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Cool-Bags Could Cut Server Cooling Costs By 93%

judgecorp (778838) writes | more than 4 years ago


judgecorp (778838) writes "UK company Iceotope has launched liquid-cooling technology, which it says surpasses what can be done with water or air-cooling and can cut data centre cooling costs by up to 93 percent. Announced at Supercomputing 2009 in Portland, Oregon, the "modular Liquid-Immersion Cooled Server" technology wraps each server in a cool-bag-like device, which cools components inside a server, rather than cooling the whole data centre, or even a traditional "hot aisle". Earlier this year, IBM predicted that in ten years all data centre servers might be water-cooled."
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Misleading, as always (1)

ShooterNeo (555040) | more than 4 years ago | (#30128404)

A 93% reduction in the energy cost of running the coolers. NOT a 93% reduction in total cost, because replacing fans with plumbing and using expensive synthetic coolant is going to cost more. The cooling system is probably more expensive to build than generic fans/HVAC. It'll probably cost more to maintain as well, since now there will be occasional leaks that will destroy some equipment.
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