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The Advantages of Upgrading From Vista To XP

kdawson posted more than 6 years ago | from the open-and-shut-case dept.

Windows 765

An anonymous reader passes us a blog posting, which may be just a bit tongue-in-cheek, about the pros and cons of upgrading from Vista to XP. "...there is only one conclusion to be made; Microsoft have really outdone themselves in delivering a brand new operating system that really excels in all the areas where Vista was sub-optimal. From my testing, discussions with friends and colleagues, and a review of the material out there on the web there seems to be no doubt whatsoever that that upgrade to XP is well worth the money. Microsoft can really pat themselves on the back for a job well done, delivering an operating system which is much faster and far more reliable than its predecessor. Anyone who thinks there are problems in the Microsoft Windows team need only point to this fantastic release and scoff loudly."

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Just in time for the holidays! (5, Funny)

compumike (454538) | more than 6 years ago | (#21711860)

This new Windows XP should make a great gift!

Educational microcontroller kits for the digital generation. []

Re:Just in time for the holidays! (5, Insightful)

ChadAmberg (460099) | more than 6 years ago | (#21711886)

The first Windows XP was something that was avoided by most for over a year. Win2k was stable, rock solid, why upgrade for the eye candy?
And now everyone believes XP is the second coming or something. Just hurts your head sometimes...

Re:Just in time for the holidays! (2, Insightful)

h4rm0ny (722443) | more than 6 years ago | (#21711994)

I've heard that from the application developers side, Vista has some useful and expanded functionality over its predecessors. Has anyone developed for Vista yet and can comment?

Re:Just in time for the holidays! (2, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | more than 6 years ago | (#21712042)

I'd say probably not since developers usually want there to be an audience for their product. : p

Re:Just in time for the holidays! (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 6 years ago | (#21712050)

I guess Dad should be the guy writing this but he not have a clue. He is
a good guy and everything but according to Mom's sex journal, he is about as
exciting as watching paint drying in bed.

            I do not really have anything to do with what happened to get my Mom all
knocked-up again other then I found her sex journal and thought it might make
an interesting story if I put it all together. I guess some people are going to
think I am a creep for airing the family's dirty laundry but I figure that
things are going to be pretty obvious around here in four months anyhow, when
Mom delivers, so...

            I guess it looks like Mom first went Black as a special holiday treat
this past Christmas. I guess she did seem to have a bit of a spring in her
step, but I had no idea at the time that it was put there by anyone other then
my father.

            Her sex journal reads and I quote "I saw Jamal today. I am practically
old enough to be his mother. I know what he wants when he looks at me and I
want it too. Boys are so horny at nineteen. I guess I am only thirty-seven. I
could still even get pregnant. Wouldn't that just kill Dwayne. *S*!

            Dwayne is my father. I can only imagine what will happen when Mom goes in
the stirups and pops out a little curly-headed, half-breed bastard to "color"
the family name. Hell, he might just take it. I mean his first reaction to even
finding out that Mom was pregnant was to suggest an abortion.

            I guess it might be insightful to share the "history." According to Mom's
diary, she kept herself pure for Dad right up to the walk down the aisle. She
really had nothing for comparison for the consummation fuck and was still a
little disappointed. She thought it was her fault. The only good thing is she
must be like the most fertile woman in the world as she conceived immediately
and I entered the world as a honeymoon baby.

            Dad was having performance issues almost from day one according to Mom's
diary, and she finally booked him into a visit to the clinic. Dad must have
felt figuratively castrated when he was told his sperm count was so fucking low
that it was a miracle he had delivered into Mom even once. I am sure that the
doctor used more kinder words, but Mom never in her diary.

            I actually felt sorry for Dad and kind of thought Mom was a bitch when I
got my first read of things in April. Mom sent me up to do some spring cleaning
in the attic and the box was open with the diaries on top and the sex journal
right there too so who knows just what sick game she is playing. I half suspect
it will wet her panties if she sees that I am putting all this up on the

                        It has not even been all that hard of a choice to make. Mom made
herself a sex object to me a long time ago. I mean nothing sick, but she
certainly has never been that shy about false modesty around the house. The
best time was when I caught her with Nigel. That is the name I have given her
fourteen inch big, Black, lifelike, pretend cock that she keeps in her panty

            I never placed any special significance on the fact that "Nigel" was
Black, but then I never thought Mom would be the type of girl to suffer from
jungle fever either.

            Mom actually had always struck me as a bit of a racist. Dad might as well
wear the sheets at Halloween because he pretty much lives in them around the
year. I guess "Niggers" can be blamed for all the problems of the world
according to him. It is funny I never grew up with that attitude, but the
success of the ball teams at school rest on the powerful shoulders of many
"Niggers" so the way I always figured it was that people are people but maybe
Blacks were even better then guys like my Dad.

            Ironic since it turns out what Mom has gone and done. Maybe I am
influenced in this train of thought by her sex journal anyhow. I mean I was
never a racist, not really, but to see the way Mom described things, ouch, poor
Dad *S*!

            So to get into some of the action. Jamal, he was the first to be able to
pin Mom's panties to his trophy wall. His folks live just down the street, but
he is hardly ever around anymore. I want to say he is off at university or
something but it is more likely that he is dealing.

            He was a pretty good kid growing up. Dad freaked when the family moved
in. Said property prices would suffer. I wonder now if maybe Dad had bigger
fears about the safety of the women of our block.

            Mrs.. Jones was the first to breed, now that was just a rumor, and I
thought just with us kids at the playground, but Mom thought the same thing in
her diary. Mrs. Jones decided on an abortion, unfortunately and her wimp
husband kept her so who knows. I guess it was just a surprise her condition was
ever made public.

            Mom's diary blamed Jamal. She said that she caught him a couple times
watching her through the bedroom window. It shocked her but she never felt so
alive as she gave the boy the eyeful that he wanted.. Mom just stripped the
first time but she actually performed a solo for him on his second visit to the
tree outside her window.

            Mom was so amused that he thought he was getting away with spying. With
her window open, it was easy to hear the branches rustling. Mom had half a mind
to confront the no-good peeping kid, but she just summed it up that "can't
blame a boy for looking" and "makes me feel young."

            I guess giving the state of her relationship with Dad, a little
attention, even from someone like Jamal was flattering to Mom. I don't know if
it was saving herself for Dad, or the disappointments he delivered, but Mom's
diaries had a few references to wanting to be bad.

            She let a guy take her out on a date once and even went back to his hotel
room. He was an oil man and wanted to drill her, she wrote. She got into some
heavy petting and even gave him a hand job, but nothing really inappropriate
happened. I guess the guy never did it for Mom because he was white only.

            Most of Mom's naughty references in her diary were colored. It turned out
she really had a thing for the boy we hired to mow the lawn two years ago. The
kid was younger then me for gods sake, but I guess he got himself a couple
eyefuls too. Seems like a washing machine repairman came by the house one day
too when Mom was home all alone with no one to make her behave. She writes in
her diary that she threw herself at the idiot but he didn't take her??? *S*!

            Ouch, He must have been gay or something, Jamal certainly never had that
reaction when Mom finally gathered the nerve for Black cock hunt II.

            I had just made my first attempt at moving into an apartment with a
couple friends and I guess Dad was over for a visit leaving Mom home all alone
to get her stocking's stuffed. Jamal had come over with his folks for a
little holiday cheer the previous night and Mom must have given the green light
with her bedroom eyes, because the cocky little fucker made his move as soon as
Dad was out the door.

            The journal reads "I did it, Jamal was wonderful. Better then my
fantasies. It is so true about how big they are, SIZE DOES MATTER. Wow!!!"

            I guess he just rang the door's bell and then he rang my Mom's. She is a
little lite on the seduction descriptions but has a few pages in what a little
slut she was for his big Black cock.

            It is interesting that Dad does not like oral sex. He told Mom that only
whores suck cock. *S*!

