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Microsoft Open Source Czar steps down

ruphus13 (890164) writes | more than 4 years ago

Microsoft 1

ruphus13 (890164) writes "Microsoft Open Source Czar, Sam Ramji, is leaving the company and heading back to the valley to work with a Cloud Computing startup. He has joined the CodePlex Foundation as their 'interim' chair, and continues to be very involved in the world of OSS, but let's hope he is not leaving because Microsoft is doing an about-face on its purported love for Open Source, and the initiatives Ramji championed. From the article, "Ramji, whose tenure at Microsoft has been widely followed by and influential toward the open source community, has confirmed that he is leaving the company at the end of September, for a new position in Silicon Valley. He remains the current Interim President of the CodePlex Foundation, though, and told us more about his plans for it and the foundation's future. "I will be leaving Microsoft at the end of September for a similar position at a cloud infrastructure startup in Silicon Valley," Ramji said. He started with Microsoft in early 2008, and has been behind many of the company's open source-related initiatives since then. As Interim President of the CodePlex Foundation, Ramji stresses that the foundation, Microsoft itself, and the CodePlex hosting site are three different, though related things. The initial funding for the foundation comes from Microsoft, for the foundation's first year."""
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What the fuck.. (1)

NervousNerd (1190935) | more than 4 years ago | (#29390353)

What the fuck is it with this "Czar" bullshit?
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