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Testing network changes when no test labs exist

vvaduva (859950) writes | more than 4 years ago

Networking 2

vvaduva (859950) writes "The ugly truth is that many network guys secretly work on production equipment all the time, or test things on production networks when they face impossible deadlines. Management often expects us to get a job done but refuse to provide funds for expensive lab equipment, test circuits and for reasonable time to get testing done before moving equipment or configs into production. How do most of you handle such situations, and what recommendation do you have for creating a network test lab on the cheap, especially when core network devices are vendor-centric, like Cisco?"

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I do this all the time. (1)

WolphFang (1077109) | more than 4 years ago | (#30546962)

Don't have a test lab. And when I explain the *TIME* involved for full testing, I get blank stares.

Retired (1)

Spazmania (174582) | more than 4 years ago | (#30547344)

My test lab consists of all the equipment I've retired from production, most of which does the same things with the same configurations as the equipment in production, just not fast enough or with a big enough routing table.

Further, most telco lines are easily simulated. Often the ones that aren't, like ATM, do such a piss poor job in production that you don't need to simulate them because you weren't stupid enough to buy them in the first place.

The only time this wasn't adequate was when I needed to develop a solid configuration for a dialup pool and needed a pair of real PRIs to do it.

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