            I guess that might be why Mom has always had a thing for popsicle. She
actually wrote that she finally got to suck on a "spermsicle". Pretty sick, but
pretty funny too.

            Mom just has no guilt in her sex journal. The pages are filled with
racial slurs and humiliating observations as to what a piece of white trash she
was. Fantasy and reality seem to merge and blur without any attempt to keep the
two apart. Obviously, Mom had jungle fever bad, and was consumed by her dark

            I can't really translate Mom's sex journal without making this all
politically incorrect but lets just say Mom sucked cock, took it in the ass.
and even took a fuck in the pussy, all while Dad tried to help me and a
roommate put up a Christmas tree.

            The only thing that could have made Mom's Christmas eve fling more
naughty is if she had not used her diaphragm. She actually says that Jamal
asked her not to and she joked with him about breeding another white bitch. But
she held to her common sense.

            I guess she gave the thing a kiss when Jamal was done sperming in it and
left it uncleaned in her drawer for Christmas day. *S*! Her journal entry read
that she got a mild case of food poisoning and actually was happy that her
diaphragm had failed. *S*!

            Anyhow, maybe Jamal had rocked Mom's world, but she must have just been
another piece of white ass to the Black Don Juan, as he gets no further mention
in her journal. For all I know he could be in some jail somewhere as I have yet
to see the bastard since he bagged my mother. I don't rightly know if I will
shake his hand or punch his face. I guess since I have chosen to be aroused by
my Mom's unfaithfulness, then I can't really take it out on the guys either.

            So that brings us to the day Mom took her special delivery. [yeah it was
that type of delivery, but it started with a special order of a new bed.]

            Mom actually wanted to have it all happened and the slut allowed a video
tape of the action so let me set the stage and do some play-by-play.

            I guess it starts according to her journal when a friend buys a bed and
finds out that the store has three young Black dudes doing the work. Mom is
over at Lori's when the delivery takes place and the two chicks do some
flirting. Mom is so hot. She had never been so open about it before and she
thinks the guys were into her too.

            So, Mom puts the screws to Dad on getting some new action for her
bedroom. The unsuspecting fool gives in, not realizing that the bed would be
getting moved in more ways then one. Mom arranges to take delivery on March 9
which is not only her 38 birthday, but also her peek fertility and a day when
Dad is out of town on business.

            The guys show up to make the innocent little delivery and Mom is waiting
in slut apparel. She plays it up with the guys as to whether the bed is any
good and they all agree to let her take it for a test fuck. So its Mom with
three studs. And the diaphragm stays safely in her panty drawer.

            Mom tells the guys she needs a videotape of the action and that is where
I can pick up the play-by play.

            So Mom comes on to the screen and looks really hot as the tape starts up.
She is looking like she is in heat and ready for anything. I guess the guys had
a thing about not wanting their faces filmed or maybe they were just bad camera

            Mom is already in just panties so she gets down to business and drops to
her knees to be a whore. Dad must be a real idiot because Mom is like born to
suck cock. She is way more into it then either of the bitches I have put in
their places.

            Mom has great technique. Especially if all the practice she gets comes
from "Nigel" and the occasional unsuspecting cucumber or sausage. The guys were
all typically hung and yet Mom wet from one to the other doing her girlie duty
in getting them "up" for action, and she managed deep-throat at each station.
Makes me wish I had the "balls" to be standing over top of my Mom as she
kneeled at my feet. I guess balls is intended as a bit of a pun as I have
thought of blackmailing her but since I can not "Black-male" her. I don't have
the nerve to act. [ouch, Two bad ones in the same paragraph. *S*!]

            So Mom got the guys to full mast, which was not all that difficult since
they were digging doing the married women anyhow. One of them asked the
obligatory question if she was protected and Mom's voice almost failed her as
she said she wanted to be dangerous.

            One of the guys was not into that but the other two were very into it and
told her that she would breed for them. Mom said that was what she wanted and
the action went to the new bed.

            I wonder if she can ever lay in it now without thinking about day one.
The two guys into breeding my mother did choices and the one dude won so he
told Mom to spread her legs. The look on her face said it all but he wanted
some verbal encouragement.

            Mom let the n-bomb slip and the guys just took it from there and suddenly
ever other word was this and that. Mom was looking into the camera and saying
she wanted to breed and get her belly big and all the other corn ball stuff you
might expect in a story from this site. I can't really get into the specifics
without getting the PC cops on me though so lets just say Mom was very into the
concept of coloring our family and leave it at that.

            She even came on the dudes baby-maker just as he was seeding her with his
potent offering into her fertile womb. BABY TIME *S*!

            I guess it could have been fucker number two. He was actually even bigger
and Blacker then fucker number one. Mom gasped as he shoved what appeared to be
in excess of ten inches of Black fuck-stick into her unfaithful slut-wife cunt.
She stated the ridiculous that it was the biggest she ever had and the bastard
was better then her husband.

            The guy wanted her to tell him that she loved him and made her kiss while
she "loved him." He told her that "ho's will fuck but they won't kiss as a
distinction between just sex and real love. Mom said she really loved nig.
Black cock and the unfaithful slut got all kissy as she took her second
sperming in that cunt of hers.

            The third guy would not donate for the baby raffle, but he said he wanted
a piece of Mom's ass. She agreed but asked for an oreo sandwiching. Don't know
if that is a copyright infringement but it just sounds so damn vivid.

            So the guys must have seen the same Swedish porno movies as me because
dude number three gets down first and Mom sits her ass down so she is like
speared in the butt and still able to take it face to face from fucker number
one as she sucks him to readiness.

            Fucker number two then is operating the camera and moves in to secure use
of Mom's mouth at which point the camera work just turns to crap. He does just
manage to get a few seconds that show all three penetrations in the same view,
but the focus and angle are totally whacked. Mom really needs a better camera
man next time. [Hmm, people say I have an eye for art. *S*!]

            So Mom gets her Oreo sandwich and the fucking bed breaks. SHIT, It is
just too fucking funny. They end up finishing without even stopping.

            Mom says in her diary that she was freaked and had to order a second bed
frame. She had to use her mad money. I was actually home when the guys brought
it over as a special rush job, so nothing new happened. But I could never have
guessed that they had already seeded Mom or that she spent that whole evening
in bed with those swimmers making the trip to conquer one of her eggs.

            Mom broke the news to Dad on his birthday in April. She was not showing
yet, so Dad was shocked to say the least. Maybe he knows deep down but he can't
possibly suspect the tan the kid is going to have or I am sure he would have
forced the abortion on Mom.

            She has been such a slut and flaunts her pregnant belly around the house.
I actually saw her in just a pair of panties the other day as she "carelessly"
left her bedroom door open for me. She rights in her journal that she is
interested in my reaction too when the baby pops out.

            I wonder what she is looking for, I mean I might consider doing some
mother-fucking as she is still a real babe but.

            I wish women came with instructions. I can't help but feel that she let
me find her sex stash on purpose. I think I am going to leave this document on
the computer for her.

Re:Just in time for the holidays! (5, Insightful)

TubeSteak (669689) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712074)

I've heard that from the application developers side, Vista has some useful and expanded functionality over its predecessors.
Not to be rude, but what the fuck does that matter if the users don't like Vista?

They may not like it because of the UAC, or because [favorite program] doesn't work, or, or, or, but the end result is that if XP suits the users better, no amount of "useful and expanded functionality" from the developers side is going to make a difference.

Re:Just in time for the holidays! (4, Interesting)

h4rm0ny (722443) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712176)

Not to be rude, but what the fuck does that matter if the users don't like Vista?

Well firstly I'm just curious as for the last five years I've developed exclusively on Linux platforms. Secondly, Vista will inevitably improve as bugs are ironed out and driver and application support improves. (It may never be as good as XP though due to the unacceptable DRM), so I want to know if we will ultimately be left with a better system than XP - is this a necessary step back to go forward further? Presumably if Vista does offer better functionality under the bonnet then it could be progress has been made after all. I feel very sorry for the developers who worked on Vista at the moment. It's not as if I'm suddenly going to install Vista (DRM!) but I actually have some idea of what a major effort it takes to produce a working OS and its received nothing but abuse since [before] it was released.

