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Vidoe of Nvidia's RealityServer 3.0

robotsrule (805458) writes | more than 4 years ago


robotsrule (805458) writes "RealityServer 3.0 is Nvidia's attempt to bring photo-realistic 3D images to nearly any internet enabled device. RealityServer 3.0 pushes the CPU killing 3D rendering process to a high-power, GPU based, back-end server based on Nvidia's Tesla or Quadro architecture. The resulting images are then streamed back to the client device in seconds as you will see in this two minute video demonstration. Client devices include everything from PCs to smart phones like an Android phone or Apple iPhone. These images would normally take even a high-end unassisted Workstation hours to compute. RealityServer will enable low-end computing devices to run applications such as real time car configuration, augmented reality, scientific visualization, and even consumer targeted apps like retail store clothing selection with the ability to see a virtual model of the clothes moving in real time on a virtual model. The technology is further explained in this article which contains an interview with Nvidia about RealityServer complete with a slideshow of several photorealistic generated images."
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