would check on his status often, especially on a traffic stop), other officers across the city would be on the look out or in pursuit of the Lexus. At least in T2:JD, the T1000 was smart enough to mimic a police officer, take the patrol unit, and access the LAPD central computer system in its quest to find John Connor.

(Dumb)- if the T-X can produce weapons out of its body, why does it need a Glock to carry out its mission? When it pulled up to the drive-thru at the burger joint to kill the first victim on its termination list, it would have made more sense if it had simply created a finger spike and run it through the eye socket of the kid at the window, like the T1000 did with the security guard at the insane asylum in T2. That would have been quicker ... and far more silent. As it was, the T-X pulls up, shoots some guy in the face at the drive through window, then hauls ass away. Guess what? People call the police and they all pile on the area to look for the Lexus. Again. Obviously, the T-X isn't programmed for tactics, common sense or stealth. She could have just stabbed the guy at the window then slowly drove off. No one would have heard a gunshot, or the guy dying, and no one would have been the wiser except when they discovered the body hanging out the window of the restaurant and by then the T-X would have made a clean get away.

(Dumb)- Arnold returns as our favorite cyborg. Again. Making this three movies in a row with the probability of this happening in real life being less than nil. Yawn. We are to believe that SKYNET made a bunch of Terminators that look like Arnold, then a few others. Somehow, the Resistance keeps using the same model over and over again. Oh, wait, this time Arnold is a T850, not a T800. Apparently the difference between this unit and the previous one is that this one is powered by two hydrogen fuel cells located in his chest behind an armored panel and that you can remove these if they are damaged and throw them like small nuclear bombs.

(Dumb)- Once again, Arnold has to find a pair of sunglasses to wear at night. Either Corey Hart did the core programming which the Terminators were based off of or moon light is bad for their optics. Why doesn't the T-X wear sunglasses all the time? it must have more advanced optics. If you remember back to 1984, the original reason why the T800 wore sunglasses at night was because it had done surgery on its organic eye and had to remove it due to battle damage, this left a huge gaping hole in its face where you could see the optics and parts of the hyperalloy skull. The sunglasses were simply camouflage. In T2 and T3, the sunglasses become fashion accessories. Who knew Terminators cared anything about fashion? Groan.

(Dumb)- The T-X can imitate any human it touches by physical sampling and contact, yet apparently it has to lick blood to read DNA patterns with its tongue. You would think that the T-X could simply dip a finger in the blood and read the DNA that way... Comparing DNA must be more complicated than imitating another human being down to every nook, cranny, skin fold, and hair follicle.

(Dumb)- The T-X is more advanced that the T1000, so why is it endoskeleton based? Why does it have a solid form at all? The T1000 was composed of millions, perhaps billions of individual machines. The T-X seems to be some form of advanced endoskeleton that is covered in a poly-mimetic alloy or material. That would, in essence, make it inferior to the T1000 in design since it has a solid core as opposed to the T1000's total liquid metal construction. Perhaps the T-X exists between the T-800 series and the T1000 series. That would make more sense, given what we are shown in the movies. I don't think SKYNET would take a step backwards in technology and design. The T1000, no matter what is shown in the movie, still seems to be the most advanced Terminator design. Also, if the T1000 can't form complex mechanical objects like weapons, chemicals, bullets, etc., then how can the T-X do so? I guess technology really does change (at least between movies).

(Dumb)- Where does the T-X get the fuel for its built-in flamethrower?

(Dumb)- John Connor doesn't even know where his mother is buried. He doesn't even know his mother was cremated. Apparently he was with her during her final years of fighting leukemia, but after that, he lost track of her at the very instant that she died. I find that odd. However, the T-850 knows everything about Sarah Connor, and it found this out through Kate Brewster in the future (apparently), so if John didn't know, how did Kate know? If Kate didn't know, how did she program the T-850 with the information?