Re:Just in time for the holidays! (1)

RealGrouchy (943109) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712386)

Not to be rude, but what the fuck does that matter if the users don't like Vista?
It doesn't matter if users don't like it, so long as PHBs do.

- RG>

Re:Just in time for the holidays! (1)

Fanro (130986) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712046)

I still prefer win2k or win2k3, not as much clutter to disable, less noncritical updates to test.
Win2k runs with less ram, and win2k3 has everything xp has, with more sane defaults.

the only thing xp seems to be good at are notebooks, with the energy options and improved wireless in sp2.

Re:Just in time for the holidays! (1)

Gr8Apes (679165) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712160)

the only thing xp seems to be good at are notebooks, with the energy options and improved wireless in sp2.
That would explain the consistent problems of putting a Dell into sleep mode or out of it. Even with the power management on the wireless adapter turned off (not the default) it still hangs frequently enough to be a serious annoyance. I've heard, thought not experienced, that Vista is no better.

If you turn off several services on XP (Themes, server, remote registry, zero wireless config if you don't need it) XP actually will run quite well.

Re:Just in time for the holidays! (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 6 years ago | (#21712086)

Of course. 2000 was actually the last usable Windows. XP took two and a half years to become "stable", and now six years later they're trying to replace it again with a much less mature, stable version, something they've had six years to get right, but somehow managed to screw up.

XP is the "second coming" because Vista is downright terrible for a product that took Microsoft this long to get out the door. GNOME releases every 6 months, Mac OS X every 18, KDE every couple of years, and they've all had their bugs but were more-or-less as stable as the version that they replaced. Microsoft releases an OS that's such a severe backslide people are willing to pay extra to downgrade. Makes a person think.

Re:Just in time for the holidays! (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 6 years ago | (#21712112)

XP looks good by comparison, because it is mature, and a known quantity so to speak.

It is also a protest against MS' reinventing of the wheel and fixing things that are not broken. There is the implicit suggestion in all of this, that MS move to an incremental development model, and not break everything all at once.

XP was much better in this regard as it could indeed be described as an incremental improvement on win2k. If I recall there was about a year between their releases.

So, they work on XP, and improve it, and by the time it starts to become an honest to god good OS, MS wants us to toss it out and buy their new monstrosity.

I find this celebration of XP quite reasonable in this context.

Re:Just in time for the holidays! (1)

r_jensen11 (598210) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712122)

Because it was truly an upgrade from Win98SE (and especially ME)?

Re:Just in time for the holidays! (0, Interesting)

Anonymous Coward | more than 6 years ago | (#21712136)

Have we all forgotten so fast? XP's improvement over Windows 2000 was to bring NT to the home user. Home users were stuck with 98SE or ME up until XP. Windows 2000 was simply not useful for home users.

Windows XP added better support for DOS applications, better backwards compatibility for Windows 9x applications, and most importantly for home users, better games support.

Vista goes the opposite direction for all of those. Add in the system requirements, which are literally 10 times OR MORE of that of XP, and you've got a simply worthless OS. Throw in broken DRM that caps network performance at about 10%, and an activation system that randomly locks users out of the system for no reason, and you've got a system that is simply worse than XP.

XP did manage to improve over Windows 2000. Vista fails to offer any improvement. It's slower, runs fewer applications, and is more likely to lock you out. Literally the only thing Vista has going for it are hardware vendors looking to sell users another computer.

Re:Just in time for the holidays! (3, Informative)

Scudsucker (17617) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712278)

XP's improvement over Windows 2000 was to bring NT to the home user. Home users were stuck with 98SE or ME up until XP.

The only "bringing it to the home user" was in putting out a cheaper castrato, XP Home. 2000 ran old programs just fine, worked with hardware just fine, and once MS released DX for 2000, it ran games just fine as well.

Re:Just in time for the holidays! (3, Insightful)

canuck57 (662392) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712192)

And now everyone believes XP is the second coming or something. Just hurts your head sometimes...

Hey, but Microsoft is brilliant. People now pay for it twice! Once through the OEM for Vista, then again to get the XP SP2 media. Bet M$FT will have a good quarter bilking the consumer.

Re:Just in time for the holidays! (5, Insightful)

TMonks (866428) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712240)

Win2k may have been stable, but what about those of us coming from the hell that is 98/ME? For us, XP was the second coming, for no matter what problems it had, they couldn't possibly be worse than what we had to deal with before. Now we are expected to transition from a very stable, mature operating system to one that gives me nightmarish memories of the pre-XP days.

Re:Just in time for the holidays! (1)

MrNonchalant (767683) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712316)

And now everyone believes XP is the second coming or something. Just hurts your head sometimes...
Don't confuse "people on Slashdot" with everyone.

Re:Just in time for the holidays! (5, Insightful)

neostorm (462848) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712324)

I was thinking this exact same thing. For me, 2k was the best Windows OS that Microsoft had ever made. It allowed me to run old DOS stuff, had the accessibility of Win98, but was still light on it's feet, being free from the bloat that came with XP.
When XP came out I used 2K for years afterwards, up until SP3 or 4, which basically crippled the stability of the OS to XP-level (everything would crash for me after a certain point, even on fresh installs, which didn't occur before).
I ended up switching to XP afterwards, and it really has become the "better" OS when compared to Vista (I still yearn for early-2K).
Now I run a separate hard drive with Vista (because I just can't afford to use it as my primary OS, it's still too crippled in too many ways), but I need >4GB of RAM for my work, and Windows 64-bit is completely unworkable. I have never been such a frustrated Microsoft customer.
All I want them to do is make a simple, light OS that stays the fuck out of my way. They could ditch almost EVERYTHING from Vista but the fact that it runs my applications, and it would be the greatest OS ever, but I don't think they will ever do this.

It's gotten to the point where I have literally considered learning how to be a programmer simply so I could make my own custom linux builds, but I figure if whole communities aren't able to get decent compatibility for Windows apps I'd never be able to in a million years. :1

Re:Just in time for the holidays! (1)

Zmee (806851) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712408)

The first Windows XP was something that was avoided by most for over a year. Win2k was stable, rock solid, why upgrade for the eye candy?
And now everyone believes XP is the second coming or something. Just hurts your head sometimes...

The change is that WinXP is now as stable and rock solid as Win2k was when WinXP first launched. You are correct that XP is mostly an eye candy upgrade, but it has effectively taken what was great about Win2k and cleaned it up. Also, by making XP somewhat more compatible with apps designed for the Win9x series, it had a few additional advantages over Win2k. All-in-all, WinXP is just a cleaned over version of Win2k, but that is why "everyone", myself included, are using WinXP as the standard that Microsoft has to live up to. (It also doesn't hurt that distribution of Win2k has ceased.)

Re:Just in time for the holidays! (4, Interesting)

garett_spencley (193892) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712428)

I remember the "group" who used Win2k and didn't see the point in switching the XP. XP wasn't an upgrade or a downgrade. It was a "new" Desktop-targeted OS that was based on NT instead of DOS/9x. So there was no reason for Win2k users to switch to XP since Win2k was already that.

But that completely forgets all of the 98 and ME users that XP was made for. XP was definitely "the second coming" for those users. It was a HUGE upgrade. In terms of both stability and features. No more blue screens. No more FAT filesystem etc. Most desktop users didn't use Win2k. It was mostly developers and power users. So yeah, there was probably a lot of /. users using Win2k, myself included, but the average desktop was running 9x/ME and there was huge incentive for those users to upgrade to XP.

