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Android now tetherable using Verizon and PdaNET

TechForensics (944258) writes | more than 4 years ago


TechForensics (944258) writes "Just days in the wake of its announcement that tethering is not supported with the new Motorola Droid phone, Verizon is to learn that the free PdaNET software can circumvent existing technical measures imposed as obstacles. At least until the Big V figures out how to disable the app, if possible."
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Anonymous Coward | more than 4 years ago | (#30263106)

A limitation for some users of Android has been the lack of tethering ability out of the box or via third-party software. The Sprint HTC Hero has had tethering via HTC's implementation--and may require some Google searching and tinkering, but other devices were left to the mercy of hackers. Fortunately, a third party via the name of June Fabrics, which makes a tethering solution called PDANet for other platforms, has added Android tethering to its support in addition to capabilities for Windows Mobile, Palm OS, BlackBerry, and iPhone.

Tethering support via PDANet is available via USB and over Bluetooth as Bluetooth dial up networking, or DUN for short. USB tethering is only available for PCs as it requires a desktop-side client; Bluetooth tethering should be good for both Mac and PC users alike. The free version of PDANet should connect users to most websites, except those with the https protocol, and is available on Android Market, to the chagrin of carriers. A $30 paid version will connect users to https websites.

Verizon Wireless has promised a tethering solution, perhaps via an official tethering add-on package, for its Motorola Droid device running on top of Android 2.0. PDANet does that sans the requirement of an expensive add-on, though tether with caution as this may violate your terms of service and Verizon Wireless does have a 5 GB per month soft cap on data that you may quickly exceed if you tether a lot.

In my experience with PDANet, tethering was doable, but at rather slow speeds on Bluetooth on a Mac. I averaged between 100 Kbps and 300 Kbps.

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