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Uniforms for the Help Desk

Anonymous Coward writes | more than 4 years ago

IT 5

An anonymous reader writes "I am an IT worker in a mid sized company with approximately 500 employees. There are 30 people on the IT staff, 6 of which are on the help desk. Our help desk does have significant visibility in the company, and most people know us by face (some by name). Recently the idea has been floated up the management chain to have these help desk workers wear IT department branded shirts. The idea is to promote visibility and unity. Wearing of these shirts would be mandatory Monday through Thursday. The shirts would not be identical (there would be several styles offered). We would be the only department with specific garments outside of the normal business casual dress code.

Is management out of line with the industry in promoting this sort of policy change? Is the singling out of 6 employees as "the IT guys" a step in the right direction, or does it detract from the professionalism that we are trying to display as a department?"

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You have 6 helpdesk guys?! (1)

Kepesk (1093871) | more than 4 years ago | (#30585932)

Wow, that's awesome! The building I work at has over a thousand people and just one horrifically overworked helpdesk guy who is paid little more than minimum wage. I didn't think places like yours existed anymore. I used to work on a helpdesk, but they sent my job to India.

I say just take the shirt and be happy you work at such an awesome place. I didn't think companies like that existed anymore.

Consultant gimmick or not? (1)

wift (164108) | more than 4 years ago | (#30586270)

Usually these type of changes occur from a magazine an exec read or an expensive consultant who recently visited. Putting uniforms on does promote unity in your group and separates you from the other employees. To the same degree plenty of companies want employees to do the tie thing because it promotes professionalism. If they are paying for your uniforms then by all means let them but remind them of the 'cons' so management goes into this with eyes wide open.

Cons: Eliminates individuality, puts up an artificial wall between them and other parts of the company who may not look at the uniforms in a positive fashion and may demoralize those in staff.

I won't list the pro side because management already figured out those.

If they try to put your name on the shirts, look for a new career.

Re:Consultant gimmick or not? (1)

TwoNs (1709864) | more than 4 years ago | (#30586954)

While there's something to be said for presenting a consistent image to customers, the downside is a complete lack of downtime at lunch, on break, walking across the parking lot, in the restroom, etc. as most people believe you are on-duty when wearing the uniform (been there, done that) I would strongly suggest a paid lunch if the interruptions expand your workday in any measurable form. Is the company out of line? No more than any other fortune 10 company who reached into all of it's US employee's paychecks in CY2009 and took a significant percentage of their gross salary without explicit permission, only to report an $8bil+ USD net profit. Times will change and someday your job will either be shipped offshore for 20 cents on the dollar for a substantially inferior work product, or the company will decide that it wasn't such a good idea because they've lost too many IT people and can't find any replacements who will take the oath to wear the shirt

Grewat way to cut payroll (1)

Murpster (1274988) | more than 4 years ago | (#30586968)

If this is a secret cost-cutting plan to make the IT guys run screaming and take jobs with other employers without actually firing people, then it's pure genius. On the other hand, if they think this is actually a good move for workplace improvements... your office is run by retards.

TOS or TNG? (1)

sampas (256178) | more than 4 years ago | (#30589644)

There's a running joke in our IT shop that if you ride down the elevator with the CEO, you should identify yourself as someone (else -- not you) on the IT staff, and ask if it would be ok to wear star trek uniforms our our business casual days. If they're not star trek shirts, you'll need to consider a new job.
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