Now everyone is using XP for the most part. I haven't used Vista yet, but from what I've heard it doesn't really offer any reason to "upgrade". I was, and still am, curious and am kind of anxious to try it out. But I'm happy with XP and haven't heard any compelling reasons to feel any kind of need to switch.

Re:Just in time for the holidays! (1)

drewmoney (1133487) | more than 6 years ago | (#21711898)

I can only hope there will be some XP in my stocking! My old coasters are just plain worn out!

Re:Just in time for the holidays! (1)

canuck57 (662392) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712132)

This new Windows XP should make a great gift!

That might not be a bad idea. Microsoft is going to discontinue XP in January.

Brilliant cash stream move by Microsoft. Sell Vista to the OEMs, then when the customer thinks it is crap because it does not work with their toys, they buy XP. Brilliant. Profit!

I would bet if Microsoft stops selling XP, PC prices will plummet and those copies might become worth something. Might be a good time for me to pickup a cheap PC and Vista coaster. Maybe run Fedora, Ubuntu or Solaris on it.

Mod story Troll (-1) (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 6 years ago | (#21711918)

Obviously the poster of the article is trolling.

Re:Mod story Troll (-1) (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 6 years ago | (#21712110)

Do you want a cookie for that insightful observation?

Because... (2)

jellomizer (103300) | more than 6 years ago | (#21711920)

It took so long to get Vista People forgot what XP use to be like on the modern systems of the time. Same thing happends with Mac OS X leopard. Most of the problems with Vista is much like when they upgraded to XP, Yes different problems but just as anoying... If you really want to get a perspective Install WIndows XP SP0 on a PC that is 5 or 6 years old... Then you see what you are missing.

You are wrong (2, Insightful)

Rob Simpson (533360) | more than 6 years ago | (#21711982)

Well, I'm not sure about Mac OS X. But I did install Windows XP SP0 on a PC five years ago, and it was amazing compared to 98SE (besides the fact that I had to turn off the ugly theme and install Zonealarm, which took all of 2 minutes).

Re:You are wrong (1)

Falstius (963333) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712100)

Win98SE is not comparable to Win2k. Win2k would still be the best Windows for daily use if security updates were provided. WinXP is fine once one switches to the classic theme. The same is probably true for Vista. Each newer version of Windows just requires turning off more crap to get back to a sane system. That said, all my machines run Linux.

Remove activation = better (3, Interesting)

corsec67 (627446) | more than 6 years ago | (#21711926)

Now if only MS could release a version of XP that didn't have the activation stuff. Get rid of all of the DRM that is in Windows now, aid then they would be "customer friendly".

Quit trying to make the software stop working, and concentrate on making it work all of the time.

Of course, if the customer experience is terrible, nobody would bother trying to pirate Windows.

Re:Remove activation = better (1)

Khyber (864651) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712034)

Windows XP Professional, Corporate Edition does not require activation.

Re:Remove activation = better (1)

larry bagina (561269) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712078)

does it still require WGA when installing updates?

Re:Remove activation = better (1)

rivaldufus (634820) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712402)

The volume license edition, you mean. Vista's volume license version requires activation, though bunch of vista boxes can work together to provide group activation, twice a year.

Pirate Vista? (0, Redundant)

SpaceLifeForm (228190) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712216)

Vista is so bad, that if Microsoft mailed out free copies
to everyone (like AOL), 90% would hit the trash, and of
the remaining 10%, maybe 1% would try it within a year.

Even die-hard Windows users know already had bad Vista is.
The word is out on the street.

You can't shine shit.

Vist... *out of resources* (4, Interesting)

slicenglide (735363) | more than 6 years ago | (#21711930)

It's really sad when you see how much power is truly lost on vista. I setup a Mac the other day for a client, and it was also running XP through parallels. It ran both just fine with only one gig of ram. A virtual machine, and two entire operating systems... and most PC's out there that are not quad cores with two gigs of ram run like shit. I used to be a microsoft fanboy... -But sadly the tides are changing.

Re:Vist... *out of resources* (2, Funny)

ZeroPly (881915) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712004)

I wonder about this too. I just upgraded to Ubuntu 7.10 and went way overboard on the simultaneous hardware upgrade. Not very smart, I now have a system with 8GB memory and a 512MB nVidia card that I don't actually do any gaming on.

To test memory usage and see if it actually made any difference, I launched 60 separate Firefox windows. I went to each one and pointed them to pages that had animations etc. Played video on a couple. With all that going on, Ubuntu was using about 700MB of memory and only running the CPUs at about 50%.

I've got all the eye candy like the cube and fire effects turned on. How can Microsoft need SO much more resources to do essentially the same thing? To be fair to them, they have good programmers and experience - they should definitely be able to compete in this area.

Re:Vist... *out of resources* (1)

Jeremiah Cornelius (137) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712144)

"I Know!"

"Let's represent every object, attribute and aspect of every visual element - wait for it - IN XML!

"Then we can also experiment with a radical new architecture for our IP stack - you know: have it run separate compartments and things. Abstract the upper parts of the protocol so that differences in v4 and v6 - heck! vAnything - are relegated to plugins.

"On that XML thing: we'll have to monitor this stream for media content - keep checking for keys, and things.

"File sharing protocols need to be updated on top of that new IP stack I mentioned. Make sure we can add a bunch of checks and negotiations so we only break when communicating to older stuff.

"Yeah - I know that the transport is being changed at the same time as the app layer: we'll just have to keep really tight communications during the all hands committee meetings with the leaders of the various separate dev teams.

"Oh, yeah. let's add checks for a security token into the UI....

Re:Vist... *out of resources* (5, Insightful)

Jeremi (14640) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712264)

How can Microsoft need SO much more resources to do essentially the same thing?

My guess is that they had to add in the new shiny features while simultaneously retaining backwards compatibility with every buggy program and half-broken API they've ever released all the way back to Windows 3.1. That sort of requirement can really complicate things, and you end up having to code everything as conservatively as possible and never take any shortcuts for fear of breaking something.

If I was Microsoft, I would design a new OS from the ground up, and commission VMWare or someone to include functionality for running "legacy/XP" programs in a VM. Then Microsoft's legions of good programmers might be free to come out with something good, as opposed to spending all their brain cycles trying not to break old software (and still sometimes failing, I might add)

Re:Vist... *out of resources* (1)

h4rm0ny (722443) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712114)

That's the truth. Due to being sick of sitting at my desk all day, I've now pulled out my old laptop so I can read /. on the sofa. I'd forgotten the specs on this thing until I saw your comment so for comparison, I just had a look at what I'm using. It's a 700MHz Celeron with, I'm not joking, 64MB of RAM. (A Dell Inspiron 2500 if you must know). It's running Xubuntu and browsing with Firefox 2, multiple tabs, and though it is slow to start some applications, it's useable enough. It's even letting me read a 45MB PDF file pretty smoothly at the same time. It makes you wonder what's actually being done with all the processor cycles and memory that we have these days.

Re:Vist... *out of resources* (1)

Joe The Dragon (967727) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712254)

mac have of been a bit low on ram and you should have a mini of 2gb or you will hit a lot of swap.

Re:Vist... *out of resources* (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 6 years ago | (#21712332)

Yeah, I'm totally incapable of running both Windows XP and Ubuntu in virtual machines simultaneously under Vista with less than a gig of RAM and a Turion processor.

Oh wait, I'm doing that right now.

too clever for its own good. (2, Insightful)

Protonk (599901) | more than 6 years ago | (#21711934)

Funny, and a nice jab at "upgrading" windows, but really, this could have been much better done by a better writer. How many times did he end up writing "snappy and responsive" to describe XP versus Vista?

also, it really could have benefited from a singular tone. Satire is much better when the voice of the piece doesn't change. Take a page from the onion and just treat this as though it were a review of a "new" OS from microsoft.

All in all, not 1/10 as good as it could have been.

