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Myth-TV 0.22 released, project updates!

Anonymous Coward writes | more than 4 years ago

Media 0

Greg Johnsen (666) writes "Myth-TV 0.22 has finally been released (Release notes). Everyone start your P-V-Rs!

There has been changes to the Myth-TV Project. Jean-Yves Avenard has been named project manager. You might know the name from his work adding V-D-P-A-U, ffmpeg-mt, A-C-3 digital output, H-D-P-V-R support, a fully rewritten M-H-E-G engine, and other notable improvements for 0.22. In this new role, he will be reassessing the development team and holding them to a much higher standard then in the past. As a result of all the time he has put into the project adding these extensive new features, he is asking for donations. These donations will help Jean have the time to take the project to new levels!

Also, Jean has shared some of his goals for 0.23. With the developers no longer in the United States, the project's previous viewpoint on bit-torrents and media sharing will be revisited. Look out for Myth-Torrent! Also there is going to be sweeping changes to how Live-TV is presented to the user, to make it usable. There will also be a theme overhaul, paid for by Jean (Another place where your donation can help!) to help make them much more user friendly.

Jean is also looking for new developers to take over some of the existing, unmaintained plug-ins. He needs developers for Myth-archive, Myth-browser, Myth-Flix, Myth-Gallery, Myth-Movies, Myth-Music, Myth-News, Myth-Weather, Myth-Web, and Myth-Zoneminder. You can send in your CV to the mythtv-dev mailing list.

Please join us in welcoming Jean to the MythTV team."

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