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Sharp NetWalker Sub-Netbook to be released 9/25

Kagetsuki (1620613) writes | more than 5 years ago


Kagetsuki writes "The Sharp NetWalker (, a tiny netbook with an ARM Cortex core, OpenGL ES2.0, running a custom version of Ubuntu Netbook Remix will be released in Japan on September 25th. Yes, an ARM netbook with standard OpenGL ES 2.0 that runs a fully vendor supported Linux distrobution — and it fits in your pocket! It features a unique optical pointing device that is sort of like a track pad for your thumb (which works great and takes little getting used to), and of course includes a stylus and touchscreen as well. Sharp claims battery life of about 10 hours and the unit includes UBS 2.0 and WLAN. In store demo units can be found all across Japan, and I've personally confirmed it can play full screen ogg theora/vorbis files without dropping frames, ran some GL demos very nicely, and generally found no lag in application response time at all. Perhaps most impressive is application start up time, FireFox started within seconds and gnome-terminal almost instantaneously. I found the keyboard a bit difficult to use due to size, but the keys have a solid click to them which I liked. Prices range from 39,000 Yen to 45,000 Yen (about $400US to $460US) depending on what store you purchase from. I've got mine reserved already."
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Summary info in English (1)

AliasMarlowe (1042386) | more than 5 years ago | (#29475627)

The OP linked to a Japanese-only site. English information appears to be a bit scarce, but here's the press release: [] . The display is, as usual, described in gobbledegook ("wide SVGA" which may mean 800x480), but the battery life is approx 10 hours. Mini/micro SD/SDHC up to 16GB. Overall, quite nice.
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