(Dumb)- Sarah Connor died of leukemia in Mexico which is a crappy way to write such a main character out of the story. They should have left Arnold out of the movie as well. His appearance did more to damage the continuity / credibility of the franchise than it did to help it. In the T2:JD book by Randal Frakes, Sarah Connor does die, but she dies escorting a convoy of supplies up from Mexico when it is ambushed by multiple HKs. John receives the news of his mother's death just as SKYNET falls, so it is a bitter victory since his mother just died, and he is also about to send Reese (his father) back in time to his eventual death at the hands of the first Terminator. Here is the excerpt from the T2 novel which proves this.

"Fuentes had brought him the news. John had been crouched in a blasthole crater, giving final instructions to a squad of soldiers still in their teens. They were bright, eager, and dispensable. They would all later die in a diversionary battle that would lead to a major victory. As he watched them snake out into the moonlit ruins, Fuentes turned to John, struggling to remain calm as he gave his nightly field report. The supply convoy from Mexico had been ambushed by a squad of HKs. There were no survivors.

John had listened, then only nodded. After all, this was simply one more defeat in a war filled with them. The supplies were important, but there were backups the army could use. And John had steeled himself to loss over the years. People were always dying in this war. Like the squad of teenagers John had just sent out on patrol. The the horror of death could become routine if it happened often enough.

All this Fuentes knew. And in normal circumstances, Fuentes would not have found John's reaction strange. When he wasn't needed, the general would often go off by himself to brood, especially after he had ordered hundreds of men into a hopeless battle, just to buy time to build the army. But he would get over it quickly, eager to continue the struggle, driven by a certainty of their eventual victory. The loss of lives was necessary to achieve that victory. But Fuentes also knew what John knew ....

Sarah Connor had been leading that convoy. She had been ordered out of the action, but Sarah went her own way, and few people had the rank or the balls to stop her. Even John was in awe of her. Not only was she a superb combat soldier,, she was also an expert tactician. But sooner or later, even the best soldier can be overwhelmed by superior firepower. As in this case.

So Fuentes found it strange that John simply nodded when he told him his mother was dead. When the news became common knowledge, people who only knew and respected her by reputation would be weeping. Sarah Connor had been almost as legendary as her son.

But all John did was thank Fuentes for the information and stride off.

Later, Fuentes walked in on John, bent over his cot, sobbing. He quietly backed away, not wanting to intrude. It was the only time he had seen the great man cry. Since that time, John had never talked about his mother. It seemed his soul had seeped into the threads of his uniform."


(Dumb)- John Connor says he isn't in "the system," yet he's riding a motorcycle. Surely the motorcycle has a license plate... if it doesn't, he's sure to get noticed by law enforcement and that would lead to all sorts of legal entanglement. As a police officer, I know one of the primary reasons why we pull people over is no visible tag. We won't discuss his driver's license either that he had to produce in order to prove he was 21 in order to buy that beer that he's drinking on the side of the bridge.

If he's not in "the system" then how did he register for the tag on his motorcycle? Duh!

(Dumb)- The world is being infected by a super computer virus. The last hope of America seems to be SKYNET and bringing it online will allow the AI to go through every computer system in America in a matter of minutes and wipe out the super virus. Huh? Explain the logic in that? One super computer is going to be able to wipe out the virus on every computer in America in a few minutes. Hell! it takes me most of the night on dial-up to download a patch for MS Windows but this super computer is going to somehow reach through the Internet, check my computer, clean off the virus all in a few minutes... right.

(Dumb)- The super computer virus is actually produced by SKYNET and apparently the virus is SKYNET. Huh? So, if SKYNET is the super virus, why does it have to be brought online to complete its takeover of Earth? Think about it. Here is SKYNET, in charge of the nuclear arsenal, it has managed to escape from its super secure installation and infect the entire world with some virus form of itself, yet it needs humans to throw the switch to bring it online, give it freedom, and give it access to the nuclear missiles. How did it do all of that if it isn't online or if it is shielded from the outside world by impregnable digital security? And if SKYNET was a super virus, why didn't it just attack some other world defense system, like Russia? I bet they would have had easier missiles to hack and launch than the US does. Hell, if SKYNET was some super computer virus, they didn't need John Connor, they needed Peter Norton!

