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Nokia leaks phone with full GNU/Linux distribution

Anonymous Coward writes | more than 5 years ago

Operating Systems 2

An anonymous reader writes "It is now clear why Nokia has been so slow with S60 updates: the upcoming N900 just left everything else in the dust. Unlike Google's Linux platform, Nokia is not intentionally breaking compatibility with real distros, choosing instead to bring you the unmatchable power of GNU/Linux on your phone. This is the most awesome device I have ever seen.

OMAP3 CPU/GPU, 3,5" 800x480 touchscreen, keyboard, wifi, hspa, gps
5 MP camera, CZ lens, 32GB storage, SD slot
X11 window server, VT100 terminal emulator, APT package manager
Price without credit: est. 550e/$780 (N.5800: 280e/$390, iPhone 3GS: 530e/$750)

Developers should note that even though the current desktop is still GTK+, Qt will be standard across all Nokia platforms in the near future (less powerful phones will use Qt on the Symbian kernel). Users can download flashing software from Nokia, and patches can be submitted at the Maemo site."

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HMM! (1)

Sheen (1180801) | more than 5 years ago | (#29126931)

But will it run..oh wait..nevermind.

Who DIDN'T know about this? (1)

thatkid_2002 (1529917) | more than 5 years ago | (#29126997)

Please, tell me this.

Maemo has been out for years and pictures of the RX-51 emerged last week. The review in TFA is quite comprehensive (they seem to have actually gotten their hands on the device) - but you are going about the wrong way of presenting this to Slashdot. You insult our intelligence instead of saying "I found the first full reveiw".
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