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Blizzard Announces StarCraft 2

Zonk posted more than 7 years ago | from the my-life-for-aiur-again dept.

Games 550

We'll be returning once again to the world of StarCraft, it appears, and not in the form of a Massively Multiplayer game. Blizzard has announced StarCraft 2 at their packed event in Seoul, South Korea. IGN is liveblogging the event, describing gameplay footage being played as well as full cinematics. From the description of ongoing events there are massive changes to the way the game plays, new units, a physics system within the game engine, and the capability to show over 100 units onscreen at a time. "Showing gameplay footage - Looks like protoss ships - floating over asteroid/ base structure - entering protoss ase - similar looking buildings - vespene gas still in the game - character pane shows up on right side - some protoss guy - shifts to terran bases floating on rockets over same type of territory - sill collecting crystals as resources - marines load out. Dustin is actually playing the game - nothing in the game is final." Additional coverage from Milky at 1up.

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i for one... (5, Funny)

legallyillegal (889865) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188683)

...welcome our new ZERGLIasddAS24Y6JNGG-G--SAD9ODASIDAS98244128990WQA NO CARRIER

Hmm. (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19188687)

Who didn't see that one coming from a mile off...

Thats funny...... (2, Insightful)

Sillygates (967271) | more than 7 years ago | (#19189045)

That game looks totally different than the in game video release several years ago........ 6053569246 []

Re:Thats funny...... (2, Insightful)

bLindmOnkey (744643) | more than 7 years ago | (#19189127)

i'm pretty sure that was actually an early trailer for project revolution [] , a total conversion mod for warcraft three whose goal was to recreate starcraft 1 as a mod for wc3.

Re:Thats funny...... (3, Informative)

Toridas (742267) | more than 7 years ago | (#19189211)

Close. It's actually Starkiller [] , a mod for C&C Generals.

Awesome (4, Insightful)

mgiuca (1040724) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188695)

Excellent, so glad it isn't a StarCraft MMO as rumoured.

What I want to know is, will it have a Heroes model (after Warcraft III) or will it drop back to a more traditional model of RTS (just units). Or will it have an entirely new hook? I hope it follows after Warcraft III's model.

However, the reports of having hundreds of zerglings makes it seem like it might be more of a macro scale RTS.

It has some heroes... (4, Interesting)

Myria (562655) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188717)

The Protoss mother ship (from IGN's Charles Onyett [] ):

3:18 - warprey also very effective against structures - very vulnerable to small unit fire - shws warpreys getting wiped out by terran marines. Physics system lets debris from warpreys roll down a ramp. Showing one more unit - warped in in a serious of cubes - giant floating base - called a protoss mothership - can only have 1 at a time - cost big resources - special abilities include timebomb that slows all enemy missiles inside - shows terran missle launcher shooting in projectiles that stop in the field before they reach the ship - when field ends missiles drop the ground - planet cracker attack - giant lasers stream from ship to ground - ship can be moved around while planet cracker laser is active - the ship looks like a metallic, triangular sand dollar - mothership can create a black hole anywhere it wannts to - creates distortion that actually sucks ships in and destroys them - in the demo the black hole destroyed four terran battle cruisers in about ten seconds.

Re:It has some heroes... (4, Interesting)

mgiuca (1040724) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188741)

Hmm, I suppose that's sort of a Hero, but not really in the WC3 sense I don't think.

Re:Awesome (1)

Leptok (1096623) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188727)

Not a big fan of the heroes, I'd rather have hordes than a hero and his cadre. :p

Re:Awesome (2, Funny)

Puff of Logic (895805) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188761)

However, the reports of having hundreds of zerglings makes it seem like it might be more of a macro scale RTS.
No problem. Since 1998, I've upgraded my system somewhat. I can now spawn as many overlords as necessary!

we need more than eye candy (0, Troll)

acidrain (35064) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188969)

Or will it have an entirely new hook?

After RTFA it sure doesn't look like it. StarCraft was one of the best games of all times, but I'm totally disappointed that Blizzard would roll out the same RTS (with a few new units granted) yet again. Practically all of the major RTS games have already been serving up this same tired formula, on the heels of StarCraft's success, and as a player who loves strategy games, I have to say this is pretty damn' depressing.

Blizzard is actually one of the few remaining games companies that should have the freedom to innovate and also have the time to get it right. I wonder if this is Vivendi's meddling. I totally understand why they are doing it, in financial terms, but this is just a cash grab.