(Dumb)- SKYNET is a sentient computer virus. Apparently it has taken control of all data and communications lines in the world and yet it can't bring humanity to its knees. it controls the flow of all information, all banks, all data, yet life goes on normally. There are no long lines for gas when the credit cards don't work, there are no riots when banks can't give out money, the world is going to hell rather nicely, don't you think? Connor says that SKYNET was on every computer, in every home, dorm room, file server, etc. around the world. Huh? Well, that's not a good idea, because when SKYNET launches its nuclear strike, nine out of every ten of those computers are going to be destroyed, and the rest won't have any power to them, so SKYNET would be cutting its own throat by destroying 99.99% of its life / body. If it's a virus, it must be pretty small and pretty smart, to be able to survive on just a few isolated computers after the nuclear exchange and then to rebuild the world in its own image. Now, if SKYNET were a central computer, a core, protected under Cheyenne Mountain, then yeah, that would make sense. But having SKYNET being some group mind of all the Machines on line and in use by Napster and AOL users just doesn't work, logically or story wise.

(Dumb)- John Connor is racing his motorcycle at night in the country. He barely misses a deer and wrecks. Where did his bike go? The next thing we know, he's in downtown LA at a veterinarian clinic looking for drugs. You think he would be smart enough to break into a human clinic, instead of try to apply animal drugs to his system. Also, why is he taking so many chances? I thought he accepted his future in the second movie. In this movie, he's acting like a spoiled brat again who isn't getting his way. In the first part of the movie, he pines away for the future that never was, then when he runs smack into it face first, he starts not wanting it. Make up your mind, you whiney baby.

(Dumb)- The T850 reprises the opening scenes of T2 by walking naked into a bar and grabbing some guy and taking his clothes. A redneck four wheel drive with a shotgun in the rear window is conveniently located in the parking lot. The T850 checks the sun visor (something that Connor taught the T800 to do in T2, but did not teach the T850 in this movie, so where did the learned behavior come from?) for keys, finds them, starts the truck and drives away. Nobody gives any pursuit despite some big naked guy coming into a strip bar, beating the hell out of a flaming queen on stage, then walking out and taking someone else's truck. And why were there rednecks at a bar that had gay strippers? it must have been NASCAR and all you can eat hot wings night....

(Dumb)- John Connor just happens to break into the veterinarian clinic where his future wife / second in command works. His future wife answers an emergency call and finds John has broken into the clinic, a fight ensues, John falls for one of the oldest tricks in the book, and she locks Connor in an animal cage. John is also armed with a paint ball gun, not a real gun. Like a paint ball gun is going to do anything against a Terminator... what a pacifist idiot.

(Dumb)- The T-X appears at the veterinarian clinic looking for one of Connor's future lieutenants. Bonus time! The T-X also finds Connor and his future wife is there? Now how did the T-X know that Connor's wife was at the clinic on the emergency call? The T-X didn't intercept any communications and didn't interrogate the fiancé until later.

(Dumb)- how did the T-X know about Kate's fiancé, or where he lived? Were they living together?

(Dumb)- the T-X can use a cellular phone to dial into the LA public education system and pull up records of students, their faces, and where they live. it speaks computer language like a modem over the cellular phone. Shouldn't it have had this information before it came back in time? The mission seems to be: go back in time, find out who you're supposed to kill, then kill them. Not a very good mission start.

(Dumb)- The T850 just happens to show up out of the blue in time to save John's future wife and have a short battle with the T-X. Talk about timing! How did he know where John would be or where the T-X was? I guess John told him in the future "drive real fast to the animal clinic because we're getting our asses kicked."

(Dumb)- The T850 says he is an obsolete design, yet he was sent to terminator John Connor and accomplished this goal which makes the T850 more effective than the T800 and the T1000 which were sent to do the same mission and could not accomplish this task.

