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E3 Media Summit Returns To LA

Zonk posted more than 6 years ago | from the still-no-booth-babes dept.

E3 13

Kotaku notes that the E3 Media Summit will be heading back to LA in 2008. Complaints about the long walking distances last year prompted the move, but the invite-only business-oriented nature of the event will remain. "In the press release sent out this morning the ESA said the event will 'continue to focus on the business of the computer and video game industry, with an emphasis on press events and small meetings with media, development, and other key sectors. While there will be opportunities for game demonstrations, the 2008 E3 Media & Business Summit will not feature the large trade show environment of previous years.'"

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More games, less crap (-1)

Anonymous Coward | more than 6 years ago | (#21739976)

I hope they have more games/game related stuff, less stupid stuff (booth babes, inane celebrities, ect.)

Re:More games, less crap (0, Redundant)

Broken scope (973885) | more than 6 years ago | (#21740174)

Didn't they do that last year?

Re:More games, less crap (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 6 years ago | (#21745206)

Don't ask for help when you can just tell them the the secret to my success []

Booth babes or bust! (5, Funny)

Ang31us (1132361) | more than 6 years ago | (#21739994)

Either way, E3 needs to bring the boobs back.

Re:Booth babes or bust! (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 6 years ago | (#21741778)

Umm... maybe you should be a little more specific - they need to bring the bouncy booth babe boobs back.

Cause there are also lots of sweaty man-boobs roaming the E3 halls, and I for one don't miss those at all.

That's what the Spike VGAs are for. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 6 years ago | (#21743148)

I'm surprised Spike hasn't come up with their own pre-awards trade show of their own. There's tons of money to be made. I think we'll dub it, Misogyny Quest.

It doesn't matter. (4, Interesting)

stonecypher (118140) | more than 6 years ago | (#21740136)

E3's real strength was in allowing the move from a dedicated amateur to a young professional; that's how I got my foot in the door, way back when. By closing their doors to professionals, they've lost that. In the meantime, they've been doing such an appalling job with their seminars for such a long time that the actual professionals had already by and on the large stopped going; they're at GDC, and I hear there's actually an increasing group at PAX, though I haven't been to the latter. E3 cut off the thing that made it not just dominant, but in fact valuable at all, and even were they to throw the doors wide open again and to bring their prices down to something that the kids can manage, they've lost the momentum they had.

Top that off with a ton of bad will: E3 started a for-pay "social networking" system to connect the kids to the pros, charged a hundred bucks a head, and then didn't invite anyone from that list to the new show, making the networking thing utterly useless (it was borderline fraud, in my opinion - there was never anything to the system other than access to a room at a show that nobody who bought in was even allowed to go to.)

There may be a show going on under the name E3, it may be run by the same people, and it may be in the same location, but the E3 that we all knew, and sort-of loved, is gone forever.

Re:It doesn't matter. (1)

sethstorm (512897) | more than 6 years ago | (#21740328)

That's also why their invite system will cause them more failure as long as it is in place - their attempt to split the public out to E for All failed. Just sounds like a loss-cutting move that went horribly wrong.

Re:It doesn't matter. (1, Interesting)

Anonymous Coward | more than 6 years ago | (#21740420)

I've not been to GDC, but I've heard naught but good. It's what E3 should have been from the begining: A collection of developers shooting shit and giving demonstrations while the Journalists hobnob and gather spicy info.

I can say that PAX is a great place to be for anyone in gaming: It's a finger on the pulse of Gaming culture. The expo hall is great for display, sure, but it's what goes on in the Freeplay and Lounge areas that really make up the meat: You can see exactly what people are playing, what they're trying, and what they're dissing. It's you and 30,000 of your closest friends playing vidjamagames for a weekend. It's not going to get you as much OMG NEWS as a developer conference, but it's at the epicenter of what is rapidly becoming the biggest pasttime in the world.

Re:It doesn't matter. (1)

Dutch Gun (899105) | more than 6 years ago | (#21744820)

GDC and E3 are not (and should not be) the same thing. E3 is designed to allow developers and publishers hawk their latest wares to the gaming press, and thus indirectly to the general public. GDC (formerly CDGC) is a conference for game development professionals to network and learn more about their craft - it's NOT designed for the general public.

Re:It doesn't matter. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 6 years ago | (#21743330)

This entire artile was faked and twisted from this original source []

Parent is a troll (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 6 years ago | (#21747448)

This ip address needs to be banned. He already linked the same page earlier in the discussion.

Punctuation is important (1)

rabiddeity (941737) | more than 6 years ago | (#21746600)

Since when was E3 held in Louisiana?
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