Re:Awesome (5, Insightful)

Derekloffin (741455) | more than 7 years ago | (#19189065)

I hope it follows after Warcraft III's model.

God I hope not. I don't want a WCIII mod with SC skins, I want StarCraft II. It should stand out as unique from both it's predecessor and it's brother in the WC universe.

Wow. (5, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19188697)

Even SC2 beat out Duke Nukem Whenever...

Re:Wow. (1)

ornryactor (974225) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188721)

Lol, but this point it's Duke Nukem Never. But seriously- I'm *really* glad to see StarCraft 2 finally announced. God, it's about time.

Starcraft 2 (5, Insightful)

ASkGNet (695262) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188701)

I only hope that Blizzard won't try to mix&match genres in an attempt to gain wider audience. The fact that in WC3, the game degenerated into Hero rush is what kept me from playing it.

They should look at the original Ground Control for an idea of a good strategy game

Re:Starcraft 2 (5, Funny)

solios (53048) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188765)

Word. I hated War3 - it slammed all of the most irritating elements of RPGs on top of an RTS and wound up being a severely unenjoyable experience as a result. I can't think of a Blizzard title I've enjoyed less.

Hopefully Starcraft 2 is Improved Starcraft. If their previous release pattern is anything to go by, it should be. Then Starcraft 3 will suck ass, then we'll have World Of Starcraft, which won't suck.

Re:Starcraft 2 (5, Insightful)

dosboot (973832) | more than 7 years ago | (#19189077)

WC3 did however make it so you didn't spend half the game clicking peons, you could cast spells easily, and all around had subtle micro improvements. As much as I like starcraft, warcraft 3 was much more accessible. I'm still only a touch better than hopeless at starcraft, whereas in less time with wc3 I can understand the game very well. For me this makes being hero centric and small scale irrelevant, and it is where I want sc2 to be exactly like wc3.

Re:Starcraft 2 (1)

Puff of Logic (895805) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188769)

They should look at the original Ground Control for an idea of a good strategy game
Actually, I hope they draw strong lessons from Company of Heroes and the Dawn of War series. Still, I have a lot of faith in Blizzard to make good games, so I'm not too worried.

Relic (3, Interesting)

StreetStealth (980200) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188819)

Honestly, Blizzard could learn a lot from Relic (the developer of the games you mention). Relic somewhat quietly revolutionized the RTS seven years ago with Homeworld, only to watch the market quickly return to Warcraft mechanics, with Blizzard capping the return in 2002.

If Starcraft 2's going to be a Warcraft 3 with pylons, so be it; it'll probably sell millions in South Korea, and I don't doubt it will be a fine update of the balancing act that was Starcraft. Without something really new in the way battles are fought, though, I just can't imagine myself being that excited.

Re:Relic (4, Insightful)

Puff of Logic (895805) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188899)

If Starcraft 2's going to be a Warcraft 3 with pylons, so be it; it'll probably sell millions in South Korea, and I don't doubt it will be a fine update of the balancing act that was Starcraft. Without something really new in the way battles are fought, though, I just can't imagine myself being that excited.
That's fair enough. I've been saying for a while now that I'd actually be happy with exactly the same damned game with new graphics and maybe some neat physics. Starcraft was released an age ago in gaming terms and it's still resident on my drive simply because it's fun. I know that there are going to be a lot of unreasonable expectations for this game, but I think that as long as Blizzard can retain the core feel and gameplay of the original, they can't go wrong.

And yes, I'm a huge fan of Relic's work.

Re:Relic (3, Insightful)

evanbd (210358) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188909)

While I loved Homeworld, I thought the basic element they missed that Starcraft had was that the races should be *different*. There should be at least two, preferably 3 races that are unique yet balanced -- not the same units repackaged with a tweak or two. That and I have a pet peeve about "space" physics that include drag -- yeah, yeah, it made the game playable...

Homeworld was quite well done, especially from a UI / controls standpoint. I also felt it had less of the micromanagement requirement that Starcraft and the like had. I'd love to see something like that but with Starcraft-like variety in the races.

Re:Starcraft 2 (1)

NiroZ (964916) | more than 7 years ago | (#19189061)

Personally I hope they get some idea's off Sup Com as well. I mean, after using the zoom fuction in that, I can't play other RTS's. The waypoint system was pretty good too.

