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UK Broadband Too Slow for Skype HD Video Calls

Mark.JUK (1222360) writes | more than 4 years ago

The Internet 1

Mark.JUK (1222360) writes "Skype, the popular VoIP Internet communications provider, has launched a new beta (4.2) version of is MS Windows client that includes support for HD video calling. Unfortunately many UK broadband ISP connections will be unable to cope with Skype's HD video calling feature because it recommends "sustained 1Mbps symmetrical bandwidth"; the national average for the largest ten providers, in terms of upload performance, is 0.467Mbps. To run the HD feature requires a reasonably good PC, HD equipped webcam and a connection that can not only do download speeds of 1Mbps but also uploads at the same rate. 1Mbps download performance is quite common, although many UK consumers have connections that would struggle to get 1Mbps through uploads. The most common form of ADSL based broadband in the country is still ADSLMAX (up to 8Mbps), which is limited to consumer upload speeds of 448Kbps (0.45Mbps) or 800Kbps (0.8Mbps) with Office grade packages."
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I am in the UK and I have a fast line. (1)

NSN A392-99-964-5927 (1559367) | more than 4 years ago | (#30721110)

BeUnlimited is my ISP. I changed my phone line cable and did all the re-wiring myself to get 14.6mb per sec down and 1.7mb/sec up. No help from BT and I am 2.86 miles from the exchange. I use a Cisco router. I dismantalled cabling, used a new telephone box, unconnected the Orange/White wires, completely strippped them and used a black drop wire directly. I can tell you that Fibre Optic cannot get the speeds I do.
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