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What should a prospective employee ask?

Anonymous Coward writes | more than 5 years ago

Programming 1

Mortimer.CA (666) writes "Even though things aren't great in the economy, it's prudent to plan ahead to when things (hopefully) pick up. In light of that, I'd like to update a previously asked question in case things have changed over the last four years: What do you ask every new (prospective) employer? When you're sitting in the interview room, and they've finished grilling you, there's usually an opportunity to reciprocate. There will be some niche questions for specializations (sys admin, programming, PM, QA, etc.), but there are some generic ones that come to mind: what is the (official) dress code? What are the best places to eat around here? What about my resume caught your eye? Are there team lunches or get-togethers? What are your goals for the next six months, one year, three years? What ticket/issue tracking system do you use? Do you have separate build/stage/QA/etc. environments? How do you keep track of documentation? What hardware/software am I expected to use at my desktop (e-mail, OS, editor, source control, etc.) ? What are your full names (so I can Google them)? What are the typical hours of the team members? Those are some of the ones I've thought of after some digging around. Are there the generic ones that you ask? What are some question for various niches (e.g., for sysadmins: what config mgmt software do you use?)?"

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Do they make a profit/ will they? (1)

lemonfresh33 (1367367) | more than 5 years ago | (#28997071)

Did you make a profit last year? How does this compare with the previous year. What are your forecasts for next year?
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