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Judge Refuses to Punish Lawyer for Anti-RIAA Blogg

xander_zone_xxx (979068) writes | about 5 years ago


xander_zone_xxx (979068) writes "An attorney defending against a music-piracy lawsuit didn’t cross ethical bounds by filing motions broadly attacking the recording industry and posting them on his blog, a magistrate judge has ruled, rejecting demands from the RIAA for monetary sanctions.

picture-19Attorney Ray Beckerman was “less than forthcoming at times” in defending a client against an RIAA lawsuit, but the music industry’s concerns were “largely overstated,” New York Magistrate Judge Robert M. Levy wrote Friday (.pdf)."

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*An* attorney? (1)

gzipped_tar (1151931) | about 5 years ago | (#29728299)

*An* attorney? That was NYCL!

Now get off /.'s collective lawn.

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