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Where Do You Get Your IT News?

Cliff posted more than 7 years ago | from the somewhere-else-than-here dept.

Enlightenment 85

whiggy asks: "I am a network admin in a small company with predominantly Windows systems, with minimal Linux exposure. I am attempting to organize myself in order to be more productive. Of course, one of the things on my list is to keep up with the latest technology trends. I have several sites in my bookmarks that I visit daily, but I am just curious what other good resources are out there. What are your favorite sites (or other resources) you get your morning news from? Which ones are the 'must haves'?"

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Well.. (5, Informative)

Iam9376 (1096787) | more than 7 years ago | (#19266323)

Here, Ars Technica, Toms Hardware Guide, xbitlabs, AnandTech.

Whislt on the subject, Bias? (2, Insightful)

T0wner (552792) | more than 7 years ago | (#19267353)

Slashdot, theregister, wired, new scientist, anandtech, bbc news technology section (obligatory comedy option).

I used to read tomshardware until a few years ago when articles started becoming so blatantly biased towards whoever had sent 'tom' a new toy that week that it deteriorated from information source to propaganda.

Its one thing listing your sources of news but have you properly evaluated your source and understand what view point they may come from? /. is obviously very open source / linux biased god bless it, theregister seems to go down the route of IT tabloid in terms it will pick up any rumour and try and make witty remarks about it. anandtech claims total neutrality when benchmarking, bbc is watered down and only mainstream issues are picked up there.

Do you know what your reading?

Re:Whislt on the subject, Bias? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19267593)

Do you know what your reading?

Sentence fragment.

Re:Whislt on the subject, Bias? (1)

basscomm (122302) | more than 7 years ago | (#19269063)

Do you know what your reading?

Sentence fragment.

Do I know what my reading?

Syntax error.

Re:Whislt on the subject, Bias? (1)

Threni (635302) | more than 7 years ago | (#19379997)

> []

Status : 403 Forbidden
Description : Organizational policies prohibit access to this page.
Note : If necessary, please contact your Systems Administrator for resolution.

Re:Well.. (2, Informative)

robbyyy (703254) | more than 7 years ago | (#19267361)

Personally i stick to a couple of sources. For the consumer side of tech i use /. and El Reg. The Reg can be pretty funny at times too so its a good read.

For the higher-end and more insightful tech industry news i use and Business2. Both of these sites run interviews, etc with the leading lights at Sun, Novell, Oracle, MS, Adobe, etc, etc... Dont expect much humour though ;-)

Re:Well.. (2, Informative)

hazzey (679052) | more than 7 years ago | (#19267699)

Here, Ars Technica, Toms Hardware Guide, xbitlabs, AnandTech.

Does anyone still use the old address for Tom's like I do?

Ed Foster's Gripelog (1)

Futurepower(R) (558542) | more than 7 years ago | (#19267821)

"Ars Technica, Toms Hardware Guide..."

Ars Technica is too non-specific. Tom's Hardware Guide has too many ads; I wonder how much of what is written there is just hype to get paid ads.

Can't do without Ed Foster's Gripelog. How else can you discover that it is not just you who has trouble with Dell technical support? See, for example: May 10, 2007: College Kid Learns Lesson About Dell's Warranty [] .

Ed Foster's readers have sometimes even rated Dell more abusive than Microsoft. Awesome achievement for Dell!

But what happened to the Ed Foster's Gripelog [] website? It's been offline for perhaps a week. ("Phone in your tech gripes toll-free: 888-875-7916.")

Re:Ed Foster's Gripelog (2, Interesting)

BenEnglishAtHome (449670) | more than 7 years ago | (#19268613)

Tom's Hardware Guide has too many ads;

Apparently, those ads have some content that some filters reject. At my employer, Tom's is blocked because it's categorized as a "malicious web site."

Re:Ed Foster's Gripelog (1)

Jonah Hex (651948) | more than 7 years ago | (#19269265)

Worked for me: Do We Need a Computer Lemon Law? By Ed Foster, Section The Gripelog Posted on Thu May 24, 2007 at 12:04:35 AM PDT

I wonder if my ISP has blocked access... (1)

Futurepower(R) (558542) | more than 7 years ago | (#19272527)

Weird. I wonder if my ISP has blocked access to the GripeLog.

