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Virtual Visits to Doctors Spreading

tresho (1000127) writes | more than 4 years ago

Medicine 1

tresho (1000127) writes "For $45, anyone in Texas can use NowClinic, whether or not they are insured, by visiting Using video conferencing, they can have 10-minute appointments who doctors who can prescribe, except for controlled substances. The service has encountered resistance in states where it is already available. Texas law requires that before doctors consult with patients or prescribe medicine online or over the phone, they form a relationship through means like a physical examination. After a similar service began in Hawaii last year, lawmakers passed legislation to allow the establishment of online doctor-patient relationships, though the Hawaii Medical Association opposed the bill."
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Now (1)

OrangeMonkey11 (1553753) | more than 4 years ago | (#30515050)

Let face it we are at an age where going to the doctor is pretty much overated; from my experiences going to the doctor they actually do not perform all of the examinations the nurses does that. All the doctor ever do is shook my hands asked how things were and listen to my breathing. All that comes to a charge of roughly about $500-$700 per visit. Fortunately I have "incaseshit" (insurance) i only paid $20 copay. It's great that some states are making an effort to provide affordable health care service for people in need.

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