Re:Starcraft 2 (0)

ronnybrendel (1027526) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188771)

I loved WC3 because of the Heros. It added one bit more komplexity. You could this and that strategy, the hero choice was also crucial. I hope for balance, long term support and fun :D

Re:Starcraft 2 (1)

king-manic (409855) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188921)

If a hero rush gets ya I don't think that would have been the only thing that would have frustrated you. Hero rushing is a trade off for building him up since peons are worth little. If you can't fend it off then your relative skill level is very very low. Also the strat is often just to see what your base is like to recon for future tactics. Perhaps they see you are noob and just crush you right there.

Re:Starcraft 2 (1, Interesting)

Aliriza (1094599) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188985)

The games changes cause the top of the compaies does not gamers anymore , so what they understant from improvements is the changes and this effects the playability of the Games. I hope so time shows me that I am wrong.

Re:Starcraft 2 (2, Insightful)

Calyth (168525) | more than 7 years ago | (#19189201)

I don't know, all that matter to me is to shift the attention of the (Star|War)Craft fanboys away C&C3 and complaining about how the game economy system doesn't work like they wanted, or how they wanted to see some RPG elements to encourage gamers to keep their units alive.
I wouldn't say I liked StarCraft. The gaming style isn't something that I was proficient at, but at least it has moments that was enjoyable, both single and multiplayer. WC3 was just all about Creeping and Micromanagement, to the point that I would refuse to call WarCraft 3 real time strategy. Personally I don't particularly care fo the announcement other than the effect it would have on C&C3, and I was expecting something like Universe of StarCraft MMO meant to milk more money. I won't be surprised if they did that after SC2 comes out though.

Brrr (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19188703)

It's cold in here...

Bout time (2)

Riktopher (763186) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188711)

A simple WOOt! is in order I believe.

May I be the first to say... (5, Funny)

Karganeth (1017580) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188713)


It was a close race (1, Interesting)

Workaphobia (931620) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188715)

But Blizzard did in fact beat out Duke Nukem Forever. Now taking bets on Diablo 3.

Seriously, I'm very conflicted about this. Part of me realizes that the original developers are long gone and creating subscription games of a different franchise and genre. The other part of me knows this must have been in the works for a very, very long time, and probably went through many fine-tuning incarnations, and is really looking forward to seeings this released.

On the bright side, either way I'll have a chance this time around to learn to play well before the first wave of popularity dies off.

Re:It was a close race (3, Insightful)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19188929)

But Blizzard did in fact beat out Duke Nukem Forever.

You're the second person who's said that but it's obviously untrue. Blizzard have now announced Starcraft 3, whereas Duke Nukem Forever was announced a long time ago. They've now showed intitial versions of the game, that are subject to change. Duke Nukem Forever did that a long time ago. Neither game has been released.

As the announcement (1)

holywarrior21c (933929) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188737)

The american embassy in Seoul heard the annoucement of Starcraft2 at the annoucement joyed with tears that they were freed from nuking and rush of red eyed koreans into the embassy if it were not announced. At 2pm the announcement was there and embassy was covered with red dots and starcraft2 was announced so there were clicking sound nationwide cancelling the nuke. i am kidding. chill.

My Wife for Hire!!!! (5, Funny)

Steavis (887731) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188739)

....Or was that "My life for Aiur!" I could never tell what those damn zealots were saying.

Re:My Wife for Hire!!!! (5, Funny)

Rocketship Underpant (804162) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188961)

"My life for Eire"? Irish nationalists, you know...

Re:My Wife for Hire!!!! (1)

soilheart (1081051) | more than 7 years ago | (#19189177)

The last time I heard it it was:
"My life for Aiur!...uh I mean Ner'Zhul"

Interesting (1)

Xaivius (1038252) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188749)

It will be interesting to see what the Korean telebroadcast community will be doing with this. Considering that for a portion of Korea, this is like the NFL introducing Football 2.0, and then declaring that all original versions of Football are null and void...

Re:Interesting (0, Troll)

WarwickRyan (780794) | more than 7 years ago | (#19189013)

> NFL introducing Football 2.0

From the US perspective, 'they' already have introduced a vastly improved game. You call it 'Soccer'.

Does this mean (1)

Travoltus (110240) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188755)

You'll be able to have an unlimited number of units (if you have the supplies for them) like you can in Command and Conquer?

Of course then again I love StarCraft for how FAST it plays and how quickly it loads, but I also love CnC for the epic magnitude of some of those "10 minutes no rush" games, which are much bigger in CnC than in StarCraft.

