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Au Charity Backlash to M$ Bait and Switch.

twitter (104583) writes | more than 5 years ago

Microsoft 0

twitter writes "Six months ago, M$ demanded tens of millions of dollars from charities that had bought licenses under "academic discount". The backlash to that move has grown into a real movement with organizations promissing to dump all M$ software if they don't get the discounts they expected.

Australian aged care and charity organisations have sworn to dump the vendor if it enforces the policy change and are prepared to tear out established Microsoft infrastructure to implement open source alternatives. ... [Paula Carleton, CIO of the not-for-profit Baptist Community Services] is investigating how to move its 850 Windows desktops to open source following Microsoft's decision to force it to a full commercial licence, "Every dollar we are forced to spend on software is a dollar less spent on the charitable services like homeless and crisis care that we deliver," St Vincent de Paul Society, National Council of Australia research officer Jonathan Campton said the price increase could not be accomodated into the organisation's budget.

Anglican Church CIO George Lymbers began phasing in open source across his organisation more than a year ago and has slashed more than $250,000 in software costs in combination with a collective bargining agreement.

It is unlikely these charities will get a break while M$ is looking at a 32% decline in earnings and they are better off with free software anyway. Because free software is both cheaper and better, there is little reason for charities to stick with it unless it comes as a turn key system donated. Even then, poor security and stability detract and distract from core objectives or any organization."
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