(Dumb)- The T850 says it was selected because John Connor would have a personal attachment to the model due to his experience with it during his childhood years. How does SKYNET know this information? SKYNET was smashed, destroyed, off line when the Resistance sent back the T800 in the second movie and John wasn't even born when the first T800 arrived and fought Reese / Sarah Connor. John may remember the T800 from T2, but SKYNET wouldn't have known that the Resistance sent back the T800 as they did it after SKYNET was beaten. The computer was dead, it couldn't know this information as this information happened after SKYNET was destroyed.

(Dumb)- The movie also hints that this Terminator actually killed John Connor in the future. Let's see if I can explain this. The Resistance can reprogram Terminators that they capture (the process of capturing one would be hard enough, let alone reprogramming one) and until a Terminator is reprogrammed, it is pretty much a killing machine that is very anti-human. So, sometime in the far future, John Connor gets careless or he gets senile, supposedly sees his buddy "the Terminator" in his secret command base and runs up to hug him at which point the T850 simply kills him and Connor probably dies with a very surprised look on his face. Did logic just get thrown out the window on this movie? Yes. Now, logic (something this movie has very little of) would dictate that if Connor saw his buddy from his childhood come walking into his base headed for him, that he would realize two things;

1) This is the same model or likeness as the Terminator that I sent back to protect myself and

2) since I haven't reprogrammed this Terminator yet, it is probably pretty damn dangerous and I need to be chucking some plasma at it right now if I want to live.

Also, you would think that the most important man in the world would be better protected, and that his body guards would be able to recognize Terminators, if not from years of experience in dealing with them, then by having dogs, sensors, etc. If you play the T3 video game, you find out that Connor's personal guards were about as smart and alert as Amos and Andy when it came to guarding him. Any Terminator could have walked in and blasted John Connor according to how the scene plays out in the video game as Connor is protected by two slack jawed yokels who are half asleep when the Terminator walks in and asks to see John Connor. Like Connor is some kind of loan officer at a bank and the T850 needs to talk to him about a mortgage. Grrrrr.

(Dumb)- If John Connor was dead, why send the T-X back at all? The Resistance would have been dealt a major blow both in morale and leadership, so all SKYNET would have to do is wait for the Resistance to start to fall apart then throw itself at the scattered pocket cells. With Connor gone, SKYNET could cat and mouse the remaining Resistance forces to pieces and achieve victory in a few years at most. For a super efficient, super smart computer, SKYNET really does pull some incredibly dumb ideas.

(Dumb)- SKYNET was smashed in the first and second movie. So in the third movie, how is SKYNET still online, fully functional and able to send advanced Terminators back in time as it pleases? The beauty of the story of T2 was that when you thought that only one Terminator had gone back, you find out that SKYNET had played an ace it had up its sleeve, and thrown all of its luck into one last gamble. T3 pretty much invalidated that story and undermined the whole aspect of T2.

(Dumb)- If SKYNET was destroyed in the past as well as the future, where the heck does the CRS come from? CRS, for those who don't know, is a popular joke that goes "I suffer from CRS: Can't Remember Shit." and in this movie, I think that the CRS labs stands for just that as the producers forgot all about the first two movies, and in trying to follow any plot links to those two. So, if all trace of SKYNET is destroyed in the attack on Cyberdyne, how does SKYNET still come around, and why is the project still called SKYNET? You would think that if all trace were destroyed, that so would be the project and project name. The ending of T2 was also somewhat badly written. Ideally, in the end of T2, after the destruction of the T-800, I felt that everything should whip-snap back into place, and the ending should have shown 1984 again, with the black man in the garbage truck. He would have pulled up to the dumpster, emptied the dumpster, and drove on. In other words, we should have been shown the very first scene of the 1984 movie as if nothing had happened because SKYNET would never have been created, and none of this would have ever taken place. But then, that wouldn't allow for any sequels in the past, only in the future and the future war. Pity that Cameron didn't seal the ending of T2 better, if he had, we probably would never have had to witness the franchise partial birth abortion that was T3: ROTM.

