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People Want Freedom and Ownership in Music.

twitter (104583) writes | more than 4 years ago

Music 0

twitter writes "A survey by Music and Entertainment Industry Management research group at the University of Hertfordshire, for UK Music, found that young people continue to shun streaming and DRM music.

among 1,808 respondents aged 18 to 24 that three-fifths of them used p2p services, and four-fifths of those did so at least once a week. ... The average size of CD collections was 70 (for 14-17 year olds) and 98 (for 18-24 year olds), ... 77% of respondents said that they would still buy original albums even if they subscribed to a music download service. ... [for] sleeve notes, the sound quality and the desire to own a physical object. 44% of respondents said that one reason for wanting a CD was that it "cannot be deleted"

These results are clear and consistent. P2P performance and variety will never be matched so it will be a preferred method of discovery. People avoid artificial restrictions, advertising and other annoyances. If they were happy with the limited selection vanishing music the recording industry provides, they would all still be listening to advertisements on radio. The more you give people, the more they buy. Most changes since the same thing was shown in 2006 have only made the situation more obvious. Music fans buy music but want freedom and an honest deal."
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