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Riot police raid facebook user's birthday barbecue

galaad2 (847861) writes | more than 5 years ago

Privacy 1

Anonymouse writes "The police spend their time trawling our private information on Facebook looking for criminals, Welcome to 1984:

Riot police stormed a man's 30th birthday barbecue for 15 guests because it was advertised as an "all-night" party on Facebook.

Four police cars, a riot van, and a force helicopter were dispatched to a privately-owned field in a small village near Sowton, Devon in the UK on Saturday, ordering the party shut down or everyone would be arrested.
The birthday barbecue was busted up before they even had a chance to plug the music in, reports the BBC ( )

It was about 4pm when eight officers with camouflage pants and body armor jumped out of their vehicles and ordered everyone out about an hour into the party. [...] The police had full-on camouflage trousers on and body-armour, it was ridiculous. There were also several plain-clothes officers as well [...] they kept on insisting it has been advertised it as an all-night rave on the internet. The times on it were put as "overnight" in case people wanted to sleep-over, but after being explained this they were still banging on saying it was advertised on the internet. They wouldn't accept it wasn't a rave. It was in a completely isolated field."

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Private party? (1)

nurb432 (527695) | more than 5 years ago | (#28735625)

So you cant have a party in the UK?

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