Re:Does this mean (1)

Toridas (742267) | more than 7 years ago | (#19189239)

In the screenshots there's still a population counter.

Pretty underwhelmed at this news. (-1, Offtopic)

sean_r69 (621600) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188759)

Pretty underwhelmed at this news.

Meh (0, Flamebait)

Uthic (931553) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188767)

Was never taken with Starcraft, liked TA much better. Will be worth trying at least.

Re:Meh (3, Interesting)

Puff of Logic (895805) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188783)

Was never taken with Starcraft, liked TA much better. Will be worth trying at least.
Well, you must have been pretty happy with Supreme Commander, since it was essentially TA 2.0. I enjoyed the demo (although the dual screen functionality needed work) but haven't picked up a copy of it yet. Starcraft 2 has been a hell of a long time coming and I'm glad to see that it's been confirmed.

Re:Meh (1)

Uthic (931553) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188793)

Ohhh SupCom's great fun. I'm waiting on my friends to upgrade so I can play with them, hehe. Different style of games, I always found SC to be something bordering on tactical with all the micromanagement possible. With SupCom and the large armies you can field, things get more strategic.

Re:Meh (1)

Puff of Logic (895805) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188927)

With SupCom and the large armies you can field, things get more strategic.
Indeed. As I understand it, the primary aim of SupCom was to create a strategic--rather than tactical--game. I played the hell out of TA back in the day and I have no doubt that I'll do the same with SupCom when my time (and video card) permit. Oddly though, I found the SupCom demo to be...soulless. I think a huge part of the Starcraft attraction is the universe. Everything is just so damned cool. However, I just didn't get that feeling from TA or SupCom. To be honest, I was rather underwhelmed with the graphics in SupCom because they were so damned bland. That's not intended as a slam, but more an aesthetic preference. I'm really looking forward to seeing high-resolution Zerg. :)

Re:Meh (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19188957)

You should try Spring [] if you haven't already.

Re:Meh (1)

game kid (805301) | more than 7 years ago | (#19189017)

Oddly though, I found the SupCom demo to be...soulless. I think a huge part of the Starcraft attraction is the universe. Everything is just so damned cool.

Nevermind that the typical SupCom Siege Assault Bot doesn't have such nice lines as READY TO ROLL OUT!

(I'm getting it anyway, since things like futuristic wars and giant enemy cra--I mean, spiders appeal to me. also I liked the demo.)

Re:Meh (4, Insightful)

RoffleTheWaffle (916980) | more than 7 years ago | (#19189225)

The point about style that you made is probably why everyone remembers Starcraft, while Total Annihilation is practically unknown to most gamers today. While I'm sure most of us can agree that Starcraft was a technically inferior program, it was much more memorable for its style, appearance, and story. Total Annihilation, meanwhile, was a game far ahead of its time, and it got left in the dust because it had zero personality. Total Annihilation's gameplay was and continues to be top-notch, even surpassing Supreme Commander in a few respects. (Namely in unit diversity and pacing.) It had features most RTS games don't have now, and that was ten years ago. The problem is, there was no 'coolness hook' - no real style - to draw you in unless you really, really appreciated the gameplay and the feature-set. In today's world of pretty lights, convoluted storylines, and stylishly dressed feature characters, games like Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander are just too difficult for most gamers to appreciate.

That's not to say they're both not completely incredible games, which they are. They're just totally square in spite of being so awesome.

Another crisis averted (5, Funny)

tehSpork (1000190) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188785)

In other news, the rest of the world released a huge sigh of relief as the Doomsday Clock [] was turned back. A spokesman for the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists was quoted as saying "A Starcraft MMO could have ended it all. We may never know how close we came to the complete and utter destruction of society as we know it."

Re:Another crisis averted (4, Funny)

Puff of Logic (895805) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188801)

Indeed. Penny Arcade's Gabe will also continue to be able to see his family [] .

Round 2 (4, Funny)

Nihilgeist (1104329) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188787)

StarCraft is back for more. Will my academic career survive this time?

Re:Round 2 (1, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19188865)

Out of curiosity, how long have you been in school?

CGI Trailer on YouTube (5, Informative)

Myria (562655) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188795)

Here []

Re:CGI Trailer on YouTube (1)

StreetStealth (980200) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188837)

It stops halfway through. This, plus the fact I can't read Hangul, is really starting to tick me off, I say!

