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UK govt fires drugs adviser for telling truth

David Gerard (12369) writes | more than 3 years ago

Government 2

David Gerard writes "Professor David Nutt of Imperial College was chairman of the British government's advisory committee on the misuse of drugs — until today. On Wednesday night, he gave a speech ahead of a paper noting that on the basis of harm, alcohol was far more dangerous than ecstasy or cannabis. Today, Home Secretary Alan Johnson has fired Professor Nutt, saying that "It is important that the government's messages on drugs are clear and as an advisor you do nothing to undermine them." Such as inconvenient matters of reality-based thinking, apparently. He did this just in time for the six o'clock news, and the press is up in arms. Channel 4 journalist Krishnan Guru-Murthy notes with amazement that "nobody will come on to defend Alan Johnson. They all prefer to issue statements that can't be questioned." It's already being tagged the War on Science."

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Why should science or facts ever matter? (1)

the_B0fh (208483) | more than 3 years ago | (#29928035)

What you *MUST* do is to agree completely with me!

Re:Why should science or facts ever matter? (1)

David Gerard (12369) | more than 3 years ago | (#29928131)

"Professor Galileo just does not understand modern political realities!"
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