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Sceptical climate researcher withholds code

xav_jones (612754) writes | more than 4 years ago

Science 1

xav_jones (612754) writes "New Scientist is reporting that Nicola Scafetta, a physicist at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina — whose work is often highlighted by climate-change sceptics, including US senator James Inhofe — is refusing to provide the software he used to other climate researchers attempting to replicate his results. Emails between Rasmus Benestad of the Norwegian Meteorological Institute in Oslo and Scafetta over the past week had Scaffetta repeatedly refusing to provide the code. "If you just disclose your code and data, then we will manage to get to the bottom of this," Benestad writes in one email. "I really do not understand why you are not able to write your own program to reproduce the calculations," responds Scafetta."
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peer review (2, Insightful)

chichilalescu (1647065) | more than 4 years ago | (#30542650)

I really hate people who call themselves scientists and don't help other people reproduce their work. It's simple: if you do not let me duplicate your results, you are not a scientist. The public needs to understand this, in order to make an informed decision when voting for one idiot senator or another.

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