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NETGEAR does not infringe wireless patents

reebmmm (939463) writes | more than 5 years ago

Patents 1

reebmmm writes "Judge Barbara Crabb issued an opinion stating that NETGEAR's products that comply with the 802.11 Standard do not infringe three patents controlled by an 802.11 patent pool. The three patents: 6,018,642, 6,469,993, and 4,975,952. This case was a standards based case:

"From the beginning, plaintiffs have taken the position that they may prove infringement by defendant's products by showing that those products practice relevant standards that read on plaintiffs' patents."

In this case, however, the judge concluded that the "plaintiffs have failed to adduce sufficient evidence to allow a reasonable jury to find that defendant's accused products infringe any of the asserted claims in plaintiffs' patents and that defendant is entitled to summary judgment on plaintiffsâ(TM) infringement claims." As such, NETGEAR's 802.11-compliant products do not infringe. And in quite the benchslap, the judge was quite unimpressed with the three plaintiffs (LG, Fujitsu and Philips):

"Plaintiffs' preparation of the record evokes two images, neither one of which is flattering to plaintiffs. The first is that they conceive of the court as a hunting dog with no higher duty than to run down every fox, sniffing out evidence in the record, wherever it may exist. The second is Poe's Purloined Letter, in which a valuable letter is hidden in plain sight among many other letters."


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(LG, Fujitsu and Philips) loosing market share. (1)

NSN A392-99-964-5927 (1559367) | more than 5 years ago | (#29472151)

I shall be honest here and I will only use Cisco or Netgear equipment. Why? because it is highly configurable and does the job nothing else really does. The problem here really stems from loss of market share hence this court case over patent issues. Netgear has always served me well and my clients well apart from Cisco but has better range than most wireless routers on the market and can hold many connections. This is just a case of LG, Fujutisu and Philips losing market share and they do not like it. Philips is almost bankrupt now, LG is only surviving because of their manufacturing arm of (Mobile Phones/TV's Microwaves etc) which is reaching saturation point because you can only sell/supply so many products to a finite amount of households. Fujutisu manufacture other chips etc but it is their "Air Conditioning" business that is keeping them afloat. I have talked about the above with good reason. If Netgear infringed patents, it is the easiest way to try and sue Netgear, get millions in compensation and put them out of business. Here is my conclusion. Philips goes bankrupt in the next 2 months, LG lay off 5,000 staff worldwide in the next two months and Fujutisu cuts manufacturing output and cuts around 3,000 jobs in the next 2-3 months.
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