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Script-Fu Website

CmdrTaco posted about 16 years ago | from the coming-soon dept.

The Gimp 8

Zachary Kessin writes "There is a new Script-Fu Webpage , Covers details of programing The Gimp in Script-Fu. " Not really much there yet, but it hopefully will be cool.

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script-fu? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 16 years ago | (#2032362)

Shouldn't that be script-fubar?

plugin sample code tutorials (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 16 years ago | (#2032363)

online source browser for many Script-Fu plugins..

where is it?

Thank you for making this website

MimeType & MailCap (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 16 years ago | (#2032364)

set it in ur /etc/mime.types /etc/mailcap or ~/.mime.types ~/.mailcap. u can use the same trick to view html email in a non-html mail client thru a browser.
orginal poster: quit bitching and fix lynx.

Speaking of the GIMP... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 15 years ago | (#2032365)

Can anyone give a review of SSC's The Artists' Guide to the GIMP? With full-color glossy pages, it should be pretty, and I know the included cd-rom will easily be out-paced by development.

Still, I love to see a book on this stuff out there, and I'd probably get it if I could flip through it first. But I'll settle for an honest opinion from someone who has, if anybody out there will give one.

I would love a good resource for Script-Fu stuff (1)

Vic Metcalfe (355) | about 16 years ago | (#2032366)

I find Script-Fu more difficult than assembler. At least that I can step through in a debugger. In the lastest script I've been working on I've been having trouble with the equality operator, can you imagine that? Looks to me like I'm doing it the same as other script-fu's, but mine doesn't work. Granted I am an idiot, but I can do equality tests in countless other languages.

I hope the new script-fu site will put in a discussion area for people who like me are struggling with script-fu.

Take Care,

eww, frames (1)

bluGill (862) | about 16 years ago | (#2032367)

They suck in netscape, (I wouldn't mind if I could turn them off) and when there is no tag they are worse in lynx.

Yes, lynx does have frames suport. it sucks. Oh, and yes I can see graphics in lynx, but only if I choose to.


WWWWolf (2428) | about 16 years ago | (#2032368)

...but interesting. =)

hmmm (1)

aheitner (3273) | about 16 years ago | (#2032369)

was painfully slow for me, I hope it's not /.'d at 9:15 am....
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