Re:too clever for its own good. (5, Insightful)

mincognito (839071) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712070)

Really? I thought the writer presented a number of compelling reasons to "upgrade" to XP including:
  • No crazy graphic bugs
  • It's faster and more responsive
  • No system lock on login
  • Better multitasking
  • File copying and deleting are quicker
  • Automatic update is less resource hungry
  • Drivers are stable
  • Drivers are easy to find
  • Drivers are reliable
  • Requires less hardware
  • Much more reliable generally
  • Internet Explorer 7 doesn't crash
  • Less need to reboot
  • Ctrl-Alt-Del actually works and can prevent a hard-reset
  • Games are more responsive, have higher frame rates and are more reliable
  • Better multimedia support
  • No DRM

Re:too clever for its own good. (2, Funny)

Jeremiah Cornelius (137) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712168)

The writer obviously has a different view of just what "better" means, than do we at Microsoft and the Motion Picture and Music Industries.

I think we all know better than to pay much attention to what foreign amateurs, writing in blogs have to say. If they knew anything, they'd be paid experts.

Re:too clever for its own good. (0, Troll)

sqrt(2) (786011) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712242)

Over half of those are patently false. Plain and simple, they're lies. I've been using vista for a while now and not experienced most of those. And this isn't on a beast of a machine either, it's an old P4 Dell. The rest are wildly exaggerated and repeated on this site. In fact, the only one I can confirm to have any truth is the slow file copy bug, XP does do that faster. You could maybe get away with saying DRM is a problem, but I don't use any DRM encumbered files so magically it's not an issue for me. All the hidef content I get from BT and mp3s work absolutely fine and always will. DRM is mostly a boogie man, it only effects people who buy content protected by it. The subsystems are there to support DRM, but guess what? They're also there in XP. Imagine that.

A related issue about slow file copy: there's a curious discrepancy I found with Linux copying files over a network with windows PCs. Copying from XP to Vista took less than 1/4 the time to copy files from XP to Ubuntu or Vista to Ubuntu (which was even slower). Ubuntu also became incredibly slow and unresponsive during the copying, so much so that I gave up trying to do anything with the machine during the time it took (some 3 hours). I can't figure out why it would take over four times longer to do with Linux than with windows. Has anyone noticed a similar problem and found a way to correct it?

Re:too clever for its own good. (1)

Broken Toys (1198853) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712346)

Would you kindly post a torrent of your copy of Vista.

It appears you have the one copy that actually works as advertised and is not affected by the problems the rest of us are having.

Re:too clever for its own good. (1)

sqrt(2) (786011) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712374)

One concession I will make is this, I used retail installation media of Vista Ultimate. So you can torrent that if you want :P

I'm guessing a great deal of these problems are from the OEM crap that gets added on top of the default installation. I saw a similar thing with XP computers when it first was released, one Gateway machine I fixed for a family member was nearly unusable after first boot! It ended up getting Win2000 installed.

Re:too clever for its own good. (1)

MrBandersnatch (544818) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712448)

"A related issue about slow file copy: there's a curious discrepancy I found with Linux copying files over a network with windows PCs. Copying from XP to Vista took less than 1/4 the time to copy files from XP to Ubuntu or Vista to Ubuntu (which was even slower). Ubuntu also became incredibly slow and unresponsive during the copying, so much so that I gave up trying to do anything with the machine during the time it took (some 3 hours). I can't figure out why it would take over four times longer to do with Linux than with windows. Has anyone noticed a similar problem and found a way to correct it?"

Yup, uninstall Vista. :)

In all seriousness I did notice this (along with the fact that Vista natively would take roughly 1000x longer to uncompress a zip than was necessary) and the above WAS my response.

Re:too clever for its own good. (1)

BlindRobin (768267) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712432)

Satire is much better when ...

This was not satire (though it may have been intended as such), but simple sarcasm.

XP vs Linux (1)

Neuroelectronic (643221) | more than 6 years ago | (#21711938)

I'd say the install approaches the ease of modern Linux distributions, but lacks hardware support straight out of install. Many drivers you will have to install yourself, after finding them via Google, which brings the question of their integrity to light...

Re:XP vs Linux (1)

gardyloo (512791) | more than 6 years ago | (#21711972)

Approaches the ease, yes, but takes 5 - 10 times as long as, say, a sidux installation. Then, as you say, you have to go find drivers, etc. I say this "Microsoft" startup is probably peddling vaporware. We'll see if they manage to stick around.

Switching 2000 to XP is easier than to Linux (1)

tepples (727027) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712372)

[Installation of Windows XP] takes 5 - 10 times as long as, say, a sidux installation. Then, as you say, you have to go find drivers, etc.
But at least I can find them. I went for four years on a Windows 2000 installation before switching to XP, and all my hardware still worked. Virtually every piece of national brand computer hardware sold at Best Buy between 2000 and 2007 has a driver that works with NT 5 (Windows 2000 and Windows XP). In Linux, on the other hand, SANE still lists my paid-for Microtek ScanMaker 4850 scanner as unsupported. I e-mailed Microtek asking for information to write a driver but got no response. Should I just buy a new scanner?

Sidesplitting (-1, Flamebait)

explosivejared (1186049) | more than 6 years ago | (#21711952)

Wow an OS from a hated megacorp has majors upon release. Said issues are hashed and rehashed for the next year. A movement begins to move back to hated megacorp's old OS. Some jerk posts a weak summarization of issues with the new OS filled with lame smugness.

That's fricking hilarious!

With the topical freshness of this guy's material, he needs to be on late night competing with Leno.

Re:Sidesplitting (1)

hxnwix (652290) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712048)

That's fricking hilarious!
While everything you say is true, I think you might have missed the point.

Imagine, if you will, that Vista were released on October 25, 2001 and XP arrived on November 8, 2006. Would you consider XP to be an improvement?


Aren't we tired? (5, Insightful)

hackingbear (988354) | more than 6 years ago | (#21711954)

When are we going to feel tired bashing Vista? Until the next Windows release?

Come on... I'm not a fan of MS and I'm posting this with Firefox but I have been running Vista on two machines -- one laptop one desktop -- and two machines on XP. i just don't see anything really bad with Vista. If nothing else, it looks more pleasant. In contrast, one of XP machine is running like snail still after several attempts to clean ups, defrags, and registry cleanings; so i don't even want to boot it up anymore.

Does the extra little candies worth your money? for some here, it is not no matter how good it is. For others, the eye candy worths everything. Isn't that what iPhone is all about?

Re:Aren't we tired? (1)

slicenglide (735363) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712010)

Yeah you say that, but I have to service and setup HP's, Compaq's, and Gateway's all day that run, act, and are shit right out of the box... So many issues RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX.

Re:Aren't we tired? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 6 years ago | (#21712082)

Right, because XP runs like a beast on those HP's, Compaqs, and Gateways right out of the MUST be the operating system...

Re:Aren't we tired? (1)

sayfawa (1099071) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712088)

Did you read the article? Would you care to comment on if you have some of the same problems the author has with Vista? I ask because I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to make the effort to find a new laptop with XP instead of Vista.

Re:Aren't we tired? (1)

Zymergy (803632) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712166)

Browse the Dell laptop sales pages.. both for Home/Home Office and Business... most notebooks (except the top DX10 capable models) are NOW being offered with Windows XP. It seems businesses buying Dells are demanding XP over Vista: []

Small Business & Dell (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 6 years ago | (#21712330)

I bought a Small Business Dell earlier this year and as such got asked to file out a Dell Business survey about Vista.
And you are right, basically I demanded to be able to buy XP on my next laptop from them.

They asked be to describe Vista in a short phrase. Mine was "Piece of junk".

The only Vista does better IMHO is off-line files. Very seamless in Vista vs XP (which is a big factor). But I am plagued by constant App freezes, network issues, driver incompatibilities, UAC issues, Defender updates, Visio error messages (turn off COM add-ins), etc..
After ~7 months I have uninstalled enough software and turned off enough security features that it is OK to use.
But I shouldn't have had to do that.
That laptop doesn't do anything cutting edge: Office, Firefox, iTunes.
My problems are problems caused right out of the box.

