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GNOME 3 Delayed Until September 2010

supersloshy (1273442) writes | more than 4 years ago


supersloshy (1273442) writes "Contrary to popular opinion, GNOME 3 will not be released in March next year. It has been delayed until September 2010, six months later. According to the news message, this is because "our community wants GNOME 3.0 to be fully working for users and why we believe September is more appropriate." GNOME 3's main goal is to re-define the ways people interact with the desktop, mainly through a new UI design (currently called "GNOME Shell"), while GNOME 2.30, set for release in March, will have a focus on being stable."

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darn it! (1)

Youngbull (1569599) | more than 4 years ago | (#30091162)

I was really looking forward to having gnome-shell fully integrated, since I liked the demo. Although it is in an early development it was smooth and pretty much bump free. And the new view of desktops is really freeing. Oh well, at least now it's easy to answer the question: should I wait? but most distros had planned to wait anyways so I guess there wont be too much of a change in time before the distros change, if they will ever...

Re:darn it! (1)

supersloshy (1273442) | more than 4 years ago | (#30091260)

There's nothing stopping you from using Shell now or even in March when an updated preview will (most likely) be available. However, from my own experience GNOME 3 is lacking in some areas such as customization and speed, so you should probably stick with GNOME 2.x until 3 comes around (if it's stable by then).

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