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Richard Stallman says No to Mono.

twitter (104583) writes | more than 5 years ago

Debian 4

twitter writes "There's been a lot of fuss about mono lately. After SCO and M$ suing over FAT patents, you would think avoiding anything M$ would be a matter of common sense. RMS now steps into the fray to warn against a serious mistake.

Debian's decision to include Mono in the default installation, for the sake of Tomboy which is an application written in C#, leads the community in a risky direction. It is dangerous to depend on C#, so we need to discourage its use. .... This is not to say that implementing C# is a bad thing. ... [writing and using applications in mono] is taking a gratuitous risk.

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You know, twitter... (1)

tepples (727027) | more than 5 years ago | (#28493767)

You'll get taken more seriously if you use "Microsoft" instead of "M$" in the body of posts. Sure, M$ is OK in 50-character subject lines, but what's the point of saving seven bytes in the body if the body can be a hundred to a thousand times that big?

Re:You know, twitter... (1)

koreaman (835838) | more than 5 years ago | (#28498255)

Interestingly, I just found in a Twitter journal entry that he attacks you (tepples) for being "friends with troll koreaman". What the HELL? I didn't even know Twitter knew who I was. I feel almost honored to be on his shit list though.

By the way, my primary computer is a linux-from-scratch machine with exactly one piece of non-free software installed on it: nvidia drivers. I'm not an M$ shill; fuck you, Twitter.

nothing new. (1)

twitter (104583) | more than 5 years ago | (#28501115)

Relatively new troll koreaman protests:

I'm not an M$ shill; fuck you, Twitter.

My journal is full of such stuff from you, though it has been years since I saw any of your insults. I'd take the time to look them up, but your appearance here is more interesting than that old history.

I presumed that you were paid to be so rude and your arrival strongly suggests I'm right. It is incredible that you would notice the change to my troll zoo on the day it was made after so long away. Either you read the troll zoo ever day, or you hang out in the BN formum where I announced an update or you are connected to an organization that monitors people like me. Either way, you deserve special mention as part of the troll zoo. Accept my apologies for this mistake, if indeed you are rude from pure malice and stupidity instead money. Transparently, you and the teeples nym are the same person.

Re:nothing new. (1)

koreaman (835838) | more than 5 years ago | (#28501861)

Ah yes, the days of bringing truth to Twitter's journal. I had forgotten I used to do that. I'm actually 19 years old, so maybe we can write it off as me being young and childish? I don't know -- how easily I can get away with that excuse depends on how many years ago it happened, I suppose. Either way, preposterous to think I am an MS shill. I use Linux. I use virtually only Free Software at home. I have even contributed an (albeit small) bit of code to a free software project that competes directly with a Microsoft offering. You are silly.

P.S. I often lurk on Slashdot; rarely post. Maybe that's why you think I've been "so long away".

P.P.S. Analyze my writing and that of Tepples. Shouldn't take too long to figure out we're not the same person, unlike you and dozens of shill accounts.

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