I'll check using another ISP.

Re:I wonder if my ISP has blocked access... (1)

Jonah Hex (651948) | more than 7 years ago | (#19272999)

Check via a proxy? []

I got a message from Ed... (1)

Futurepower(R) (558542) | more than 7 years ago | (#19278489)

I got a message from Ed saying they had blocked access to his web site from some addresses outside the United States. So, the mystery is solved.

Anyhow, don't make any purchase without checking his web site first. A lot of people who call themselves marketing managers are merely habitual abusers, and Ed is likely to have described their methods of abuse.

Re:Well.. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19268295)

Just about everything technology related - []
Operating systems - [] , []
Programming languages (like Ruby and Python and functional langs.) - [] , []
Consumer tech news - []
And of course, []

Re:Well.. (1)

bluelip (123578) | more than 7 years ago | (#19268343)

Since the person requesting the information hasn't any idea why the 'Enlightenment' area is the category for the question, I'm suggessting MSDN, Mattel, and Legoland. ;)

Re:Well.. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19284719)

The anandtech news is called dailytech now. But yes I visit there every day

Weeellll... (5, Funny)

durin (72931) | more than 7 years ago | (#19266337)

This seems a pretty useless question to ask on slashdot...

Re:Weeellll... (1)

dtml-try MyNick (453562) | more than 7 years ago | (#19266349)

You must be new here.

Re:Weeellll... (1)

drachenstern (160456) | more than 7 years ago | (#19272431)

yeah, a 5 digit id versus a mid-6s id. . . hmmm

[comic-book-guy voice]okay, since you probably said it in a high pitched whiny way from your mothers basement while eating hot-pockets, i'll give it +.2 funny[/cbg voice]

Re:Weeellll... (1)

WasteOfAmmo (526018) | more than 7 years ago | (#19272571)

Ok, one less acticle I can use up my mod points in but I had to comment on this one...

I agree that /. is a great place to get an overall view of what is going on in the tech world. I'll also agree that /. makes browsing most of the suggested sites redundant as most of the time if it is a worthwhile store to read it will quickly show up here.

What I strongly disagree with is that /. is your one stop solution for all that is good and necessary in the world of IT. /. is a great sight to get an overall summary of what is going on... or the "big picture" [forgive the cliche; and lack of accents] but it fails misserably at supplying indepth information about many everyday IT related items.

This type of question seems to get asked on /. about once or twice a year. Every time I scan the comments looking for new sites to try out. After browsing most of the sites I generally give them up and stay on /., as most of the key stories end up here anyway and I don't have to put up with the annoying ads and layouts. This does not mean I'm satisfied and I won't keep looking for something more.

I am also primarily a Windows admin and I find that there is very few decent and interesting sites out there targeted to may area of work. As an example, Linux has Linux Format which is a damn good magazine and site for Linux admins; not only does it have the depth that an admin needs on some key subjects it has a fair bit of entertainment also. Windows has nothing equivalent either in print or on the web that I have found.

Of course many of /.ers will probably take this opportunity to rag on Windows, etc., etc. but the fact is that there is a lot of Windows administrators out there and just as much need for a decent tech information shop as there is for Linux (or any other OS for that matter). The submitter may be just looking for a general source and in that case /. will help as the parent suggests but /. is definitely not the whole solution and should not be offered as such.

Feeding grammar zealots one post at a time.

Slashdot (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19266339)


same here - slashdot (1)

mrflash818 (226638) | more than 7 years ago | (#19270099)

same here - shashdot (of course!)

Oh, and

apart from /. (3, Informative)

arun_s (877518) | more than 7 years ago | (#19266357)

.. not too many places. Spoonfeed [] and popurls [] are great for feeds. Popurls wins IMO because of one cool feature: if a Digg link looks interesting, you can go directly to the article by clicking on the tiny button on the right edge of each link.
P.S. Yet another horrible misuse of enlightenment's icon. Sad.

Re:apart from /. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19267239)

P.S. Yet another horrible misuse of enlightenment's icon. Sad.

I guess it has been so long since they've had a release that people don't even know what Enlightenment is anymore... A shame, really. If DR17 is anything less than spectacular, it might be relegated to obscurity or irrelevance. Either one is a death sentence in the open source world.