Re:CGI Trailer on YouTube (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19188913)

This happened to me too, but after restarting firefox i was good to go.

Needs translation (1)

Chris Pimlott (16212) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188953)

Any Korean speakers out there that can tell us what the text on the screen said, as well as what the man said at the end?

Re:Needs translation (2, Informative)

SilentOneNCW (943611) | more than 7 years ago | (#19189021)

Jim Raynor's end quote in Korean: "What took you so long?"

Re:CGI Trailer on YouTube (1)

Panseh (1072370) | more than 7 years ago | (#19189129)

Starcraft 2 Units part 1 []

Blizzard Press Release []

Starcraft 2 Website Up (3, Informative)

Panseh (1072370) | more than 7 years ago | (#19189157) [] now up

Screenshots available (4, Informative)

mgiuca (1040724) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188875)

IGN has posted screenshots here [] .

Looks incredibly cool graphically, though at the moment it looks like the gameplay is exactly the same as StarCraft. I wonder if there'll be some gameplay announcements soon.

Re:Screenshots available (1)

harry666t (1062422) | more than 7 years ago | (#19189213)

Personally, I don't care about the graphics.

I want the *gameplay*.

Re:Screenshots available (0, Offtopic)

mgiuca (1040724) | more than 7 years ago | (#19189247)

Yeah me too - I'm starting to get over the "wow" factor and say "hang on, where is the new gameplay".

But not too worried at this point - remember Warcraft III had its gameplay totally revamped/reinvented some months after the announcement.

yikes (1)

jigjigga (903943) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188877)

AAhhh.... sc2- introducing a whole new generation to dropping out of college. Kekekeke

Looks like Starcraft 1 with new graphics... (2, Insightful)

ghostunit (868434) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188905)

I was amazed at this announcement but upon closer examination of the screenshots, it looks like it doesn't have anything new over its predecessor. Buildings and units have the same size relation as before, it doesn't seem like you can zoom in/out, very similar units.

It would be disappointing it it didn't have some revolutionary features and a great story.

Re:Looks like Starcraft 1 with new graphics... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19189059)

If you watch some of the videos posted above, you will see the player has 3-D perspective, and it appears the terrain and units/buildings are 3-D modeled. Very cool, but that alone does not make a game.

I'm hoping it has a few new features and interaction options, as well as better AI, but nothing radical. And of course, a good storyline.

Wow, those sounds really take me back. "Did somebody call for an exterminator?"

Re:Looks like Starcraft 1 with new graphics... (5, Insightful)

graymocker (753063) | more than 7 years ago | (#19189169)

It's unsurprising to see how reminiscent of Starcraft this is. Innovation has never been strength of Blizzard; historically, Blizzard games have never had revolutionary features. Starcraft itself was merely the purest, best manifestation of a RTS formula that was very well established by the mid-90s. Blizzard sticks to refining established gameplay concepts into a perfectly crafted and meticulously balanced gem. This is not intended either as a insult of Blizzard, merely an observation - the studio is obviously very, very good at what it does, and it is rightly rewarded for that by the market. Indeed, the games industry would be much poorer without Blizzard, as it had a hand in popularizing many otherwise overlooked innovations in games, but the fact is that they don't innovate and never have. (The Gauntlet-style RPG slasher was about dead prior to Diablo, and Warcraft 3's appropriation of the hero system from neglected games like Battlecry and Kohan seems to have made it a staple of the RTS genre, etc.)

I hope... (1)

slayermet420 (1053520) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188911)

I hope Starcraft 2 will at least stick to the general premise of the original Starcraft and Brood Wars. These were two absolutely incredible games, and I've wasted many hours beating these games.

Let's only hope.

Re:I hope... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19188995)

"Beating these games"? Who plays starcraft for the single player campaign!?

So... (1)

evanbd (210358) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188915)

Release date?

User Interface (3, Interesting)

BloodyIron (939359) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188933)

I imagine by now my post might not be read, but here goes.

I have been a fan of Blizzard for years, still am really. I put faith in the quality of their product, but I am concerned with a concept they themselves essentially created.

Custom User Interfaces. With the advent of World of Warcraft, I wonder why it had not been developed before. For those who are not quite following me yet, let me indulge you.

World of Warcraft features an almost 100% customizable User Interface via the use of XML and LUA. The only real restrictions are ones which could possibly cause you to gain an unfair advantage over your opponents. Granted, the "convenience" itself can add an advantage, but Blizzard is more concerned of causing things that were not originally intended to occur, that drastically imbalances the playing field. After using their customizable UI for years, I find myself dependant on such customization.