Vista wasn't fully baked by the time it shipped. It is MSFT's version of Intel's Itanium.

Dear HP why don't you write some F'ing Vista compatible printer drivers?!?
Dear MSFT, why the Hell do you need to change the printer driver model? Does the text now print in 3D, or is it the same as when NT was printing?

Re:Aren't we tired? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 6 years ago | (#21712382)

"We?" Well you're obviously tired of bashing it, but obviously others are not.

          If you don't see anything bad about Vista, obviously you haven't looked. It's ugly, it's got far too many rights restrictions, it's slow as shit, it's a RAM hog, and it's buggy. Comparing it to an XP system you haven't successfully cleaned spyware off of is silly.

        "Does the extra little candies worth your money?" Nope. I can get similar eyecandy for free with Beryl or Compiz. Free as in free software, AND free as in I successfully ran it on a P2 with Radeon 7000; it's highly unlikely you need a new anything to get full desktop effects with Linux unless your system is REALLY old.

          "Isn't that what iPhone is all about?" Well that's not a good way to argue this. I also rip on the iPhone and anyone who buys it -- it's the stupidest phone I've ever seen and overpriced to boot.

Re:Aren't we tired? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 6 years ago | (#21712390)

You can tell how strongly someone believes something by how much affirmation they need to continue believing in it.

The amount of "OMG VISTA IS TEH SUCK LOL" articles that pervade this site is very telling. Yes, Vista's a bit of a nightmare for MS on the PR side, but by and large, people seem to enjoy laughing at it repeatedly instead of moving on with their lives. This sort of herd mentality makes it hard to enjoy working in this industry, where ego reigns over pragmatism. Just another reason why software as a whole sucks.

Until system requirements are no problem (1)

tepples (727027) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712438)

When are we going to feel tired bashing Vista? Until the next Windows release?
Until the cheapest PC hardware runs Windows Vista smoothly, and once hand-me-down peripherals work. PC builders still skimp on RAM. XP's system requirements were about the same as those of Windows 2000: it walked in 128 MiB of RAM and ran in 256 MiB. Windows Vista Home Premium, on the other hand, requires 1024 MiB. In addition, a lot of peripherals need new drivers on Windows Vista, and peripheral manufacturers have been using this as an excuse to get their customers to buy new peripherals.

I have been running Vista on two machines -- one laptop one desktop -- and two machines on XP. i just don't see anything really bad with Vista. If nothing else, it looks more pleasant. In contrast, one of XP machine is running like snail
How powerful are its CPU and RAM compared to those of the Vista machines? And how long has the installation been in service? I kept a Windows 2000 Professional installation going for four and a half years (early spring 2003 to early 2007) without a reinstall, but anecdotally I have read that not everybody is as lucky.

the lesson for microsoft is: (3, Insightful)

circletimessquare (444983) | more than 6 years ago | (#21711974)

much longer development cycles between os releases, like 6,8,10 years

and have MAJOR improvements in the mix

for example, i think vista was supposed to have a database like file system when i heard whispers of it way back in 2003/4/5

then i heard that idea got shelved

hey microsoft: if you shelve major improvements, why would anyone upgrade?

if they had that db-like filesystem, then in 2-3 years from now, when that os would have been released, everyone would be talking about what a revolutionary leap forward microsoft had on its hands (yes, i know it's really not a groundbreaking idea, but you know how pr and popular opinion works). now, instead, apple is stealing the thunder for having vista like features before microsoft, when it's just faster graphics card eye candy

windows 95 was such a dramatic step forward from previous iterations

same with xp (patching up windows nt to release to the public instead of business, as windows xp, to increase stability, was certainly an improvement over win me! again, we're talking pr and popular opinion here)

Re:the lesson for microsoft is: (1)

calebt3 (1098475) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712102)

I am on the lower end of technical knowledge (slightly higher than CompTIA A+ certification), so could you explain to me how a database-like file system would be superior? I how does it work in a way that is superior to NTFS and is it better than ext3 (or is ext3 a db-like filesystem?)?

i don't know (1)

circletimessquare (444983) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712224)

i can imagine the improvements/ negatives as well as you can, but i['m no expert

Re:the lesson for microsoft is: (2, Interesting)

Zantetsuken (935350) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712272)

I think the GP is thinking about WinFS [] ... I think MS meant to deceive here, because I had previously also thought that it was the actual file-system before reading the Wikipedia page just now, naturally having thought that WinFS would be the successor to NTFS... Instead, it turns out that it was only meant to be a database backend for things such as Outlook contacts or whatnot, usable by most applications - but knowing MS, it would only work for their programs.

Ballmer read this! (2, Interesting)

h4rm0ny (722443) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712430)

much longer development cycles between os releases, like 6,8,10 years

I'm not disagreeing with you as I've not thought about it enough to say whether my own idea is good or bad, but I think rather than longer development cycles, they might actually need shorter ones. The Linux world seems to make excellent progress with numerous small increments. This of course necessitates a quite modular approach to developing the OS (with the most dramatic example being the separation of OS from Window Manager), but this actually leads to a much greater stability as you aren't suddenly shifting from one system to something very new and different, with all the headaches of testing, driver release, app compatability etc., etc. that this causes.

If a new release of Linux came out ever five years, I think we'd see massive problems with each new release of that, as well.

Of course the release schedule is driven by marketing, rather than developers so it might seem academic, but I have a suggestion to Microsoft on the million to one chance that Ballmer is reading through these articles in a dark fit of depression. A better solution would be to take an incremental approach to Windows releases and to make money through a subscription process. We know that customers resent being forced to go through an expensive upgrade cycle. Wouldn't the pill be easier to swallow if so long as they paid their very modest subscription to Microsoft, the updates just kept rolling down. One day it doesn't support a journaling files system, the next day it does - much like Ubuntu updates? Microsoft want to be in a service industry, providing media packages and other options with a steady stream of income, not a risky forecasting of sales for each new OS or version of Office. Wouldn't a subscription model suit that better, enabling lots of services to be rolled into one? And at a stroke you've cut down on vast amounts of piracy of the Windows OS. It's surely better to have a million users paying $24 a year than it is 500,000 maybe paying $80 once every five years. New PCs would as usual just come with a modest 1 year subscription free!

I know that I'd be happy with this model and a lot less resentful of seeing the big cost of the OS added to the price of the PC as one big extra cost. There are so many things that could be rolled into a subscription model in other areas of Microsoft's business that its almost silly.

The more I think about this, the more it seems like a good idea for both Microsoft and its customers. They're no longer competing with other proprietary OS's (bar the Macs). They're competing with free. And you can't do that by demanding $100 from people. You can do it by asking for a couple of dollars a month and people feeling that they're getting something good in return. If anyone knows the chair launching one, point him in my direction would you?

Planned Obsolescence (4, Funny)

plopez (54068) | more than 6 years ago | (#21711996)

Hats off to Microsoft for releasing an OS that is obsolete before it even hit the shelves! That's the sort of market driven forward thinking that we have come to expect from such a great company.
Now only if they would start charging for service packs, that would really add to share holder value.

Re:Planned Obsolescence (1)

calebt3 (1098475) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712138)

They are trying to make Windows 7 look so much better in comparison as a part of that planned obsolescence.

£50 upgrade to be exact (1)

IainMH (176964) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712018)

I'm writing to you on my brand new shiny home PC. Box fresh today. When I ordered it, I had to pay £50 to 'upgrade' from Vista home to XP pro.

This is my principle home machine there was _no_way_ I was going to run Vista on it yet.

I made sure I got a meaty graphics card for when the time comes though.

Next upgrade is even more exciting........ (5, Funny)

edwardpickman (965122) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712020)

DOS. None of that shell nonsense. Straight forward computing for the masses! Fast, stable and with no eye candy what so ever.