Let's hope that's not the case!

feeds (3, Interesting)

weighn (578357) | more than 7 years ago | (#19266379)

other than here, I spend a chunk of my lunch break looking at RSS feeds.

There are any number of "general" tech news sites, but some have fairly specific topics - you should find some that cover your avenue of interest (or scrape Google News using a search for whatever). Mine:, various google feeds (APIs, webmaster central),, New Scientist tech site, The Raw Feed, MSDN, technology feed of the local newspaper website... (2, Informative)

figleaf (672550) | more than 7 years ago | (#19266381)


I like my news a week late (5, Funny)

Ohreally_factor (593551) | more than 7 years ago | (#19266405)

That and the conviviality are what draw me to slashdot.

Re:I like my news a week late (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19267429)

Ohreally_factor is a terrific douche bag, and should he die before me, I will gladly urinate on his wife and grave.

here... (1)

QueePWNzor (1044224) | more than 7 years ago | (#19266407)

you can find out enough stuff here, and still have time to make fun of the anti-competition spies like you! Just joking, so don't kill me...

first to mention Digg... (0)

weighn (578357) | more than 7 years ago | (#19266411)

... scores a free pony

Re:first to mention Digg... (1)

Iam9376 (1096787) | more than 7 years ago | (#19266435)

I get my news from MySpace bulletins ... please don't hurt me.

Re:first to mention Digg... (1)

scoot80 (1017822) | more than 7 years ago | (#19266673)


Now wheres my pony??

Re:first to mention Digg... (5, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19266819)

Sorry, it got buried under the pile of posts on these topics:

- Why religion is bad for everyone
- Impeach Bush/Cheney NOW!
- Ron Paul eats dinner at his house
- Ron Paul prefers apples over oranges
- Top 10 ways to support Ron Paul
- Linus announces 2.6.22-rc2-git7
- Mark Shuttleworth says Ubuntu is the best
- 30 reasons why Ubuntu is better than Vista
- Kevin Rose speaks out about his weekend fishing trip
- Top 20 ways to improve your memory skills
- RIAA sues 28 grandmothers at a nursing home
- Google renames the 'Privacy & Information' link on
- Teacher caught on video screaming at class
- Bush signs new law effectively giving him the right to take over the world
- Rudy vs Ron Paul: 10 reasons Rudy is wrong
- New RIAA law to ban digital music, write to your senator!
- Fat kid falls off his bike (VIDEO)
- 15 tips on how to become an overnight millionaire
- Tell Fox News to give Ron Paul equal airtime
- Digg this thread to help stop cancer
- Linux 2.6.22-rc2-git8 will be released tomorrow
- Nintendo Wii game has hidden easter egg that spells 'IMPEACH BUSH'
- Bush's ratings fall below the PS3 for the first time ever
- MPAA lies about piracy figures AGAIN
- Fox News says that questioning the government is illegal, 1984 is here?
- Vista hacked by 12 year old kid in Ethiopia, NO UPDATE AVAILABLE YET
- Top 13 cool widgets to install on your new Kubuntu desktop

Note that I have translated the above topics into human readable form.

Technology trends? (3, Funny)

ambrosen (176977) | more than 7 years ago | (#19266419)

I find that [] is the best place to get them. Editted by a Mr Roland Piquepaille.

Comments (1)

simm1701 (835424) | more than 7 years ago | (#19266425)

Thats it - the comments on /.

Don't RTFA - and especially don't listen to comments that have RTFA they'll just mislead you into heresy

Even better throw your own comment in without RTFA (preferably without RTFS) and enjoy the replies!!

On a more serious note, the register, bbc (but never for tech news unless you want a good laugh) and /.

Re:Comments (1)

Raenex (947668) | more than 7 years ago | (#19287433)

I RTFA and you're wrong.

PC World (1)

SpaceballsTheUserNam (941138) | more than 7 years ago | (#19266501)

I got some great tips too.

Here and there (2, Funny)

tumutbound (549414) | more than 7 years ago | (#19266523)

From [] IT with a smile
And here of course. News so good, they repeat it.

