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What can a nerd teach refugee kids from Burma?

eddan (903540) writes | more than 5 years ago

Education 1

Eirik H writes "Me and my girlfriend are going to an orphanage by the Thai-Burmese border for refugee children from Burma aged 5-17. We are staying for about 3 to 4 weeks and are to do some sort of educational activity. Now, she's a professional illustrator and painter making it fairly easy for her to come up with something, but what can a programmer/webdesigner/nerd like myself teach them? Afaik, they are not exactly blessed with heaps of Quad Core's, I'm betting all I can find is an old box sitting in a corner with Windows 95 and no Internet connection, though I'll probably bring my own laptop. What would you Slashdotters suggest?"

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teach what you know (1)

atomzd (1615757) | more than 5 years ago | (#29039579)

to me it would seem really depend on what they may currently know...if they do have an old pc, online or not, that they have seen and used a bit, perhaps explain about how code works behind the scenes to create the programs they're familiar with. if any have even seen a web page, do a view source and explain how someone like yourself wrote that to create the page they see and can interact with. anything that you think could help garner interest in learning more about computers and technology would be a good thing and might not be that hard for someone with your background. perhaps with your laptop, you can build with them a very simple web page. get them involved by letting them pick the colors/styles used, purpose of the page, and whatever else that might be easy to ask them, then implement. even if they've never seen a web page, starting from a blank page and working with them to create one simple page with a title, colors, and local links could be fun for them.
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