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Online Dating Helping the Pathetic

samzenpus posted more than 6 years ago

Idle 1

samzenpus writes "Valentines Day was tough for the undateable before the internet. Now with a click of the mouse even the most disfigured and emotionally vacant person can have their last remaining spec of self worth stomped out in a few seconds rather than waiting for a call that will never come."

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1 comment


Anonymous Coward | more than 6 years ago | (#22418928)

I'm a fucking troll you cuntdot fags. Nobody is posting under idle, so I'm able to get a shitload of first posts. Damn if I was gay and black I could easily get into the GNAA. I like most other cuntdot fags have no date or cunt for Valentines day. I am so bored I'm probably going to make a shitload of frosty piss. I love idle as I can take forever to make frost piss and I don't need to find and Icy Cunt to do it, I can just piss in cup and put it in a freezer as so few cuntdot fags don't troll here. I even forgot to Post anonymously and I still have yet to be modded down, fuck. Speaking of fuck I really need to fuck some chick in the cunt. I really love fat chicks as they have more cushin for the pushin'. Man I really need laid, I have not been laid in about ten months and I really need some pussy. I haven't ate out in about five months and I have not been sucked since 2006.

Damn this frosty piss is not big enough yet. In other news, I just got another fucking spam email and Outlook did not filter it out! Don't even start the anti-Microsoft shit on here because I don't want to have to fucking read it you fuckers.

I wish I had an iPhone but fucking Verizon wireless wants there fucking money in there fucking contract (which my parents signed) until 12/23/2008 so that fucking sucks.

What really sucks in cellular phone news is the fucking analog sunset. Come on why is they shutting down the most reliable portion of the celluar phone system especially for us CDMA users. GSM is more reliable than CDMA for crying out loud. I wonder how many women I would have to sleep with at Verizon to get the analog network turned back on? The problem is women probably don't make those kind of decisions.

Speaking of phones why don't we still use quality phones like the old Western Electric phones. Today's phones are nothing but PURE SHIT and we are getting fucked up the ass because there is no demand for high quality phones anymore as today's cheap ass shit is too fucking domanent.
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