The usual suspects (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19266561)

In frequency order: Ars Technica, Wired, TomsHardware, Slashdot, Digg, boingboing/kuro5hin/advogato, NewsForge/BetaNews/RedHerring, TheRegister/TheInquirer, Anandtech/AceHardware, TheOnion

3 missing (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19266731)

BarraPunto, Libertad Digital, Meneame, New Scientist

Max's list (2, Informative)

Max Romantschuk (132276) | more than 7 years ago | (#19266599)

Nowadays mostly here, and The Inquirer []

Some times also Ars Technica, Tom's Hardware and Anandtech. Gizmodo is fun to check from time to time.

Re:Max's list (1)

dwater (72834) | more than 7 years ago | (#19267301)

I didn't know I had a list. Interesting.


The Inquirer! (1)

dreddnott (555950) | more than 7 years ago | (#19273053)

The Inquirer is definitely the best. They're almost insanely prophetic, update several times a day, review bleeding-edge hardware themselves, and have "round-ups" of other review sites' reviews. Their idiosyncratic slang (boffin, vole, etc) is also amusing.

The two that I look at are (1)

scoot80 (1017822) | more than 7 years ago | (#19266659)

Slashdot, Freshnews

why... (4, Funny)

bluegreenone (526698) | more than 7 years ago | (#19266701)

from The Onion [] of course!
NJ Transit [] , PATH train [] schedules online

Re:why... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19274199)

I mostly read "", "" and "".

Oh, the question was what to read FOR WORK.

The most important issues ... (2, Funny)

qaz2 (36148) | more than 7 years ago | (#19266733)

The most important news is also available in [] .

As there is only one cartoon a day you can be sure the news is adequately filtered.

lxer (1)

dns_server (696283) | more than 7 years ago | (#19267023)

I read slashdot [] and lxer [] it's a good news source that just contains linux news in a similar style to slashdot..

Re:lxer (1, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19268015)

Did you really have to give a link to slashdot...?

RSS feeds. (2, Interesting)

LarsG (31008) | more than 7 years ago | (#19267087)

I find that there's so much news that it is too slow to read web pages. My RSS reader is absolutely necessary.

I believe every important tech news feed I read has been mentioned here already, except for GMSV [] .

RSS (1)

Nazlfrag (1035012) | more than 7 years ago | (#19267185)

killed the Usenet star

Re:RSS (1)

Knara (9377) | more than 7 years ago | (#19270643)

Rule #1... oh never mind

Khm... (1)

AuxLV (748687) | more than 7 years ago | (#19267277)

SlashDot, OSNews. They link to many places and work like living bookmark collection :)

patents, drm, draconian legislation (2, Interesting)

RLiegh (247921) | more than 7 years ago | (#19267283)

IT news is far,far too depressing these days to pay attention to. I'd say that makes my answer 'none of the above'.

Re:patents, drm, draconian legislation (2, Funny)

Atzanteol (99067) | more than 7 years ago | (#19268439)

You should check out slashdot sometime.

Programming news (2, Interesting)

arevos (659374) | more than 7 years ago | (#19267541)

All the general sources of IT news have already been mentioned in other comments, but I tend to visit [] when I want news and articles on computer science and software development.

Re:Programming news (1)

Raenex (947668) | more than 7 years ago | (#19287631)

Just going by the page of links I got when I went there, I'm impressed. Thanks for the link!

average admins (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 7 years ago | (#19267611) []

That's like... (3, Funny)

CockroachMan (1104387) | more than 7 years ago | (#19267649)

..going to a restaurant and asking the other costumers: "So, where do you people like to eat?"

Re:That's like... (3, Funny)

Thumper_SVX (239525) | more than 7 years ago | (#19269505)

If the restaurant is full of costumers, then you've just walked into a furry convention.

Network world (1)

LordBafford (1087463) | more than 7 years ago | (#19267811)

I generally get most of my information from and the various article I see here on slashdot. The other various info I et is random emails people in my department send out about various things. (3, Informative)

magores (208594) | more than 7 years ago | (#19267897) [] has headlines from 300+ (mostly) IT related sites.

You can pick and choose which sites you want to see headlines from. I've had the site bookmarked and/or homepage for a many years.

