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Ebay lets you push unconfirmed addresses to Paypal

Anonymous Coward writes | more than 4 years ago


An anonymous reader writes " CONFIRMED!


Being a long time ebay user I buy things at least monthly. Over Christmas a shipping snafu happened where some how a old old address came up in ebay and was pushed through to paypal. Being part my fault for not checking i completed the transaction. A day later i review my order and see the wrong address in ebay and quickly jump over to Paypal to see that the address is show CONFIRMED!! I go through my paypal addresses which only have one address, my true credit card billing address not this old address it accepted from ebay.

Well too late for me the package was dropped shipped so no stopping the package to redirect. So I contact ebay who confirms that the address is not my CONFIRMED Paypal address gives me a case number and tells me to give it a week or two to get returned. I attempt to do a quick change of address online to solve this but this ebay seller was awesome and got it out so fast that it ended up making it to the wrong address before the change went through. Searching around I've read cases of this happening before so i call up paypal who completely denied any possibility of a glitch in their system. The Paypal rep says "You must have accidentally changed the address and it somehow was pushed through to Paypal."

Wondering if its possible to make up any address in ebay that would push to paypal as CONFIRMED (which paypal defines confirmed as my Credit Card billing address) I go back to ebay and find a nice USB to Serial cable and precede to the check out, I get to the point of changing the address which is a muti-step process but i go through it and put in a completely wrong and incorrect address and proceed to complete the order and BAM Paypal takes the address that ISNT in their system and puts it as CONFIRMED and completes the order.

Now perhaps this is how the system is suppose to work but what does this mean? If your account get compromised the person now has the power to push any address as CONFIRMED to Paypal which give Paypal complete deniability of them doing anything wrong......

What is Paypal doing to help me? They are going after the seller because they think: "Well its never our fault and you're saying its not your fault so it must be the sellers fault!" be continued......."

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