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NASA's Skylab $400 littering fine paid by DJ

astroengine (1577233) writes | more than 5 years ago

Idle 1

astroengine writes "Space Disco speaks with Californian radio DJ about his role in raising, and paying, NASA's 30-year old littering fine levied by a Western Australian town. Skylab parts fell on Esperance in 1979, but the space agency's refusal to pay $400 has resulted in an entertaining annual grudge. Now the Barstow radio DJ is guest of honor at this weekend's 30th anniversary celebrations in Oz and the two small towns at opposite ends of the Pacific will be twinned... all because Skylab had a messy re-entry..."
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will this spawn a tend? (1)

AZhun (587303) | more than 5 years ago | (#28658655)

Glad to see a good neighborly act to square things.

If carried to an extreme would all flotsam re-entering get tagged as litter with fines to country or company of origin?. Could then lost toolbags, gloves, as well as heavy pieces from satellites already launched be subject to a rash of fines of meteoritic proportion possibly shutting down space programs?

On the other hand it may just cause space-faring countries to better ensure any payload and debris properly decomposes on the way down.

Now if only there was a LEO anti-littering sanction for junk stuck too long in orbit...

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