My concern is, will they impliment a method for customizing their UI to the degree that World of Warcraft saw? I for one would be in favour of such a design. Consider that there are little shortcuts, and little nicities that Warcraft 3 had over Starcraft 1. Things such as pressing tilde to select any idle worker, or pressing the "forward" and "back" buttons on new-er mice to cycle through different types of units. I would be eager to see how much of an impact customizing the UI in a RTS of such calibre would have.

Don't hold your breath... (2, Insightful)

mark-t (151149) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188937)

Or at least, that's what my kids (all have played Starcraft) said when I mentioned this to them, quick to point out that the Starcraft:Ghost project was delayed so many times it eventually died.

BleahBleahBleah. (0)

NeutronCowboy (896098) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188955)

I have to admit, I'm terribly disappointed so far. From what little screenshots and descriptions there, it's basically Starcraft with new Units. The 3D seems to be strictly for graphical effects, as is the Physics engine. Quite frankly, it seems that they decided not to mess with a winning combination, and just updated the looks and units. Terrain and unit collisions seem identical (3 heights, height differences impassible for general units, units occupy their own space).

Mind you, it looks very pretty. But I'm getting the feeling that it is going to play almost exactly like Starcraft. And here I was hoping they'd go for a bit more realism - actual 3D terrain, units better proportioned, a tweak on manufacturing or the tech tree implementation.... ah hell, who am I kidding. This is the company that sold us Diablo in Warcraft World as a new game. It looks like we're getting Starcraft - in 3D! as a new game now. I suspect that Blizzard will soon find out that polish can carry a game only so far... at some point, it has to be interesting and an actual improvement over the original.

Re:BleahBleahBleah. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19188979)

That's an awful lot of assumptions you're making based on the info we have so far.

Re:BleahBleahBleah. (2, Funny)

Shinra (1057198) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188991)

>>it seems that they decided not to mess with a winning combination

If it ain't broke, why fix it?

Seriously, Starcraft is an RTS, and to make it anything else in the main series (As opposed to a spin-off or a side-game)
would be an insult to the millions who play Starcraft.

I am likely going to preorder this anyway.

Re:BleahBleahBleah. (1)

NeutronCowboy (896098) | more than 7 years ago | (#19189121)

If it's the same as Starcraft, why release a new game? I was hoping I'd get a new game, not what amounts to an expansion pack with a 3D graphics engine.

Re:BleahBleahBleah. (1)

Shinra (1057198) | more than 7 years ago | (#19189179)

Well, a lot of games often come out with incremental sequels with additional characters, vehicles
advance in the story, etc., Yes I am aware that this often is done with PC games through expansion packs,
but From the trailers I've seen, this is looking as more then just an expansion, as they mentioned new units,
new gameplay features (Unspecified as to what those were however) and even a higher ZERG RUSH limit.

Ultimately That's the problem with a successful game: You don't want to piss off those who are used
to a good thing, but you don't want to rehash the same thing to new customers. Its a fine line to walk
and not everyone is going to be satisfied no matter how Starcraft 2 comes out. If someone praises it,
another gamer will bitch about it for, even probably the exact reason the first person liked it.

However, Its too early at this point to decidedly call it just "Starcraft in 3D". I'd wait and
at least see a gameplay video first.

The other thing is, gamers have been clamoring for a sequel for a DECADE. They WANT something new with Starcraft,
even if it, fundamentally, is just an updated graphical version of the core gameplay.

Re:BleahBleahBleah. (1)

MLS100 (1073958) | more than 7 years ago | (#19189005)

Well if you look at the difference between Diablo and Diablo 2 you will see pretty much the same thing: Slight update in graphics, new classes, items, dungeons, tweaked spell system. Was it some revolutionary improvement upon the original? No. But it was immensely successful.


Re:BleahBleahBleah. (2, Funny)

DrSkwid (118965) | more than 7 years ago | (#19189279)

"Starcraft in 3d in Directx 9 with particles systems and a few minor tweaks to the gameplay."

I'd buy that for a dollar!