Linus is absolutely right (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 6 years ago | (#21712064)

I have to agree with Linus on this one

Dear MS, Add DX10 to XP and just get it over with. (5, Interesting)

Zymergy (803632) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712080)

Other than DX10.x in Vista for purposefully DX10.x limited specific games releases (HALO 3, et al), what IS the killer app in Vista?
(Don't flame me man! I am serious, what is the Real "advantage" to Vista for gamers?) What is the performance advantage? Is it designed to fully take advantage of future generations of multiple quad-core processors with 8+GB of RAM and not really current hardware which is not optimized to utilize it?
Not intending to get into a flame war at all, I have used Vista and I just don't get it.. why the bloat? Why so much DRM? Why specifically break Direct3d and EAX and force the rapid development of OpenAL sound cards and drivers, etc.. Why completely eliminate the look and feel of the UI users have mastered since Win9x/2k (or at least leave a Classic Win2k option for the UI) I play my games in XP and I love it. Once WINE, etc.. can match the performance in gaming of native XP, this discussion will then be between XP and XP emulation.

Re:Dear MS, Add DX10 to XP and just get it over wi (2)

master5o1 (1068594) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712212)

Drop DirectX and go OpenGL. Helps everyone. Games for windows can then be made to work in WINE (or native Linux and Mac). Niceties can be given to Windows. Etc.

Re:Dear MS, Add DX10 to XP and just get it over wi (1)

TrancePhreak (576593) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712236)

I believe MS commented on the issue with sound cards pointing at the sound card industry for putting out trash drivers.

Re:Dear MS, Add DX10 to XP and just get it over wi (4, Informative)

Zymergy (803632) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712434)

That may be accurate in some cases, but it appears that it has more to do with the REQUIREMENT from Microsoft to only use their SOFTWARE mixer in Vista, thus breaking nearly all Hardware audio effects (my read is: for *DRM* requirements):

"...DirectSound3D on Windows Vista
With Microsoft's decision to remove the audio hardware layer in Windows Vista, legacy DirectSound 3D games will no longer use hardware 3D algorithms for audio spatialization. Instead they will have to rely upon the new Microsoft software mixer that is built into Windows Vista. This new software mixer will give the users basic audio support for their old Direct Sound games but since it has no hardware layer, all EAX® effects will be lost, and no individual per-voice processing can be performed using dedicated hardware processing.

EAX has become the de facto standard for real-time effects processing. It has been incorporated in hundreds of games and has become the method of choice for game developers wanting to add interactive environment effects to their titles. Some of the best selling games of all time use the EAX extensions to DirectSound 5.0 and beyond, including Warcraft3, Diablo2, World of Warcraft, Half Life, Ghost Recon, F.E.A.R. and many others. Under Windows Vista, these games will be losing the hardware support that came as standard under the previous Windows Operating Systems, and will no longer provide real-time interactive effects, making them sound empty and lifeless by comparison to the way they sound on Windows XP.

In some cases, where a game specifically looks for a hardware audio path, it may even fall back to plain stereo output. This will be a very different landscape for 3D audio than the one that both Creative Labs and Aureal Technologies® pioneered 8 years ago. Both companies dedicated hardware power to rendering increasing numbers of 3D voices, with each voice taking full advantage of HRTF (Head Related Transfer Function) technology, wave tracing and other advanced processing. With the native Windows Vista audio APIs, all this advanced, hardware-based 3D audio processing will be inaccessible. Instead, basic mapping to a generic speaker placement scheme will be employed, and all interactive processing and rendering will be dependent on the host CPU. While it is true that CPUs continue to get faster, the Vista audio architecture intentionally simplifies things, such that the potential processing load for multiple 3D voices is limited. Inevitably there is a tradeoff. This will be especially true for gamers that have come to depend on the kind of high-end 3D audio experience available from products like the SoundBlaster X-Fi, with its advanced headphone 3D audio processing and dedicated hardware DSP effects. For gamers this would be the most noticeable loss in Windows Vista, and it would be a definite step backwards for PC gaming audio if developers only had the option of using native Windows Vista audio APIs. However, they do have a legitimate, proven alternative in OpenAL..." []

Classic UI for Vista (1)

zyxwvutsr (542520) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712274)

Why completely eliminate the look and feel of the UI users have mastered since Win9x/2k (or at least leave a Classic Win2k option for the UI)
Right-click the desktop and choose "Personalize" from the context menu. Then click on "Windows Color and Appearance" and select "Windows Standard" or "Windows Classic" in the "Color scheme" box. This part hasn't changed one bit. (Well, except for the "Vista Basic" and "Vista Aero" options.)

Wrong Approach (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 6 years ago | (#21712118)

See I think this is just a symptom of the wrong approach from microsoft. Basically, the big realease meant that all the linux guys and apple guys made sure for the next year they'd be shouting at the tops of their voices about how much vista sucks, and becuase of the huge jump in hardware needed and software compatibility that the normal users (who don't know about, or care about, the fanboys) are reluctant. But this situation just seems to breed this kinds of articles.

Maybe instead of writing this crappy joke article which frankly, didnt work for me, these "writeurs" should do something more useful. Personally, I reckon if microsoft had spent the 5 years from XP to vista releasing a package every 6months, each time adding a feature (like aero or the backup featuers) and also each time fixing the problems with the previous release, then the feautures would be hugely accepted and then step up would have been seen as nothing. However, having said this, where microsoft goes wouldnt have changed and theyt would end up where they will be in 2 years (when the service packs are released) Basically what I'm saying is, you're probably veiwing in fairness something which i 5 sevenths complete but that microsoft's release plan sucks ass.

Not a fair review (1)

kuactet (1017816) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712120)

He, for example, failed to consider all the good things Vista did [] .

I went one stage further.. (1, Interesting)

eniac42 (1144799) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712134)

And upgraded to Windows 2000 NT. Seriously. It runs happily on old hardware, an old laptop with 64 MB RAM, 300 Mhz Pentium 3, 2 gig hard disk. I can run most of the apps I throw at it, the few that dont run I dont need on that machine anyway.

Message to Microsoft: Less == More. Forget the Candy Floss and concentrate on making core API run faster and leaner.

Re:I went one stage further.. (1)

johannesg (664142) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712320)

I've had a lot of trouble making win2k work with SATA devices. The install CD won't recognize them and trying to load a driver from floppy usually causes the system to lock up or crash. Is there anything I can do about this? Or have I just been unlucky in this regard?

preemptive multitasking (2, Interesting)

mugenjou (912908) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712148)

performing complex tasks such as viewing large images, or updating large spreadsheets, instead of the whole operating system locking down for several seconds, it now just locks down the application I am working on, allowing me to Alt-Tab to another application and work on that. I am thrilled that Microsoft decided to add preemptive multitasking to their operating system,
wait.. this became even worse in vista? I mean, yes, in wixp you can actually alt+tab to another app most times more or less, but explorer.exe(the taskbar) sure isnt preemptive multitasking capable, it just locks up e.g. when compiling so you cant switch window by using it.

*sigh* (1)

Xinef Jyinaer (1044268) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712174)

My parents bought a new vista system today, 1.6ghz dual core, 1GB of ram, integrated graphics,320GB HDD, 19' widescreen, keyboard, mouse and a hp printer all for $599.

Of course we bring it home and hook it up, first boot was unimaginably long, the second one was also fairly long, after within the first 5 minutes 'windows explorer' crashed which prevented pretty much everything (also this crash prevented it from shutting down, it sat at the shutting down screen for about 20 minutes)

I had warned my parents several times about the blunders of vista (they had been using ubuntu 7.10 before their computer's power supply died and took the mobo with it) but there wasn't much along the lines of availability in this area for computers (they didn't want to spend a lot of money and wanted a lot of stuff) so getting a PC without vista would have been difficult and it may be nice for a time when eventually vista works alright (we all remember that XP had similar problems upon release), unless it turns into the next ME (which I've been comparing it too already, makes people shiver).