Google reader (1)

vally_manea (911530) | more than 7 years ago | (#19268127)

Pretty great tool. I have Slashdot, reddit - programming(don't use reddit full unless you are prepared to see lots and lots of impeach Bush articles), engadget, Bbc, The Onion, and some local news sites. Oh yeah and also Dilbert.

ACM's TechNews (1)

ArmyOfFun (652320) | more than 7 years ago | (#19268161)

As the top of their page states: "Timely Topics for IT Professionals". It's updated 3 times a week with summaries of a bunch of articles. It's mostly ad-free and the articles tend to have an academic slant. []

Please... (2, Interesting)

djupedal (584558) | more than 7 years ago | (#19268241)

...stop boasting you use /. for 'daily IT news'. Why not just say you're too lazy to identify legitimate sources.

It is routinely dated aggregate at best, where dupes still happen too often and you're being fed fodder without cross-references simply to draw eyeballs (meaning no rhyme or reason behind what gets posted).

Get out and see the www.orld - it is bigger, brighter and more focused than life depicted here, I promise :)

Re:Please... (1)

NinjaTariq (1034260) | more than 7 years ago | (#19268611)

Now if you gave a money back guarentee, i would consider going out... But a promise?

Re:Please... (1)

Hoi Polloi (522990) | more than 7 years ago | (#19274225)

So why are you still on /.? Could it be for the sparkling commentaries? ;)

obviously (2)

Blob Pet (86206) | more than 7 years ago | (#19268747)

I read anything by Rob Enderle and John C. Dvorak. *ducks*

Re:obviously (1)

Thumper_SVX (239525) | more than 7 years ago | (#19269543)

Actually, I read occasionally because it's often amusing. Bear in mind, I'm an Apple user so sometimes I find his anti-Apple tirades somewhat tiring... but he's quite often anti-Windows as well. Sometimes his posts can be insightful... though granted they tend to be the exception rather than the rule.

I used to hate Dvorak as well, but I gained somewhat of a respect for him when I started listening to TWiT often enough to hear him go off on all aspects of technology.

Not listed yet (1)

Endo13 (1000782) | more than 7 years ago | (#19268823)

Most of the ones I use have already been mentioned. One that hasn't is []

Um, (1)

hcdejong (561314) | more than 7 years ago | (#19268941)

here, of course [] .

Suggestions (1)

JagEsquire (314144) | more than 7 years ago | (#19269113)

1) While I can't read the words, I like the pretty pictures, and usually I can pull out brand names and google them seperately [] 2) While I can read the words, I enjoy the humour [] 3) I use [] to tell me whats new in the micro$oft world

Depends... (1)

Seakip18 (1106315) | more than 7 years ago | (#19269179)

If I've got time, I'll make the rounds of ZDNet, Newegg, here, and maybe breitbart. (in my weaker moments, drudgereport) If not,, since they're always on the ball when it comes to tech stuff....oh wait, an xbox360 price hike isn't new info?....or even really related to technology?

Homework trolling? (1)

ab0mb88 (541388) | more than 7 years ago | (#19269247)

I was just asked this same question yesterday. A friend was assigned this question from a class at Baker University and she didn't have to pretend to work in IT to get an answer out of me.

If you are into programming (1)

zerojoker (812874) | more than 7 years ago | (#19269537)

there is this excellent site with lots of code-examples

Anywhere but Slashdot (1)

techsoldaten (309296) | more than 7 years ago | (#19270499)

I get my technology news from anywhere but Slashdot. It's like standing on top of a pyramid, anywhere you step is slanted and treacherous. Late night UHF infomercials, Best Buy CSRs, Bazooka Joe bubble gum wrappers, even those blasted Microsoft white papers are more accurate and informative.


ever been to (1)

jsldub (133194) | more than 7 years ago | (#19271555) and have to be my favorites. Also, there's this great IT website called slashdot! Ever heard of it?

it depends on what i'm looking for. (1)

east coast (590680) | more than 7 years ago | (#19271635)

normally it's here, and tom's hardware.

Engadget, Digg (1)

vga_init (589198) | more than 7 years ago | (#19272005)

My good friend is a technology nut and a journalist. Every day he reads Digg and Engadget. He probably looks at other sites too, but these are the ones he talks about the most. (1)

pipingguy (566974) | more than 7 years ago | (#19280127)

for the upside-down take on tech.
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