I feel enormously stupid ... (1)

mstroeck (411799) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188971)

... but I just threw my fist in the air, almost dropped my laptop and grunted like a caveman -- all in an upscale hotel-lobby in Hong Kong. StarCraft 2! Fuck, YEAH! I'm almost 24 now and haven't played anything but a few hours of WoW since I got out of high-school, but this really gets me going in ways I'd rather not elaborate.

penguins (1)

stonedcat (80201) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188987)

It'd be nice to see blizzard get their act together and release for linux as well, instead of depending on WINE or chite like Cedega for us to play their games. I'm not holding my breath on this one though, they've been failing us for years.

Oh please (1)

Frozen Void (831218) | more than 7 years ago | (#19188989)

Starcraft has the capability of showing 1500 units on screen at once,with some lag(anyone who played evolves maps knows).I suspect it be another Warcraft III with starcraft units.

Appropriate use of a well-used quote (5, Funny)

GFree (853379) | more than 7 years ago | (#19189009)

I, for one, welcome our new Zerg overlords.

*whisper: dude, we don't have any overlords*


Re:Appropriate use of a well-used quote (1)

game kid (805301) | more than 7 years ago | (#19189063)

You spawn more overlords, I'll CONSTRUCT ADDITIONAL PYLONS.

Re:Appropriate use of a well-used quote (1)

mgiuca (1040724) | more than 7 years ago | (#19189187)

Oh I'm glad someone said it :)

Looks exactly like SC1 (1)

jorghis (1000092) | more than 7 years ago | (#19189031)

I look at those screenshots and they look exactly like a SC1 battle with better resolution. Seriously, with one or two exceptions you can pick out every unit and its SC1 equivalent in those screenshots. The terran bunkers, the mutalisks, the zerglings, etc.

I know SC1 was an awesome game and they dont want to do anything to mess up the legacy, but come on, its like a decade later, lets do something besides new graphics. I've always been a huge fan of Blizzard, I hope there is more to the new starcraft than what I've seen so far would suggest. Right now it just looks like an expansion pack with a few new units and updated graphics.

Sprite Graphics? (1)

jinxidoru (743428) | more than 7 years ago | (#19189035)

I was just looking at the screenshots. Did anyone else think they look like sprite-based graphics rather than polygon? If those are actually polygon based graphics, then they have done some amazing work. If they are sprite-based, then I say, "Great!" It'll be nice to not be looking at something other than the same 'ole polygon graphics.

I hate it how when a new technology comes out that everyone abandons the old. 3D graphics are great, but they aren't perfect for everything. It's kind of like how I would love to see a non-CG animated movie again.

But I digress, could someone tell me what the graphic system is going to be?

Hopes and Dreams (0, Troll)

Vertana (1094987) | more than 7 years ago | (#19189037)

The ONLY thing I truly wish they include is... Linux support. Not many games ahve that and if Starcraft 2 had support for Linux then it could be poised to be one of the top selling games of all time. Here's to Linux support and the dumping of IPX ^^

Likely no revolutionary gameplay changes... (5, Insightful)

mstroeck (411799) | more than 7 years ago | (#19189039)

I'm entering "long, pseudo-philosophical rant"-mode here, so caveat lector:

Improving StarCraft is like improving chess - arguably possible, but hardly without upsetting a lot of people. StarCraft is still being played today because as a game, it's one of the most polished and consistent experiences available. It's not truly "real-time", it has little to do with "strategy", it is certainly not trying to be realistic and the graphics suck by today's standard - but that's also true for poker and darts. I feel most of the comments calling for Blizzard to "look to Title X" for new ideas for StarCraft 2 are a little misguided. StarCraft's gameplay is in a class of it's own, people will buy it because it's StarCraft. And they will buy it because StarCraft -even in its current form- is just a damn good game in it's own right. It's just imaginable that, a hundred years from now, people will still enjoy slightly enhanced versions of exactly the same formula, just like we enjoy back gammon thousands of years after its original form was created.

Break a Leg. (1)

ForCripeSake (932432) | more than 7 years ago | (#19189047)

The last time the following phrase was muttered, the game was send back to the oven and served when done with delicious results. So let me say it loud and proud: Geeze....Warcraft III in space?

Get rid of Kerrigan (1, Insightful)

lbbros (900904) | more than 7 years ago | (#19189069)

Get rid of that annoying character (though other expletives are better suited) and perhaps I'll be interested in playing. I really didn't like how Brood War ended.