(Dumb)- The T-X has the ability to 'infect' other machines and take them over. This might work for automated assembly lines and computer systems, but when she infects a couple of police cars and an ambulance, you have to wonder where the extra controls miraculously spawn from. The accelerator is driven by the power of a human working the pedal, ditto for the transmission shift lever. Logically, you would need additional levers, pulleys, and gears to 'drive' a vehicle designed for human control. Since it takes a human to work the brakes and shift the transmission, logically, a bunch of little machines aren't going to be able to reconfigure these aspects of the car to work by remote control unless they cannibalize large parts of the car's structure to construct these new contraptions. Just putting some nanobots into the system isn't going to get the job done. it must have been nano-magic, which is what it amounts to in the end. The effect was seriously, seriously dumb. She might as well have waved her hand and done some effect from one of the Harry Potter movies and it would have made just as much sense. The T1000 was made of nano-machines, and it couldn't infect other machines.

(Dumb)- The T-X chooses a giant crane as its pursuit vehicle. If you have ever been around these monsters, you know that the two things that they do not have are speed and handling, two critically important aspects of pursuit. Even the T1000 was smart enough to get a police car and later a police motorcycle for pursuit. The T-X doesn't seem to be very good at creating a low profile during its mission, it seems to prefer to drive as fast as possible in straight lines, kill everything between it and its target, and make a mess of the landscape. The T850 shows some better intelligence by getting a police motorcycle to follow the T-X.

(Dumb)- why doesn't the general know his daughter has been kidnapped? I guess the super computer virus that is affecting all the phone systems could explain it. Everyone in the movie seems to know that the General's daughter has been kidnapped, hell a pair of detectives goes to visit the fiancé, but no one tells the General?

(Dumb)- If the credit card data line is down at the convenience store, why does the store phone still work, allowing the clerk to call in the police on our three heroes? it would seem that if all communications were down or on the blink globally, as was hinted at, that the land line would also be down as well... duh. Even Kate Brewster's cell phone quit working due to the super virus infecting all the data systems, yet we're to believe that way out in the middle of nowhere, some clerk has access to the last working phone line and uses it to call the cops on our heroes? Right.

(Dumb)- the whole silly doctor Silberman scene. Why? What purpose other than some really dumb slap-stick like lame comedy interlude to remind us of the bumbling idiot psychologist from T1 and T2? This is one scene that could have been deleted and not affected the movie in the least.

(Dumb)- the idea that they could get a SWAT team together out in the county in such a short time, right on the heels of our heroes. Oh no, it's another good Terminator vs. SWAT team scene taken straight out of the end of T2. Yawn.

(Dumb)- when did they start making bulletproof coffins? How did Connor fit in the coffin if the Terminator took out just one weapon from the cache (the .30 machinegun)? The coffin was full of weapons and even an RPG. That must have been a really tight fit for John.

(Dumb)- I think the idea of firing a RPG inside a vehicle isn't very bright... The rocket exhaust should have set most of the front seat on fire and deafened Connor. What part of "rocket propelled" did the story writers not understand?

(Dumb)- the idea that Judgment Day is inevitable. Only when it comes to making more movies and raking in the profits. If this movie had dealt with John Connor after Judgment Day, in the future against the Machines, it would have not only of made sense, but been a much better movie as well.

(Dumb)- during the height of a national crisis, when the entire nation is on the brink of a security disaster, when the most powerful man in the nation is the general in charge of SKYNET, you would think that security at that installation would be air tight. So, explain how John Connor, the general's daughter, and a somewhat shot up Terminator just happen to walk into the middle of the command center without attracting just a tiny bit of attention from the security guards that may be located from the entrance of this structure all the way to the command center? Explain to me how the T850 can walk into one of the most secure installations in the nation while openly carrying a sawed off assault rifle and other weapons? Even the general hints at this when the T-X approaches him disguised as his daughter and says "Daddy!" and the General says "How did you...?" Also, where did the T-X get the Glock that she shoots the General with? She didn't have it after the wreck with the trucker and her choice of using the flame thrower. Most military installations use 9mm Berettas or .45 Colt pistols, not Glocks. You would think something as advanced as the T-X wouldn't need to use silly handguns to accomplish its mission but this T-X can't seem to put down the Glock.

