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Ubuntu "Memberships" introduced

mxh83 (1607017) writes | more than 4 years ago


mxh83 (1607017) writes "Apparently if you have "sustained" and "significant" contributions to Ubuntu, you can now become an "Ubuntu Member" and get some freebies. According to — "While there is no precise period that we look for, it is rare for applications to be accepted from people contributing for less than 6 months."
"It is vital to be well prepared for the meeting. You need to convince the membership board that you have contributed to Ubuntu. "
Have they thought this incentive through? What about recognition for smaller contributors? And who judged what is a "significant" contribution to a community project? There is an interesting interview here:"

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Actually it isn't new (1)

jeremyfoshee (1714872) | more than 4 years ago | (#30672942)

This is something that the Ubuntu project has been doing for a while. I am told that the article was meant to draw contributors attention to the fact that they can become Ubuntu members since they are already contributors. " What about recognition for smaller contributors? And who judged what is a "significant" contribution to a community project?" The process involves a vote by the membership council, if I am not mistaken. They take a look at your contributions and make a decision. -Jeremy
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