From their standpoint upgrading to XP would be nice(they don't have a legal copy however) but I'd rather they upgrade to gutsy (although it's more work for me since they don't really know how to use it that well, once I set it up for them it causes a lot less problems down the road).

Re:*sigh* (1)

dioscaido (541037) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712470)

I guarantee you that experience is due to all the half-compatible junk pre-loaded by HP. Extract the current key for your Vista OS, download and burn yourself a Vista ISO (since I doubt HP actually provides you with media for the OS you just purchased), flatten that machine and install just Vista. You'll be shocked at the difference.

Vista 64 is better then xp 64 (2, Insightful)

Joe The Dragon (967727) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712194)

and even then quite a few apps still dont work with windows 64 and there many printers and other usb stuff that does not have 64 bit drivers?

M$ do your really need all printers , scanners , and other basic input devices to be forced to be 64 bit?

and why do you have to pick 32 bit or 64 bit?

10.5 does not force you to make that choice.

Re:Vista 64 is better then xp 64 (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 6 years ago | (#21712328)

better THAN, fool.

I cannot wait... (4, Insightful)

gordgekko (574109) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712206)

I cannot wait until the day Windows 7 is rolled out and all the people with their snide Vista comments begin to proclaim Vista to have been the be-all and end-all of Windows OS' and that Windows 7 is a failure on all counts.

I'll say it if no one else will. I like Vista for the most part. While there are some minor annoyances it has impressed me with its stability and increased security. I'm currently running Vista on a desktop I bought last month but I do plan on purchasing a copy and installing it on my laptop as well.

I wonder, do you use themes on XP? (1)

SmallFurryCreature (593017) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712286)

I don't, in 2007 I still use XP with the "classic" theme and still roll back all those annoying "enhancements" like that idiotic puppy for the search function.

What was that about anyway? I can understand using an icon like that but it stands totally alone in the entire interface and its design is totally out of place in both the official XP look and the classic windows look

Anyway, 2007 and I still use the same gui as in 98 and W2K. So tell me again please how I will call Vista the best when 7 comes out when I still think a lot of what XP delivered was a total crapfest?

Don't push your own fanboyness on the rest of the world.

Go the whole hog (2, Funny)

maroberts (15852) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712232)

Upgrade to MS-DOS 6.1. The screen response is incredible!!

I can't believe this garbabe is on slashdot --- (0, Troll)

barbam (1134455) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712256)

Seriously -- shame on you slashdot. Anyone who thinks that moving from Vista to XP is an upgrade is an idiot. It's amazing how many people hate Microsoft so much that they won't pause for two seconds to think objectively about what is placed in front of them and then make a conclusion. For YEARS people bitched about the security problems in Windows -- many of which have been corrected in Vista --- and NOW, people do nothing but bitch about the fact that Vista has issues caused by a change in the way security is done at the core. Just b\c 3rd parties and dumb windows programmers have written and refuse to correct crappy, unsecure code doesn't mean that the OS is bad ---

Vista is not that bad (2, Insightful)

Atheil (1184445) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712266)

Seriously, people need to get over this cliché of vista being the anti-christ. I have it running on two of my machines (one of which dual-boots ubuntu) and I have had little to no problems with it, and I have to say I enjoy it more than XP. Honestly, all XP was, was a GUI upgrade to Win2k (the best microsoft OS leap in my opinion). Vista on the other hand actuall has some neat features that, while don't make it worth upgrading, make it useful to have instead of XP. The only reason people downgrade back to XP is because they're trying to use shitty old printers and devices, and they expect these 10 year old pieces of technology to run on newer machine. The biggest downside to vista is the amount of memory it takes up, both on the HDD and RAM. But you can lower the RAM impact by just turning off things like Aero, and all those services you probably aren't going to use. Seriously people, get an opinion for yourself. Try using vista.

Advantages of Upgrading from XP to Ubuntu (1)

asheller (625258) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712284)

I can't be asked -- I've seen this saga in too many forms. Haven't we all? Perhaps I've gone over the edge (kinda like the guy who wrote the article) -- no matter -- this saga has gone on far too long in too many variations. Windows is crapola! We all know it.

If you're wondering about it or chatting about -- Stop it! Install some variant of Linux and get on with whatever you need to get on with -- except for playing computer games of course.

I'm at peace with Ubuntu >. Stories like this make my peace even more peaceful -- especially when I"m not playing games -- otherwise I'll duel boot.


Re:Advantages of Upgrading from XP to Ubuntu (1)

trwww (545291) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712460)

Shameless plug, but I'm "upgrading" from Windows XP to Ubuntu and documenting my experiences on a blog:

WinXP 2 Dellbuntu [] .

Windows Vista = Windows MPAA edition (4, Insightful)

sprior (249994) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712288)

I think it would hit home a lot more if bloggers and technical sites called Windows Vista for what it really is: Windows MPAA edition. It wasn't written for consumers, it was written to satisfy the DRM requirements of the MPAA to be fed to consumers. All that DRM down in the driver level is what is slowing it down.

Its pretty sad (1)

smartin (942) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712298)

That the world would come to the point that xp would be described as an upgrade from anything.

Stop it, stop it (2, Informative)

Henry V .009 (518000) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712310)

The anti-Vista whining has gotten more annoying than the silly "M$" thing or the Slashdot trolls talking about Microsoft users sucking Bill's cock.

The genuine problems with Vista (the multiple versions, the price, lack of solid drivers) were exhausted as a subject months ago. Since then, the computer press has acted like a bunch of 15-year-olds with a nerd fetish. Vista is actually somewhat nice. []

Backup management is a hell of a lot nicer in Vista -- XP almost forced you to go with a third-party app. UAC works very well, and makes running Windows as a limited user a reasonable experience -- in XP it was doable, but a serious pain. System restore is _much_ improved with Vista, something I noticed after a borked nVidia RAID driver update. The performance and reliability wizards that can go through and look at which of your apps are crashing are a nice little idea. There are hundreds of these little improvements. It's not god's gift computer nerds, but it's not that bad either.

And yes, I am a Linux sys admin. At any given time I probably have more Linux boxes running than Windows boxes.

Where have we heard this before? (2, Insightful)

sk999 (846068) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712392)

Oh yes. In 1985, the Coca Cola company introduced a new product called "Coke Vista", except it was know back then as "New Coke." After the public had sampled the new experience, the Coca Cola company was compelled to reintroduce "Coke XP", except it was known back then as "Coke Classic".

Some things never change. []

never occurred to me before.. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 6 years ago | (#21712412)

If you view XP as a text emoticon...

XP sux (2, Insightful)

rice_burners_suck (243660) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712426)

Windows XP has its shortcomings as well. If you maintain a number of computers for a company, you'll notice that there is no good way to set up one Windows XP computer exactly the way you like it and then duplicate that setup to other computers, unless all of your computers have identical hardware.

the key to a (more) stable MS Windows install (4, Informative)

Tumbleweed (3706) | more than 6 years ago | (#21712440)

1) If existing OS: run complete antivirus scan and clean existing install, fix everything. Then run a GOOD antivirus scanner (I like Kaspersky), and do it right.

2) Format system disk.

3) Install new MS OS (Win2K or better)

4) Install all updates EXCEPT: .Net

5) Remove unnecessary schmutz (unneeded services, drivers, games, etc.)

6) Replace MS MediaPlayer with Media Player Classic.

7) Do not install any further MS software

8) Ever.

9) Seriously, not ever.

10) It's not that hard, and will very rarely crash.

11) Oh yeah, don't install too many Adobe apps, either, and keep as much crap from auto-starting as possible (Adobe gamma, Adobe Reader starter, etc.).

12) Don't use Internet Explorer (any version - the people who tell you IE7 is 'okay' are idiots).

Put some hardware in between your machine and the Internet at large. Being behind even a simple NAT box will help enormously.

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