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Foundation trilogy update: Can Emmerich deliver?

bowman9991 (1173135) writes | about 5 years ago

Sci-Fi 1

bowman9991 writes "Now that Oscar nominated Robert Rodat, the screenwriter behind 'Saving Private Ryan' and 'The Patriot', is writing the screenplay for the first adaptation of Isaac Asimov's 'Foundation' series, is this production looking more promising? Director Roland Emmerich is not known for his delicate touch and story telling depth, which Isaac Asimov's 'Foundation' series is likely to need. Emmerich talks about why he choose Rodat and why he's set to direct all 3 'Foundation' movies, rather than just one. Perhaps Robert Rodat may help soften the approach of a director with all the subtlety of a nuclear detonation. "
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Foundation Movie (1)

paulxnuke (624084) | about 5 years ago | (#29332007)

I really can't see how Foundation would work as a movie. A miniseries, maybe, but it would be terribly hard to span all the times and situations from the books in one film, using enough different actors to not be comical and enough depth not to become a book review.
  • I think they'd have to include the beginning and show Hari Seldon alive, if only to make him recognizable in the Time Vault later on.
  • The original books did have some space scenes; want to bet the movies will have more? Including single seat fighters?
  • I shudder to think how the Foundation's religious empire would be portrayed in a modern film.
  • The original framework is disturbingly similar to Star Wars (triumphant beginning; the Empire/Mule strikes back in the second installment; everything is neatly and adventurously resolved in the third. It's an okay plan, but it still makes me nervous. Not to mention that Asimov wrote other books that could be used to make (eeek) prequels.

If handled well, an aged Hardin reminiscing while waiting in the Time Vault might actually work. What I really expect is that we'll get a brief Seldon appearance, followed by Hardin (played by Tom Cruise, complete with love interest and angst) leading his revolution and triumphing in the Time Vault (picture Encyclopedist storm troopers listening to Seldon, then lowering their weapons; extra points if Anacreon is blasted to atoms by the Foundation's secret weapon or Hardin has a laser fight with Pirenne on a space station.)

Hollywood has a tendency to utterly miss the point of a book because some all knowing PHB didn't get it when his assistant described the story to him. All too often they reuse the title and a few names in a bad new story that no one would have bothered filming had it not been a successful book (anyone seen I am Legend or I Robot lately?) After the tragic atrocities that were Starship Troopers or the first 'Salem's Lot film, there's no way to predict what might come out of this.

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