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The Chinese Route to a Web Free of Porn

Anonymous Coward writes | more than 4 years ago

Censorship 0

An anonymous reader writes "Despite waves of glamouring campagins based upon concepts like "for the children", "the western web" as a whole provides little to no isolation of pornography. Which is why the chinese are now marching their way to a place where no countries have been to: a web without porn. Recent regulations include closing down "vulgar" mobile sites, disconnecting "obscene" servers & restricting domain registrations. Yet the breaking news for monday is they are planning to enforce a whitelist on foreign domains: in particular, any e-commerce will have to register locally and obey chinese law before they get "whitelisted". Domains will otherwise be "irresolvable" to chinese internet users. Meanwhile the government is promoting this campaign heavily, calling it a "fresh start". It seems the chinese will have to do without the internet, before starting to get rid of porn."
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