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Dual screen 10.1" laptop coming in time for xmas

JoshuaInNippon (1635315) writes | more than 4 years ago

Portables 0

JoshuaInNippon (1635315) writes "Japanese computer manufacture Kohjinsha has announced that it will begin selling what appears to be the world's first 10.1" dual screen laptop on Dec. 11th. While it is not the first "dual screen laptop", a title said to be claimed by the monstrous 17" Lenovo Thinkpad W700ds series, the Kohjinsha "DZ series" sure looks much more portable and stylish. The Levono Thinkpad's extra screen pulls out slightly from one side for about a 40% increase on its display, whereas the Kohjinsha DZ series' two full separate screens actually spread out symmetrically from the center for double the viewing pleasure. While specs are admittedly much lower than the Thinkpad, the DZ series certainly wins on cost. The starting price will be ¥79,800 (~$900 USD) in Japan, (although exporters will likely mark that price up slightly,) compared with the Thinkpad at well over $2000 USD. Kohjinsha says the laptop is great for working on large business documents (excessively wide excel files) or watching videos while surfing the web (which is likely what most users will be doing with it.) The timing and the price certainly make the Kohjinsha DZ series a tempting xmas toy idea to oneself, especially after seeing pictures and videos of it."
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