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CoH Expansion & the Issues of User Created Con

eldavojohn (898314) writes | more than 5 years ago

Role Playing (Games) 0

eldavojohn (898314) writes "Wired has a piece on the new City of Heroes content that is created by players--or rather the severe abuse of it. Namely creating missions for the characters. Problem is that gamers game this system even though Paragon City has tried to maintain a good risk/reward ratio for experience in these missions. Making the situation even worse is that people who architect highly rated missions get architect awards redeemable for prizes--almost ensuring experience farming missions. Eric Heimburg (lead engineer and producer of Asheron's Call, Star Trek MMO) comments on this: 'It may seem sad that giving the players what they want is detrimental to the player's overall length of enjoyment of the game, but that's the truth. Once you reached that top of the hill, if there's nothing left to do or see, players are likely to move on. Length of enjoyment (equals) amount of money earned, so developers have a strong incentive to keep players from gaining power and levels too quickly.' If you're interested, Matt Miller (lead designer of CoH), addressed the community on this very topic. Yes, this is resulting in an unexplained ban/loss of experience if you are determined to be abusing the mission architect causing an uproar in the community. Is user generated content a dead end for an MMORPG?"
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