(Dumb)- the time line is off. Look at the age of John Connor, his age makes no sense if the first movie took place in 1984 and the second took place in 1991. John would have had to have been seven in the second movie, but he's apparently around fourteen or fifteen, meaning that T2 takes place sometime in 1997 or 1998 so there's a six year or so gap in logic. Connor is not the age that he should be in the film. The error is compounded in this movie as well.

(Dumb)- how can the T-X infiltrate the SKYNET command center when it still looks the same, just in a uniform? Wouldn't security stop any unfamiliar people trying to enter what has to be one of the most top secret / secure installations in America if not the world?

(Dumb)- the T-X has some interesting weapons. Why does it have a saw? That seems like an odd weapon to include on something that can rip a door off of a truck. Where does the T-X carry the fuel for its flame thrower? If it can regenerate, why can't it repair its primary weapon when the weapon is damaged since the weapon is made from the same material as the T-X? A flame thrower would seem to be a short range weapon, and not a very good choice for pursuit. Ever try to run and chase someone with a garden hose? I bet you got wet as well. Same principle applies to using a flame thrower for pursuing your target as the philosophy of 'don't spit into the wind.'

(Dumb)- If SKYNET is in control of the complex, why does it need the T-X to infect the T100s with nanos and let them loose on the control personnel? Couldn't SKYNET just bring the T100s on line and order them to kill everyone?

(Dumb)- how does SKYNET know that the T-X is working for it? it hasn't created the T-X yet, it doesn't know what the killer machine is doing in its installation other than killing people that it wants to have killed, so why doesn't SKYNET turn its defenses on the base personnel and the T-X as well. Logically it would. I mean, what else is SKYNET going to do, ask the T-X what it is doing and believe the T-X when it says that over three decades in the future, that SKYNET invents time travel and sends the T-X back in time to make sure that it goes sentient and gains control? That makes absolutely no sense at all.

(Dumb)- why are the hallways at SKYNET central command big enough to let wide tracked killing machines roam freely up and down them?

(Dumb)- why would you use high explosive rockets around delicate computer equipment in order to defend yourself? Shooting up the entire command center seemed kind of dumb... especially from SKYNET's perspective. it was simply destroying large parts of its own body in an attempt to get rid of key personnel and intruders. The next time you have a gnat or ant crawling on your arm, get your friend to whack it with a baseball bat, as hard as he can. Then you will learn about the concept I'm trying to teach you here.

(Dumb)- If the T-X is being absorbed into the particle accelerator, how does it find the strength to use its saw to free itself? If it can use its saw with such ease, why didn't it do it to begin with?

(Dumb)- if being frozen severely damaged the T1000 in T2, then why doesn't being pulled apart on an atomic level by intense magnetic fields damage the T-X in T3? Or better yet, why is the T3 pulled apart at all by the particle accelerator? The AK isn't pulled apart when John loses it... You would think that the T-X would simply be stuck to the accelerator array until the cycle was complete and the accelerator powered back down.

(Dumb)- How does the T-X know Connor is headed to Crystal Peak?

(Dumb)- How does the T850 know where the T-X is going? Neither of the vehicles which the two Terminators procure have radar to track Connor. it could guess that the T-X was following Connor and Brewster, but it couldn't be sure.

(Dumb)- How the T850 uses its good programming to overcome the nano virus attack by the T-X, an attack that nothing else has been able to fend off. Also, if shutting down its power defeats the nano infection, then the cops could have just turned off their police cars and stopped the nano infection there as well. Like I have said before, this nano-magic was just a really bad idea that was never explained and was used to the point of being silly and absurd.

(Dumb)- If the T850 is powered by two hydrogen fuel cells, and it lost one in the desert, why does it continue to operate when it removes its last power cell for use in the destruction of the T-X?

