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iPhone 3.0 Update Delivers Prodigious Patch Batch

CWmike (1292728) writes | more than 5 years ago

Security 1

CWmike writes "Apple patched 46 security vulnerabilities in the iPhone and iPod Touch, half of them in the Safari browser and its WebKit rendering engine, as it released iPhone OS 3.0 on Wednesday. One of the patched WebKit vulnerabilities stands out because of the attention it received in March, when a German college student, Nils, walked away with a $5,000 cash prize for hacking Safari at the Pwn2Own challenge. Nils used a bug in WebKit's handling of SVGList objects to crack Safari."
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iPhone updater schedule (1)

jskoda (1579933) | more than 5 years ago | (#28379873)

With the iPhone OS being a branch of Mac OS X, wouldn't it make sense for Apple to issue more frequent security updates for the phone? Leopard is already at a .7 update, plus a number of security updates and rumors of 10.5.8 around the corner. Is there a reason not to have more frequent updates for the iPhone? I wonder if people would be turned off by having to update the software on their phone every month or so? I've never owned a Windows Mobile smartphone; do those devices participate in patch Tuesday? I know that when I carried a crackberry, that thing never updated sofware, it was still running the same OS the day I turned it back into the IT team. I wonder if Apple's not pushing security patches to the phone because people aren't used to patching their phone and it would somehow tarnish the iPhone reputation as a consumer electronic device.
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