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US Air Force Buying another 2200 PS3.

bleedingpegasus (679562) writes | more than 4 years ago

PlayStation (Games) 1

bleedingpegasus (679562) writes "US Air Force apparently buying another batch of PS3, 2200 to be exact. This is after a machine that under development by the Air Force, codenamed "Roadrunner" rumoured to have bought 300 PS3 (old-big version) only to be dismantled and its Cell processor combined to make some kind of neuromorphic brain for combining images to form higher resolution radar's results looks to be successful.

What tickles me most is not the idea behind it — but why Cell processor by Sony? And why not just buy the processor directly, won't that be any cheaper?"

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They aren't taking out the procs (1)

Kagato (116051) | more than 4 years ago | (#30220150)

They aren't pulling the processors out. They are making a cluster. The reason why want the old version is because they run Linux. The military got the idea from the game makers who were using clusters of PS3s to power the game servers.

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