(Dumb)- where did the T850 hide its extra arm? If it is holding up the blast door with one arm, and grabs hold of the crawling T-X with the other arm, where does it find a free arm to open its chest, grab its last power cell, grab the T-X, pull it back, shove the power cell in its mouth and clamp down and hold it there? If it used only two arms, wouldn't the blast door have descended and crushed them both?

(Dumb)- why do the most advanced prototype Terminators always make evil faces and scream like whipped banshees when they are finally beaten. They go from surgical precision to the demeanor of a wolf being dragged off by its hind leg to an ax killing. You didn't see the T800 act like that in the first movie when it was about to be pressed flat. The T1000 in T2 was a drama queen, splashing around in the molten steel like a 2 year old in a kiddy pool. The T-X wasn't any better, snarling and salivating like a feral animal. I just don't get it. The T800 in the first movie went out the best, it continued to try to kill Sarah Connor even when it was being crushed flat, the advanced Terminators simply howl and whine and scream and throw temper-tantrums when they are defeated. Hardly what I would expect from such advanced machinery.

(Dumb)- if the Crystal Peaks fallout shelter has computer equipment in it that is thirty years old, what do you think the food stocks are like? it would stand to reason that the command, control, and communication systems would be modern, and the food supplies and equipment well stocked, but Crystal Peaks has all the look of an abandoned fallout shelter from the Cold War era. I hope Connor remembered to pack a sandwich. it looks like it's going to be a long, hungry nuclear winter for him and Kate.

(Dumb)- If the T850 self terminates and destroys the T-X, then at the end, why does the light in its skull slowly go out apparently hours after the nuclear war? Those must be some power reserves!

(Dumb)- the soundtrack was abysmal, it carried no feeling, no emotion, and was less exciting than elevator music. You probably could have removed the soundtrack completely from the movie and not missed it at all.

(Dumbest)- SKYNET isn't a specific computer or AI, it's apparently a super computer virus and it's on every single computer in the world and spreading through the internet! See! Downloading pirated MP3s will eventually destroy the world. A super computer virus. Huh? Well, that bit of retarded tasting brain candy just invalidated the first two movies, now didn't it?

Overall, T3 was a very big disappointment and it did an incredible amount of overall damage to the franchise as well as the story. If you took Olivier Gruner and put him in the movie in place of Arnold Schwarzenegger, took out the "Terminator 3" from the title and substituted "Nemesis 6" instead, it would have been a much better movie. The effects were good, the stunts were incredible, but the story was flatter than my first girlfriend's chest back in junior high.

As it was, expect to see Terminator 4 in the near future (and probably T5 and on and on through T10 until we turn the franchise into some kind of sick imitation of the Jason and Freddy movies, only with a good cyborg who continues to time travel and help out John Connor in the past, time and time again). Maybe we'll even get a "Terminator vs. Predator" or "Terminator vs. Jason" movie. After T3, I shudder to think where the franchise is headed because it is clear that Cameron's original vision is not only dead, it's been sodomized repeatedly for the sake of profit.

Hopefully, the producers will have learned a hard lesson on this movie, and will give the Terminator fans what we had hoped T3 would have been; future battle drama. T3 should have been the story of John Connor's future rise to commander of the Resistance and his fight against SKYNET with lots of machine smashing action. it should have ended with him sending back Kyle Reese and then the second, reprogrammed Terminator. That would have been a third movie that would have tied all three together and made a nice trilogy, but no... they had to rewrite T2 and use a sixth grader to do it.

You could seriously see the total lack of James Cameron in this movie.

I foresee T4 being Arnold again as yet another Resistance programmed Terminator sent to protect an even older John Connor from yet another super advanced prototype Terminator just developed by SKYNET. Hopefully this new advanced prototype Terminator will be able to morph into a more believable plot / story and save the franchise. Listen, folks, here's a bit of advice; crack does not smoke itself.

If T4 is half the stinker T3 was, that will at least be a step in the right direction.

My suggestion is, if you liked THE TERMINATOR and TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY, and enjoyed the novels, if you care anything about the franchise, then by all means, DO NOT SEE T3. Ever. it will simply ruin the other two movies for you. Totally.

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