How to Make SC MMO-Like w/Out Making it an RPG (1)

BlackGriffen (521856) | more than 7 years ago | (#19189075)

It's really simple too - take a cue from Pokemon and make units persistent somehow between battles. Not just heros, either, but units should be able to gain experience, have morale, be decimated even if it doesn't technically die, etc. I don't know how exactly to make it fun, but the basic idea seems sound - ie that the army is something you have to take care of and not just send on suicide runs. I'm not talking about that "send a hero unit on a treasure hunt" crap from WC3, either, just sound battle hardened or shell shocked units.

In that vein, permitting people to customize their army somewhat seems like a good idea, too. This would work best with the persistent army, but even if the army isn't persistent allowing people to customize which branches of the tech tree they have access before the game might be a good idea, too. Kind of like how you're locked in to your technological choices before a war even starts.

Having persistent territory or some kind of objective world that this operates in is more questionable.

This would all be a play balancing nightmare, but could be worth the effort if done right.

I have a hard time squaring this with the central element of SC games - resource gathering to build an army up - but whatever. That's what makes brain dumps fun. :)

Starcraft forever (4, Insightful)

N3wsByt3 (758224) | more than 7 years ago | (#19189145)

While I see some complain that Starcraft2 is just like Starcraft, I rather think that's just one of it's strengths. I would *hate* to have seen a completely 'revised' starcraft where one could hardly see any link with the old game. Let's face it; it may be true that Blizzard is (much like EA) a rather commercial company (well, they all are, but you know what I mean) who mainly goes for established and proven concepts, and doesn't come up with something daring or original - one must acknowledge they hit the spot with Starcraft. It was one of the best games of the genre in its time. Ah, the wee hours I spend on it (including broodwars). I'm not saying it was perfect (there were some missions who were rather tedious and boring), but all in all it was a great game - and even until this day I play it now and then (I bought it again for 6 euro or so last year; a real bargain, since it STILL looks reasonable and remains as enjoyable as when it came out).

So, yes, Blizzard isn't really an innovative company and only bets on sure moneymakers, and their Starcraft2 is much like Starcraft, only with prettier graphics, a new story, new units, new AI and physics...but really, isn't that new enough for something that already was a superb game (and, as Blizzard well knows, a huge succes)? I think *many* more would complain if Blizzard had taken Starcraft into directions that completely deviated from the old game, frankly. Imagine they made a MMOG out of it...that would have been completely awful (just as when Beth would make the next TES game into a MMOG; a big mistake - though in that case, multiplayer for 4-8 friends to play in it would be cool). All in all, Blizzard did well not to tinker too much with the concept of the game itself; a huge fanbase would be more inclined to turn their backs on them if they would be *too* cavalier in changing an already established and loved game.

That said, I would like to see Blizzard and EA try out something really innovative with a new game, though. It's a bit sad such huge companies dare less then other, often far more smaller game-developing corporations. Yeah, I know; going for the easy money is always...well, easier. But I can't imagine the game-devs themselves wouldn't like to tackle and try out something totally new too, even in those companies.

Looks like it won't kill lesser PC's either. (4, Insightful)

Nim82 (838705) | more than 7 years ago | (#19189147)

I really appreciate the fact (judging by the visuals) that they have seemingly concentrated on making things aesthetically pleasing, rather than technologically demanding, as so many new games seem to.

This means it should be fairly scalable to lower end PC's. Complete opposite to say Supreme Commander which kills even high-end computers, yet isn't exactly great looking - infact it looks worse than 10 year old TA on anything but the highest settings!.

Blizzard did the same with WC3, which ran nicely on my low end laptop back in the day and still looked nice. Kudos to them for putting gameplay, and true art ahead of 'graphics technology'.

Fuck Blizzard. (0)

pecosdave (536896) | more than 7 years ago | (#19189241)

As long as Blizzard continues to sue their fans after leading them along with a carrot, as long as my buddy is still an expert witness in a lawsuit involving them and BNetD, as long as they still continue to ignore Linux (but support Mac, on X86) they'll not get my money.

Yes I looked at the pictures. Yes it looks awesome. Yes there was a time I used to play Star Craft for hours after hours at work with my coworker. Those times are gone (BTW, as a former Novell guy, I actually liked IPX)

On another note - no more excuses. Supporting Mac OSX on X86 and not supporting Linux is nothing short of Laziness now. Back when Mac OS wasn't *Nix, back when Macs ran on Motorola processors, back when the Mac still sucked there was an excuse for compiling for one but not the other. The excuse it gone now.

Also check... (1)

WhiskyMoon (835381) | more than 7 years ago | (#19189273)

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