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Why Cloud Storage Is Useless for Enterprises

storagedude (1517243) writes | about 5 years ago

Data Storage 1

storagedude (1517243) writes "The article makes the argument that high volumes of data and bandwidth limitations make external cloud storage all but useless for enterprises because it could take months to restore the data in a disaster. It also appears to be a consumer problem — the author spent three months replicating 1TB of home data via cable modem to an online backup service.

From the article:

"It seems like just about every day brings with it a new cloud storage product announcement from vendors big and small, but the reality is that beyond enterprise firewalls, cloud storage's potential is limited. There are two reasons for this: bandwidth limitations and the data integrity issues posed by the commodity drives that are typically used in cloud services. Together those two issues will limit what enterprise data storage users can do with external clouds."

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All your data are lost by us (1)

mr_lizard13 (882373) | about 5 years ago | (#29705979)

On topic-ish: []

Cloud storage is a shaky solution even for the average Joe, let alone the big corps.

I like the idea of being able to access my stuff everywhere, but I'd rather a solution that keeps a local store of everything too. Like Drop Box, for example.
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