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Microsoft attacks Linux at the retail level

TejWC (758299) writes | more than 5 years ago

Linux Business 1

DesiVideoGamer (758299) writes "Over at Overclock.net, a user has posted screen-shots from Microsoft's "ExpertZone" training course entitled "Linux vs. Windows 7". This course is available to BestBuy employees and will make them eligible for a $10 copy of Windows 7 upon completion. In this course, Microsoft presents a number of lies including lack of authorised support, there is no video chat, no support at all for the iPod, and that there is no "parental restrictions" on the Linux platform. I think I now know why when I enter BestBuy, the employees say the odd lies that they do."

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cool, this stuff should be exposed. (1)

twitter (104583) | more than 5 years ago | (#29329551)

It's nice to see this item Slashdotted but why wait so long to do it [slashdot.org] ?

Roy Schestowitz has some great investigative background for this using Comes vs Microsoft, leaked documents and executive tracking. He has the M$ attack on GNU/Linux at Walmart [boycottnovell.com] , also provided here [slashdot.org] , and OEM documents describing exactly how M$ bribes them to "recommend Windows" [boycottnovell.com] . It would be nice to see all of this dirty laundry hung out to dry.

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